For a week now I have been full of wonderful energy.  It seems like the Universe was filling me with so much joy and information that I was literally bursting at the seems.  I was so happy like i have not felt in such a long time. Information came flowing through me in such clarity and sharing with my hun seemed effortless yet i could feel this energy and i could not talk fast enough. 


 I could not express it enough... it was over poweringly delicious. I danced around the house. Nothing bothered me, I kept going out and expressing love to my hun as well.


The night before we had a wonderful channeling session as well. The channeling session that came through me was the most clear I have done in a long time.  And the information new, at least to me and my hun.(will transcribe later to share) I am always amazed at how this energy comes through me and just now feeling secure enough to accept and share.

Then two days ago, all of a sudden my hun pushed my buttons, and voila energy changed. i made a conscious choice to close off to not share any  longer saw myself that I was too much and that i must not share. 


This was my story" no one understands me, i am too much so i must not share"  ect. in doing that, the energy got blocked up and i could literally feel it, my voice wanted to close, and did which made me spend  that day in anger started to repress my expression of love, i was holding on to anger and angry because i was angry. 

later that night my breathing became laborous, and finally yes the heart felt heavy. I in it, in fear of what i was feeling, I surrendered and called out to my angels for help for i was in fear for a moment, however I knew i must surrender this feeling. I felt the love started breathing in love, took responsibility for what i had done , hugged my pillow that I had filled with love/God, in deep breath and feeling I let go and trusted that whatever would happen was Divine ,after letting go. and slept like a baby, to wake up this morning GRATEFUL FOR BEING HERE, AND recognizing not to shut down the flow ever again... to be ... in the NOW MOMENT of LOVE now and always... I feel the LOVE in me and I breath love ... I am feeling the flow... I AM GRATEFUL

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  • Thank you sweet souls I feel your love, I will check on Kryon site for the language to help focus ... MUCH LOVE TO YOU


  • Thank you, that is beautiful :)
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