Attracting Your Twin-Flame Soul Mate by Jen Freer


Over the past few years, I have conducted several Akashic soul readings in which my clients have asked, “How can I attract my twin-flame soul mate?”

The answers from their Akashic Records, although usually different in wording and style, all share some consistent advice, the top two being: raise your vibration and love yourself without conditions first and foremost.

Many people feel they should save ALL of their love for their twin-flame soul mate, but please allow me to emphatically express why this should NEVER be the case.

First of all, twin-flame relationships are the MOST difficult you will ever encounter unless you are both highly spiritually evolved and fully vibrating with 5D Christ Consciousness (which, most likely, you are not).

Secondly, twin flames will mirror to each other all faults, flaws, and fears that need to be addressed and eradicated before either of you can be spiritually evolved enough to fully vibrate at a 5D frequency.

This is where ego usually comes in and destroys everything, which leads to the third reason you should love yourself first and foremost: the runner dynamic.

Each and every twin-flame relationship is comprised of two souls that have either split from one OR who are twin whole souls; opinions and theories about this differ from one self-proclaimed “expert” to another.

Some say that one of the “twins” is more spiritually mature by nature and can “hold the light” or “flame,” if you will, while the runner twin continually abandons the relationship out of fear, emotional pain and immaturity.

However, it is also quite possible that BOTH twins are not spiritually or emotionally mature to handle the high loving energy of a twin-flame soul reunion.

And this is why it is SO important to work on YOURSELF first.

You must raise your own vibration and to be able to love yourself first and foremost without any conditions, and, most importantly, without any fears of being completely alone for the rest of your life.

In other words, if you cannot find joy in your own company, who else is going to? And, if you cannot treat yourself kindly, who will? We do train others how to treat us by the way we regard ourselves.

Now, this is not to say you must build yourself up into an arrogant egomaniac. On the contrary.

This is not about the ego at all. This is about the SOUL, which is located within the heart.

The ego, if you do not already know, is all in the mind. The ego is that nasty “handicap” your soul must battle as it tries to follow its Divine will or spiritual path.

Ego will constantly argue for “free will” and “independence.” It will also keep you in fear. Of everything. And everyone. Even your beloved twin-flame soul mate.

So, yes, you will have a fight on your hands in the beginning. Taming the ego. Shutting it up. Shutting it down. It IS possible. It takes a great deal of discipline, however.

And, not only do you have to ignore the persistence of your ego, you must also get in touch with your SOUL, and you must learn to not only LIKE yourself, but to actually LOVE yourself.

You must replace every criticism from your ego with a sincere, loving compliment. And you have to convince yourself that you have NOTHING to lose with this transformation.

Once you finally silence your ego, you might even miss it… for a second. Until you realize that silence is not only enjoyable, but it is truly, sweetly DIVINE.

You may even begin to hear the loving words and compliments of your own Akash, a collective of masters, teachers and loved ones, and, yes, angels and spirit guides.

And you may even find it possible to actually… RELAX. You might find that every knotted bit of tension, no matter how great or small, magically melts away.

This is the beginning of raising your vibration. Immerse yourself into this new, peaceful ecstasy. Trust it, for it is the true you, and the REAL way your life is meant to feel. Peaceful. Serene. Indulgent, perhaps? Immerse yourself into that luxurious indulgence.

This is a very simple way to offer yourself the true, unconditional, pure love that you so rightly deserve.

This is where you can begin to forgive yourself and let go of all those things you said or did on an egoic level that may have cost you friendships or created an icy wedge between you and your loved ones, be they life partners, siblings, parents, grandparents, or other blood relatives.

Know that anything and everything can be repaired once you let go and forgive… not only them, but yourself as well.

This is where self-love begins, by recognizing that all negative behavior resulted out of a fear-based energy that you are now rising up out of, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

And, because you do TRULY love yourself, you are raising your own vibration into that of higher consciousness, light and unconditional love.

There is an old saying that goes: in order to love others, you must first love yourself. I believe the same is true with forgiveness. In order to forgive others, you must first forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for snapping… for reacting… for judging.

Forgive yourself for being afraid. Because that is where all conflict breeds… out of the lower, fear-based energy we on Earth have been living in for so long.

So now it is easy to recognize that others were also afraid, and that is why they behaved the way they did. How can we not forgive people for being afraid?

Fear is something we have all felt, so we can all relate on the same level.

Once forgiveness is accomplished, it is time to accelerate into a higher, more loving vibration. Love yourself. Entertain yourself.

Treat yourself! Enjoy your own company. Raise your vibrations so high that you want to spend the rest of your life with yourself!

And, once you have accomplished that, be so dedicated to yourself and raise your standards so that people will strive to meet them, rather than expect you to lower them.

It is true that all kinds of people are attracted to those with higher vibrations. Especially your twin flame.

Just remember that until your twin is vibrating at the same high 5D frequency as you, the two of you most likely won’t be able to harmoniously reunite.

In fact, you may reunite a few times and fail, but, as long as you love yourself for who you are just AS you are, it won’t matter, for you already have all you need.

Your unconditional love for yourself is ALL that you need.

Once you achieve this wisdom, you have already accomplished self mastery… which will only make it easier for you to continue on your own illuminated spiritual path of Divine will, full of detached unconditional love for your Divine compliment.

Make no mistake that while the two of you are separated, your twin will also be learning the same lessons about ego and the importance of self love.

It is best, however, to focus on yourself and your own path. Successful separate journeys will eventually guide you back onto the same path as long as both remain heart centered and dedicated to loving the self as much as or even more than the twin counterpart.


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  • TheOldestEternalOne:  Sounds like my ex.

