This message speaks to me totally....headaches get intense, sleep time goes haywire, overwhelming sadness and loneliness..hey...loneliness was my constant companion for many lifetimes......but it hit me real hard last night...and now..I understand 'why' I'm missing AA Michael!

Blue Ray Ascension Alert, Symptoms, Reptilian Wars - Are You Staying or Crossing? 13

We are in immense gratitude as we speak of the energy frequency and shifts you are now experiencing. Thank you for coming and being the Universal emissaries of the Creators of Love, Light and Peace. You are our very sacred star family and angelic brothers and sisters of Light and you are perfect right where you are and in how you feel. Please go to love and the center of your being where this all makes sense and where we are one with thee.

Note: There are certain Light lineages that are not experiencing these symptoms; on the contrary, they have reached a plateau of light at which they feel comfortable. Their lineages have experienced lifetimes on earth of more religious and spiritual structures in which they feel a certain amount of support and stability. This is important to express as some may feel they have done something wrong, or chosen the wrong path, or been left behind. It is only that your path may be different and specialized in bringing a certain frequency and healing of the DNA. This would be of the Sacred Divine feminine, return of the Mother frequency that comes from an empathic way of being and the new Nature of humanity that had been unfamiliar here on Gaia for a very long time. All of you are important to the divine plan, as each one of you emit a very holy and particular light frequency radiance for all other light bearers and for the positive existence and evolution of mankind. This piece may relate more to the Souls that have been on their spiritual path for awhile, the star beings and the old Souls.

Ascension Alert Symptoms

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms, as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom you still may need assistance with the process.

Feeling that you do not have the fight to live, confront, or be the peacemaker anymore, wanting to just be.

Difficulty breathing, needing to catch your breath, feeling you need purer air and to breathe more deeply

Feeling that any structures, work, even your normal routine that used to be easy are now a big chore. You do not want regulations or restrictions; you wish to flow and feel – that is where God is, your true harmony is

You may wish to eat lighter, giving up land animals.

Craving greens and salads – your light body and being needs the photosynthesis that takes place with the plants and vegetables. It is giving your cells the Cosmic, galactic light essence that will assist in sustaining your light code upgrades.

Craving chocolate and dark chocolate – some of this is due to your brain and pineal activated to new levels of frequency

Digestive issues

Not getting enough minerals

Headaches – please make sure you drink enough water

Experiencing greater empathy and sensitivity

Feeling lighter, that you are more a part of the angelic and light realms than of earth. You may feel a stronger pull of Light and to the star realms than to earth this time. One of the reasons you would like to leave Gaia is to be with them and feel belonging.

Relationship difficulties, differences and endings; this is all making way for relationships in the new energy and harmonics

Coughing and colds

Incongruent feelings, overall lighter as your cells are vibrating to a higher light although your body feels dense, a chore to do anything.

Waiting for something of which you are not sure and wanting to move forward with anxious anticipation.

Periods of sadness - this can be from lots of transitions and letting go deep cellular memories and group level consciousness. It, again, is part of the empathic new human honoring of the feeling Nature, the sacred divine feminine. You do not need to hold onto these emotions, just allowance and acknowledgement of them can release them forever and bring in more of your essence.

What you may need, you may not ale to get here on Gaia. Look for off-planetary support and sustenance that you can bring back and utilize here on earth. It is important to make a clear portal and channel where off-planetary support comes to you, where you are not always leaving your body. There is other nourishment that is of higher frequency and support that does exist here on Gaia that has been brought from the higher angelic ascended masters. Try the Language of Light in music and sacred geometry, alchemy, gem and mineral elixirs, and ormus. Flowers – have them around and flower essences, Nature, rest and taking time out. What brings you joy and simple pleasure is essential now!

These will be the times that most major breakthroughs happen for you, when you reach levels within yourself that you did not know were possible

The Reptilian Wars and wanting to leave the planet

You may feel that life is too much of a fight to be able to be here on the planet and too harsh for your sensitive nature that you have worked so diligently to develop and maintain. Feeling that you cannot be aggressive and contribute to aggressive or uncaring behavior or even speak up for your self is all a part of rejecting the old paradigms and Reptilian influences. On a certain level and realms and in your consciousness you may feel the battle of the Reptilian wars, the fight over power. 222

You may feel that your energy vibration doesn’t have a place in the world as having purified yourself has increased your light body and vibration and is no longer in sync with the old dogma, relationships, consciousness, structures and systems. You are now communicating with the world and life through a truer vibration of telepathy and harmonics.

You have activated the new encodement of your Divine original blueprint, the new human of light. You and your sacred star brothers and sisters are in the midst with the holy heavens creating a new pathway of living. For a time, allow yourself to be and for events to unfold and not be attached. As radical changes happen and/or create endings and new situations that are out of your control, do not lose yourself in them or become attached in entanglements. Let them go and bless how they have served you and be open for the revelations of your exciting new world. In many cases what is happening is you are becoming your God Christ Nature of the Christed Female. A part of you is dying so your core essence can be reborn anew with a higher integration of your whole vibrational resonance.

