ah yet again another pressing matter with another open discussion!

bi-sexual, now i have a general rule with my girls, they can sleep with as many female's as they want 2 rule's apply

#1: the other girl joins in with us as a couple first

#2: no other men involved unless i agree to it

now i don't think i'm being un-reasonable here, it means that these girls get the thrill of being with a different partner yet i still get to keep my dominance in the bedroom so both side's are usually happy, that's part 1 of the discussion and i leave this open for discussion seperatly if you wish

part 2: is it ok for me to then go and sleep with other men, same sex rule?

if not, why?

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  • Hi Goofy, Title of my religion? I have many facets Goofy, as a human being, like a diamond, Like God and the Goddess,who have many facets; (created in that image), I have many sides to me, religiously speaking that is. I was raised a methodist, during the marine corp stint in 1970, i studied buddism, hinduism, then back to christianty, after a spiritual experience. I became a 7th day advenstist around, 1975, got fired from a security job in a mental ward for casting some demons out of some inmates there.  Scared everybody (staff) when they heard the demons speak thru the bodys" .

    After that I became a feast keeper,(1988) then learned about the living wavesheaf offered 2 days after pentecost. Around 2002 I found out God has a wife, the Goddess, or the Holy Spirit. and a daughter, the Holy Ghost or Shekinah is her hebrew name.... Jesus is Yashua, father , mother, Son and daughter- all Diety, This is the pattern Adam and Eve were created in, that has been hi-jacked and perverted,  and is under judgement.

    I dont go to churches anymore, its to dangeruos. Many evil forces in the black light steams (ether) often possess bodys in churches, to run me off, so i dont tell them the truth. Its gotten really bad. Best to stay away now...


     I belong to no group, and yet,  I belong to all groups. Around 1999, i was lead on a vision quest for 3 yrs, concerning UFOs, aliens, and the fallen angels heirarchy, I became metaphysical during that vision quest. I met some shamans, the elemental kingdom, many rulers of several ASTRAL PLANES, all kinds of stuff happened to me. Just before sept 11, 2001; my vision quest ended. The towers fell about the same time......


    I cannot speak for anybody but myself. I dont trust any religious denomination in the world, including this one. However I know Good people exist in every level, but we are all controlled by the sick greedy leaders, govmnts, paychecks, demonic possessiopn of such, mind controll agents, ect. And there in is the problem.

     Even a site like this is compromised. Oe the one hand it tells us there is no right and wrong, but if we follow wild abandonment, that allows deomns and wicked entities from these other realms being pushed here, for the judgement;  to possess our bodys, wicth makes us worse. So it seems like a set up for death, to say that ther is no right and wrong, that has to be satanic. 

     Jesus said the safe path was MODERATION, in all things, that means no wild abandenment, Jesus said to Follow the Golden rule, which is being kind, loving and nurtering.  Jesus was hetero sexual, and siad -"follow in my path way".That means gays, lesbiasn and Bis are too far out, but we do love you, but we dont love the errors...

    Balance,---- the truth is ther was no hate , before Lucifer fell from the 7th heaven. This is not a "logic equation" I can win, or prove. Because most here have so many religious beliefs from the metaphysical slant, which generally proposes ther can be no love, without hate. But according to Jesus and Enoch, love existed before hate did. The bible and other sources also say, Hate will be destroyed on that day, and only love will remain. Sin never existed in the beginning, it came into being from rebellion, possibly allowed to develop, so all parameters can be seen, the hate, the evil, the meaness, is so all terrifying, that when finally killed, it will never rise again.

     What is called experiments down here, are actually recordings of all wrong behavior, recorded. This allows all souls to be determined in the judgement, for eternal life or eternal death, on that day. God and the Goddess are true love, Hate cannot reside in them, and they were here before any hate ever existed. So its all lies from the fallen negative light streams that influence this planet, Love can be felt and known, without ever knowing hate. YES; all darkness and evil will finally be destroyed, its only been here for about 6000 yrs, on earth that is.

    Point # 2 Foul beasts, You need to get the book, the Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak, and find out what is going. on. Its not about cruel Gods, its about all of heaven not knowing what sin was, when it first manifested. God could have deleted Lucifer then. But billions of innocent, pure life forms, who had never seen death, let alone ever heard of it, would never trust God or the Goddess, if they just deleted them. So they had to let it run, for 6ooo yrs, so these trillions of Holy life forms could understand what death is, what hate is, ect. Now they all knw, and when the order comes to permenatly delete all perversion, death, hate, ect; and  that order will come from the trillions of life forms, who now understand where Lucifers rebellion led to.

