Greetings Family,

My dear human beings, I come to you today to tell you a little about our mission and purpose. To speak in a way that makes us even closer to each of you on this beautiful planet. I wish to talk about my spiritual nature so that I can be even more in your heart as a brother and a companion.

I would also like to say why we don’t intervene immediately in certain conflicts on Mother Earth. There are many reasons that assure us that you will be able to start the movement for lasting and true Peace. In addition, I will talk about the dissemination of our messages, as well as the messages that do not have our energetic signature, and that may confuse you and leave you discredited.

A long time ago, when there were not yet humanoid beings on the surface of your planet Earth I already was and we were already together. There is a lot of information about me on the internet, positive and not so positive. How you see me and whether or not you accept me as your brother is entirely a matter of choice. I love you anyway, and nothing will change that.


I AM an angelic being of a peaceful and restorative nature. I have three energetic tones in my heart vibrating: Blue, White, and Golden Yellow. I Am a lifestream of Archangel Michael, as you know him, I can say I Am a Ray of his Consciousness if that makes it clearer to you. Just as you are incarnated on the planet and are a Ray of Your Higher Self, I Am a Ray of Michael “incarnated” in this Galactic garment. I am a manifestation of his own essence in this quadrant. My particular mission is to ensure your passage to the higher dimensions, safely and peacefully. To ensure that your divine gifts are restored, as your sacred DNA is reactivated. And, thanks to the Higher Power, we are succeeding, because you have chosen to, which makes us happy.

As a brother who has known the human trajectory since its infancy, I assure you that you have progressed in such a way that you have minimized, practically extinguished, the possibility of a third cataclysm. For many of you who still vibrate on this possibility, we ask you: stop supporting this energy of war and chaos. By doing so, you will be naturally led to live in worlds where this still prevails; in any case, we are also “heading there”.

Here on this planet, on this timeline that I am addressing now, no more nuclear weapons will be allowed, this has been said before, but we say it again; we will intervene firmly and lovingly, to prevent this. We have already warned your world leaders to disable their warheads, or we will do it ourselves. We have authorization from the higher hierarchies to do so. Much of what is shown to you in your news reports is nothing more than a “marketing play” by those who always wish to keep you in fear. Many of the so-called detonated nuclear weapons or missiles that your news shows are fake and have no power whatsoever. They do this to bring you into panic, and when you comply, you give them power.

I, as the closest to you, can assure you that your world is well protected now by my fleet, which has been entrusted to me by the higher entities responsible for this universal quadrant. As you know, for a long time now, we have been protecting Mother Earth as a whole, and we do it with great love. This task is not only ours as patrollers of the universal order but all of you who are our allies on Earth. Again, I assure you that you are responsible for the events in your world since, as emissaries from above, you are tasked with maintaining peace and harmony through loving and compassionate attitudes. We are a team, we of the Ashtar Command do not work alone from above, you on the ground are also an extension of our command. So, honor your position as missionaries of the highest light, dear ones. Live the full love taught by the Christ that acted in the hearts of many other missionaries who came down to Earth with the same task you have now: to anchor Light to dispel darkness.

Many people compare me to a commander. In particular, I would like to be called a brother. The function entrusted to me is indeed a commanding one, but the overall command is of the love in the heart of all who work with me in the service of the Supreme Love of the Cosmos. So anyone who holds love in their heart is a commander. Love is the command and the action in everything. Many may not like these words of mine, since in their beliefs they think they are inferior to certain beings they consider superior. There is no such thing between us dear ones, we always see each other as a team, and the leader is the love in the heart.


There is much controversy about why I am here on your planet, so let me try to explain, in a way that your three-dimensional minds can conceive:

1) The position I occupy of command gives me the authority to act on worlds where darkness is reigning. This action by me and the teams that work with me can in no way go beyond a certain range: that of free will. We never infringe it, because we honor the choices of all beings. In this case, we take care that your free will is not violated by entities that wish, for example, to make experiments in your world, beyond what would be allowed by the manipulables’ own authorization through vibrations that are compact with the ideas of such entities. There is always a line that determines how far they can act, and when this line is reached, we arrive. Some beings who work with darkness respect free will, however, others do not. One of our tasks is to prevent the violation of your free will. However, when you vibrationally decide for love, such violation becomes impossible, unless you leave gaps of insecurity and fear. In this case, it means that the light of love is not yet fully anchored in your heart, which causes the so-called “ups and downs” that you sometimes experience.

