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Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics. Follow his videos, podcasts, websites and science projects at the links below.

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The news is important to all people because it is where we come to know new things about the world, which leads to the development of more life goals that lead to life wisdom. The news also serves as a social connection tool, as we tend to relate to those who know about and believe the things we do. With the power of an open truth-seeking mind in hand, the individual can grow wise and the collective can prosper. 

– Justin

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  • That was the original 'hakuna matata'. And so it joins a long list of example, including 'by the rivers of babylon' by Boney-m, originally sang by 'the melodians', Malaika, La bamba etc. These songs went to become one of greatest hits!!

    These songs or slogans like 'hakuna matata' shows that it means different thing for the same thing, the same word or the same song to be sang by different pple. It isn't the meaning of the word 'hakuna matata' that resonates with pple. It is WHO said it that matters more! If some dirty streat boys in Kenya went to a stadium in UK etc and chanted 'hakuna matata', of no one would take any notice, instead they may even get annoyed!😉
  • I guess that is 'wacha'.☺
  • Hakuna Matata is known around the world :) that’s crazy.. Now imagine being psychic and that’s about to happen... I’d be shouting Acha before they get a chance..lol
  • So you guys know I was alluding to Kenya, lol☺ I was curious how Ara knew of this word 'hakuna matata'. I thought it was too local!!!

    It is a country of the corrupt! They put a side money for corruption in budget. If you went to Nairobery rather than Mombasa, you might pass by somewhere only to come out without shoes, trousers and shirt! They will leave you with pants, patting your back and uttering 'hakuna matata, big mzungu', lol!!

    A celebrity is yet to know how his expensive smart phone went away amid 'hakuna matata' cheers, lol! Watch out! They can steal sugar from your tea.☺
  • Wish i was on the beach right now. Lake Erie which is 3 hours north of me has an okay beach. I would say the beach you were at was definitely better.
  • Yeah, the aquamarine sea was heaven.. I Wish I could go for a swim now.. I remember white sandy beaches and the mini crabs running around the on the sand, so cute;) Lovely beaches compared to here in England...This sea literally looks like tea...;)
  • Sounds like a beautiful place you and Movella went to Drekx. Hopefully one day i can go there. I would love to be near the Indian ocean and see all the aquatic life in that area.
  • Yes Movella.....and the things about Kenya I did enjoy, were the aquamarine waters of the Indian ocean, wildlife safaris, plus green coconuts......Of course, mosquitoes not much fun, though...;-)
  • RL, you may be interested, I’ve been to Diani beach in Kenya.. couldn’t have a chilled time without being harassed by the beach boys selling carved ebony and Masai spears...LOL. Also went to Mombasa many times.. I know people who live there, one of them was extremely cautious about robberies and police corruption..Had bars on the windows, guard dogs, a watchman around the home.. Other than that I love it;) the wildlife is something special!
This reply was deleted.

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"There are no spaceships from the so-called Earth. You can't travel in space with only rockets. With this, no one will reach another planet. The manned Mars mission is doomed to failure. It is not yet possible."
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"Thankyou Roaring....Your mind is as sharp as ever....😄

Now, for my Bach appreciators on ACC...some more musical splendor...

Fantasia and fugue in C minor BWV 537 - organist Wiersinga, of the Netherlands Bach Society...

From the dulcet tones of…"
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