ASTEROIDS & ASTROLOGY: Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta.  Charts include: Mother Teresa, MLK, Joan Crawford, Charles Manson, George Patton, and Vladimir Putin.

This is my take on the four most commonly used asteroids in astrology.  I don't use them in teaching or in readings, but sometimes they can have important meaning with the horoscope.  Similar to Black Moon Lilith' qualities presented as "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly," asteroids also have good and bad sides to their energies.  Horoscope charts to be looked at with asteroids analysis include Mother Teresa, MLK, Joan Crawford, Charles Manson, George Patton, and Vladimir Putin.


Reference sheet for non-asteroid astrology symbols is below and may be copied. This is from my book "Basic Principles of Horoscope Interpretation."



The Four Main Asteroids


This was from a lecture I did a few years ago.  Many changes have been made, and many of the astrology meanings have been re-defined and narrowed due to the excessive nebulous astrology meanings that are given to the asteroids.



Mother Teresa

Drawn in red squares below, Mother Teresa's chart reveals the well-known role of Chiron: "the wounded healer." Combined with Pallas, Chiron's healing role is part of a "military strategy" that may be defined with the missionary work she did.



Mother Teresa had a strict Catholic upbringing, and she was taught by her mother about the importance of caring for the sick and the poor.  She decided to dedicate her life to helping the sick and poor when she was 12 years old, snd she left her home and  joined the Sisters of Loreto at age 18.  She got her training in Ireland, and she would end up teaching children and working in the most shocking and poorest of slums throughout India.

Drawn in green above, Mother Teresa no doubt passed on the lessons from her mother (represented by Ceres) in the 4th House.  Uranus Opposition Neptune indicates "unusual services to others that one has a hard choice with," and tied in with Ceres for the T-Square formation indicates "nurturing younger people" via "unusual services to others.

The Opposition depicted by the red squares above indicates the work with missions and missionaries.  This is because Sun Conjunction Juno (8th House) indicates "an attention on working with groups for an important purpose," and the opposite Chiron Conjunction Pallas (2nd House) indicates "military-type strategy with healing others." 


Martin Luther King has a Grand Trine (in red below) consisting of Moon Conjunction Ceres, Pluto, and Juno. Juno is at home in the Libra ruling 7th House, and this favors work with organizations with a purpose, especially work that concerns "transforming the public" (which may be defined with the Moon Trine Pluto placement applying to Juno).  Also note that because the Moon can represent "the woman in a man's life," the Moon Conjunction Ceres Trine with Pluto (and applying to Juno) may have indicated the many sexual affairs with women that MLK reportedly had.  


The Juno Square Pallas placement (drawn in green above) may indicate the conflict MLK had with the military and Vietnam.  When one has a huge draw of people listening to one's speeches in the 1960's, you may be monitored by the government.  And speaking out against military activity during the Vietnam War era would get you monitored really quickly if one had a lot of people listening to one's speeches.

Joan Crawford

Big screen actress Joan Crawford was known mostly for her conflicts in Hollywood.  Her conflict with her children led to a book written by her children called "Mommy Dearest," and her stage feud with actress Bette Davis is legendary.  She was also reportedly very livid when Marilyn Monroe rejected her sexual advances.

Joan Crawford reportedly had always used sexual activity as a means for advancement (and note that Crawford has a police history for prostitution in Detroit).  Director Vincent Sherman described Joan’s approach to seduction as "more aggressive than any man." Part of that was due to her strategy of propositioning her director early in proceedings in order to maintain an advantage over the rest of the women in the cast. It helped her get her own way on the set. If he was attracted to her their off-screen activity made for an enjoyable shoot. If he was married and merely having a fling, well, that placed him in a compromising position. Either way she "held all the cards.

Her lovers (of both sexes) included the following: a one-night stand with Marilyn Monroe (and was not repeated; Marilyn told her that having sex with a woman did nothing for her; she preferred men. Crawford was reportedly very bitter about this rejection), actress Claudette Colbert, Barbara Stanwyck, Tallulah Bankhead, and film director Dorothy Arzner.  Other probable female lovers were Judy Garland, Martha Raye, and Denise Parker. The men? Far too numerous to mention. Prominent conquests include JFK, Robert Mitchum, Paul Newman, Humphrey Bogart, Robert Taylor, Gary Cooper, Kirk Douglas, Johnny Weissmuller, Spencer Tracy, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Henry Fonda, Yul Brynner and Tony Curtis.


 Drawn in orange above, the Mars Square Pallas placement (with Pallas in the 8th House [which rules sexual activity]) may indicate Crawford's use of sexual activity as a "military strategy" that allowed her to get what she wanted.  In addition to "physical activity," Mars also rules police officers (as well as the military). Thus, the Mars Square Pallas placement (with Pallas in the 8th) may also represent Crawford getting arrested by the police for her sexual services.

Squares represent conflicts, and Jupiter rules the law.  As far as Juno was described, Juno was reportedly very loyal and faithful to her husband.  Note that the Jupiter Square Juno placement (drawn in red above) is 2 minutes from being exact. Crawford's first marriage was to Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (son of the legendary silent screen actor Douglas Fairbanks). The parents of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. objected to the marriage; it was said that Crawford's marriage to Fairbanks allowed her exposure to important connections in Hollywood (whom she could do "business" with).  Fairbanks' mother reportedly saw this and how Joan Crawford operated; Crawford was reportedly banned from visiting her husband's parents. Joan Crawford was married four times and divorced three times; her last husband died while they were married. Marital conflicts regarding adultery and infidelity were reportedly the main reasons for Crawfords' first three divorces, along with complaints of alcohol consumption.     

