BASIC ASTROLOGY TRANSIT ANALYSIS: did German ice skating star Monika Dannemann participate in a probable murder of Jimi Hendrix? An astrology investigation and perspective.

A basic easy-to-read conclusion is provided at the end for the uninitiated. Monika Dannemann (r.i.p., suicide 1996) was the last person to be with music legend Jimi Hendrix before he died in London. Her statement to the police and paramedics regarding what happened had more holes in it than swiss cheese; groupies of Jimi Hendrix claimed he didn't like red wine or tuna and he didn't like downers (and there were no needle marks found on Hendrix per autopsy). RECOMMENDED READING: "Jimi Hendrix .. The Intimate Story Of A Betrayed Musical Legend" by Sharon Lawrence .... RECOMMENDED VIEWING: the 2020 television special "Jimi Hendrix: A Perfect Murder?" if you can find it (since it is considered to be "conspiracy theory" by our mainstream media truth tellers). For the advertisement of this 2020 television special that shocked many people regarding the death of Hendrix, click  Here's a synopsis of this 2020 television special: "It's September 24th, 1966 and as know as Jimmy James fastens his seatbelt on the New York runway, he's full of excitement and hope. Next to him is Chas Chandler, the bass player of British band The Animals who only days earlier had spotted him playing in a club in Greenwich Village. By the time the plane touches down In London Jimmy James had reverted to his original surname, Jimi Hendrix. But Jimi has no idea that the other man he was traveling with, a mysterious suited man wearing dark glasses, would become embroiled in Jimi's mysterious death four years later. Fifty years on, Jimi Hendrix not only remains top box office, the cause of Jimi's death still remains an open verdict. While many stories continue to surround his death the open verdict does not rule out murder, neither does it rule out suicide: this film reveals the secret history of Jimi's manager and British spy Mike Jeffery and explores why he was the prime suspect the cause of Jimi Hendrix's death. Yet, 'Jimi Hendrix: A Perfect Murder?' with first-hand testimony and evidence, reveals another more likely candidate for the cause of the death of one of the world's greatest rock stars..." Jimi Hendrix Experience bass player Noel Redding claimed that manager Michael Jeffery kept financial records of the band written in Russian language in case they got a surprise audit. There were also claims of Jeffery throwing knives in the office (at targets) and wiretaping conversations of Jimi Hendrix Experience band members and their friends. The rumor that Jeffery was a British  MI6 agent who tortured Russian spies in Egypt via waterboarding (and may have drowned one or two spies with this technique) is a rumor that may never be proven. Nevertheless, this rumor does help to explain two things: (1) Jeffery's knowledge of the Russian language and (2) the 1-3 liters of red wine that was sucked out of the lungs of Hendrix at St. Marys Abbot emergency room by Dr. Bannister. This reveals one of the risks (and opportunities) with waterboarding: you can accidentally (or intentionally) drown someone (even if you are using red wine). And this death of Jimi was timely; Hendrix was several weeks away from suing Michael Jeffery for stealing huge amounts of money due to breach of contract. SO HOW DOES MONIKA DANNEMANN FIT IN? Well, please read page 264 of  "Jimi Hendrix .. The Intimate Story Of A Betrayed Musical Legend" (by Sharon Lawrence). This page (and page 263) reveals a very heated telephone conversation between Monika Dannemann and Sharon Lawrence in which Lawrence (who worked for UPI for 5 years) asks Dannemann this: "when he was choking, gasping for breath, did you pour red wine down his throat?" There was a few seconds of silence after asking this question, and Lawrence claims she then stated "I know you did." The immediate reply from Monika Dannemann to this accusation was more about how messy and untidy everything was and how she only tried to make the situation better (as opposed to Dannemann angrily denying that she would do such a thing to Jimi Hendrix) ...Hmmm... Let's look at the charts of Jimi Hendrix, Monika Dannemann, and transits to these two charts at the estimated time of Hendrix's arrival at his hotel room after leaving a party at 3:00 am (which I give at 3:15 am due to lack of traffic at this time). Koch Houses were used for the Jimi Hendrix horoscope, and Zero Degrees Aries Houses were used for Monika Dannimann (due to lack of birth time).


This chart places the Moon ("the woman in a man's life") and Chiron ("espionage areas") in the 8th House (and in strong Semi-Sextile with each other. This represents a stressful connection between the Moon and Chiron). The 8th House rules "death, sexual activity, espionage and intelligence work, the occult, secrets, wills, trusts, taxation, and long term financial arrangements." With "the woman in his life" and "espionage areas" placed in the 8th House of death (and in Semi-Sextile with each other), there may be interpretation of this for describing Monika Dannemann AND  Michael Jeffery (and his intelligence goons involved in organized crime) to play a role in the death of Jimi Hendrix. Now let's look at the chart of Monika Dannemann:


