As of Monday July 13, Michael has proposed to broaden the reconnection of the energy of the Source, the Father, which is jointly the energy of the Holy Spirit and the outpouring of the radiation of Ultraviolet energy, to daily from 11 AM to 2 PM local time, regardless of the country where you are.

translated from French July 12 2009 -links to the SPANISH version:;'s comment from France: Here is the transcript of the latest outpouring of Michael’s 12 related virtues. For the record, the previous integrations took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, May 24, June 1, June 7, June 14, June 21, June 28, July 5. This outpouring was the last of the series of 12 announced. AA Michael suggests that those who have received these 12 effusion related virtues reread these transcripts in order to better anchor the effects that resulted from this. Those who have not had the opportunity to yet activate these 12 effusions can incorporate these effects by reading them even today.AA Michael’s next meeting will be on Saturday August 8 at 12 Noon (French time), and it will provide us with some principles to live by during the period from August 8 to 15, a week of integrating energy related to the radiant triangle [which will be the points used as a location by the New Jerusalem starship that will appear on August 15 in southern Mexico] (as mentioned in the text below). [US times are 6 AM NY time, 5 AM in Chicago, 4 AM Mountain, and 3 AM in LA]. There will be no answers to questions at this time.As of Monday July 13, Michael has proposed to broaden the reconnection of the energy of the Source, the Father, which is jointly the energy of the Holy Spirit and the outpouring of the radiation of Ultraviolet energy, to daily from 11 AM to 2 PM local time, regardless of the country where you are. We do our best to ensure that you find on our site the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting. At any soon, therefore, in Spirit ...¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨Integration of Virtues - 12th stageI am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Masters of Light, I and the Conclave thank you and congratulate you for having worked for the establishment of your Light, to restore your Deity and reconnect with your eternal body. Thus on this day and this time exists in you, my beloved children and creators of the Light, the ability to join the Unity. Today on this day you all (in large numbers anywhere on this planet) have the ability to connect to your awareness of your eternal body. Thus ends today the first phase of the Celestial Marriages. It has helped establish within a large number of human beings in incarnation a reconnection with the permanence of the Godhead [Divinity].Henceforth all who have worked to fulfill the 12 virtues will help promote these energies in this solar system by anchoring this planet and the manifestation of the new progressive 5th dimension and thus in a very short time the final dimensional translation in your new living environment. By your anchorage of the authentic and genuine Light in your physical bodies and in your new eternal bodies, you will be able, during the weeks leading up to what you called the Festival of Archangel Michael, the approach in this dimension (not only individually but as a group) of the vehicle known in ancient times as Yerushalaim [the heavenly Jerusalem].This starship or vehicle of multidimensional Light (also called Merkabah, the Chariot of Ascension) will collectively henceforth come into manifestation in your density, visible to all during this summer. This will consummate the promise of the return of Light by this early fall. The phenomena of deconstruction described from the beginning of this year will reach their peak during your months of July and August. During the month of August there will be a major event that I ask you to promote that I call the emergence of the Dove [the Colombe in French or the new Jerusalem] in your 3rd density during the week preceding August 15 [as you meet each day during the noon time hours]. It will be clearly shown both visibly and physically in a specific region of your globe that played at one time a major role in the emergence of consciousness [the age of the Mayan empire].Yerushalaim the Celestial Ship of Light will be seen in your time period by its presence in your sky, visible to all during your month of August [it is probably now in place but cloaked]. The points of anchoring and the demonstration of this ship beloved children of Light are assisted by you. We the Conclave and all the Councils and the Angelic Circles, the Archangels, the extra-terrestrials, the inner Earth and ultra Terrestrials will need your help to create the remanifestation of this collective Merkabah signaling the entry in your dimension of the emergence of the new Earth.This is now [not next year or in 2012] beloved children of Light. Those that I designated will in a few weeks perform this. Today however We end this phase of the Celestial Marriages. I have mentioned already that other phases of the Celestial Marriages will take place during the week preceding August 15 and the week before my festival in late September. During these weeks, the two consecutive weeks in August and the weeks in late September, those beings who have not yet reached the activation of the 12 lamps [12 virtues] will be able to do so during this time. Thus, your work will be to stabilize your eternity and encourage the greatest number of humans possible to enter this eternity [and ascension]. Receive this energy effusion.Thus beloved children and Masters of the Light, the activation of this last [12th] lamp permits you today to remanifest your full creative potential within this 3rd density, even before the arrival of the last cycle of creation [of the new Earth]. This last lamp is located above your physical body with a frequency of vibration located directly above your head. This point, already known in ancient times and in different teachings from the East and the West, is called the Crystal Fountain, the Vajra, and the Bindu [Bindu denotes a small ornamental, devotional dot that is cosmetically applied or affixed to the forehead in Hinduism - wiki.]This point of consciousness is a demonstration of your stabilization within your density. This point approximately 80 centimeters [2 1/2 feet] above your head is called the true Light, the Light of Creation, the Light of the Elohim. By activating this point you create ( in a conscious and lucid way) a total connection with your multidimensional body and also with the planetary multidimensional body announced by the Dove [ a symbol of peace in English or the new Jerusalem starship].This signals today and during your summer wonderful moments in the history of mankind that are unlike any other event in eons of time. The end of the isolation and the preparation for your return within the Galactic Brotherhood is now possible. You are granted contact on