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This month our editorial returns to revisiting some of the knowledge gained over the last five years by reviewing a retrospective of the planet from which our race shares its DNA, Sirius. If a comparison were to be made between 3rd dimensional earth and 6th dimensional Sirius, it would best be described as going through a busy shopping mall at Christmas time in a war zone before leaving to cross into a neutral country and entering a library or cathedral, that is how completely different the two are. Earth has a civilized history stretching back over six thousand years while Sirius, we have learned, has a system of government over a hundred thousand years old. In that time they have learned that such things as wars, crime, money, and prejudice are not needed in higher dimensions but are a part of the lessons needed to reach them. Earth too has the opportunity to come to that same conclusion and move beyond such things if it hopes to expand consciously as a species and eventually reach its full potential. The next step on humanity’s evolutionary ladder is seeing how life happens in the higher dimensions and using that as the perfect incentive on why ascendancy is such a worthy goal. We’ll take a look at the people and places of 6th dimensional Sirius and also their purpose as keepers and defenders of the light. We’ll revisit how everything ties together to when the Hades Base News began and at the conclusion, we'll get us back the present and where we go from here.
The People
Try to imagine a world full of altruistic telepaths and that is just the start of how life takes place on the higher dimensions. One of the keys to ascension is in service to others which defines the economics and government that has been maintained for so long a time. It’s just one of the reasons for a lack of crime or a need for lawyers, judges or police. To create something or provide something is a service and it is a reciprocal service that purchases the item or service. A dinner out may involve washing the dishes of others or floors may be cleaned to take ownership of a shirt. We’ve learned there are items where nothing is owed because they are an essential part of a person’s job or needed to make life more bearable as conditions demand. We know many menial tasks are handled by automation programmed not to ask certain questions and it’s just one world among many throughout the sixth dimension where this way of living has led to harmony for each and service to all. They have a rich history going back hundreds of thousands of years to when the planet was still in the third dimension and through the benefit of their science, can rejuvenate someone to their twenties twice in their life which allows a person to live for over nine hundred years. The recall of a person’s past lives is available to Sirians at age twenty one so the lessons of a single life are not all that they rely on during that long life but that kind of wisdom and knowledge comes with a need to share it with others who want to gain from their vast experience. We on earth are the fortunate recipients of that knowledge which could transform our planet as it has transformed theirs.
The Place
We learned recently that Sirius has an equal amount of land to water and that four percent of their water is drinkable compared to one percent for the earth. We know conditions are very similar to earth with skiing, surfing, and fishing available along with some subtle differences such as a lighter gravity allowing someone to fly like a bird after strapping a pair of wings to their feet. Technology has allowed nature and civilization to coexist with a balance found between the two which provides both beauty and comfort. A flyover of the planet would reveal the highlands where the home of Karra and Kiri’s family can be found, the lowlands where Lyka comes from and the beaches of Sirius where the family of Leah and Bunny’s family resides. Coming to the main capital where Karra and Kiri’s father is the president brings us to the largest city on the planet but small in comparison to a metropolis like Los Angeles or San Francisco. Just outside the city is the Great Pyramid of Sirius, the only structure that came through the ascension into the sixth dimension. A religious order maintains the pyramid and people can still enter the main living area where 144,000 Sirians slept through the transition. It’s a very sacred structure that had come alive in ancient times before the ascension and that same energy can still be faintly felt. In a preview of a future channeling session, we know Tia entered in through the capstone to meet Sarra whose mind still is a conscious part of the pyramid. She had won a footrace featuring Sirians from all over the planet thus fulfilling a prophecy that someone not of Sirius would win and be able to enter the capstone. It’s a very special planet and an important center for the great works being done in service to the light.
The Purpose
The beings of higher dimensions have one purpose and have always had one purpose, help lower dimensional lifeforms achieve the consciousness needed to ascend to the next dimension. Towards earth, a policy of non-interference was adopted as the best way for our species to reach that goal. What had been sanctioned were channeling sessions such as the ones found at this site and others throughout the web so, in 1990, a unique opportunity presented itself to the Council of Sirius and Ashtar Command. Two third dimensional humans met in Lake Tahoe where they both worked at the same ski resort and found themselves sharing a home as roommates. One had already been introduced to two members of Ashtar Command through channeling sessions in Sedona and one had phenomenal astral traveling abilities. Both had twin souls on the sixth dimension who were the daughters of one of the senators on the Sirian Council so it was easy to get the astral traveler up to Hades Base on Mars by following a ship hovering over the house. Once there, the one roommate learned how to maintain a solid form of his astral body for up to sixteen hours while being only gone ninety minutes back on earth. The result was essentially an open mic to the third dimension with zero interference from the mind of the body they were speaking through. He was off raising a family and working with the flight controllers for the pilots among other duties he took on all over the base. While he was gone, the other roommate asked questions of those who came to channel while creating an archive of the recordings for some future time when earth’s technology would offer the perfect platform to reach a worldwide audience of those for whom the messages resonate. Five years later this is the result and we here at the Hades Base News hope to continue for a long time in what has coalesced around our shared purpose in bringing about earth’s ascension one day.
In love and light for all,
Everyone here and there.
(On behalf of myself and my twin-soul, co-writer, and member of Ashtar Command Karra, we presented above the latest editorial from this month's edition of the Hades Base News at:
Please also enjoy the free podcast from the members of Ashtar Command on Hades Base for this month called "It's All Third Dimensional". A synopsis of that channeling session will be posted in a few days.)

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