     An experiment? NOT HARDLY! Its about patience, grace, love, mercy, allowing time to pass, so evil can be understood, then finally killed, never to rise ever agian.  Thats what this is about. Now you know!.

     God and the Goddess are not unforgiving, humans get all kinds of breaks, that the fallen angels dont get. Most of us are going to get a second chance , resurrected for the last millinium, which is a time of healing, with no devils, fallen angels, wicked spirits around to tempt or decieve us. At the end of the 1000 yrs all humans will be on the same page, healed, holy, in glory, and understanding of what realyl happened on earth, in heaven, concerning the fallen angels, and even more. We will be in light bodys by that time.Hhate, perversion cannot live forever, it does not have eternal life. This is all going to be cleaned up. Once and for all.


    Point 3 - I dont believ all Gods are asexual. God the Father, cohabitated with his wife, "El Shaddia" or Sophia in greek, and had twins. That would be Jesus and his twin sister Shekinah. Ther are millions of planets out ther with life on them, that have not fallen and they reproduce. Adam and EVe were told to reproduce. Ther are entitys that are asexual, but not eveything is tht, and neither is everything sexual. You need to remember Goofy, any subject has more thn one answer. We are being lied to by the luciferians and satanists along with millions of fallen enteties, possessing bodys in mainstream churches. Thats why so many lies. Ther is no church that will tell you God has a wife, and Jesus has a twin sister or the Holy Ghost..  But its true.


    Point #4 Being gay, is not in the divine order of things, neither is being a lier, or a slave. However these things do exiss. Its not our fault, but yetwe have to be judged. Now the millineum is for you Goofy. God will lock up satan, the fallen angels, and disslove many entitys. However for people its different, we get a second chance. 

    Ther is a thousand yr period set aside for you, if you want it? If you don t want it, you will be dissolved, because free choice determines your destiny. If gaod came to you today and said Goofy, I have a new light body for you, but it doesnt have a sex drive, so you will no longer desrie sex. Would you take that body Goofy? If you truely want to know truth, and follow it, you'll take that body. But if one is more wired for self centeredness, and self gratification, they will refuse that body. This is the criteria to decide who gets to spend 1000 yrs with holy angels, holy people from other planets, in the garden of Eden, with Adam and Eve, and all the rest, to heal and become what God and the Goddess originally created us to be.

    Now I dont really like the way we have beeen played either. I am not a God, and have no powers to change cosmic law, or universal law. I have to conceed to God and the Goddesss, thier wishes on these things. Trusting them. We are not Gods, we are humans. and we have been pretty muched fucked, about every which way a race can be. Of course you wont hear this in churches, they are controlled by satan and negative light streams from the ethers. 

    i swear the way you aproached this, seems like your not goofy, but possibly a spirit using goofys body? Is that possible? If so, what is your name?  Anywho goofy, what am i supposed to tell you man? The bible does say, raise a child to hate, and it will hate as an adult, raise a child to be gay, it will be gay as an adult. Raise a child to be straight, it will be staright as an adult. The evil leaders, rulers, spirits and crap like that over us, know these things. They also know about "soy milk" and chemicals, so we are screwed.

    There has to have been some kind of original order, before all these evil things showed up. It doesnt matter if its Adam and Evee, ect. How can we p[ossibly know what is truth, after satanic infitrations like these over us. But we can look at nature, Animals are heterosexual, nations and city states are destryed by earthquakes, and barbarians; when they get to perverse, or away from the divine blueprint that humanity was created in. and nature alwys starts over with hetrosexuals, nothing else. So we can look to that, thier is a karmic debt due frorm turing 50 million hetero-sexual baby boys into gays, by feeding them soy milk. But its Ok Goofy, I am ttred of so much perversion, go ahead and mass produce gays and Bi's and Lesbians, cause it will get this nation destryed, then we can start all over being CLEAN again. 

    .      And the more twisted it gets, from the divine plan, from the characters of God and the Goddess; the closer Nature gets to killing us off, so it can start clean agin. Thats all i want for all kids, is clean hearts and clean  minds, in a clean land. 