an individual basis with the multidimensional realms by the vibration of consciousness in this area located above your head. Receive this effusion and activation.As you know you get this triple outpouring of energy daily anywhere on Earth between 12 noon and 1 PM on your watch. This step, corresponding to the outpouring of the ultraviolet radiation of the Holy Spirit and the Source, will continue during the period that is now approaching. This period will now be extended to a significantly greater number of hours: it will begin at 11 AM (the time of your watch) and will end at 2 PM anywhere on Earth.You will be asked during this period of time (even if only for a few minutes) to focus your consciousness on this crystal area above your body to allow the anchoring in your perception of your collective eternal body so that it can be created and be your conscience totally. Earth in its entirety is now in the birthing process that will enable the emergence and awareness of the 5th dimension by the end of My work before mid May of 2010. During this period everything will be done according to God's plan. We just have to enter the manifestation of this design to achieve the full establishment of this new dimension. This is on the way.The proposed timetable is a timetable imposed by the Source [Divinity]. It is unwavering and permits no delays. Thus those human beings who are not yet connected to the true Light and the Truth of the Source and who wish to do so may do this provided they open their heart, and this will exist until the end of September [after that the time for decision is over]. There will be no time after that thanks to this [Divine] decree. It involves during this period the implementation of the vibration of the heart, the vibration of the new lamps in you so you can submit entirely to the Will of the Light and the consciousness of the Light in you.Resistance is futile. Those who resist will become aligned in a very logical process (by the principle of resonance and attraction) with beings not moving in the direction of the Light. As Light arrives this Light dwells in you, and this Light is manifested in this world. Those resistant forces may still for some time show their anxiety, their suffering, but it does not alter the establishment of the plan of the Light. Receive this energy effusion and activation, this effusion of the ultraviolet radiation, coupled with the Holy Spirit, and coupled with the radiation of the Source.As I said the anchor of this new dimension is possible by your presence in your density. However there exists on the Earth places that will become extremely visible in the coming days near 3 major cities in the future of this Earth. There is a radiant triangle of forces on the surface of this Earth (it also exists in you individually). This radiant triangle of forces has the first point adjacent to the city called Teotihuacan (the Mayan city of the Gods) [near Mexico City, known for the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon].The second point of the pyramid consists of Coba in the Yucatan Peninsula, known for its Mayan ruins [and its proximity to Cancun]. The third point is also in Mexico, and is situated in an area called Palenque [an ancient Mayan city situated in the foothills of the Chiapas mountains in southern Mexico close to the Guatemalan border.]This triangle of transmitting forces is the radiating point of connection at any time and for all eternity with Yerushalaim [the heavenly Jerusalem starship]. This is revealed not to make you move here, but so you can understand the meaning and scope of this event when it occurs. That event will come on August 15 of your year. This most intense magnetic vibration is being implemented by the beings that you call Angels of the Lord and those of the inner Earth. At that very moment and at that specific time you can join others in these locations to participate in the establishment and the anchoring of the multidimensional bodies collectively at these points.Seven Magnetic obsidian disks have been reactivated. They allow you at this very moment to activate the twelfth lamp [virtue]. This is done of course by your consent, by your own desire and by your own resonance in returning to the Light. However this junction is now complete and the anchor will emerge gradually in the coming weeks. As I announced from the beginning of My arrival this year, during this phase of deconstruction, this phenomena of Light, this radiance of the light, will be manifested in you now by activating this twelfth lamp [or the 12th virtue].This flame of Light will also be increasingly and more powerfully visible within your skies over longer periods of time. None of this should alter, disrupt or delay the emergence in you of your connection to the twelfth lamp. Many of you, as I said, have begun to explore your eternal bodies already. Within this body of Light (or crystal or diamond body) you perceive reality unfiltered by your 3rd density. It reveals God's plan and God's heart, but it also reveals your plan and your heart, so that you formulate and manifest within your separated density your role as beings of the Light and your function in this Light. Welcome this effusion, this radiation, and this activation.The Council, having presided over the creation of Atlantis in 50,731 BC [about 52,000 years ago] will again be involved in this event in due course in this sacred triangular space in Mexico. This is to come. This is not for now but it will be formally announced later. The new codes of Light for mankind to establish the new rules of life in this new 5th dimension will be given during the week preceding August 15 by the Archangel Metatron Himself. This effusion of Light within your environment will now be given between 11 AM and 2 PM during the following weeks and days until August 8. I will on August 8 give you the guidelines to employ for the next 7 days [until August 15], so you can anchor the arrival and manifestation of the heavenly Jerusalem that I call Yerushalaim.The Source will be proven to you by His Presence and His Radiance in one form or another, because the Source has not abandoned you from all eternity. The demonstration by Abba [Aramaic word for father] the Father will produce in you the understanding and achievement of the Unity with the Father, as in the words of Christ: "I and My Father are One." This will soon come to you. You need to strengthen by your faith (by anchoring the Light with the new lamps given today) the radiance of your Light more perfectly. No social commitment, no emotional element, nothing professional must interrupt this work.Beloved masters of the Light you have completed the work of revelation of the Light in your physical body. Now you need to prove this to the world, whatever the obstacles of those who still possess fear. You must radiate and manifest this presence. Your work now involves this revelation of the Light to the world. Nothing, I say absolutely