Sun Square Neptune is strong, and this placement is known for talent with con artistry and deception (and note that Marie Antoinette and infamous spy Mata Hari had this placement [as well as a lot of talented artists, actors, and actresses]). Also note that the Hendrix chart has his natal Black Moon Lilith at 10 degrees Cancer 16 minutes, and this forms a Conjunction with Dannemann's natal North Node of 09 minutes Cancer 33 minutes. Black Moon Lilith can indicate "organized crime" and "espionage work;" Al Capone had Sun Opposition Black Moon Lilith and Allen Dulles had Black Moon Lilith Conjunction Part of Fortune. I have noticed Black Moon Lilith can also indicate "very secret activities," as well as "work involving charity." But if Jimi Hendrix dated a Monika Dannemann who was possibly connected with a Michael Jeffery (and his intelligence goons) as indicated with his natal Moon Semi-Sextile Chiron (in the 8th House of death), the connection with "espionage areas and organized crime areas" ruled by Black Moon Lilith makes more sense for defining the Monika Dannemann nodal plane connection with the Black Moon Lilith placement of Hendrix. Now let's look at the chart of Hendrix with the estimated time of death:


And below is the chart from above, but with my notes. Neptune ("deception; drugs; disappointment; espionage work; dishonesty") is strong for both the natal placement and via transit. The transits of Neptune Trine Moon and Neptune Square Chiron (in yellow, below) are strong transits. This deceptive transit of Neptune ties in "the woman in his life" (at that moment) with people involved in "intelligence or secret work" (also at that moment). And yes, to repeat, both the Moon and Chiron are in the 8th House of death of Jimi Hendrix. Neptune transiting the natal 11th House is usually indicative of "deception by friends and associates," and natal Neptune placed in the 9th House is indicative of "deception or disappointment in foreign lands" (and note that Elvis Presley also had this natal placement of Neptune in the 9th House; Elvis was unable to perform outside the U.S.A. due to the illegal immigrant status of manager Colonel Parker [and this defined an inability to return to the U.S.A. in the event he leaves the U.S.A.]) Thus, the Yod formation (in orange below) of transiting Moon and transiting North Node applying to the natal Neptune placement of Hendrix (in the 9th House) may represent "deception in a foreign land by a woman in Jimi's life (and connections and separations from her)." In terms of basic astrology "death" transits, the transit of Mars/Saturn ("death; the soldier; the gun fighter") equals 00 degrees Virgo 57 minutes (on the 90 degree dial) at the time of death. This transiting midpoint (Mars/Saturn) is within 1 degree of transiting Black Moon Lilith and within 2 degrees of natal placed Chiron (and both Black Moon Lilith and Chiron can rule "espionage areas").


Now let's look at the horoscope of Monika Dannemann on the day and time of what is called "a perfect murder."


And below is the same chart above but with my notes.


The cross formed of transiting Uranus Opposition Chiron ("surveillance technology") with the natal nodal plane of Dannemann indicates a strong connection of Dannemann with surveillance technology of some sort. This may indicate that Dannemann was carrying advanced surveillance technology of some sort (possibly a tracking or recording device) at the time of the death of Jimi Hendrix. Finally, the transit of Black Moon Lilith Sextile Sun indicates "an opportunity for work or association with organized crime or espionage activities." This transit chart has "espionage work or intelligence gathering areas" written all over it; there is no telling what level of deception was taking place with Hendrix (via Monika Dannemann and her associates) at this time.


If you want to watch and hear Monika Dannemann explain what happened (versus what the St. Mary Abbot emergency room physician had to say), click and watch Monika make a lying fool out of herself as Dr. Bannister explains what happened when Hendrix arrived at the emergency room. It is my opinion that there was much more to this story; there was motive with the death of Hendrix due to his huge financial lawsuit against Michael Jeffery (who was out of the country when Hendrix died). The laboratory autopsy science proves the mainstream media was just as much full of sh*t in 1970 as they were in 2020 with George Floyd and his autopsy fentanyl levels; there were no needle marks on Hendrix and the barbiturate blood level (and alcohol level) was too small for consideration of death. This gives a big advantage to the "conspiracy" (a.k.a. non mainstream media) cause of death of Hendrix being due to drowning by red wine; Hendrix was dead before the barbiturates supposedly taken by Hendrix could go into his physiological system and take effect. Thus, Monica Dannemann may have been a participant in what appears to be a murder of Jimi Hendrix; the claim of nine barbiturate tablets taken by Hendrix did not register per laboratory testing. Finally, Dannemann's lack of response to Sharon Lawrence's verbal accusation of being a participant in this "perfect murder" is a real give-away (in my opinion) that she played a role in killing Jimi Hendrix.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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  • The insurance policy that Michael Jeffery had on Hendrix was worth $2 million, and they refused to pay Jeffery since the coroner gave an "open verdict" as the cause of death (which means the coroner was not sure how he died). Jeffery reportedly stole about $2 - $5 million from the Jimi Hendrix Experience and put it in a Bahamas dummy corporation called Yameta; many claimed Jeffery (a former MI6 agent) faked his death with a 1973 jet crash so he could cash out these funds without getting caught (since he was presumed to be on the jet when it crashed).
  • There is also a story about Hendix's manager being broke and would make money from insurance and, with Hendrix dead, more money from record sales
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