Our message today is for you to maintain your center during the coming three weeks...The alignments and energy which begins these for you now may cause some discomfort, but allow that to settle for you...The most important saviors of Earth are landing right now.  They are landing in your own hearts and bodies...Allow the seedling which you are the opportunity to grow and amaze you


through Ron Head




April 24, 2012


Our message today is for you to maintain your center during the coming three weeks.  Very powerful alignments and energy waves are going to occur and change you more rapidly than anything you have experienced thus far.


Of course everyone has the choice to accept or resist these changes, but change will occur.  Acceptance and welcoming them will create one kind of change and resistance will create another.  This will mark the beginning of the changes to the physical make up of your bodies that are necessary.  You will not necessarily see anything, but without them your ascension in this body will not be possible.


Along with the energies incoming to your earth will be the energies of your own higher selves beginning to manifest into your physical selves.  Without the changes we are discussing, that will not be possible for you.  These will not be overnight changes.  The alignments and energy which begins these for you now may cause some discomfort, but allow that to settle for you.  Quickly thereafter it will become quite a pleasant experience.  As you say so often, “Go with the flow.”


The self whom you have always intuitively known is about to manifest for all to see.  You just might be as surprised and pleased as everyone else.  There will be those whose consciousness does not allow this.  Their reactions to what is happening may be unpleasant for you.  We advise you to allow them their discomforts and keep your attention on your acceptance of this gift, given to you by your Creator and your higher selves.  You will, at some point, find yourself to be a different person from whom you believe yourself to be today.  But the person you are growing to be is in you now as surely as a huge tree is in the acorn.  Allow the seedling which you are the opportunity to grow and amaze you.  The new world that has been promised to you will be born in this manner.


The most important saviors of Earth are landing right now.  They are landing in your own hearts and bodies.  They are indeed you.  You will be joined by others, yes.  But first you must become the ones who will build the world you have imagined into being.  Give thanks to your Creator for who and what you are, for in you, you will find the greatest gift of all.  We know of a video you have called The Secret.  This, my dearest friends, is the secret.  Well hidden by you from yourselves.  And now is the time for you to unwrap it.  Thank your Creator, thank yourselves, and thank each other.  Then enjoy yourself as you change everything.


Good day to you now, until tomorrow.




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  •  I am the 29th member to love and fully agree with this message and the day also just happens to

     be the 29th April both multiply to 9 and add up to 11 a master number.

     There are 1789 views whose Higher Selves will be putting a pin in them

     to be more communally active and supportive.

     Blessings K H light love balance peace harmony kingjeff

  • Motivated

  • Exactly what I needed to hear today, thank you Brother.

  • TY, now I understand why Im manifesting so easily, as well as other wonderful changes Ive been feeling as well as seeing. A calmness like Ive not known has settled within. yagwah wi yoh.

  • This is a stunning revelation. We need to be humble and receptive, with open and grateful hearts for the gift of life in a new dimension.

  • The movie 'The Secret' left out some crucial elements of the secret for reasons unknown. They gave away the beginning process, but not the totality of that kind of work. These are Natural Laws that make them work, so naturally some people will manifest what they seek without realizing they figured out the last parts on their own. But to do it for a "living", and knowing what you're doing, you need to understand the whole process.

    In the public realm there is a book available called "Wisdom of the Mystic Masters" that gives away more than it should. These are Mystery School teachings handed down for centuries within various Orders, mainly the Rosicrucian Order, and the major keys remain hidden. Whomever made 'The Secret' had enough respect for the Mystery School teachings to leave a few keys hidden.

    If you are a true seeker that will scale any mountain for a grain of Truth, then these keys will be swiftly handed to you. If you have a passing interest in the mystical process of creative visualization, you may have a few hits and misses. If it just one of 20 topics you are studying today, you will probably work months for a small gain.

    Nothing is hidden from the dedicated and true seeker of the Greater Light. If you tell the Universe "I have the secret, because I saw the movie 'The Secret'", then you are telling the Universe that you are full of this knowledge and need nothing.

    Instead tell the Universe "I have learned of the secret through the movie 'The Secret', however my knowledge is not complete. I am an open cup, please fill me with all the knowledge of the Universe concerning creative manifestation." <------- And it will be given.

    There is the door. Walk away or walk through it my friends. Love and Peace to All, and to All the Good Light.

  • Very nice.  I was just about to leave the Ashtar site/family due to a post made by Drekx Omega regarding an entity he refers to as Lord Surea, the Creator's right-hand-man for our galaxy.  All too often this site seems to use the sheeple little differently than the government does... as mindless & spiritless lemmings to collect.  This article has a ring of truth to it and does not ask to follow anything except our intuition - for that I praise it, and I thank Ronald head for sharing it.  This message conveys a much needed sense of HOPE and helps to assure that bad feelings that many of us are witnessing right now are to be expected and can be overcome... for that I thank you.  I will remain in this 3D world for a bit longer to discover whether there is a truth in this, and I pray that it is as pure & true as it feels at this moment.  Thank you....

  • felt strange currently n bed on ashtar. defiantly getting tuned up some way or another =]

  • Thanks for this. My throat, and senses of smell and taste are highly sensitised at this time. Nice to know it's for a great purpose. Aroha for all always.

  • Thanks for this. Explains a lot. Let's go with the flow. My throat is telling me, and my senses are on high alert, especially my sense of smell, and taste. Lovely to know it's all for a great reason. Aroha for all always.

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