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August 10, 2010

I Anael, Archangel. Beloved Children of Light and Star Seeds, the Peace, Love and Light with you in our presence. I would like, first of all, to express a number of elements on the Truth and what is called history. I would first like to clarify a few things on the one hand and the Truth, on the other hand, history before going deeper into the connections and contradictions between truth and history. Truth, first. As you know, and as I had the opportunity to voice many times, within the matrix of Truths exist only relative, depending largely on your point of view. The Absolute Truth can not be is accessible within the Heart and vibration within the Being. Thus, all data that you accept as true, for you are solely related to your point of view and a combination of circumstances, you laying in the truth that you live on. For example, say: "I am married to such person" is clearly inscribed on a Truth in a given time, limited to no more than your age and your adult death in the womb. This is however a truth when you live. Thus, Being registered his way inside and within a number of truths to the soul and personality, to define what I would call a frame of reference and a lifestyle , to avoid getting lost in the matrix. These truths are a good time. They affect you, depending on your point of view. The Absolute Truth is irrelevant, not always as it escapes time, just as it escapes the personality and is undoubtedly outside the womb.

We must make the formal distinction between the truth of the moment individual and collective truth of the moment. Thus, a number of elements, held as true, are those that define the moral framework, social scientists of your life in the womb. In other words, the truths about today are not the truths about yesterday. Truths are an adaptable process and transformable, depending on the line and the road that follows humanity on a collective level. Thus, every human being, within the matrix, can assume the truth in its own way and according to its mode of perception. What is true for one, is not true for the other. This is the essential feature of your individuality, your isolation within the matrix, within what is called ego. What you see, and the Truth that you receive or make, is not one that receives or creates another. One and one live, therefore, within the same space, truths that can be profoundly different and opposite. A number of elements that make up the matrix itself, tend to enroll in a truth that I would call pre established not verifiable by yourself, but only installed by custom or authority external to you , even within your own life. Thus, most people adopt Truths, not to have experienced, but simply because they are included within a collective truth of the moment. Thus, the fact of joining a collective truth of the moment takes you away from your own truth on your own time. This is not random but follows directly, as I said, the will of those who control the matrix, the total control as to his future, even within what is called the Truth. Knowing full well that this truth is not on the absolute truth, the truth of the moment is not the truth of the moment after or before, you do, however, quite unintentionally, a dogma, a Truth, which has a weight, density, whose goal is always (and remember it) to drag you down and to the density, with even more intensity, more weight means less freedom. Truth, as you are taught, the Truth, as you adopt it, is certainly the most conditioning exists within the matrix.

The Absolute Truth has no need of a Truth inherited from the past now. The Absolute Truth has no use for Truth group since it is property within the Being. It is therefore opposed to packaging, slavery, the weight gain. It is light and liberation. So you can understand and grasp, beyond words, that the very notion of Truth, draws you in a number of illusions, taken as true, and training you to take a line of direction, individually and Above all, collectively, pulling you inexorably to follow the guidelines set for you by those who do not want the property. Thus, humans will follow, what I would call collective lines of least resistance, although they are heavier lines individually. But, actually, following the thought of Energy, Consciousness Unlimited Energy after it becomes extremely easy to train in the line of least resistance or lines of ease and obviousness, which the collective truth will gradually replace your Truth of the moment, even illusory. It is through this process of truth collective, applied to the next moment, those who know the next moment, you are infused guidelines leading you to even more subservience to even less than spirituality. And I would even say that spiritual level, there is, again, lines called truths, which you are taught to make you go where you want these characters to go. Under the guise of words under the guise of associations, under cover, often an appearance of light, often those who are in control of the moment after you install, in the present moment, in a collective Truth which is necessarily their Truth and their point of view. And, no, your point of view you as an individual. This reflects the beliefs, particularly within religious systems, whatever they were, what they are yet. It also reflects, in all bodies of knowledge have been issued to humanity, especially in your story called the 20th century.