2) Your planet Shan (Earth) is in a phase of Ascension and polarity shift. Mother Earth will move into higher dimensions, as is happening now, dragging all the kingdoms that live upon her. These changes affect not only your planet but the whole universe. On the physical part, there are always movements that can compromise the material integrity manifested there. One of our roles is to ensure that those who live in the physical part are not affected, those who, by free will, should not go through situations they did not choose. We use “free will” here because no creature of God goes through difficulties without itself having generated them, either directly or indirectly by using its right to choose. These physical movements are necessary as Shan adjusts to the new energies and purges out the old ones, such as the bodies of you surface human beings and all the other components of Earth nature.

3) We also have a responsibility to ensure that during this transition process no entities from outside your planet are allowed to enter that would disrupt the process. There are many beings from various quarters who wish to get in the way and are already waiting for an opportunity. Some of them wish to interact directly with the process, which is only allowed to a certain extent. As a group that assists worlds in processes of evolution, we have within us the love and respect for all those who are going through the key moment of their evolution. We never intervene and do not allow intervention when we have the following order: “The opposing entities must not cross the following line…”, which we carry out to fulfill the higher designs. We always honor all beings, and many of those who were “contrary” to the evolutionary processes, today have joined us and work for the benefit of the whole.

We love all beings in the Universe and are always happy when we have the opportunity to bring some of the Shan inhabitants aboard one of our motherships. I, Ashtar, have already made contact with several on your planet, I have gone as far as I could and was allowed, to get this more human contact. It is always wonderful to be in the presence of brothers like you who believe in us and look to the sky expecting a sign from us as proof that we are there watching over you. We wish to be treated as equal brothers, never as superior to you. The light in our heart is the same as you carry, there is no difference. Any information that is said to be from us that does not have that trace of information, we ask that you re-evaluate it carefully. There are those who try to pass themselves off as us on occasion, and this is still allowed so that you can gain more and more of the power of discernment. We have already talked about this in other messages.

Beloved human beings, as your family it could be no different, we love each and every one of you, and we truly wish we could land and look you in the eye. We are not your saviors, but your brothers and sisters who have watched your progress for thousands of years and wish to interact with you. Believe me, many times we come down and walk among you in ways you can’t perceive yet, we would like to draw the veil and strengthen the bonds. (Smile)


There are many letters from me scattered around your planet and those that claim to be mine, many that use my name, but that does not contain my words. The only way to know if it is me who is speaking is when you put your heart’s energy into reading or hearing those words. I leave 5 criteria to be analyzed in my messages:

1) We, beloved human beings, never offend or use words that denigrate the image of any other being or unbalance anything. Our job is to unite. We are of the Universal Order, and we will always emphasize this.

2) We honor everyone on your planet, even those who act in ways that try to harm you in your progress are loved by us. There is no difference. We honor and love everyone equally.

3) Feel in your hearts the light we send, because it is always familiar to you. Our messages touch your hearts because they sound like a message from the Family. Like when a relative is on the other side of the world, in another country, and calls or sends you an e-mail. The heart rejoices to receive it. See if you feel this when you read our messages.

4) Our messages always shower you with hope, light, and love. Feel and observe the light codes that enter through your eyes and distribute through your chakras. This energy is perceived in our messages. If you can’t feel it right away, breathe and surrender with your heart.

5) In no way will we ask you to abandon your free will. We will never incite violence or fear. We will not belittle you and make you less worthy. You are Divine beings, and will always be treated as such. Whether or not you accept the limiting beliefs of some, we honor them in love for their free will. Remember, fear is always the most powerful tool of the dark forces. Our messages are not intended to incite hatred, revenge, destruction, demoralization, creation of discord, or any other such feelings. We are a group that works in the service of The Great Energy, the one you are all a part of, the Supreme Energy that governs all things. Believe me, there is no other way to know the truth of a message, except by discerning it with the heart.

We wish to make a display of our ships in a certain region of your world in salute to the people of Shan. What we can say is that we intend it to be during the day and over water. There are no dates that we can give you because that could create some expectation, and we only hope that you will vibrate in love for this to manifest for you. Our intention is to be closer to you so that you can feel more and more familiar with us.

Right now, there is much turmoil behind the scenes in your governments, as they are faced with a gigantic stalemate on whether or not to publicize our presence. Such disclosure is intended to prepare people for our mass appearance all over the planet. We will not do this until we are sure that some situations have been settled by our allies on Earth, who work incessantly to make this possible. We warn you that all threats against you are under strong surveillance by our teams, and we have constantly ensured that nuclear warheads are deactivated. Our technology can neutralize yours in the blink of an eye, and we could, at this point, stop any more direct threat to your planet.

So keep your hearts aligned with Source, seeking to do your best on behalf of all, so that you can be bathed in light, and so that you can align with us, allowing ours to reach your planet in a way that won’t cause so much fuss.