nothing, can oppose this.Of course, forces not yet disclosed will try to resist the Light by dissension and will try to oppose it. They can not oppose it because the Light does not condemn, the Light only arrives to be established and while being established it dissolves the darkness within your density. Obviously, a number of major aspects related to the deconstruction of the Earth and its outdated elements will appear to your eyes. This should have no impact and no significance on you. What occurs are actions by the Light. Receive this effusion, this energy radiation.Thus, to close these Celestial Marriages, I said that I will therefore give you instructions to complete your eternal body while still in your physical body on Saturday August 8 2009 at 12 noon [French time]. Nevertheless, because this is the end of this first part of the Celestial Marriages and its accomplishment in a multitude of human beings, I am open to discussion with you to clarify what is needed for you to join to your eternal body because it is the eternal truth, the eternal joy of the love of God in you. I now welcome your questions.Question: Could you talk about the specific virtues that were presented in recent weeks?The virtues have been performed one after another in progression. Their purpose is to get to this point now today where most of you have followed the process of completion of the Celestial Marriages. As a result today, this awareness has been activated and has revealed in you your ability to return to the Unity and your dimensional transformation in all consciousness in the new Truth through your completed work. There are in all your structures (physical, subtle and eternal) a number of functions. These functions are now activated.We first made the transition from ego to the heart. The first step was the attainment of self-Unity, the Unity of Self [a movement from duality]. During the second step We established in you (and you established in yourself) the new foundations of life in the dimension of love, having agreed to leave the 3D world by your disassociation from it. Then you have enabled the ability to radiate the Divinity, to establish it by this radiant energy. Then you were given the ability to communicate with dimensions other than your own.Then you activated the co-creation concept. Then you activated your polarity of Unity. Then a number of DNA strands were activated corresponding to matrices that enable the emergence of the new 5th dimension. This is still occurring. These virtues are the most important in your return to Joy, the return and your surrender [to Divinity], your return to the Truth and your return to the Unity.We could talk forever on the vibration activated in you since the sacred lemniscate, through the band activated at the last meeting. However, these items were given to express a number of vibrational and conscious benchmarks to you. Today these points will be activated by your connection to the Crystal Fountain. The rest does not need awakening.However, those of you who just now have chosen to start these processes are strongly urged to commit to establishing the foundations of the new life in your heart. The rest of the construction will come in the days and weeks to come, quite naturally and spontaneously. You activated collectively by your associations the framework to enable these new bodies within humanity. There is no longer a need to attach formal importance to this at the moment.Human beings who now wish to join the True Light have the opportunity now by rereading the words presented in the previous 12 steps to achieve this within the time allotted to them between August 15 and late September [which is the deadline as no more delays will be granted]. So it is for those of you who have not yet performed the activation of the eternal being in you due to opposition or a lack of knowledge or any other reason, to read again and install this matrix energy in you [by receiving the Light].However, for you, today, the most important and most essential concept in the establishment of this new spirituality in you, is to focus your consciousness at this point above the body. I will return in a somewhat more intense manner at the end of My work. You do not, beloved Masters of Light who have accomplished this work, need to worry about anything other than the Light and the point above your head.The rest will be implemented automatically in you: the sacred lemniscate, the inner silence, the sound that is the penetration in your conscience, and your eternal body, whether you experience this now by your travels or your revelations that will occur during your nights and your days. This is accomplished by the intelligence of the Light in you and not by your logical intelligence.Question: Is it our duty to inform our relatives who would not know of this otherwise?To inform them without imposing or pressuring them is of utmost importance. Reading what I have told you during these past 12 weeks will open the minds of many more human beings. You need to but reveal yourself by your presence to propose their receiving the Light. From the moment you accept the ultraviolet energy, the energy of the Holy Spirit and the Source, you exhibit the points of Light above your head, and those around you will not be indifferent [they will notice this]. Expect oppositions however, expect denials but do not judge. Make sure you offer these texts and your own radiance of Light.Question: What of those close relatives who in their fears are at the point of not even wanting to hear this?Then that is their choice. Today more than ever, every human being is in his place, at the right age, in just the right position, and in just the role he has chosen for his arrival at the end of this cycle. Everything now is entirely in place.Question: What is in store for children and adolescents?As has been said by many messengers and even independently apart from the Archangelic Conclave, children, well before they are 14 years old, are systematically connected to what will come [and are prepared for this ascension process]. You do not have to worry about them. In the case of adolescents, many of them will become aware of the reality of this from the time the phenomena of Light appears [in the heavens], and the manifestation of those you call the extra-terrestrials will become obvious and can not be hidden, because this will be for them, regardless of any spiritual goal, the possibility of a new world.Remember that most young people around the world only see the end of the world, expressing this through violence, rejection, or fear. However, the arrival of the new in your 3rd density, by the manifestation of the Light and the manifestation of Vessels of Light [whether they are your bodies or UFOs], will make the emergence of a new hope for them possible. So do not worry about that.If you have the opportunity to just establish your Light body with the crystal in the Crystal Fountain [above your head], that will