All of these truths you were taught and these truths say about, actually, an Absolute Truth. The only difference is that the line where it takes you, has nothing to do with establishing precisely what is called your Truth, your absolute Truth, that is to say indefinitely these revealed truths, that you take, you away from your own Being your own and absolute Truth. The conditioning that follows, alters the thrust of evolution exists within your consciousness Unlimited, doing everything to get away from the ultimate truth and absolute truth, which, I remind you, your beingness and Vibration Crown your Radiant Heart. These teachers, these schools of thought, these spiritual schools will, of course, use two major elements called Love and Energy. Thus, by distorting the teaching and making you join, more specifically, to what is called good will, installation of a new age, installation of a new Truth, installing strong words - like the word love, Will the word as well as sharing the word, like the word fraternity - you rope in, literally, within guidelines that do not belong to you. Teaching is just, according to the criteria of absolute Truth. The aim is unfair because it takes you away, precisely, your access to the Absolute Truth. Yet, Energy, Consciousness Energy Limited is strong even here in these lessons. It guides you, it leads you to go to a total enslavement of your will, which is called the collective will of many, from disguise, in full, the teaching of absolute and timeless truth of what has been left by Christ. Not in the historical truth, as it was presented to you and that is absolutely not the absolute truth but, again, a falsification of the truth, for, again, to go guidelines have nothing to do with the realization that you are beyond the uterus but for many of you have established a sustainable manner, even permanent, within the matrix.

It therefore becomes extremely complicated for what they call themselves, a spiritual aspirant, to go to liberation, while expecting to go. Indeed, using the same principles of absolute truth regarding the regulation of energies within worlds Unified and applying the habitual falsification, I'd say these creatures, they divert the flow of energy to their own profit to their own advantage at the expense of yourself. Thing we are trying, of course, counteract, through the revelation of who you are, through the outpouring of energy going free and avoiding you and connect you sail, literally, to the policies necessary for you and not by you. The difference is at this level. And we understand very well that, long ago, many people have been deceived by the relative truth, taking you to follow these lines do not lead yourself, but through words that have been made up, to give your energy, your consciousness, someone who uses what you are, to maintain its control over yourself. Here is the biggest forgery exists within the history of mankind, revealing itself gradually in the present moment as you live. It turns out, not because I tell you (because it makes no sense), it is revealed precisely by the vibration of the Crown of the Radiant Heart, which allows you to escape the conditioning, guidelines and especially by the efforts of the Archangel Mikael to the period of Celestial Marriage, having abolished slavery or, at least, the possibility of control which was hitherto the rule, in those who have called themselves, but have Masters Master the illusion of control. These are the ones you have guided in the spiritual worlds, to go where they wanted you to go and not where you should go to find what you are. The forgery was terrible. Now, as you know, the astral interference fringes have been disaggregated, it becomes increasingly easy to be a way of finding its own absolute truth and not be conditioned by any external truth. Belief, as I said earlier, is replaced by the experience. And the experience is Truth. Belief is Illusion. It becomes truth, for those who want to take you where you should not go to find what you are.

Thus, I am driven now to define a word, another word that is history. Understand that at this level, too, a number of lessons you have said that time did not exist, that the linearity of time (past-present-future), within the Unified Worlds, n ' has no existence except in a belief. Indeed, time does not unfold in a sense, always known, past, present and future but to take place in both directions. Some people, to enslave mankind ever, as is the case for 320,000 years, based in what is called the 2nd and 4th Dimension, fully aware of the temporal matrix and the time frame matrix existing in the world where you are prisoners. It was thus sufficient to instantaneously change the history, your present and your future is changed, so you do too, go on guidelines where they wanted to go and not where freedom could lead you . Thus, the word history, itself, is found in your local dialect. When a man says to another human being: "You tell me stories," it means, of course, he's lying. Now, I come back in a timely manner, the meaning of the word history, seen not in its pronunciation and its acceptance by origin but more syllable of the original language. IS is the first syllable of Isis. IS Truth. IS TOIRES means "across the Truth." Thus, history is what just get in the way of truth, forcing you to take positions, attitudes and Consciences are putting on there, too, the lines of least resistance.

