Are you a fire of god?
I was asked to upload this here. Please Watch the video below to know more.

Archangel Uriel ( The “Flame of God,” or “fire of God” –Peace) helps you to align to your truer divine by bringing you the solutions needed THROUGH burning away negativity or egoic character.

Archangel Uriel helps by shining the LIGHT in all situations to provide wisdom and deeper insight
to enable happiness and the divine flame to sparkle.




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  • dear Star,this is an excellent post,and the vid with it,thankyou immensely for adding the post and vid,i am a Fire Of God,this was told to me in a vision in the past 2 years,it has been a constant nagging at me since,wondering why it was told to me,all visions i have had randomely shown to me in the past 2 decades have all been correct,even to this present time,i constantly live my daily life with these happenings,but thankfully as time has passed,i deal with them alot better,and thanks to friends and family who are of like-minded attitude,it keeps my cup of heart happy each day of this incarnation,blessings starchild.

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