BASIC ASTROLOGY RESEARCH: Led Zeppelin & The Four Royal Stars of Persia .. Did the members of Led Zeppelin engage in ancient ceremonial magic? A look at the role of stars in ceremonial magic

One of the great rock and roll memorabilia mysteries concerns Led Zeppelin and claims of their use of ancient ceremonial magic practices. If this is true, then The Four Royal Stars of Persia (and a few other noteworthy stars used in ceremonial magic) may have been directly or indirectly used by the rock band in ceremonial magic settings. Guitarist Jimmy Page was known for his fascination with Aleister Crowley's magick practices, along with occultist and artist Austin Osman Spare. The symbol "Zoso" (which is drawn on one of Page's amplifier cabinets) is claimed to be derived from Austin Osman Spare's "Zos" occult group. Austin Osman Spare claimed to be initiated into ancient and creative sorcery by an aged woman named Paterson, who claimed to be a descendant from a line of Salem witches. The formation of Spare's Cult of the Zos and the Kia owes much to his contact with Witch Paterson (who provides the model for many of his latter 'sabbatic' drawings and paintings of people in robes). Much of the occult lore that she transmitted to him suffuses two of his books - The Book of Pleasure and The Focus of Life. Austin Osman Spare concentrated the theme of his Zos doctrine in the following Affirmation Creed of Zos vel Thanatos:

I believe in the flesh 'as now' and forever . . . for I am the Light, the Truth, the Law, the Way, and none shall come unto anything except through his flesh. Did I not show you the eclectic path between ecstasies; that precarious funambulatory way . . . . But you had no courage, were tired, and feared. THEN AWAKE! De-hypnotize yourselves from the poor reality you be-live and be-lie. For the great Noon- tide is here, the great bell has struck . . . Let others await involuntary immolation, the forced redemption so certain for many apostates to Life. Now, in this day, I ask you to search your memories, for great unities are near. The Inceptor of all memory is your Soul. Life is desire, Death is reformation . . . I am the resurrection . . . I, who transcend ecstasy by ecstasy, meditating Need Not Be in Self-love . . .

This creed came from a cult referred to as Zos Kia Cultus; noted occultist Kenneth Grant reportedly wrote about this ceremonial magic practice (which became a driving force with popular chaos magic practices that were noted in the 1980's and 1990's).  Ancient ceremonial magic is noted for use of horoscope placement of transiting stars in real time (and also in accordance with natal horoscope placement of stars of the magician and participants). This is a very old and secret form of sorcery and ceremonial magic; many secret organizations today still place some relevance on this star placement practice (i.e. the star of Sirius is noted as an important star to observe in many lodges of Freemasonry). A recent research project of the basic horoscopes of the members of Led Zeppelin revealed the Four Royal Stars of Persia to be prominent in three members of the band, the star of Sirius to be prominent in two members of the band, and the untouched band member (who has none of the above) to be "the navigator" of the group due to a strong position of the North Star (known as Polaris) on his horoscope. Below is the data provided on The Four Royal Stars of Persia:


 And below is information about the other stars looked at in this report:

Star of Polaris – 28º Gemini 51ʹ - “The North Pole Star;” “The Tail of The Little Bear;” Influence of Venus/Saturn, “The Navigator.”

  • A star that favors the use of science and scientific inquiry, for good or bad reasons.
  • potential power with sorcery, psychic awareness, and ideas favoring social change, but also possible reputation for refusing any consideration of new ideas (with a focus on “staying the course”)
  • rules lodestone, succory, mugwort, periwinkle flowers, and tooth of a wolf.
  • Image: a pensive man, a bull, or a calf.
  • Influence: protects against witchcraft spells and protects one while in travel.

Star of Betelgeuse* - 29º Gemini 01ʹ -  “The Right Shoulder of Orion;” Alpha Orionis; Influence of Mercury/Mars; “The Coming of The Branch" (Orion’s club used in fighting)

  • A star indicative of martial success (with creation of enemies due to such success), king-like attributes, psychic sensitivity, and riches.
  • success in military and areas of power, but a draw for violence due to such success.
  • rules the color red, steel, and hand-held wooden clubs used for fighting.
  • Image: the head of a dragon
  • Influence: brings forth bad weather; favors military battle; summons evil forces.

