Beings of Light ~ It's for tomorrow or for soon?


Jan. 24, 2014

You speak very often of the Fourth and Fifth Dimension which coming fast. It's always for tomorrow or for soon! You never give dates! For you the Time does not exist! Put yourself in the place of the inhabitants of the Earth of the third Dimension and you will see that is very different!

This is simple for you, because you are able to give us dates!

« What means "soon" for you and for us? We have not at all the same consciousness of Time, certainly, but however we can tell you this:

The "soon" is... for soon!

What we're saying seems to you probably... "intelligent"!

We would like to say this: don't be too impatient!

A new birth , especially the new birth of humanity, asks to allow Time at the Time . If tomorrow, suddenly, you pass in another consciousness, if you pass in the fifth Dimension, enormously of beings would not capable of supporting the new vibration.

Currently, there are already many beings who "lose their reason", because they adapt with difficultly to this new vibration.

The only thing we can say is that in the year that will going to come, expect at worst as at best! So get ready simply for the best in trying to not think at worst!

Remember that you are no longer in the old world; you are now in the Age of Aquarius which is the Age of Brotherhood, the Age of Knowledge! You are in the Age of Revelations, in the Age where everything that is hidden will rise to the surface. Sometimes it could even "hurt the eyes" (this is a manner of speaking) to those who will not want accept certain truths.

A large part of the world's population does not accept the truth of the existence of your galactic brothers. It accepts the truths that suit it, but it does not accept the truth. In the intelligence and Divine Love, everything must be done according to the threshold of acceptance and tolerance of humanity!

However, there will come a time when this threshold will be crossed, that is to say we will no more able to minimize anything; everything will so much accelerate in the change that those who do will not be prepared for this change, those who will remain in their old way of conceiving life will not capable to adapt and will depart from this world. There will be many, many departures.

You, human beings, you function with the dates. For us the dates don't have the same reality. However, we will still say this:

There are pre-established scenarios, and they are applied according to the spiritual elevation of the men and their capacity of Love.

To date, the final plan was adopted for the planet Earth! Of course that we know your becoming since we have the capacity to travel through Time! However, we will not tell you! We don't have the right to tell it you, because this would dampen the evolution of beings! Until the end of your existence, you must experiment.

Imagine that right away or tomorrow we say: "It's finished, within 8 days your world will no longer exist, there will be gigantic disasters". Imagine you the drama that we could cause to humans? We have no right to say it!

The Universal Laws want that we let always hope to the evolving worlds. We don't have the right to remove hope in the heart of men, because then we will slow their evolution. So you must understand that even if we really have the knowledge of the reality of your becoming, of all what will happen on your world (since we are also actors in what will happen on your world) we do not the right to tell you.

Certainly, there will be channels who will tell you lots of things! They will tell you: "it will happen this or that", they will panic the humans in announcing terrible disasters.

We will say this: you have all the ability to feel what is going to happen in you and around you! You all have the ability to have foreknowledge of the becoming of your world! By fear, you shadow the vision of your future!

It is not us who will reveal the vision of your future! The only image that we are entitled to give you it's the image the new world toward which you go, this world that will truly be a world of brotherhood, Love, harmony, kindness, a world of Light.

It is not for us to tell you what will happen between what you are today and what you will become tomorrow! It's to you to feel it!

Look at your world! Open your eyes! Do you believe that you can continue very long in the direction taken by your world? There is no more any human value! There is no more any respect for Life! Do you think this will continue long?

If you are sufficiently receptive to Life, you will get the answer that we don't give you because it is in you! Simply try to see life as it manifests itself, whatsoever the social, economic or religious life!

Everything is illusion! Everything is distorted! As long as humans will not have reinstated the respect of themselves and of Life, the new world will stay in waiting! The new world will wait! This wait can last a few days, a few months! We don't say a few years because that will put you in bad dispositions and we don't want that.

What is Time? Look at the Time that elapses to a rapidity that never existed! Then, a week, a month or a year, this is does not really important!

We will insist on this: the important thing it's what you become relative to your environment, it's the consciousness that you have from your own life and from life around you, the important thing is your deep wish to see this life go toward the harmony, brotherhood, Light and Love.

Like us have said to you there is already a long time: you are the craftsmen of your becoming. We find that sometimes these craftsmen are not very brave! As much as possible and without interfering too much on your destiny, we try, as you say on Earth, to give you a little helping hand in order to accelerate the process of transformation.

We recommend that you have your eyes wide open! You will see, you will know and you will understand! However despite all that you will see and understand, you must always keep hope because although it happens very difficult things (and this is what will happen) what we can do for you, it's shorten this difficult period. If there is sufficiently Love in your hearts, we will shorten the period of great tribulations because we can do it, at the sole and exclusive condition that, on your side, you have done a part of your work of understanding and evolution, of your work of Unconditional Love.

So, work all together, we on our side, you on yours, in order to shorten as much as possible the dark period that will lead you ineluctably toward the wonderful world at which each of you aspires with all his heart.

That's what we wanted to answer to this question. This response suits you? »

No! You always leave us in ignorance!

« We cannot do otherwise! We have explained you! What good would it do you to know that in a month or in a year all your civilization will collapse? It will collapse anyway!

What good would it do you to know that it will happen in a month or in a year? To make you a lot of worries! To render sick some people! To generate fear in others! We don't want this; this is not what we want for you. So we cannot do more than what we do.

We know that certain information is given to you with dates. One only date given by other channels was it correct? No! So why give dates since they are always incorrect?

Sorry not to be able to give more precise answer, but we have explained the reasons. »

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  • This message seemed to be informative, regardless of truth or positive, so I've posted it cause this is well explained on the timely important "delay." The channeler maybe asked to the Beings of Light I assume. So, in parallel with hoping the big event, we might also consider the behind line of this message. Seban.

  • SO who is asking the questions, no names. Anyway the point comes across, no dates, to many don't come true. It does sound a bit negative doesn't it. They did not talk about the Energy Shift Event and the new Energy Force that it will bring. But I am starting to see this talk of the Event in other blogs that back up the Ison Film-vid. I plan to finish my review by TM. It seems that we are slowly starting to move in that direction, a little energy is starting to leak out now. But we are still waiting for the Big Event, hopefully it will happen soon, "signs of the Times" huh. indeed Adonai

This reply was deleted.

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