The threats against you can be countered to some extent, besides it is up to you to keep your mind aligned with your heart in love and light. Over and over again, it has been said that your vibration is your sentence. We reinforce this by saying that every danger to your life and to your planet is dismantled with every loving gesture you make. Believe it. No one in your world acting in collusion with negative forces from the outside has more power than you aligned with the power of the heart. You, with love in your heart, alone have the force that binds all things together and that is capable of resolving conflicting situations, such as wars and threats of wars. These situations need to be exposed, they need to come to the light, but it is up to you to decide whether they will continue or stop permanently. The dirt is being exposed and you are holding the broom and looking at it. What are you going to do?

The energies of light continue to pour into Shan, and as I mentioned, in my previous message, you are going through a very special time. And this time will require ever more faith and determination. You are being given more power, through the reactivation of your DNA. We hope and trust that you will know what to do. We are with each of you always in vibrant encouragement. Call on us, and we will be. Call on us now, and you will feel our presence. We are at your command, in love always.

And so it is.


Your brother,

~ Ashtar

That’s as far as Jesus allows me to see and convey.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

~ Neva (Gabriel RL)

~ December 29, 2014: Ashtar – “Quem é Ashtar? Missão e Propósitos. 5 critérios para serem analisados nas mensagens”:

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  • Thank you :)
  • Yeap, no matter how many times I read this, I get a big blast of positive energy that reduces my "Stuck on Beta" syndrome... or too much thinking about stuff that no longer serves my greatest good. I get firmly grounded on this site, it never fails. PEACE, LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL.
  • After you die, your consciousness resumes in the luminiferous aether (also called 'matter-antimatter potential) much the same way your foot prints remains in the sand after you removed your foot.

    What causes consciousness is correlated to the electric charge polarization in the axon membrane. Your specific 'soul' is the specific pattern of charges, and not the specific matter. Infact all matter is identical and each piece can serve the other. All electrons, for instace, are an excitation in the same, underlying quantum field. The 'matter-untimatter' potential then is the same 'electron-antielectron' quantum field. It doesn't matter the exact electron because all the electrons are one and the same thing.

    The space surrounding your body is not empy, but is composed of everything that is required to manifest your soul. All what is required is some 'excitation'. But then the pattern of charges in your body cause a similar pattern of charges in the 'matter-antimatter potential', a phenomenon that we call 'vacuum polarization'. If the same pattern of charges causes your consciousness in your body, then of course it cannot fail to cause the same consciousness in the apparently empty space. This is the same way that since an object can push away another object then a seeminly empty space can also push another object, in what appears as, for instance 'magnetic repulsion.

    So the analogy goes this way: if the space around a magnet behaves as if there is something (eg a fluid), for the purposes of pushing or pulling an object in remort, then a deep understanding of electromagnetism shows that the space surrounding a body must similarly behave like there is something, but now for the purpose of consciousness. So brain is to a magnet as consciousness is to force. A magnet can push things, when it get contact with them. But it can also push them without beeing in contact with them, as if there is something invisible that extends all the way out of the magnet. Similarly, the brain can be conscious on the spot, but can also cause consciousness in remort. This is because consciousness is corelated with FORCE and, as we can see in magnets, forces can extend far from the visible objects.
  • What happens after we die?
  • <--On your Command, love is stronger than the deth of cause. Walking low head was never a option. I feel Power to love through the love of God in my Soul. The love of God in our hearts shines in the dark night of Kali Youga.
  • Whenever I read such things one of two things happen almost immediately, the written word will either resonate within or it will not. Michael's words RESONATE! For me, this means truth and what a beautiful thing it is. There is one thing that stands out - what we allow ourselves to think and feel dictates our reality, e.g. fill your head with conspiracy theories and that is what you will receive, fill your head with hate and of that, too, you will have your fill. Creator is the Great Mirror and Amplifier of that which you hold within. He calls on us to seek love and unity, not hate and division... what a great message, however, I have read other alleged channelings but the tone and message was much much different. Always follow your heart...
    peace, love, and light to all
  • Well that was a good reaffirmation for me, I guess I have let a little negative energy seep in lately, this message from our Brother has helped me alot actually, thank you all, I will work harder on spreading my live around ;)
  • This is from a german Webpage, i translate it into Englisch for You: https://www.thomas-ritter-reisen.de/prophezeiungen/prophezeiungen-b...
    Changes come later, not now?
    From 2049 onwards, the world will recognize that people are not alone in space. During the reconstruction work in Europe but also in the Middle East, artifacts are discovered that are of non-terrestrial origin. This realization has very extensive implications for religions and philosophy. The age from 2048 onwards will be the beginning of a new, spiritually oriented age, the coming Sathya-Yuga.
  • There is something to note: light beings, ascended masters, avatars, extraterrestrials are known to work behind the scene ...very few chosen ones know how to communicate with them and know what they are doing and their plans ..this is by direct telepathic messages not channeling at all
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