be sufficient. However, once again, the choice of a large part of humanity will be to oppose this [time travelers have said that the population of future Earth will be less than 1 billion and that number may be even significantly less]. There is no need to interfere. This is the destiny of their souls, and that is their choice. Some people (as I have said and other participants in the Conclave have told you) need to amplify their Light. For Light to grow it is necessary for them to return to and grow in the Light. You should not judge nor condemn anyone but only encourage them.You should contribute both by your radiance and by offering information through these texts corresponding to the activation of these new matrices [the 12 virtues]. Thus I urge even you to reread the literature of the past 12 weeks of the Celestial Wedding [the 12 virtues] in order to understand the ins and outs and what it means in your lives and your future.Question: Will the Extra-Terrestrial UFOs be vessels of Light or will they be metallic vessels?What will occur in your heavens are all the forces that exist in the universe [a multitude of UFOs will be uncloaked for all to see]. By this principle of resonance and attraction, some will be attracted by the dark vessels, while others will be attracted by the ships of Light. It is your responsibility to determine in your heart and in your eternal body your choice. This is the truth. Many things will be manifested in this 3rd dimension in your heavens both of higher dimensions and of lower dimensions.Question: Could you expand on the vessels [bodies] of Light?The eternal body or your eternal being has been hidden from you, as I have said many times. You separated yourself from your eternality by descending within this density by the experiment desired by certain heavenly individuals. Coming to this world in isolation, you have made the sacrifice of a knowledge of your Godhead. Your eternal body or your vehicle of Light has remained at a distance from you.[It is said that many of the “old souls” or those who have had many lives in reincarnation and who are now here originated in the highest of densities on the level with Divinity, and because they had no further density to travel to they volunteered to participate in this 3D experiment where a personal knowledge of Divinity was hidden. The goal of creation is to continually move to the next level as we learn truths and pass tests in our evolution, while a stagnant existence is not desired.]Today the activation of the sacred lemniscate through the inner silence and the tones has occurred in you. You can consciously return to travel in your vehicle of Eternity. However, this is still under development. Some beings now have the ability to travel consciously, while others travel only briefly and extremely temporarily.Finally do not worry about not feeling the vibration and the tone if the perception of vibrations of the new lamps has not yet joined your eternal body. You still have some time to achieve this. The arrival and the collective manifestation and realization of the Yerushalaim vehicle in your sky will for most of you accomplish what has not yet been completed [some will need visible proof], so be patient. Concentrate your consciousness and focus on new foundations in the heart and the crystal Light located above your head. Only these two areas should occupy your focus during your days and your nights ahead. The remainder will appear to you and be established in a spontaneous way without your seeking it.Question: Is the concept of traveling to other dimensions with our bodies of Light accurate?This is the goal. You will be able to perform this in time by the dimensional transfer at the outpouring of the sun on the Earth. [Many advanced ETs and others have spoken of traveling to other galaxies instantly without the use of what we call UFOs. The Sun will transmit this capability to us as part of our new eternal bodies. Much of what is to come seems now like a fantasy only because we do not fully understand the changes that will occur.]Question: How can You coordinate this ability to travel in these bodies of Light while we are still incarnated at this point in the 3rd dimension?This will in time be possible. What you have lived, what you established within this 3rd dimension will simply not exist any more. And this process has nothing to do with what you call death except for those who refuse the Light. The addition of this new eternal body of Light that will be given by Archangel Metatron will create new areas of living that have absolutely nothing to do with what you have known or anything resembling the existing structures on this Earth. This dimensional transformation includes the emergence in your consciousness of a new world and a new era. It is now time to confront and understand this Truth.There are no empty promises of paradise in the sense that you have heard in terrestrial descriptions. The 3rd dimension in isolation, regardless of the beauty and the joy that was experienced was merely an experiment. The agenda of this experiment desired by certain [heavenly] individuals was for you to advance in the Light despite the loss of the knowledge of your Godhead [your Unity with Divinity]. The experiment was undertaken and it is completed now for those which desire this and are able to accomplish this [and who have chosen the Light and ascension].The decision does not involve using the logical mind. It is only a result of the vibration of the consciousness in your heart and in your eternal body . This should not shock you but rather should encourage you to investigate and understand this body of eternity. When you have access to the Truth in full you will comprehend, by the intelligence of the Light, the totality of what is to be understood without going through your brain, by circumventing the mental illusions and simply living in this Truth. That is the agenda that you will experience soon.Question: What is difference between the Holy Spirit (communicated in these effusions) and the Holy Spirit (mentioned in Catholicism)?The Holy Spirit is the feminine polarity of God that falls under the influence of the central sun of your galaxy called Sirius B, whose influence is blue (as opposed to the sun in the center of the galaxy in the Pleiades called Alcyone, and whose influence is white). The Holy Spirit has been a distortion desired by some religious leaders at the beginning of what has been called Catholicism in order to misrepresent the feminine energy of God [and to encourage the defeminization of women leading them to have a status of inferiority and even slavery in some societies]. Thus the blue mantle of Mary and My blue coat came from Sirius. They are the eternal feminine in you that I called the Holy Spirit and are not the Catholic version of the Holy Spirit.Question: Could you elaborate on the sacred lemniscate?The lemniscate is the sacred symbol of infinity represented in the form of