Astral Travels: Energy Work with the Hathors

astral3.jpg?width=267Written by Wes Annac


The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.


This week, we are going to work with the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes on further recognizing and receiving in a specific way, the slivery stream of energy we’ve learned to visualize coming up through our spines, as well as the “short bursts” we’ve also learned to work with.


For those who may be unfamiliar; we have been working with the Hathors as well as a plethora of other collectives and individual souls, and the exercises we’ve previously done with the Hathors have focused not just on bringing energy through ourselves, but bringing it through in specific ways so that we can further recognize it.


There is a myriad of ways we can work with the natural energy we possess within, and our exercises with the Hathors are not for the purposes of refining this energy per se, but for refining our perception of it so that we can work with it in much purer forms than we have been able to thus far. I have a feeling that even with the energy work we have already begun doing as groups, we still don’t know as much about this natural, spiritual energy as we could. Hence, our exercises with the Hathors!


We are going to begin our exercise this week in a new place. Yes, we have been traveling to different places than usual lately, and this is because I do not want our manifestations to go stale and rather, I would like for us all to be able to visualize and really feel ourselves existing in as many wonderful astral landscapes as possible. The landscape we’re going to visualize, Create and travel to today is one that may soon be experienced by those of you transitioning into the fall season.


We are going to visualize and inhabit a wintery landscape for a change, and we are going to meet the Hathors in such a place as they teach us how to work with our naturally-held energy.


To begin for this week, I would like for you all to visualize, feel and Create yourselves existing in a big field which is, of course, snowy. Snow has covered the ground up to a couple of inches, and you will notice large snowflakes falling all around you. Reach your tongue out and let the snow drops fall onto it. What does the snow taste like?


Personally, I tasted fruit-punch flavored snow. Why? Because these are our realms and we can do, imagine and taste literally anything we want! As you enjoy the taste of the snow that you have Created for yourselves, look around this landscape and notice/Create other specific things about it. Perhaps you notice a lot of trees off in the distance, and you are seeing the beautiful snow on top of the trees.


Perhaps an animal pops out from within the forest of the trees you are looking at, and greets you with positive and harmonious energies. Perhaps the snowflakes we have Created are getting larger, or smaller before they leave completely. Perhaps some of you can notice ships flying all throughout the sky, in a similar manner that we noticed them during last week’s exercise.


I can only offer so much in the avenue of personal manifestations and things for you to notice in this beautiful, wintery land, but you are encouraged to Create and notice specific things, as always. Continue to play around in this land and enjoy the experiences you are having and as you frolic about this wintery haven, notice that the extreme cold weather accompanying snow just isn’t there.


Weather-wise, it could be springtime here in this beautiful landscape and yet, there is snow all around and we are able to enjoy and play in the snow. This is my guess of what the experience of snow could be like in the future or in the higher dimensions; prevalent but without the extremes of temperature and resulting lower dimensionality.


As we enjoy the weather and the snow we’ve Created for ourselves, look up in the astral sky of this land and notice a similar portal opening up to those that have opened every time we’ve met with the dear Hathors. I’m told that the Hathors do much preparing before making themselves known to us, and even the formulation of the portal is something that takes up copious amounts of their personal energy (luckily it is unlimited!)


This is a very powerful thing we are doing by visualizing and seeing this portal open up, as we are quite literally working with the Hathors to bring about their presence, as we have done in the past. They can only intervene and make themselves known to us if we request they do so, and we have taken it a step further by actually visualizing their portal opening up and them coming through it.


Continue to do just that. Create and watch as this portal opens up more fully in the sky and, as we have in previous weeks, we see the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes begin to come through and descend down onto our astral ground to greet us properly. I notice that as they descend down to greet us, they form and send a ball of pure energy to one of our subscribers. Who it was, I couldn’t tell you.


Did any of you feel a strong burst of energy upon the Hathors descending down and making themselves known? Whomever they sent the ball of energy to actually “caught” it, and absorbed it easily within themselves. It seems that one of our subscribers is already way ahead of the curve, and the Hathors know it!


Now, visualize and see the dearest Hathors. What do they look like to you specifically? Are they the large, transparent and Loving beings they always are whenever I notice or connect with them? Obviously, they will look different for us all and I would like for you to fixate your attention on them as they bring our known slivery stream of energy up through themselves.


This energy is coming up from within our astral ground, and traveling up the etheric “spine” of each Hathor-soul with us in this moment. Watch as their plentiful chakras (they have many more than seven) absorb this energy as it travels up to each chakra and now, visualize and feel as they send this silvery stream to each one of us.


“Catch” this energy as it is directed your way and rather than our subscriber who caught the ball of energy and absorbed it unto themselves in one manifestation, we are going to catch this silvery stream of energy and feel as it travels up our spine and is absorbed through each one of our etheric chakras. As is probably obvious, these etheric chakras are absorbing this energy and sending it on through, for our physical bodies to benefit from.


After feeling this energy coming through you, increase the purity and amount of it. Ask the Hathors who are floating before us, to receive more and purer energy, and watch as they bring it through themselves and send it on to you. What does this energy look like as it is being sent to you from them?


For me, it’s very interesting to watch the Hathors bring this pure energy through themselves, and then actually send it off to each of you individually. The energy leaves their spirits in a flowing manner and, looking a lot like the cartoon wind that would blow in children’s television shows, flows through the air before heading toward the ground and coming back up through the spines of each of us.


Whereas I originally thought we would just be working with this type of energy a bit more, we are actually learning to receive it in a very specific manner from our dear Hathor friends. If you wish to, you can also visualize and feel yourselves receiving the “short bursts” of energy we previously learned to bring through ourselves which, I’m being told, we’ll learn a lot more about in future weeks.


For now, you are encouraged to stay here and continue working with the Hathors. Were it not for length constraints and a wish to have our astral exercises be Created and experienced in part by you the readers, we would continue on and on after our initial actions in these realms and my hope in leaving the rest of the visualization to you is that you will experience specific things, that will help you personally along your growth.


Now that you’ve reached and accessed these realms, there is nothing you cannot do and no higher (or lower) dimensional lesson you cannot learn, and so I ask you with Love in my heart to explore, explore, explore and learn, learn, learn!


This concludes this week’s astral discussion.



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  • So very happy to help, Feather and Devi. Feather, I particularly Love the bottom picture. Are you snapping pictures of your higher self? :)


    Much Love,


    Wes :)

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