             Jesus is coming back Goofy, do you want that ,NEW, light body with hetero sexual drives, or do you want a body with Bi sexual drives. That choice determines your destiny, either for eternal life, or eternal death; please choose wisely. Thats for everybody on the planet. 

                                                                                                                         loving you    -dennis-

  • i am not going to delete ANY posts, i said it once i will say it again this is an open discussion, i'm allowing ALL walks of life to have thier word and speak thier mind, weather or not i agree with it does not matter, this is as all my other blogs and will remain an open discussion!


    dennis what is the title of your religion if you don't mind me asking?


    ok lets say i agree with your argument (for theoretical purposes, cause i don't to be honest!)

    i found 4 flaws in your theory!

    #1: you refer to balance, with good there must be bad, heaven hell, light and dark, yet what your suggesting is that will all change and the balance will be destroyed after 2012 the final judgement day!


    #2: you refer to these foul beasts being pushed forward from the heavens down to earth, sent by jesus, now your making god and jesus sound like very cruel, unforgiving gods!


    #3: refering back to balance and to other things, so how do you explain angels being asexual?

    ow and gods are asexual aswell since the need for a sexual oriantation is the need to reproduce wich they don't have a need for?

    #4: you say there is time to repent, and a time for change, accusing gay people for the destruction of the world, wich in turn not only take's away any and all responsibility for what we as a race has caused but from any other sinner + you also say that because we made the choice to be gay we are going to burn in hell!

    then you say it's not our fault the soy made us do it! so in other words where going to hell because of what somebody else did to us, i don't remember reading anything about this in any bible that i'm aware of?

  • something strange here? my post of Dec 22 was never on my board, i looked for it twice and couldnt find it. So I figured it got lost, and thats why I posted again, below. I aopologize for this. and my apologys to the administrator, cause I thought maybe it got deleted. I dont know what happened, all of a sudden my post of Dec 22nd just showed up today, after I posted the below. this is weird..

  • I posted something here, and I dont see it anymore. Did the administrator take it down???/

    My point is this, the majority of perversion away from the divine image of God and the Goddess, is done on purpose, with forethought and malice.  Possibly 50 million heterosexual baby boys turned Gay from 100% female hormes (soy milk) is no accident. During the 60's and 70's..

    The adminstator here says ther is no right or wrong. So then its OK, to turn 50 million baby boys into gays? That means its also Ok for the hetero-sexual masses to bond with this karmic debt owed from hijacking 50 million hetero-sexual baby boys and turning them gay, and co-creating with that karmic debt, to come against the gay, and bi-sexual movement. Scince ther is no right or wrong. Obviously one can see something is wrong.

          God and the Goddess created mankind in thier image. They are hetero-sexual, they are not gay or Bi, ect. When the divine image gets to out of wack, God and the Goddes allow nature to explode, killing that nation - look at pompie and sodom and gommarrah. Also nations can be nuked or invaded like ROME, because of to much decadence and homo-sexuality. This movement of hijacking baby boys and forcing them to be gay, teaching in public schools ther is no sexual identity, placing a gay guy in charge of the dept of education in washington, all this forces a massive build up of perversion, which would never happen otherwise. We also have millions of negative entitys from the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd heavens being pushed here by Jesus's forces, to earth. They want bodys to live in. These are perverted fallen angels, twisted spirits, negative energys, all perverted and twisted. Your promotion of no gendere, no sexual identity, being gay, Bi, ect allows millions of human bodys to be possessed by these millions of twisted negative entitys, being pushed to earth fro the FINAL JUDGEMEBNT.

    Now how does one stand in the final judgement before God and Goddess, pushing gays and bisexualism, being filled in your bodys by these negative, perverted entitys.????


    Salvation is open to all, every human and every entity, spirit, ect. But salvation is conditional on a divine order. This divine order is created in the Adam and Eve cycle as hetero-sexual. The perversion came in with the fall of Adam and Eve eand the landing on earths first heaven of fakllen angels and such; immedialty after the fall. all this is going to be sooned cleaned up, and trestored back to the original divine order of God and the goddess, who created in hetero-sexual patterens. When nature erupts and kills a whole nation because of to much decadence and gays, ect. It always start over with hetero-sexuals. What you are doing by promoting this is giveing us a death sentence, which includes me also, cause I live here on this contenent.


    ther is more to this than meets the eye. We have been set up on these things, Its no accident. What do you think is going to happen when millions of Dracs, grays, fallen angels are pushed here, to earth, from the higher heaverns--this is wht happens. And now its promoted as normal. let me tell you folks, its not normal, and never will be. God and the Goddess are going to KILL satan and the fallen agels, who do not repent, and return to the divine order. The same is going to happen to people. No one can escape judgement.