vibrations between your heart chakra and the chakra located in the nose in the upper lip area. In this place, through the reversal and the symbol of infinity, is revealed the mystery of life. This corresponds to the vibration of what has been called in other countries the non-Sephirah Daath [ the action of letting an old relationship, a bad habit or lifestyle die ].By this modification and transformation you have access to the full Godhead. In the same way that while having forfeited your Divinity you transformed yourselves and deviated from the normal paths in order to travel these realms of creation in your return to the Unity, the return to your Divinity. This is the meaning of the sacred lemniscate.Question: Could you tell us about what is called "the announcement to Mary?It is a little early to describe this. However, when I with the Archangelic Conclave finish the deconstruction of the world on May of next year the announcement by Mary will be revealed to the world. This, as I said earlier, is the vibrational announcement in your consciousness [the tone that He referred to earlier] heard within your physical body, in your heart, in your ear, in your head, concerning the particular announcement of Mary. It is not for Me, for the time being, to explain that. This will be announced by Mary Herself in various places at various times. I will let the Divine Mary Herself perform the task of revealing this but it is not yet time. This message will occur at the end of my last outpouring of Celestial Marriages after September 29.Question: Between today, which is the outpouring of the 12th virtue and August 15, what can we expect with regard to deconstruction both on an individual basis and also regarding the environment?At your personal level, in your personal life, you will continue to grow in Light and knowledge. Resistances, resulting from what you established in the old world, the attachments, the dark things that are set aside, will disappear from you as become beings of the full Light . Thus many relationships have to be discarded, while other new relationships must emerge in order to build a life that abides in the Light. Some phases will be completed. It is necessary to resolve (in you and around you and in your personal lives) the elements associated with your resistance to the establishment of Light. The cancellation of some programs, the cancellation of some functions inherited from the fears and the era of power, will immediately develop. This is due to the intelligence of the Light that you receive.Regarding the elements on your planet, many deconstructions are now underway. Changes to your heavens and to your sun have begun. A number of phenomena related to fire, water, land and air will soon enter their maximum phase on your continents. This I've already been warned about. You will see all over the globe the increase of climate-related changes [we are now experiencing a cool summer that contradicts those who speak of global warming]. This will drastically begin the deconstruction of your economic and social systems. It can not be otherwise. Light requires new transmissions, new attitudes, new adjustments. You can not live the new life without leaving the old life, individually and collectively. This is what you will now see with your own eyes.Question: How are the so-called "3 days" related In this context?This has nothing to do these periods of reconstruction. The 3 days [of darkness and a pole reversal] are planned for a later stage.Question: Your level of interventions would seem to have an impact in the air, particularly at the level of electromagnetic phenomena. What about on the ground?Disturbances will occur daily throughout these events and will also include electromagnetic forces associated with the sun and those related to Sirius and the wave of galactic energy from Alcyone that is now entering into your atmosphere. So do not be surprised by a number of events related to that. They are important and they are necessary.Question: What can we bring to those outside of the Light, those who are in fear or dismay over this?Nothing but the Light. When I talk about the intelligence of Light it is the element that allows you to face and remain calm during what will come. Light is the infallible guide which will enable you to go to the appropriate places during appropriate periods in appropriate meetings. Light becomes your guide, provided you listen to it.Question: Is the number of people who developed new vibrational elevations [by enabling the 12 virtues] enough to complete the processes ahead?This is sufficient on an individual basis but not on a collective basis [many more need to receive the Light collectively]. However during the next 2 periods that I've defined (the week preceding August 15 and the week before September 29), there will be an expansion of the vibrational level of Light that has never been known on Earth. This will make it possible, by your work and Our work, to make possible the completion of the events announced.Question: Could you tell us about changes that will be observed in the environment?This may change [as decisions are made daily]. This corresponds completely to My work and the work of the Conclave and the preparation that you make for your lives. This is neither incidental nor late but this is totally part of the plan. Remember: I've always said that deconstruction is not destruction. Only by your receiving the Light that is separated from fear will you not face what you could call destruction. But the point of view of the soul and spirit is profoundly different. This destruction is only a renewal and a rebirth.Question: It seems that the ejections of solar plasma [solar flares] have multiplied.This is true. I am Michael. As Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia, by decree of the Source, I manage the elements but I am also the Spirit of the sun, called in some traditions, Christ Michael [Aton].Question: How is this linked to our religious teachings of Christ?This is the same principle. The old trinity, called by the Catholic Church the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is a deception [as is much of their teachings]. The real true Trinity is the Son, the Mother and the Father. The Father is the Source, the Divine Mother is Mary, the Son is Christ Michael. The new Trinity, through the manifestation of the radiant triangle of forces on the points that I have provided on your globe, is the emergence of that. The truth is now restored in full.You should no longer adhere to illusions or social beliefs but only to the Truth of Light. This is not the same thing. Religions, without exception, were necessary. They have provided a direction and guidance for mankind for thousands of years. Today, by finding your access and control in your own Light, intermediaries [priests and popes] have become unnecessary. You yourself are your own guides, your own Light and your own masters, even if some of you still have