In this sense, we have repeated endlessly, that there is no truth as yours, there is experience than yours. This was not to restrict you in the ego but to show you that you should vibrate for yourself, think for yourself, develop for yourself and not be subjected to any conditioning. The first packs are not historical but social. They derive directly from the application, in your size, data falsified history. It is not my purpose to tell you what is right or wrong because, again, again, it would show Duality. The issue is not whether the story is true or false, it is important to know that the story we tell you it gets you where you want to go and not to yourself . There is an essential difference between the adoption of a historical truth, in your presence to yourself, over a story that was written and conditionality of all documents for you to get where you need go. I remind you that within the matrix, it has often been said by some that human history is written and owned by those who win. This is all to true and was all true-to-date. For those who have written history are those that you do not know that the linear flow of time (past-present-future), located at the same time, in the three times and whose sole purpose is to you maintain the guidelines of least resistance, in distorted truths and a story that is neither true, nor even true but, written and rewritten, to make you go where they wanted you to go , that is to say far more of yourself. That is exactly what you see in this materialistic world called (in this period of late age, as the Orientals say, Kali Yuga), where there is no hope, or even existence of Being, beyond materiality. So much so that even within certain spiritual schools, we just want to improve the Duality to do what is called the paradise on earth, forgetting, thereby, the words of Christ: "You are not of this world, "meaning at any cost, balanced, with good, evil exists because of certain appetites, which are in fact the same individuals as those who offer good. And thus is kept, so relentless, by alternating good / evil, the establishment of the duality and the countless incarnations you have to take in this world, you promised, one day soon You will leave, provided they make good enough. And the trap is closed.

Thus, the Truth of the head (because that is what it is) will never be the Truth of the Heart. The Truth of the Heart is Vibration. She has neither supposition nor projection or anticipation, or even result of any past. It is in this sense that the few people who found the dimension of authenticity and absolute Truth, you said they were able to suspend time. In this sense, too, it belongs to you, and now, with the help of Light Vibrale in its three permanent component, as s'effuse on Earth, find your own truth. And your own truth can never be in any but a belief, nay, in establishing the Heart of simplicity, humility and the Heart of Vibration. Otherwise, I would say there is no salvation. The only door is and will always remain, the Heart. And the Heart has nothing to do with what you've been. The Heart has nothing to do with what you will. The Heart does that make any prediction or prevention of any future, that future for tomorrow or even the end of this time is announced, planned and decided. In those times you need to escape reduced to history. And when I say escape history is therefore escape the truth falsified, it is your history or that or even world history because you can not find any truth in moving your system to the past. Because you can not, similarly, find any truth in moving toward the future. Only, really, that in the case of time that you drop to the canvas time and space matrix of the matrix. This decision requires time, as you have been told repeatedly, the cessation of all functions related to the matrix and in particular what is called the emotions, mind, thus permitting, at the Energy and Consciousness that follows, to readjust, in the present moment, which I prefer, myself, call Time Zero is to tell the time when you are no longer subject this matrix row that was driven from the outside to lead you to even more illusion and to more suffering.

Only in the case of time that is the Inner Joy. Only this time zero with the ignition of the Crown Radiant Heart may go to completion. Of course, just find what Time Zero only once, so that the fabric of time, yours as that of the universe, within the matrix becomes falsified more effective for you individually. But, of course, at this level, there is a mass phenomenon, threshold limits, making a egregore Light is created and can break the falsified history to enter your own history, devoid of past and future within the matrix but entering his program in the upcoming Truth, that is to say in your eternity. What I say is important, not so much at the meaning of words, as you yourself have not lived in and Vibrating you. Look how the whole system you are accustomed and conditioned to define your presence in the moment, depending on what you inherited from your past and depending on what you want in your future inheritance. But there on the express condition of this past deconditioning and deprogramming the future, you get to stop time and you extract what I called the Matrix storyline time and space. This is the only way out of this world matrix. There is no other.

