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 Archangel Michael on the Impact of Collective Meditations on the Australian Bushfires

In my reading with him on Jan. 18, 2020, through Linda Dillon, Archangel Michael said that the various meditations by people around the world to bring rain to Australia have, so far, been successful.

We may not have the “formula” entirely correct – hence the hail and flooding – but we have demonstrated and are demonstrating the power of the collective consciousness to address planetary emergencies. For me that’s huge!

We’re not finished yet. The bushfires are still burning (see story, below).  Let’s keep meditating to put an end to them (ask for gentle rain!) , now that we know our work is producing results!

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 18, 2020.

Steve: Have the terrible Australian bushfires been set with malintent?

Archangel Michael: Are these fires, these raging infernos, for a variety of reasons, horrific? Well, that is beyond discussion. Of course they are.

And have some been set with very malign intent? Yes. But the balancing is that there have been global actions involving literally billions of people in their own way, working, praying, meditating for rain.

And this has shown a potential and the result of the collective to heal what has gone wrong or awry with the planet.

Collective meditation can affect the world’s situation and  outlook.

Gaia will regenerate herself. That is not the issue.

The issue is to understand that the human collective, in a very clear way, is saying “No” to these atrocities. And in seen and unseen way demonstrations of cooperative unity. Seen and unseen they are correcting this atrocity. So it is saying to Gaia, “We are going to take care of you.”

Steve: Have our mass meditations significantly impacted the collective consciousness?

AAM: Absolutely!

Steve: Do you want to say little bit more on that?

AAM: It is the coming together in heart and mind and spirit, unselfishly, because these actions have not been, by and large, motivated by individual wants or needs. So it is the unselfish coming together for the highest good, not only of these poor kingdoms, the animals, and the planet herself, the trees, the grass, the air which has been severely damaged, to come together to heal.

So what it has done – these many collective meditations – is not simply to demonstrate the power of heart intelligence but the power to result in tangible measurable ways how the collective can shift the direction of anything, not just fire but in anything.

Steve: So you are saying that the rains were a result of the various collective meditations?

AAM: That is correct

Steve: Oh, wow, isn’t that spectacular!

Where Are Fires Still Burning in Australia? Map Shows Nearly 100 Blazes in New South Wales, Victoria

 Jenni Fink, Newsweek, 1/24/20

As people mourn the loss of three firefighters in Australia, others in the country continue to battle wildfires in New South Wales and Victoria.

Firefighters have been battling wildfires in Australia for months as a prolonged drought, hot temperatures and strong winds created ideal conditions for flames to spread. Fires have claimed at least 31 lives, destroyed thousands of homes and burned more than 27 million acres of land, twice the size of Maryland.

On Saturday morning local time, 62 bush and grass fires were burning in NSW, a state on the south-eastern side of Australia, according to the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS). They were all listed as “Advice” alert level fires, meaning there was no immediate danger. Residents in impacted areas were encouraged to remain informed of the situation in case it changed.

new south wales australia wildfire map

A map shows where wildfires in New South Wales are burning as of Saturday morning local time. New South Wales Rural Fire Service

As crews battle the flames, they’re also mourning the loss of three crew members, who were killed on Thursday local time when their air tanker crashed. The victims were identified as Americans, Captain Ian H. McBeth, First Officer Paul Clyde Hudson and Flight Engineer Rick A. DeMorgan Jr, who had gone to Australia to assist in fighting the fires.

Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of NSW, posted on Twitter that the news was “heartbreaking and devastating,” and flew flags at half-mast on Friday out of respect for the firefighters.

“Our thoughts & heartfelt condolences are with their families & the tight-knit firefighting community,” Berejiklian wrote in a tweet.

The premier also announced that a state memorial would be held for the firefighters on February 23 at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney. Emergency service workers, NSW RFS and members of the public were invited to “come together as families and communities to work their way through this unbelievable loss.”

Farther south, in the state of Victoria, 37 bushfires were burning on Saturday morning local time, according to VicEmergency. People who were visiting Mallacoota, Genoa and Gipsy Point had to leave because of the fires but will be able to retrieve their belongings over the weekend. Drivers were told to expect to wait up to an hour and travel would only be allowed in one direction.Victoria wildfires map

A map shows where brushfires are burning in Victoria as of Saturday morning local time. VicEmergency

(

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