Broken Palace

Everything bad in my life
Compounds into one big monster
And there’s no way of release
Only the churning of the black emotions
Trying to break free from this shell
Every chance to falter
My faith is on a whim
Like matchsticks so easily broken
Time again I find myself
At the foot of your grace
But I am too emotional
To listen to your wisdom
I once thought that I could live
Knowing there’s at least one
Worth saving though the volatile world
Bruises and force misery seething to my surface
A mere coincidence
Fluke of nature perhaps
To be brought here
As I try to hardened the chrysalis
Life begins to turn its wheel
Knowing I live with the fear
That I am easily aborted
In darkness we are transformed
Though the pain will rip us apart
Until what’s only left
Is an oozing pile of dna
Waiting always for the chance
To become something more
Every day is about reaching
Something I can’t do
My impatience destroys my wishes
Too doubtful and mistrusting
I am here tossed by currents
To spend a lifetime at sea
Thrashing about in the waves
Not sure of where land may be
Every day sanded down until raw
From these bouts of anger and sorrow
Poisons for my decay
I cannot root myself
Not for this humanity
But you who always love them
More than I could ever know
You were sure that they
Through hardships will rise
You believed they would
Find kingdom someday
You were always there for every step
Watching never revealing yourself
I can’t do what you ask me
I can’t be what you are looking for

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