Drawn in green above, the Sun Conjunction Vesta in "the house of recreation" (5th House) may reveal two sides of Vesta: (1) the Scorpio sexual side that is attracted to men for recreational activity (since the Sun can represent "the man in a woman's life") and (2) the need for sexual activity due to physical health concerns (which is ruled by the Sun; Crawford once stated that she had to have sex at least once a day in order to keep her skin complexion well-toned).  Thus, this activity had it's usefulness for non-professional purposes and for professional purposes of deception (due to the Square of Sun Conjunction Vesta with Neptune placed in the 8th House).

Charles Manson

Drawn in red squares below, Charles Manson was born under a Grand Cross.  Like Mother Teresa, Manson has Ceres in the 4th House (which rules "one's roots and childhood experiences"). But unlike Mother Teresa, Manson's mother was possibly impregnated by a transient worker.  She had Charles Manson when she was 16 years old, and Manson's mother would go to prison for robbery while Manson was 5 years of age. Manson even commented that his mother once tried to trade him for a pitcher of beer while he was a baby.  


The destructive side of war and chaos associated with Pallas comes out with this Grand Cross, and this may be due to the formation of a T-Square with the Moon Opposition Ceres placement (on the Nodal Plane).  Because both the Moon and Ceres are associated with the nurturing childhood and mother-figure (especially with Ceres in the 4th House), the very bad childhood experience that Manson had with his mother may be one of the key catalysts for Manson trying to start a U.S. race war (along with the help of a mostly female following who had MK-ULTRA style brainwash techniques involving: (a) laboratory grade LSD and (b) suggestive communications about one's psychology). 

The addition of the Mercury Conjunction Jupiter placement within the Grand Cross (near the Descendant, often called "the area of open enemies") suggests Manson would have some success with areas of Jupiter-ruling law against his "adversaries" (and note that his L.A. court trial was one of the longest in U.S. history.  Also note his death sentence was converted to life imprisonment [due to new California law] shortly after he was sent to prison).

George Patton

Patton was born to be a military strategist with Sun Conjunction Pallas (drawn in green below).  He dreamed of being a three-star Lieutenant General when he was a young boy, and he would later overdo this dream when he would get a 4th star after WWII. 

 10836235062?profile=RESIZE_710xDrawn in red above, the T-Square of Vesta with the Nodal Plane (with Vesta near the environment-ruling Ascendant) would define Patton as an important leader (with important connections to others) who would make "transformation of the environment" as his method for "lighting the way" to his destiny.  In the case of Patton, this destiny would be his famous destructive warfare in WWII via the use of tanks.  But also note that Patton was noted for his lavish financial spending on improving his "environment." This lavish environment allowed him to get socially close to the elite of the active duty military with the goal of improving his promotion possibilities.

With Ceres and Juno placed in the critical 6th House above, the Neptune Opposition Juno placement (drawn in blue squares above) and the Pluto Opposition Ceres placement (drawn in orange squares above) may be more indicative of Patton's reported criticism and disappointment with both his childhood family members and his own children (as opposed to issues with his wife).  Patton was pampered and spoiled as a child to wealthy parents, and he was later angry about this treatment he had as a child.  Patton reportedly treated his children like they were West Point cadets; this didn't hold well with his children (especially his two girls).  His son would get into West Point and the two girls he raised were reportedly anxious to get away from him as they became adults.    

Vladimir Putin

Similar to George Patton (and also J.P. Morgan), Putin has Ascendant Conjunction Vesta (drawn in red below).  Thus, there is a strong probability that Putin would become an important leader desiring to "transform" the environment in some way. 


Putin reportedly had a very difficult childhood.  The great many restrictions placed on Putin during his Ceres- ruling nurturing childhood was due to the imposition of the communist Soviet government in his life, and this may be defined with the Grand Trine (drawn in orange above).  This Grand Trine may define "connections with the government" (Saturn Trine North Node), and this Trine is applying to Ceres ("nurturing childhood").  Another way to look at this Grand Trine is that the Soviet government would become his real nurturing family (especially after Putin got his law degree), and the government connections he had would replace the childhood family that raised him under horrific living conditions.

Drawn in green above, the placement of Mars Square Pallas works well for the game of chess (and especially with military strategy ruling Pallas in the 5th House, which rules recreation activities).  Military strategy is an important part of playing chess, and Putin probably has learned much about how to become a good military strategist with this recreational activity. However, chess and real war are two different areas, and Putin may be learning this with the current war with Ukraine.  Putin has a packed 12th House (similar to Joe Biden), and this may indicate many secret enemies and many nebulous issues that can have an unseen impact (or bad consequences) with one's services in this lifetime that concern himself and others.  


The asteroids named in this report may be used in addition to the planets and personal points used in my book "Basic Principles of Horoscope Interpretation." I personally don't like to use asteroids in readings or teachings because it makes the craft of astrology more complex, and most of the people that approach me wanting to learn astrology are new to the craft.  Nevertheless, asteroids do offer additional insight into how the horoscope may be interpreted, and should sometimes be given a chance for interpretation of the horoscope.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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