     Let me perfectly clear, I am not perfect, I lust, I do things that are not in the Divine order. But I am trying to keep a balance, I see no balance here at all. I see no restrain, just total abandonment into lust and sexual pleasure. That will get you killed in Gods and the Goddess's judgement. We need balance folks, not wild abandonement. We need to understand the judgement of all things is at hand, 2012 is about judgement and ascension. and this will be the last cycle of re-incarnation. Ther is no more after this one. Sin does not have eternal life.


    Think about that. Now we are all sinners, but many of us hate it, while others delight in it. What I see here is deligfhtment, not dislike of our weakness, that are contary to the divine order of things. Please be careful. And a judgement on anyone who deletes this post, and execution of that judgement upon them also.....thru God and the Goddess- of couse.. loving you, be careful, wise up, get ready for Jesus to break thru the clouds, in your lifetime.  When Jesus comes, you will already be judged; for eternal death, or life.

                                                                                              Are you  ready?           HA - SHEM

  • I still think humanity has been hijacked, and the divine image of God and the Goddess has been twisted on earth. Our Father and his wife "El Shaddia" or the Holy Sspirit, we are made in that image. They are not Bi, or Gay, ect, but strickly hetero-sexual. All of nature is hetero-sexual, with a few exections, like sponges and stuff.


    History recods natures reactions to too much perversion of the Divine order. Many city states, whole nations (pompie and Rome) became destroyed when decadence and too much bi or Gay stuff happens. once the dust settles, nature always starts over again with hetero-sexuals. Even america could be destryed by Nature or even God and the Goddess, if too many Bi and Gays develop in our nation. Ther is a cut off line, a percentage reached, that activates judgement, and destroys and kills the masses in these areas, to start over agin with hetero-sexuals


    I have already posted about militant gays getting into Govmnt in the 60's and 70's, pushing SOY milk on 50 million babay boys all around the world, to make them gay. Because SOY milk is 100% female hormones. If ya want to change a baby boy from being hetero-sexual to extremely feminine, feed him females hormes the first two yrs of his life, or SOY milk.  Do you know what the KARMIC debt is on something like this? How that can be collected and come back on YOU! The KARMIc debt owed 50 million baby boys, turned gay by soy milk.  what happens if folks started bonding and co-creating with that debt? This is no joke folks! You think this is funny?


    This is EVIL, doing things like this. It is evil to pervert the divine image, therby endangering us all, even us heterosexuals, with massive earthquakes, killing us all, because theres to much perversion of what God and the Goddess as we were originally created. This is very dangerous thinking here, you can get us all killed, from pushing this to much. What is the magic number that activates nature to kill us, or God to bust a move agaisnt us??? I dont knw, but my gut tells me we are getting close to it. Look at history folks, every time this gay stuff gets to large, the nation gets destroyed, either by invasion, or earthquakes or volacnoes. This is serious stuff, pay attention to history... Look at GOD and the GODDESS, they are straight. What dont you understand about this????? Loving you is one thing, but when you endanger my life, and the life of an entire nation; as history bears out; thats another stop it, just stop it------peace------

  • Azaru: well to be honest the hope for an answer was dwindling as false, however there has been many useful things here to suggest that such things are capable, ow and my brain never stops analysing or thinking or processing without an ilegal substance wich in-turn reacts badly with my mental state on the come down and i usually have to be watched for suicidal attempts!

    as for such questions and responses being advertised on the internet i am once again intreguid by the reaction of the general public on here, curious to see weather it would in turn lead to disgust or something more usefull as advice!

    basic psycology and logic based on todays society give's a double edged sword on the limitation of sexual expression in a public manner, this discussion like others i have proceeded to use can give me a base level understanding of social enviroments to better understand how to be somewhat "normal" or atleast the ability to hold and control a conversation on my end to better understand and communicate with people i don't know!

