I do believe in this planets ascension. But how it occurs and what it means may differ from the general opinion some of you share. Before you label me a debunker just listen to what I have to say.

The planet Earth is due to ascend into its new age. And as with all passing into new ages there is be a great change that is preceded by a great event. But what that event is, shall we say, 'has wiggle room'.Now these events can be traumatic, but some more/less than others. Don't ask me what they all are , because I do not know. I was sent here to perform a task in the one potential scenario, and if the others were chosen instead then I would help in whatever way I can, or not at all. My choice. My task falls under the 'traumatic' category.

But that is off the cards. How I know this is because I have been released from my mission. Many of you don't seem to understand the concept. Whenever I say it people like to say things such as 'search within your soul to find your purpose', or 'consult with your guides/angels/the ascended masters to find your meaning'. No need. I know my meaning. I accepted both my duty as well as the lack of need for me to perform said duty. I hope I have made it clear. I do not have a mission, I was released. For all intents and purposes I am here on this Earth "Just Chillin". I was released because the mission directive occupied most my power. Now that I have been released I am able to use my power (which is slowly returning) and abilities as I so wish. I have of course chosen a new mission. An unoccupied seed is bound to go crazy, crazier than normal anyway. I am tired of people thinking they know about me without knowing anything, then actual disagreeing on a subject I am the foremost leader in, me.

Having said that I can now get to the main point. Acension is happening the other way. If it was happening my way I would be reassigned my original mission. But neither I nor my superiors see that happening. Therefore, and this is a big therefore, it must be happening the other ways. What I like to call 'the slow ways'.  The way many of you believe. With arresting and removal of the old system. But the difference is that we do it. And only us. The Federation cannot do it for us. That goes against spiritual law. From a objective viewers perspective we want it this way. We may grumble about how bad things are, but so few of us try and actively do anything about it. So what they see is a system and situation we are happy with. The Federation cannot intervene in a situation where it appears that both parties are consenting, they have no right to. The same way you don't have the right to stop people peeing on each other. Sure it is disgusting, but if they want to, who are you to try and stop them. (FYI in this analogy we are the ones getting peed on). Sure if we were driving ourselves to extinction they may intervene. It does not really seem that way does it. The changing of the system has to come from us. Until that time comes this planet will remain in ignorance. Once this planet actually exists in peace they might make first contact. What that means is a dialogue between us and them. Which brings me to my second point.

Ascension is a word thrown around a lot these days. And it means different things to different people, and this is a little worrying. In my opinion, to put it simply, ascension for this planet just means better. Thats it. Sure one day this planet could exist in the 5D plane, but honestly it is so far from that its mind boggling. Atlantis was about the best it got on this planet so far, and that sank. We have to get Atlantis level enlightenment before we even consider being in a higher dimension. I don't really need to bring up any points as to why we are not there, for obvious reasons (some of you believe you are at that level. I tip my hat and ask that you wait for us mere mortals to catch up, and kindly refrain from your self-righteous commenting on the bottom of this page).

I believe ascension is much much much simpler than that. It means a planet with out these corrupt governments ad bankers. Wthout war and famine. The fact that there is enough food on this planet to food to feed everyone yet there is still starvation I find disgusting. Those are the things we need. Many of you believe that the Federation will come down and alleviate these problems. I enjoy the idea of free tech from these as guys as much as the next person. But I know it is not a reality. We have so many problems that need to be seen to first. Yet all you think about is how you will be whisked away, given awesome gadgets to play with and just live in awesomeness until 'you choose to leave'. Some of us live in this spiritual world. Practicality exists in the higher dimensions as well. Light ships do not build themselves. To be a starseed is to live in duality. To be in the 3D as well as involved in the higher dimensions for guidence and councel. Many of you choose to ignore the one that is most important to you at the moment. You exist in the 3D. So accept and harmonize with it before trying to hop on the 5D train. You are trying to get your PhD before finishing high school. 

 In a way you are all right. Ascension is happening. But the gradual way. It will take years, because the average human ie. not a starseed need to start thinking the way we do (or should in some cases). This eagerness you all share is good, but a little misplaced. Placing all of the workload on the GFL seems a little lazy to me. Stop trying to escape this existence. Change will come, you can be certain of that. It just takes time, and we were sent to lead the way. So start leading.

If the GFL was going to intervene what was the point of you coming here. The rest of the world thinks we are crazy. Sounds like an overly elaborate game of "HA! Told you so!'

*Love and Light*


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  • You know the old addage, "You can't handle the truth?) Pleasure talking to you. namaste  I thrive on the truth, good or bad. Rather it be good, but you and I both know it can't always be that way ;oD (((HUGS)))

  • Pleasure LiLStar, at least my mesage reached one person :D

  • Thank you Mattias. It is about time someone gave us the truth instead of letting us run around like chickens with our heads cut off. This means a lot to me. Love and light to you.


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