| Source Divine Ones,

We greet you, in love.

We are happy to connect with you now, in this way and we offer to you, today, an invitation to join us for a Solstice Celebration — a live global event, in which we will share transmissions and activating energies with you, that support you…

So that you might — with ease and joy and confidence, and with a deep sense of inner knowing and connection — experience the inevitable expansion of your being and begin to understand, and access the new modes of co-creation available to you now!

That was a mouthful! (Smile.)

We know that you are feeling big and deep and subtle, profound and inexplicable changes happening within you. You are correct in perceiving this. Your physical form is deeply engaged in evolving to allow the embodiment of your own I AM presence and to embody the capacities that are yours and which compliment this life expression, now, as you shift into living in higher light expression and becoming your true Self here.

This evolution will expand your light quotient and in order to achieve it, you will increasingly find yourself presented with opportunities to be unconditional in your loving.

This invitation to simply choose to LOVE, is different than any type of evolutionary experience you’ve ever had before. It is different because the consciousness needed to live this way, is already within you.

The invitations you will experience are presenting not to challenge you, but so that you might DISCOVER the new capacities present through the ever-expanding embodiment of your own harmonic wholeness.

Light within you is already present in ways that make it so much easier to feel and generate love and loving states of being. Try it and see!

You may be surprised that things that you used to find extraordinarily irritating, now feel so much lighter to you. Easier to smile at. Even love.

If you are willing to engage these new aspects of your consciousness, this choice, this deliberate use of your will and consciousness, to be unconditional and loving, will have profound impact on your states of being and who you are. Significantly accelerating your ascension and massively increasing your sense of well-being and joy!

The Light within you, IS YOU, it is just a version of you, that is increasingly coming from higher dimensional expression, where conscious connection and unity, are the norm. Where knowing the Oneness that is All is the way of being that Is and with this, unconditional love is who you are. Know this! And kow that this light is becoming well established within you and this changes everything.

You are on the cusp of brand new ways of living and exceptionally fun ways of co-creating.

You may realize that you no longer believe that YOU alone create your reality, for you will deeply know that there is NEVER, a “YOU, ALONE.” There is always, you in communion with All That You Are and connected to and supported and informed by All That Is. This is the TRUTH of your BEING. And how it is for All Life. And so, everything is a co-creation.

And in this co-creation you are SOVEREIGN. You do get to choose. You can create what you are wanting to know as your experience but the ways you do this are different now, than perhaps you’ve approached this kind of creator work in the past.

We are excited for you as you discover the accelerating power of your presence.

It is in the power of your presence, that co-creation now happens with the greatest ease and the greatest joy. And it is activated by certain choosing, making decisions and then embodying these decisions. You have always been free to choose. But the energetic reality of unity, is becoming a felt experience of knowing and that is liberating you and making it easier than ever before to embody that which you wish to be, knowing it will then emanate from you and reflect back to you, multiplied, that which you are being.

This is truly, beloveds, a time of tremendous excitement for those of you feeling and knowing what is occurring and for those of us, who are your allies, your friends, your family of light in the non-physical and who are with you, always.

The June Solstice energies are already being felt and you can sense that there is tremendous opportunity and benefit to the infusions of Light that will be coming forth in this time.

We invite you to join in a collective co-creation with us and with one another. We’d like to share more about how you might use the power of your presence, to create and together, to experience energy and light work focused on generating unconditional love; portals of Christ Consciousness, as well as generating benevolent outcomes for members of your human family, and for yourself.

No matter what you choose to do on this coming Solstice, we strongly encourage you to make time to open and receive. To surrender to your own greater wisdom and the infinite energies of your I AM Presence and align within, feeling for harmony and inviting yourself to know bliss even. And then to ASK your Divine Self and your Spiritual Support team to assist you in allowing, receiving and integrating the most beneficial energies and consciousness for you, now.

. . .
Beloved One — You are a sentient being designed for tremendously states of creativity, expansion, jubilation and radiant unconditional love.

The inner knowing and inner peace you can find in your multidimensional heart, can make this real for you.

Now, more than ever before, the realities of this can be centered in and lived from.

Dare to live as the Eternal, Infinite Being you truly are, here.

Dare to identify with the wholeness of All That You Are and to enjoy your unique and beautiful humanity with the understanding that it is, an emanation of All That You Are, fueled by the Infinite You and always, always, always, connected and guided, with so much love. And so much skillful and unstinting support.

We love you very much!

And right now, we are celebrating YOU and your endless becoming! The way you have embodied here, and remembered who you truly are.

We are the ANGELIC ONES.

I am Archangel Michael, with Ailia, Ashira, Serapis Bey, the Universal Angel Mary, the Andromedan High Council, the Arcturians, the Galactic Dragons and the Council of Radiant Light. We bid you, good day.

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  • To God the Father on Fathers day.
    God is but Love,and therefor so am I. The power of Decision is my own. In my defenselessness my safety lies. I am among the Ministers of God the Father.. We are all one in the Family of God. So be it and so it is .. Adonai.
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"Witnesses at the Kennedy assassination, on 'the grassy knoll', all said there were shots fired from behind the fence there. All witnesses that day who said anything were dead within 3 years. Similar to the 911 witnesses. Deep state mo is a patsy…"
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