    everything i say here is open and honest and i leave every discussion open to well discuss!

    it's just another form of learning something i don't know about or find difficult to understand!

    as for the sexual side i believe that my brain has spent so much time being taught how to please the oppisite sex (or same sex in some cases) that i never took the chance to learn what i like, and givin the fact that many of my sexual partners have been somewhat selfish in thier exploration since (and i'm not braggin or up myself) i am very good at what i do, they don't leave much room for me to pleased in the area's that i wish to explore

    a classic example of this is pain, i have had so many of my partners want to be scratched, bitten, spanked with a paddle in some cases wiped and being thrown around like a rag doll or hair pulling or sometime's strangilation yet they seem to show fear of hurting me, this is something i never fully understood since i may look lanky and all skin and bone's but it take's more than a minor beating to get my spirits down and since i enjoy something more physicaly painfull it's hard to find acceptance in these matters, hhmmm i think i got my  next blog huh!

    that and how many female's would you REALLY trust in the bedroom with a sharp knife huh!

  • do wut you feel is uplifting. You might be overwhelming yourself and over thinking your situation. Do you really need to be asking anyone here these questions. How do you feel about all your sex. Is it good, great or may it be boring you. Have fun enjoy yourself and always stray away from jealous emotions. all you own is yourself and your experience. make the best of it and help others to do the same! love to your path and the many people you may meet:)

  • Richard: as i always will and always have stuck by, i believe in higher spiritual sex, these days it's more comminly known as "making love" weather people realise it or not by doing this act of making love you are making a strong bond between you and that person and i believe very strongly in this act, it allows me to pick up on thier emotions and know when somethings wrong and give's me the ability to read them better as a person in wich i can't usually do, in saying that i don't "make love" to just anybody and when i'm with a partner who i feel for strongly thier all i need both sexually and emotionaly


    druidkat7: thank you for your kind words, it's hard to find understanding let alone open minds towards many different things wich is what i'm trying to achieve here with my topics!



    it's not just because of bi-sexuality, what i mean is that because of my autism i'm considered wierd and creepy quiet often, infact EVERYBODY who has ever known me at first has had that opinion about me, it's the one's that took the time to get to know me better that changed thier ways

    i'm the first to say that when i was younger i was in deniel of myself and who i was, i mean being raped by a man at 17 y/o and that being my first did effect me yes, but when i met a new gay friend (male) my rule was at first they didn't touch me, in saying that aswell i don't like strangers touching me either at all, if they put thier hand on my shoulder i freak out and get scared (that's the autism) so as you can imagine it take's allot before i get to the hug faze of things

    this affects me allot, there are days where i freak out if my parents or grandparents want a hug or touch my head or anything i freak out STILL and i'm 22

    the other part of it is eye contact, i can't make eye contact for long and it took alot of training to be able to do it at all, this is another form of creepyness

    as for your first thoughts on the matter i'm glad your accepting this, the trick is to look yourself in the mirror (sometime's for as long as 10min or as long as it take's) you get the parts of yourself that you don't like and want to change and you do it for you!, keep in mind though don't change because anybody else wants you to, ow and just to be clear most gay people aren't that quick to push boundrie's if anything thier quiet respectfull towards people who are respectful to them and you'd be amazed how nice they can be, however i've found that alot of bi-sexual men are actually quit nasty (though i spent the last few years in darwin NT so it is to be expected!)


    Esseya: thank you, to be honest my mind is so open to most things that my energy flows like a calm river in the breeze!



  • Hmm, reading this kinda makes me think, the first I read of this the inside of me is going.... weeeiiirrrddd peeerrrsssooonnnnn........ So it's nice to have that out, I think I have a bit of a problem with that, so now I know I can fix it.  I suppose it was kinda bred into me, with the stereotype of bi being creepy and weird... and it makes me think.  Thanks for putting that out there.

  • Goofy,

    Who are we to say what you should or should not do regarding other men? That's for you and your primary partner or partners to discuss.


    To try and play "judgmental god" regarding sexual expression is a very bad habit we humans have cultivated over the years to keep people "in line" and "under control."


    I do not personally swing in the bisexual/lesbian direction, but that does not mean that I have the "right" to tell other women they shouldn't be bisexual/lesbian.


    That's all I can really say on the matter.

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