Star of Sirius - 14º Cancer 21ʹ - The Dog Star; The Star of Osiris; “The Prime Sun of Our Galaxy;” Influence of Mars/Jupiter; “The Neck of The Greater Dog.” The brightest star in the sky.

  • a fortunate star that defines fame, leadership, wealth, or great influence over others.
  • great rise in power but also risk of scandal and downfall due to scandal.
  • rules beryl, savine, mugwort, dragonwort, and tongue of a snake.
  • Image: a hound or a little virgin.
  • Influence: enhances honor, favors of men, airy spirits, and power to pacify nobles

Robert Plant


Vocalist Robert Plant has three of the Four Royal Stars of Persia located at key positions on his horoscope; the Black Moon Lilith Conjunction Star of Fomalhaut may indicate either the great number of sexual affairs with women he had or involvement with people of a very secretive nature (i.e. occult groups, secret societies). Note that Plant also has Sirius and Betelgeuse located in key spots. This collection of stars on key horoscope spots are indicative of strong probability for fame. However, note that these star placements also indicate great responsibilities in life and/or connections (direct or indirect) with occult activities such as ceremonial magic. Pluto in the 8th House (and near the World Points) is usually indicative of interests in the occult and/or metaphysics; Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix both had Pluto in the 8th House and both did read books on metaphysics (and Hendrix reportedly had an interest in Aleister Crowley at one time).

Jimmy Page


Guitarist Jimmy Page has two of the Royal Stars of Persia in key positions. Note that Page's natal Jupiter placement is close to the same position of Robert Plant's natal Saturn placement; Plant's Saturn may have played a role with reminding Capricorn Jimmy Page of the importance of being grounded. The natal Moon Square Neptune placement of Jimmy Page (with the Moon in the 8th House and Neptune in the 11th House) may indicate that Page may have been deceived in a big way by friends or associates involved in occult organizations; it is reported that Jimmy Page is currently isolated and very much non-involved with activities related to magick and similar occult practices. Finally, note that both Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix had natal placements of Venus Conjunction Star of Antares (and both men had many legal problems associated with this star).

John Bonham

(unknown time of birth; Zero Degrees Aries chart at 12 PM)

11423908082?profile=RESIZE_710xDrummer John Bonham has one of the Four Royal Stars of Persia in Conjunction with his natal Sun position, and this placement is also very close to Robert Plant's Part of Fortune Aldebaran placement. Similar to Robert Plant, John Bonham also has Venus close to the star of Sirius (and both Plant and Bonham were good friends in younger years prior to Led Zeppelin). The composite Jupiter Trine Jupiter placement that Bonham shares with Jimmy Page is also very helpful; Bonham and Page were regarded by many as the very best of performers of the musical instruments that they played. 

John Paul Jones

(unknown time of birth; Zero Degrees Aries chart at 12 PM)


Based on this chart (and I could be wrong due to unknown time of birth), bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones may not have been involved in esoteric and occult activities (or at least to the degree of the other band members). A fascinating note is Jones' natal Sun position in Opposition with the natal Venus placements of Robert Plant and John Bonham; this composite Opposition appears to define "Jones' attention on art work" coming from these two men. The composite Jupiter Sextile Jupiter placement that Jones shares with Page is also helpful for artistic endeavors, similar to the Jupiter Trine Jupiter placement shared between Bonham and Page. The North Node represents "connections with others," and because the star of Polaris represents "the navigator" (and the musical role of John Paul Jones was providing the rhythm), this seems to define fame for John Paul Jones by being connected with "the rudder in the back of the ship that navigates the overall movement and the journey of the ship."  


Per research of the definitions of stars used in ceremonial magic, the horoscope charts of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page look strong for direct or indirect involvement in occult activities that concern ceremonial magic or secret activities. Other factors that demonstrate this occult involvement (not related to the stars) are the natal 8th House placements that Page and Plant have. The horoscope chart of John Bonham looks probable for direct or indirect involvement with such occult activities due to the strong Sun Conjunction Aldebaran placement. The horoscope of John Paul Jones appears to define that he was not involved with occult activities to the extent that the other three band members may have been involved with (directly or indirectly). This is because Jones' horoscope doesn't have the same ceremonial magic star factors compared with the other three members of Led Zeppelin (and [interestingly] note this: other than the legal issues that all of the members of Led Zeppelin have been forced to address, John Paul Jones appears overall to have had fewer business and non-business problems when compared with the other members of the band with strong placements of The Four Royal Stars of Persia).

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