Here is the 10.10.11 Portal Channelling
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Time Stamp:

0-8 Grounding Meditation with Jim Foster
Connecting through the Thrones, from the Earth Crystal Core to the Pool of Creation of Divine Mother
11-13 Throne of Absolute of Divine Mother
All participants past, present, future present surrounding the sacred-fire of Divine Mother

13+ Invocation to the Thrones
Asking all present to send the energies of Divine Mercy to Mother Earth & each one's personal signature energy & to the sacred-alter with the sacred-flame
Prayer for Success of Divine Mother's Divine Mission for Earth & Humankind
Prayer for self

21 Nasrin speaks of her personal experiences during Navaratri
Requesting to Divine Mother to place her energy around the Planetary Grid

28 Divine Mother Channelling
29 Who is Divine Mother + Explaining the Dimensions & Universes

41-47 Gift for 5-Body System for Personal-Grid & Planetary-Grid
Copper-Gold Light of Divine Mother ~ Physical Body
Platinum/Yellow/Pewter Triple-Layered Light of Goddess of Victory ~ Etheric-Body / Auric-Field
Vibrant Pink Light for Protective Layer of Mother of the Universe ~ Emotional-Body
Amber Light for Protection & Healing of Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos ~ Mental Body
Turquoise Blue Light of Protection of Great Silent Watcher ~ Spiritual Body

Entire Light Body {5th dimensional} Containing You & Earth Running Vertical & Horizontal Lines of Copper-Gold Light of Divine Mother

47-1:08:44 Recap & Understanding
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That is one subject I agree with Carl Sagan on but as for the ET reality I have different views.
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At least that is what the Prophet Rael told us.
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They do such a good job I salute you!
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