difficulties accepting this and living it. This is strictly true, but for this it must be accomplished in the heart. There is no other point of consciousness necessary.Question: Will Your action cause a physical shift of the poles of the Earth?It will. But that is not important now. The important thing now is to build your eternity in your eternal body. The rest are just basic games that do not concern you. You will not be affected, from the moment you experience the intelligence of the Light, by confidence in the Light and living your life to the Light. [He only speaks of a pole shift because the question was asked. Many do not wish to hear about this and He does not elaborate on it.]Question: You referred to the surrender of the forces of darkness. Is this what some call Lucifer?This is true. The time for dissent and opposition that has foreshadowed your history since the fall of Atlantis is no longer necessary. Only complex forces persist today, regardless of their names. They are represented on Earth by human beings whose role in the darkness now is to incorporate the forces of resistance to the Light. However, these beings are not damned. These are beings who are permitted a return to the Godhead at a later time.However, regarding the major forces that have governed the evolution of this planet and the experiences you have encountered, the time for the departure of these forces is at hand. Alone, therefore, groups of human beings and groups of complex forces are still extremely limited in any action within your density by the principle of resonance and attraction. The biggest deconstructions of the current time are related to fear. [The dark is allowed to perform only so much and is limited in their actions and feeds on fear.]Question: What is the difference between You and Jesus?Jesus is a person who was incarnated and was created in the most powerful manner by the Gods called Elohim. This character (as well as other beings, in other cycles) assumed a central role by incarnating on Earth and transmitting a certain quality of Light. This can be achieved by adding in this entity the purest form of the Essence of the heart called the Solar Christ [Aton?]. However, do not linger on these historical events. Today, these historical circumstances belong to the past. The Light arrives to change you, the Light comes to be established in you. Remember that the Light is intelligence. Thus, no questions remain unanswered in the Light.Question: Can the awakening of a greater number of people still alter climate change [reconstructions] when everything is already written [the timetable has already been established]?The meaning of the question, as I see it, is whether the Light can prevent deconstruction. The answer is no, because Light is the deconstruction of the illusion and the establishment of this new realm. Thus, the more who achieve this particular state of awakening and receive the Light, through the Celestial Marriage, the Mystical Wedding of your return to the Light, the more you will see an increase in the phenomena of deconstruction. Light can not object to non Light, Light is built through the deconstruction of what should be. You can not preserve any structures that were built by the dark. These must be removed completely.Question: You said that by the end of September each person will have been made his choice. Will this choice be final?Beloved masters of the Light, We have been announcing this for decades along with the prophets. Why do you want to delay this maturity by stopping it? Every thing is completely in place. With a certain threshold of Light [that has already been received] there is indeed no more possible return. And this is now.Question: What is the relationship of the karmic elements to the process of incarnation?What will occur now is the final conclusion of karma. Individual karma has been surpassed by the sacrifice of the Spirit of the Sun. It is your responsibility to return to the law of grace which replaces the law of karma. Nevertheless, the karma of all life in this dimension must be cleansed. This is what will occur. Karma must be eliminated. In fact, karma is burned and destroyed in the fire of purification.Question: Can the use of the Violet Flame help humanity today?You must help yourself. You do not have to be the saviors of humanity. Save yourselves. Everything is in place in this world. You do not need to work with the Light on what does not belong to the Light. This would be contrary to the Light. Make sure you live in establishing your Light and your new foundations. That is amply sufficient for Earth. Any action that uses force that claims to be of the Light is something that is not of the Light. Light is abandonment, Light is intelligence, Light knows what to do in the foundations in your life and on Earth. Why do you want to replace it?Question: Can the use of the Flame Violet be a help for oneself?The violet flame is different than the true Light. Today you have direct access to the Source. So please contact the Source, the indescribable being of Light. It goes beyond what you can imagine or conceive in relation to existing models of Light or to certain bands of Light or to certain frequencies of Light.Question: How can we live using these energy effusions to establish the appropriate consciousness in our lives?This process involves reunification. Living the Celestial Marriage is a miracle of Unification which puts you in contact with the Source, putting you in contact with the Holy Spirit, putting you in contact with the Ultraviolet radiation, and allowing you to build and rebuild and reconstruct your eternal body. Within this eternal body consciousness can not be fragmented or scattered. It is reconstituted and reunited. It is the work which you are building.We have more questions. Thank you.Beloved children and Masters of Light, before experiencing the rest of this outpouring and this reception I confirm that My next visit is on August 8 at noon. At this point I will communicate the work to be done during the week of August 8 to 15 in order to enable the appearance to you of the radiant triangle in full at this particular area of your globe that I talked about.Question: Are we allowed to circulate this information related to Mexico?Yes of course. There is nothing secret in this knowledge. No darkness can now disrupt what is predominantly established by the will of the Source, the will of the Conclave, the will of those of inner Earth, the will of the extra-terrestrials and super-Earth forces in this area. Let us accommodate this in silence. And remember that every day now, between 11 AM and 2 PM the triple energy of the Unity will be transmitted to any location on this planet. I bring you greetings from the Conclave and the Source. Beloved Masters of Light, creators of Light and children of the Light, be blessed.¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨My Comments [Rich N]: Much time was spent by AA Michael answering questions, and the length may be about 20 pages depending on the font size and layout. This is His last message for one month and it is by far the most important of any of His messages so far. Over half of this week’s message was given to answers that were generally complete and understandable for the most part, and much new information has been given that has until now been unrevealed. Probably the greatest revelation is the appearance in Mexico in one month of the New Jerusalem starship. Many (like me) have requested this visible proof both verbally and in consciousness, and it has been approved and decreed by Divinity to occur."And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven." (Revelation 21:2). “That is the Ashtar Command starship. The New Jerusalem is huge, so it doesn’t land. It has aboard it, in a massive computer system, the soul records of every single souled being on this planet, and it can find you from these records. It’s “commander” is Ashtar, a very old and experienced being” according to Candace. It is also used for evacuations when needed as during the coming reconstruction of Earth and her movement into 5D.The reason why this ship was chosen for display at this time is due to its housing of our soul records which will be used to determine where we will spend our future along with plans for possible evacuations. The world population has now been calculated and estimated by the US Census Bureau as 6,770,764,071 (almost 7 billion), and each soul has his records aboard that starship. Late September is the final time for each to decide where he wants to spend the many future millennia by accepting and surrendering to the Light or rejecting it.Why was Mexico chosen for the appearance next month of the starship Jerusalem? It is probably because their government is receptive unlike the US where the policy under Obama is still shoot first. Also the massive knowledge of the prophecies of the Mayan calendar and 2012 is a factor in these locations. There have been many videos of UFOs seen there, and they are receptive even though there is still much corruption there, but the location is close enough to the US and its people are advanced enough to publish these events world wide for all to see and to show that we are not alone as our leaders and religions would have us believe.We will soon meet ETs from the cosmos as the quarantine is lifted, and this will soon also include those from Agartha inner Earth. When Jesus (Esu) was born, Israel was the chosen location, although the results were very disappointing, but for the announcement of the new Earth in her 5th dimension an area in southern Mexico near ancient Mayan tourist sites has apparently been chosen.The 3 areas of the triangle that are mentioned:* Teotihuacan is near Mexico City.* Palenque is in the foothills of the Chiapas mountains southeast of Mexico City.* Coba is in the Yucatan Peninsula east of Mexico City.* From Teotihuacan to Palenque is about 400 miles.* From Teotihuacan to Coba is about 650 miles.* From Palenque to Coba is about 300 miles.This triangular area covers about 65,400 square miles, so it is immense. Some vehicles that we call UFOs are thousands of miles wide so that the New Jerusalem may be big enough to cover the entire US and Mexico if it were to hover closely over that area. All 3 areas are known for their Mayan heritage and visitors and tourists spend much time viewing these cities and pyramids.Some will compare this to the October 14 event or to Project Bluebeam, but there are many differences. Project Bluebeam was developed some years ago by the dark and uses 3D holographic images that are projected into the sky to deceptively make people believe that certain events are occurring that are only hoaxes. A UFO the size of the New Jerusalem which is probably as large as all North America can not be implemented by this technology and would be disclosed as a fraud if attempted.The October 14 event that was announced is different, and whether this was an attempt by ETs that was not permitted or was a darkside hoax is uncertain. One week before that time Aton said that it would not be allowed if it was attempted and thus nothing occurred. This August 15 plan has been approved by Divinity and will occur despite any plans to halt it. Any aircraft that may try to attack the New Jerusalem can be disabled as some pilots have experienced in the past by their free falls and loss of power in their attempts. Many ETs believe in a Creator God, but few have a full understanding that some on Earth have as we have religion taught in churches worldwide, and how this movement to 5D will affect these ETs is uncertain. Some have had dreams and visions of mass decloaking of UFOs, and this may soon occur as He mentioned, but discernment will be necessary because they will travel from many areas of the cosmos and some are not of the Light as he stated.Archangel Metatron will give us “the new codes of Light for mankind to establish the new rules of life in this new 5th dimension”, and it is obvious reforms in our lifestyles need to be made. Michael said that teens generally see doom and gloom ahead with little improvement and that they see the future as continually getting worse. By seeing the reality of UFOs and ETs some may choose to receive the Light and will comprehend the reality of needed changes that will soon be implemented as we move into 5D. Adults are generally more skeptical of changes and prefer to continue in a status quo, and thus are less likely to accept what is to come, preferring to believe the media and religious programming that is generally deceptive and purposely misleading to maintain control over us and keep us in slavery. Because this is so much a part of our lives as is money most accept this as a normal requirement of everyday life.The Crystal Fountain is a Light that is about 2 1/2 feet above your head that shows that you have received this Light, and this will be seen by some as time progresses. There are advanced teachers and gurus who can read the many shades of light around us called auras, and this extends about 3 feet in all directions from our body depending upon our spiritual development. By seeing the colors that emanate healers can see problems that exist in each soul and can help provide a remedy for these problems. Many early religious paintings show holy individuals with halos that are an indication of this, and it is said that some children can frequently see these auras but do not discuss this because it is not a part of the education that is given them by society. This training usually requires years of practice to perfect this and should become available to all in the future.Excerpts from Nidle said this week : “We return with more information about what is going on and what is to be in your very near future. First, there is the matter of regime change, coupled with the promise of first contact. Neither of these do we take lightly. Many pivotal events are close; these are the remaining things we must do before the regimes fronting for the dark can be transformed into new caretaker ones. Concurrent with these operations is the parallel mission to deliver the prosperity funds.”