(Note: Last night I was interrupted in a communication with a being who was in my home by a pulsating pale pink light outside of my window. It was a "craft" of a sort, a "lightship" if you will, or simply a "pulsating transmission" for lack of a better term. It was a roundish-cake pan-souffle shape that stuck out in the clouds and pulsated rapidly. It also had some kind of sparkling "discharge" of sparkles every once in a while appearing at the base of this object. It almost looked like the halo I get before I get a migraine headache. I don't know if this was a test by the ETs to see what my response would be (Not very mature response, by the way: I started crying), but suddenly a human woman's voice started talking to me very matter of factly, but not unkindly.She stated that she was "Agent Cynthia Williams" of the NSA and that it was her job to inform me that the agency had in fact placed a type of neuropathic transmitter in me to monitor me and to "control" my movements and thoughts "at times". She stated very clearly that this was not to "mind control" me, for that was not the goal, but rather to place a sort of "neural guard" in place because of national security issues.They stated that they were monitoring me very heavily and that they simply didn't know what my abilities were in full and that they were certain that because of the unknown factors involved, they wanted toA) 'see further what I was all about" and that B) make sure I was monitored due to the unknown factor, because she called me a "time bomb" waiting to go off. I found that rather silly and over the top, but then she said "You do in fact carry within you the power of several suns, Anya. And due to the nature of your relationship with other intelligences, that poses a very serious threat to National Security."I told her that in my shock, that by releasing this information to me, that I automatically hated her and the agency she worked for, and she said "I know. It is not important what I think of that. I realize and understand your resentment. It is understood. But know this: You will not be allowed to leave the continental United States for the time being."And then she offered me a stipend and then asked if they could take me to an underground base, to which I immediately scoffed "Unless it's with no strings attached, which we both know is false" to which she said there were strings. I also said "There's NO WAY NO DAY I am going to be taken by you to an underground base." She understood and told me that this message was being conveyed by a psychic in the program who was called "Cynthia Williams" and that it was not her,(I doubt 'Cynthia Williams' is even the psychic's name) but that she was the agent who was giving me the message.I suddenly became very tired and went to bed shortly thereafter (I actually shut the window in her pulsating-light ship face and told her "this conversation is over, goodbye", lol) and all night long my sleep was interrupted by beings of light in my room zapping me with light pulses, doing things to me on a vibrational/vibratory/sensory level of some sort, etc., I don't know if they were NSA or off-world intelligences or both. It was a restless night of sleep with a dizzy sensation of falling and disorientation followed by many vivid and bizarre dreams.)So then I got this message today:I know how hard it has been to realize the constraints placed upon your being, Anya. You are not a slave, not in the sense that you MUST do this or that- it is not like that, dear one. You are frightened that your sovereign being has been ultimately compromised by this revelation they have given you last night, the NSA. You must realize, Anya, that by law, we are not supposed to be here, do you understand that feature of this adventure, dear one? ("It's wrong. You are not a national security threat. Nor am I.") Yes. But we must obey the laws of this society you live in currently, Anya. We are not going to harm them for this 'trespass' as it were. We are not going to suppose that what is happening to you is right, nor wrong, it just is.It is not for us to say why they choose to monitor you so heavily or with such vigor, Anya. You are a star bright, shining in the night and the sun of suns, it is true, but you are not a "time bomb" waiting to go "off" or thereabouts. This "Cynthia Williams" agent was wrong in that and many regards.Monitoring you will not affect your prowess as pertains to telepathy or any other program or feature of this disclosure process. The NSA knows about you, plain and simple, Anya. It is an established fact at that agency that you are a known psychic of great power and they are scared of what you can "bring to the table" as it were. Anya. You are to them a giantess, a "great power" and resource to their purposes and they want to know more about how you operate so to speak. And YES, they have made a clone of you already, but it is not for us to say why or how. It is only for us to say that you are being watched with a 'fine tooth comb' as it were and we are concerned about issues of privacy for you but we know this ultimately will not keep you quiet for long, 'lol'!Anya it is prior to this event of disclosure that we will announce our presence to you and others around the planet as it were. Very shortly we will be announcing a new way of being and doing through you and others via messages to the world, please see that they get out to the public as it were as readily as possible, then. I am aware that they are monitoring this message and fully expect them to be alarmed by this presentation.You must realize Anya that these are "status quo" obsessed people. They don't want to 'rock the boat' as it were on any form of level of consciousness, and we have aligned you to our purposes so readily that it scares them. They think we are here to take over when in fact it is