  • You will know if you have met your Twin Flame because no one else will share virtually All of your experiences and lessons in Life. You are the same person in a sense. Your experiences will mirror each other all throughout your lives before you met. There will be uncanny synchronous events in your lives over and over. Many little things will be the same. Your Twin will be everything you imagined in a mate. However, beware, they may not be on the same level of Consciousness or Understanding that you are!  It is possible you are in 5D thinking and your Twin may be in 3D thinking. This can occur because you experience opposite life events to learn both sides of the same lesson. Here is an example: You may always have learned Spirituality through Metaphysics , esoteric religions, spirituality. Your Twin may have learned through fundamental Religious beliefs. So therefore you experience both sides of the learning process. Perhaps you and your Twin have persecuted one another in past lives! or even been enemies ! So this often keeps Twin Flames from meeting. However, in these times you may meet your Twin and have an instant connection yet not be on the same spiritual level. This is where it gets difficult ! 

  • I have been on and off with my Twin Flame for 3 years now. It is not at all what I expected or had read about ! This is not an easy relationship by any means! There are very deep connections and mirror experiences. We have many synchronous experiences in our lives and connect on a deep emotional level. Our similar experiences bond us together. Likewise, we also have opposing experiences. These experiences teach us the same lessons throughout this life and many previous lives. The most difficult problem we have encountered is being on different levels of Consciousness! I am the Awakened Twin. I cannot get my Twin Flame to open his mind to a Higher Consciousness.Over time with his opposing experiences he has become stuck in lower dimensional thinking. I have come to the point I must leave him to get any Peace. He vampires my energies and drains me completely , but his Love is Passionate and Intense. No One has ever Loved me so much! This makes if very difficult and I keep getting sucked back in to the relationship where he continually is very needy of the Feminine energies. My Twin Flame has not learned to be happy with Himself and hates being alone. He must learn to go within and allow me my Freedom. I have been learning how difficult it is if your Twin is not on your level of Consciousness yet! I have tried so many times to penetrate his blockades and I get angry and hostile reactions. My Twin Flame is still hanging on to Fundamentalist Christian belief system and displaying bigotry, prejudices, insecurities, lack of respect toward women and so forth.He has tried to suppress my spiritual growth . I have to come to a point I must let him continue to grow on his own. When he finally awakens ,even if it is 100 years from now, I will be there to Celebrate and Unite with him. I love him so deeply for all time. What can we do if our Twin Flame is not yet Awakened ? 

  • I'd like to meet my twin flame. I wonder if I have already. I feel I haven't yet.
  • Interesting.  Have you ever read the books by Dr. Michael Newton?  He and his team of hypnotherapists have uncovered a large volume of information spanning 40 years and regressing people of all cultures and belief systems. He has hundreds of therapists internationally gathering data and sending it back to the Newton Institute. Read and learn what happens when we meet again on the other side. It will blow your mind. We are interviewing the current President of the Newton Institute this Sunday on Revolution Radio. For more information go to

  • It's possible that some karma was present but i don't think it's one thing or the other.  I know my "twin" / other half because I remember him from a far distant lifetime, where we were attached at the torso with two heads.  It is the same with him in this lifetime as it was when we were fused together: he has extreme hate and violence (and is sadistic).  We don't get along, we never have and we never will.  He is real evil, but that's all him. 

  • It's true. If you didn't love enough yourself you didn't know how to love your other aspects. It takes time to bring these aspects in alignment, but once produced this line just sticks! It's the law of attraction. Yesterday I tried a little experiment with a magnet and some light metal objects. At first it seemed not move. After you have found the right alignment POC! were stuck in a split second!

  • So how does one know if they are meeting their twin flame or just completing karma from an intense relationship you've known in other times and bodies?

  • It's quite a long story, Kira .. as I'm sure you'd expect that much.  

    A short version, I had just gone through a genuine recovery (of self) where I not only "found" myself (and was not "lost" anymore) but I actually FELT like myself for the first time in a very, very long time.  More than feeling like my self, I WAS myself.  Then, I met the person who meets the "twin flame" phenomenon criteria / symptoms.  We very much were NOT mirrors for one another.  Not even close.  The tragedy is that my true self, that I recovered, was completely destroyed.  I went through a death, near immediately after that fully recovery, as a result of meeting the so-called twin.  That is NOT normal and is NOT divine.  This so-called twin showed me the face of genuine EVIL.  I am not evil, Kira.  That person is NOT a "mirror" of me.  The level of corruption in HIM is NOT a "reflection" of me.  I do not relate to or identify with the sort of things he is made of.

    Again, I strongly disagree with Humanity's habit of making universality out of popular, conformist beliefs.  I do not live in a happy bubble of idealism. 

    I went from having INNER-LIGHT to total inner darkness.  I went from Humanitarian (which I had been all my life) to nihilistic (after having met that so-called twin).  I never needed to "seek enlightenment" because I always HAD inner-light.  But when I came in contact with him, my inner light was darkened.  This is NOT normal and is not Godly or Divine.  It is evil and sadistic and sinister (all of those things I have gotten an "education" in, over the past some years, entirely against my will and not something I ever wanted, needed, sought or chose for myself).  I think Humanity simply doesn't have a CLUE.  But then I suppose most people do not go the depth of roots, beneath the ground, where instead they would choose to be the branches on the limbs, reaching for the light.

    There is no one and nothing on Earth that "mirrors" me.  There never was, and there never will be.  I do not live in the "hall of mirrors".  I am not on that mental level, I do not think that way and I do not see that way (thank God).

  • So what was your experience, TheOldestEternalOne?  

This reply was deleted.

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