“Just as you need to be transformed, so too does Mother Earth. This is to say that the severity of her changes precludes any living thing surviving on the surface world. Therefore, it is essential that you be evacuated from the surface to Inner Earth. This evacuation mission includes saving the flora and fauna of this world. We arranged with the Agarthans [inner Earth} and elements within our fleet for a vast and complex rescue project to save the living ecosystem of Mother Earth, and our projections have shown us how to do this successfully.”“After the 11+ earthquakes, many-miles-high tsunamis, and the unceasing volcanic eruptions [that will occur], a new surface for Mother Earth can emerge. Then we can repopulate your world with renewed flora and fauna. The beauty of this new world will remind you of the accounts of the European explorers as they looked with awe upon the pristine forests, lakes, and mountains of the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania! When you emerge from your slumbers in your Light chambers, Mother Earth, like you, will have morphed into a five-dimensional Being.” [Sheldan states that Earth will undergo unparalleled changes and those who have chosen to remain will be moved to Inner Earth while these changes progress, and will be transformed by these Agarthan Light chambers for 5D. Michael has said that inner Earth will participate in this process along with other ETs, but He has not yet mentioned these chambers of Light.]“What is happening is fundamental change [the Universe is now in a reconstruction period]. The seed to recreate the planet Vulcan [reportedly to be in orbit near the Sun] is ready to appear. The things happening now on Mars and Venus [terraforming] are precursors of the extensive remodeling that will return them to full-fledged status as water planets. Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus are likewise doing things that signal vast alterations on the horizon. The electromagnetics of the solar system are changing apace [swiftly], and the recent odd behavior of the Sun [solar flares] is another sign of this impending change. Do not discount the magnitude of the transformation being undertaken here. Multidimensional, foundational change is underway.”“A vast accumulation of gold and silver and its distribution to appropriate states throughout your world is secured. The accords setting up a fair and equitable banking system worldwide are also procured. What is left is the final thrust that transforms specific governments into caretaker states which will be willing to instigate the many needed reforms. These reforms are to end the cycles of war, poverty, and hatred which have plagued your reality for millennia. This grand shift into prosperity, peace, and personal sovereignty is to change the way you perceive and think about your world. These eye-openers are just the start, as many secrets are to be revealed. The coming time is not merely about the big technological leap forward; it is about a transformation in consciousness, and the initial jolts are the opening salvos in a huge 'quiet revolution' that is to turn your world upside down.”The farside data showed immense energy again on Sunday around the time of Michael’s message, so this may have some significance, and data for Monday omits AM data and only shows immense energy in the PM. Starting Tuesday the graph shows no energy, and that can signify either that this energy burst is over or that the data was erased as they have done in the past. [ ]ETs and those of Inner earth have plans that must be approved by Divinity, and decisions are made every day that may change certain events. The time for personal decisions for our futures will soon expire by late September, and there will be no further delays because this has been ordained by Divinity, and ascension will progress as planned despite any opposition. AA Michael said there will be a physical pole shift, and by focusing on the Light we can remain calm in this inner peace. This seems to support Sheldan’s message of a level of destruction that none can survive, thus the need for humans to be removed to areas like the Inner earth while Earth is cleansed, suggesting that stasis may no longer be an option. Agendas that were given earlier may no longer be valid as changes in decisions are continually made due to many factors.Ashtar’s new Jerusalem that will soon appear specializes in evacuations so this may also be a sign of future events. The way I interpret the future timetable according to the data given so far (this is only my interpretation and is probably not totally accurate) is that we will see the new Jerusalem on August 15 over southern Mexico, and the deadline for each persons choice of receiving or rejecting the Light will be late September. Michael's work will be completed by May 2010 and all life will be removed from the surface of Earth by then so that she can be cleansed and renewed. This process will take about 2 years and by December 2012 3D Earth will not exist and only the new 5th dimensional Earth will be seen. At that time we will be returned to create the new 5D Earth and a new beginning.Ashtar's fleet will assist in the evacuation and some will be moved to Inner Earth as Sheldan said. There will be many UFOs that will soon be visible in our skies, both of the Light and of the dark. Each should determine by his own resonance (whether Light or dark) the choice of which UFOs to accommodate. I doubt any other messengers will discuss this because most do not want to even consider this possibility, and new agers will continue to hope for a better 3D world. I feel that during the next few weeks Divinity and ETs will be formulating future plans for the extensive changes that will occur and thus no more messages will be given for a while.Whether this forecast will occur or not is unclear, but it is nice to have knowledge of a monumental event like this that will signal to the world the start of ascension and the transition to the 5th dimension, and it will be a milestone in the future that many will remember as being more important than 1776 is to the US. Many leaders have undoubtedly already had this work translated and are aware of the implications of these events to themselves and to the world, and the actions they take may soon be revealed. Most want change but they only want a better 3D, and that era is over. This is a perspective of the future, and the determination of its validity will soon be revealed, but only time will tell.Rich N I [Rich N] will update on my above site all 12 virtues as given and will in time provide a PDF with this work for all to read.¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨
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