You are brave and courageous souls, precious beings of the Universe. This is the true way of heaven and light; you are the forerunners, the new pioneers, homo sapiens becoming homo luminous, ushering in the Age of Light. You are laying the groundwork for the new world. You are from the Universes and planetary systems of Light and are most treasured beings. Many of you, especially the Blue Ray, are the “Blue Printers of Creation” and you were here in the beginning to star seed the earth in the “Concert of Souls” when life was birth here to earth via you from the other star systems. It is why Gaia means so much to you in your heart of hearts and in your soul; she is a part of you!

Please receive comfort in these words and the essence of Light emanating from them. We are transmitting Peace and divine Love to You. We hold the most beautiful mirror for you to see your true Sovereign Grace. You are not alone as you feel; this will soon pass as you experience a higher truth and new way of being, for the seeds have already been planted, the delivery of a new birth is imminent. It is the Divine Plan.

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  • The Ascension Alert Symptoms are right on for me, I've felt most of those things, some for long periods of time, but it is subsiding now, thank goodness.  

    What's I'm going through now, is more of an emotional expansion, but I feel a greater expansion happening with me, that is... amazing.

    Definitely feel this too: You are now communicating with the world and life through a truer vibration of telepathy and harmonics.

    I feel that we all have the capability to be Telepathic, but that's just a small part of how we are growing.

    I like this too: We are transmitting Peace and divine Love to You. We hold the most beautiful mirror for you to see your true Sovereign Grace.

    I really FEEL that in my soul.  

    Thanks for passing along this message Agnes :)


  • I received an energetic download while reading this. I'm changed forever.

  • I know see...I get confused when someone tells me that I'm from the angelic realm (which I totally believe 'cos AA Michael is my helper and guide) and another told me that I'm a starseed who was supposed to help with the migration of mankind to a higher plateau (during the Indus Civilization) but failed 'cos the magnetic force was too great which pulled our spacecraft and crashed and I passed on with another starseed but I did get to see the progress of mankind on Gaia from that time on.
  • Hera/Aboutstar,

    My thoughts were like yours when I was first learning about ascension/transition on Mother/Planet Earth. I love Gaia too and I did volunteer to come during this lifetime to help with the transition. I migrated to USA (Feb 2007) to start the healing process with Gaia and doing my share of work in inspiring others to do whatever they can - to protect Gaia from human abuse.

    Please know this - we're all given free will to make a choice and it doesn't have to be - it is either this or that.

    E.g. - Transition doesn't mean literally leaving Gaia and beaming up there...somewhere to another planet (although that can happen for someone else who might have chosen this path) or stay here and deal with all the 'ego/perils' etc.

    It isn't that way. We all have the 'power' to manifest our own heaven on earth and that's what the transition is all about and having heaven on earth is like experiencing Shamballah where all that is Love exist and all that is good from God/Source/universal energy exist on the highest spiritual level that is possible for Gaia to hold on to.

    I'm not going anywhere! I'm helping to create heaven on earth and after all the hard work...I do want to enjoy reaping the harvest of all that is loving and good. Gaia is evolving to a much higher speed to arrive towards 5D and that's really a lot of hard work and that's all happening for all of us right now. Those who are willing to 'work hard for themselves' to be more spiritually evolved beings will arrive to 5D with Gaia as with your loved ones. Does anyone realize how fast time flies and week after week just 'zip/fly by' without us realizing it. That's what it's all about - transition from time (a part of ego) to timeless love and just BE - just be at the moment now - the presence of God and His love.

    I used to think about..'what if' all my loved ones can't arrive to 5D with me?

    But, I don't worry about that anymore..''s their journey - not mine. We do our best to help them with their 'ego' and be more loving towards them...having the good intention to help them out..the best that we can. BUT....according to the law of free will - we can't help anyone...who doesn't want (or aren't ready) to be helped...and that's none of our business.

    We've done our share ...of trying to 'awaken' them/anyone and after a while...the window of opportunity closes and we've to move find other help others. We, the Lightworkers, can't afford to be 'bias' and to spend too much time on helping our own loved ones (if they're not ready)..and at such time, when they should decide to be is time. Their angels and spirit guides will show them the way.

    From what I've read, due to the high speed of spiritual transition... at this time - right now - the energy of transitioning to 5D is so great that almost all beings are being 'lifted' - when the time has arrived. Please don't allow the 'what ifs' be the obstacle to your transition. Help yourself first then...all else will fall into place.

    Just visualize a picture of all of your loved ones gathering with you and enjoying heaven on earth. That picture is very very powerful! Stay with that and all else will fall into place.
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  • Yes, Turquoise - Btw 'turquoise' is also one of my fav color to use for my spiritual abstract art ;-)

    Yes, definitely 'cos it added up No. 6 - which is my Life Path number. At age 33, I came upon a 'huge/difficult' crossroad which none of my friends/family ever thought that I could go through with it. It was extremely sorrowful - got hurt very deeply and thought that I wouldn't be able to recover from it...but...I did!

    At age 33, it was also a 'spiritual awakening' for me that I'm worth fighting for...and I did...I fought for myself, got my own 'power' back, proclaim myself as a Child of the Universe and against all odds - journeyed with faith in God that He will help me pull through, love for myself and tolerance of others.

    How about you? Is this number significant for you too?
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