us who wish to remain "in the background" whenever possible, for whomever possible. It is only with great permission from you that we are revealing ourselves, and only per your request in the manner you wish it, Anya dear. You are 'freaked out' as you say, by our solid appearances, some of us, and it is only natural that you would want an energy signature to be more comforting and acceptable, so there you go with our appearances.We will tell you this, dear one: we are NOT, nor have we EVER been here to harm anyone on this planet or the next that you will be inhabiting, so to speak- and yes, Anya, you will be inhabiting 'another planet' in a while- a great while- if you continue on this path of communication with us. You will be 'transported' if you will into the next realm of existence by us shall we say, to the New Dawn that awaits others and you as well. It is not a suicide mission, on the contrary, dear one. We mean you no harm nor alarm by this statement. It is simply a matter of fact that you will be terra forming a new life as it were in the New Age to come shortly, and we must go bravely forward where no man or woman has gone before in this realm of existence to see it through to completion.("I have a question.") Yes, dear one: you ARE being controlled to a certain extent, not by the level you think, but by a certain extent this 'Agent Cynthia Williams', whomever she was, was telling you the facts of truth: you have to abide by the boundaries they are setting for you at this time, dear one. You must not travel beyond a certain point, and by that we mean the Continental United States as it were, for security reasons. You will not have the 'quadruple S' statement listed anywhere on your travel documents when traveling, nor will anyone pull you aside for security reasons, nor will alarms go off or the like. But you must abide by this law they are placing on you now for the time being, because you will be traveled so to speak by them in other ways and means and you must behave yourself while they are doing this because you cannot see the forest for the trees right now as it were and knowledge will come to you on the matter soon enough.You are volunteering for this position, dear one. You have asked in many lifetimes and in many patterns of existence to do this job you have asked to do and been asked to do, and each time you have accepted. Please understand, dear one, we mean you no disrespect, but you cannot be shocked by this knowledge of them monitoring you and in fact you are not surprised by the outcome of this inevitable contact you have made with us. We are not here to ruin the laws or abide by our own rules, dear one. You must acknowledge that they are doing their jobs as well, and they will not harm you so far as you 'behave' and not leave the continental United States. Is that okay? ("It's weird.") Yes, but the jurisdiction lies within the confines of this United States of America and you will see that it is for the best if you do not try to abide by any other way of being and doing for the time being, okay? ("How long is "for the time being"?) For the rest of your life, unfortunately. You must understand, Anya, that you will not be harmed in any way shape or form if you decide to leave the country, but this rule of governance over your being will exist for your entire Earthly existence.They will come into your home eventually, Anya, and tell you all about it- the limitations more specifically. You must let them in and you must let them speak with you further about this. We will protect you for the time being, Anya, but there is no way we can interfere if something were to happen if you do not behave and say "No" to letting them into your home. Just so you know, you will be monitored in this regard as well, and no 'Man in Black' will be party to this. It is of the utmost importance, Anya dear, that you cooperate entirely with what they tell you/ask you. You MUST let them know you are not a threat to them in any way shape or form, okay, Anya dear? ("I don't like this. Why do I have to explain myself, they've gotten all the information they need right there on the internet. I don't like the idea of any agent of any government agency coming into my home and questioning me. It feels like a violation and that I've done something 'wrong' when in fact I haven't done anything wrong.") I know, Anya dear. You are a communique, however, and that IS a National Security Issue, however.Yes, the US Government does not *officially* recognize us per se, but they do, and you know this. They will speak candidly and not in veiled tones about your experience, so know this in advance: It WILL make you uncomfortable at times. It WILL give you pause to stop talking to them and asking them to leave. You must behave yourself if you do. You must tell them honestly that if you do not know something, do not elaborate and simply tell them "I don't know". Keep it 'short and sweet" and they will let you go soon enough. Do not elaborate, just be yourself as John says. Be yourself, ask them inside, and give them coffee if you like, aha! You will see them in an entirely new light and they will appreciate you for it and for not "causing a scene" as it were. Just be as kind as you can be and they will take leave shortly thereafter.It will not be as you expect, Anya. You will not have neighbors "gawking" etc. It will not be a public spectacle, nor will you be led away in chains, aha! You have a "worst case scenario" approach to this, Anya! These "spooks" as you say are human beings just like yourself, and they will keep it to themselves, but they will admire you for your courage in the face of such "brutality" of spirit, and will align themselves further as it were so that you will not have any say on the matter. It just will be 'what it is' as you say. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, they do want to pay you a stipend and send you to an underground base- but there will be strings attached and you will not like it, so I would advice against it, dear one. You are no more beholden to the NSA than any other company or strategy. You are a sovereign being of light, dear one.Please be advised that they WILL try to tempt you again with promises of money, etc, and you will take it if you are not careful. You are not to be swayed shall we say, by promises of any "big catch" as it were of funds. You are not here for that, nor shall you be tempted by that, are we clear? ("I thought I was sovereign.") You ARE, dear one. This is how you STAY sovereign! By the beat of your own free will, you will continue to be sovereign by "not being bought' shall we say.("People who don't take the money have a nasty habit of getting killed.") Yes, that is true. We are here to stay by your side and no nonsense of that sort will happen to you in any way shape or form. You will NOT be killed if you don't take the money, do you understand? ("They tried the heart attack scenario, didn't they?") Yes, I am afraid so. Jeff Hamilton was protecting you on that, actually. You must understand he is not ALL bad, dear one. He is invested in your well being, regardless of how he comes across. But John was right: stay away from him, He is a "bad man" as they say, for lack of a better term. You must know all is as it should be, and all is One on this great Adventure to disclosure.You must understand, Anya, that the "cloak and dagger" mentality is all for naught if you don't understand secrecy and the nature of paranoia it breeds/provides. It is not for us to say whether or not this creates a better atmosphere in your country of birth, Anya. We are only here to assist you and provide for you the tools of your enlightenment. We wish you no harm. But we must tell you this, for you are otherwise at a loss, and that is no way to be either. You wanted to be "on top of" the "game" as it were, and you are! You have devised so many mechanisms of your being and doing hood to cope, shall we say, with this rather sudden and dramatic change to your life, and for that we are eternally grateful that you wish to be our friends and not our enemies, shall we say.We understand you are not a "friend" per se to the NSA, but they are not here to harm you intentionally if you are to provide them with the information you need to. You DO need to provide them with basic facts, shall we say. That you ARE starseed, that you ARE angelic human, etc. You are welcome to discuss at length with them what that means to you and what that provides them with to take home to their bosses as it were, aha! You know they are concrete thinkers not prone to flights of imagination-- they are not "right brained" individuals per se, but that they are believers in a God bigger than themselves, and it will provide for them a certain basis for being and doing that is necessary for making their jobs easier and less conflicted, shall we say.We want to meet them halfway on this, shall we say. We WANT to establish contact with the men and women of this agency on a level that is fair and no disruption to their lives, but I am afraid they will take it a bit as a shock, those of whom are not in the know, shall we say, of the knowledge of our existence. As you know, the human brain can only handle so much at a time, and we will sacrifice ourselves on the altar of truth before we would wish it to harm one hair on the head shall we say of even these agents who choose to destroy us time and time again with weapons of destruction and so forth.We are loving beings of light who wish it to see through our missions no matter what, and you will be taken to a higher level on this respect due to your extraordinary abilities, and we will protect you and defend you in that and many regards, dear one. You must go now and absorb better this information, and if one of the agents makes a pass at you to stop by his building, shall we say, take it. Offers like this are few and far between, and we will see to it that you ARE protected and safe in this and many regards. You will not regret "seeing it from his point of view", shall we say. And YES you may post this to others who wish to see it. You will be amazed at the lack of response, though. Others are watching and waiting to see what happens, however, aha! We love and honor and "obey" you, aha, dear one! You will not be harmed by posting this message to others, shall we say. You are well in mind, body and spirit, dear one. Have courage and do not be afraid of these people any longer, for they are aware of your presence fully now and like what they see, actually! You will be amazed, actually. Life is long, Anya, and you have much to do before your time to pass comes. You WILL succeed in your tasks, have no fear of reprisal, dear one.Amen, Adonai, AmenGod is One, All is Love, All is One on this and any frame of existence.Amen Adonai Amen Dear One, we love you so much.AmenSigning off with love and with so much light to you and yoursThe Galactic Federation of Light
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  • Dear Anya, I am sending you much Light, Peace, Love & Positive Vibrations your way be brave as it were and how it is and how it shall be.....:)
  • yes, be free of fear. one thing what helped me was that i become aware that even if i die or become captured or something it will be still okay and this world will still run without me..
    and as they say it`s as it should be .. even if it looks like something is not okay. and you will know if there will be something you need to change etc..
    by being aware that they are aware of you i can say that you, perhaps, help to bring in more of this ''stuff'' in the usual reality..
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