Astral Travels: Blessing Acid Rain

astral-travel.jpgWritten by Wes Annac


The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we are going to travel to the surface of our fifth dimensional New Earth and bless further representations of pollution damaging our environment. We’ve been doing this in various different forms for quite a while now, and I’m being told that blessing pollution in the various different forms it has come about is important for us to do, so that every aspect of the pollution manifested can be healed and transmuted.

Pollution has come about on this world in so many different ways, and the core issues driving pollution have been the complacency and unawareness of humanity. We have allowed those with negative intents and agendas to pollute our environment and do so many other things in the name of making money and now, it is time for us to arise with the natural Light we have always held within and help to heal this pollution as we increasingly grow into the fifth dimension.

To begin for this week, I would like for you to visualize and imagine yourselves inhabiting the surface of our fifth dimensional Earth. For recent subscribers, I will offer a template to visualize and manifest from but for the most part, I may begin leaving some of the initial visualizations up to you readers as many of you have performed these travels quite a bit and now have a grip on the visualization and manifestation process.

Our fifth dimensional Earth is just that – our Earth, existing in the fifth dimension, with the higher/future selves of all of us and with the Galactics, Celestials, etc. all accompanying us in these realms. I’ve been referring to the souls who are always with us upon our New Earth as “fellow New Earth travelers” because in essence, that is what they are and they have been helping us with nearly every blessing act we perform in these realms.

I would like for those of you who have joined us recently and do not already have a glimpse of what to visualize so you can find yourselves inhabiting our New Earth, to visualize, feel and imagine an uplifted, ascended landscape where harmonious vibrations are constantly prevalent and are constantly reverberated back and forth from each soul existing in such landscape.

Specifically, we’re visualizing and finding ourselves in a beautiful field out in nature along with a small group of “fellow New Earth travelers”. Visualize this field we are in, and feel and Create specific things about it. As we have so often in the past, notice that the air in this land is itself alive and vibrating, and the refined vibrations we’re watching flow all around us actually merge with our auras as we feed our auric energy into them.

We’re actually manifesting and feeding the colorful vibrations prevalent in the air all around us, as is the group of New Earth travelers accompanying us in this field.

Go out of your way to notice more specific things about this land.

Notice the different colored trees and the multicolored grass on the ground. Notice the fruitful, happy animals playing with each other and notice that, as per our most recent trip to this land; lions, tigers, bucks and gazelle are all convening happily and peacefully and have no desire to hurt one another and no fear of being hurt.

This is the ascended and peaceful lifestyle that garners a higher dimensional experience and while the animals on our surface Earth do not yet act in this manner, they will be in due time as the entire Earth collective finds the peace and harmony we are watching these dear animals enjoy.

As we are looking upon these dear animals, notice that it starts to rain. The rain starts out light and sprinkling and as the animals disperse to find various shelters, notice that it starts to get heavier. It pours and pours and after a moment, begin to notice something “different” about this rain. Notice something that just isn’t right about it, which sets it apart from the normal rain we would expect to feel.

It doesn’t look any different, but it seems to be causing damage to this environment.

As we feel this rain, notice that very far off in the horizon seems to be a city of sorts accompanying our New Earth that we have not yet traveled to. This city is representing the cities of our Earth currently putting out massive amounts of pollution, and notice that multiple large clouds of smoke from various factories, refineries and automobiles are emanating out from the city and damaging the atmosphere of our New Earth.

Obviously, we are in fifth dimensional realms where pollution or lower dimensionality of any kind are not real factors. Again, we’re simply being given and are working with representations that will take the blessing energies we give and funnel them to the things they are representing. Notice that these multiple clouds of damaging smoke are floating right into the sky and as a result, we’re now experiencing acid rain.

We exist in etheric bodies while we’re here that cannot be damaged and as such, we can feel this rain and recognize that it is not in alignment with how actual rain is supposed to be without being negatively affected by it. Acid rain has been a very real and damaging problem for quite a while, but the greed and uncaring fed by those who perceive themselves to be in charge of our Earth has seen it able to continue.

Think upon the short and long-term destructive effects this acid rain would have upon us were we not about to perform our blessings and help to heal and transmute it. To a certain extent, visualize the damage being done to the environment by this acid rain as it is good to get a glimpse of why we are blessing what we are.

After doing so for a moment, we are going to work with the small group of New Earth travelers with us to bless this acid rain; to bless the pollution that has been causing it and to help transmute the destructive energies behind it. As we visualize and feel this acid rain, notice as our fellow New Earth travelers begin forming into a circle.

Let’s all join their circle, and unite with our fellow travelers in the act of blessing we are about to perform. Do you notice or feel anybody specific with us in this group? Perhaps a dear guide of one of yours is a part of this group, as they could very well have utilized the opportunity to actively work with our etheric Selves as an aspect of ultimately re-establishing a connection with us.

Now – feel us all in this large circle, as we have all joined with our group of New Earth travelers and are about to perform a potent collective blessing. Notice that the group accompanying us begins the blessing as they radiate their Lighted energies out and begin forming them into a large cloud of collective energy.

With the acid rain still falling, begin evoking and adding your Christed Light to the energy cloud being formed. Visualize and evoke a pure, white Light coming up through your spine and out through the chakra just above your head. Continue to affirm and feel this energy coming through you as much as possible, and add a specific blessing or prayer to this energy so that it can have a stronger effect.

If you wish to, you can even affirm that multicolored blessing energies be given through you and when you feel you have added a sufficient amount and purity of your personal blessing energy, visualize as our large cloud is sent up to the atmosphere of our fifth dimensional Earth and as well, to the “city of pollution” that has caused the acid rain.

Notice now that our cloud of energy floats diligently up to the sky, and a big burst of sorts is felt as our blessings hit the sky and the clouds, causing a blatant and massive transformation to take place. Visualize and notice as well that our blessings that went to the pollution-causing city had a similar effect and caused a similar blatant transformation.

That city specifically is not healed all the way quite yet; we will have more work to do with it in future exercises but for now, notice as what was acid rain now turns into healthy, pure rain that serves to help beautiful plants and flowers grow as tall as trees. We have brought clean and pure rain back to this land and in future weeks we will, again, be working with the city that garnered the acid rain we’ve just blessed.

As always, you are encouraged to stick around and perhaps commune with the group of New Earth travelers that have been with us during so many of our blessing endeavors. Again; perhaps one of these souls is a guide of one of you and has been attempting to use this opportunity to get ahold of you, or maybe you will even find a departed Loved one who has grown into these realms.

Our abilities and options are always unlimited here, and the blessings we’re performing are only to increase as we find more and more aspects of our Earthly society that need blessed and transmuted if we are to properly grow toward the realms we have been working in.

Our perception of our fifth dimensional realms will likely increase as we continue on in our exercises but for now, I encourage you to travel and explore as much as possible now that you are here.

This concludes this week’s astral discussion.


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