Therefore, you should review all beliefs, all existing packages in your thoughts, as in the programming of Consciousness and energy you have extracted from your Heart, that is to say, your own presence to yourself, to establish yourself in the head. The paradox is that you must go head to the Heart. Those who remain in the head can not access the Heart. It is therefore necessary to find the Heart, at the earliest. And when we say, each other, the faster you know, time is deducted. It is actually counted. The only real solution, true, absolute level, is to touch this stop time, so you extract it, literally, so ultimately, this line matrix that is imposed on you from time immemorial. Vibration, Light Vibrale, is the means. It is the only way. Through the light particles called Adamantine, you can open and you extract from this matrix, penetrate the body of beingness. In fact, the only obstacle, since July 17 of your year, access to the beingness, is that your own conditioning. There is no other obstacle, now, at the system level, whatsoever, except yourself. Thus, it can be said that way, you yourself are an obstacle to your own access to your beingness and Vibration. There is no enemy, there is no external enemy. There are simply lines of programming, yet efficient, keeping you in the illusion. When the Light Adamantine penetrate this world, destroy it, so ultimately these raster lines. These raster lines, delivered in connection with The Source, will always exist, for a given time, which, through data in resonance with the establishment of the Absolute Truth, Absolute Truth restore that, within the framework matrix, which has been, literally, moved elsewhere.

So you have indeed a limited time to deconstruct, in yourself, what prevents you, yourself, to access your beingness. Remember that the beingness should not be a belief again, replacing another belief. That Vibrating Heart of Joy and the state should not be a substitute Belief Belief another but must be an experienced vibration is the key to access anything but the truth as you live, which has no limited time, now, to live and experiment. It is within this space that you go, if you want, go to your total liberation, which requires out of all packages without exception. There is no external rule yourself to stand before the truth of what you are. He simply does not believe. Is it still manifest in Unity and Truth. If the evolution of consciousness, transformation, more precisely, Consciousness had not been intended by the Galactic Wave - and this occurs every 52,000 years - you could never escape from this conditioning. So, life within the matrix, neither experience nor evolution. It is only programming and packaging. The subterfuge was best to make you believe, for the Archons, you évoluiez in this world and you spend your life to cleanse you and go to your release. So by looking in the absolute truth of how the unit operates the world for over 50,000 years, we will say that contrary to what you believe, it sinks deeper into enslavement. Today, in time you will live the experience of the Absolute Truth must settle in the Heart of beings. This is the last step, the last door. That it should be passed to the collective sense, to go to this release is announced to you. This release is announced that you will come and is programmed. The only source knows the date. But she is listed in the Absolute Truth that you have to live. What we have always hoped, if indeed one can talk of hope is that the reign of Light Authentic Vibrale be established for a maximum of Consciousness locked. As long as you do not hit, Vibrating in the crown of the Radiant Heart, you have no way to get an idea, for yourself and experience the absolute truth. It is therefore appropriate, at the earliest, to get settled in this vibration. The addition of recent related Metatron, to live in the Wheel Wheel, as it has been called, will, so resonant, you put in vibration within the Crown Radiant Heart. All that remained, then, that an act of surrender (rather than the Light but abandonment of the ego) to light the Sacred Triangle lower, allowing you to reunite the triple room. Only from this point, you will be totally free.

To you therefore to determine, in your life, within your Consciousness Unlimited, the fate you are considering. Knowing that the future will be determined not by your wishes, not by your wishes - expressed only in personality - but only by vibration. Only the vibration which will lead you through the consciousness, where you must go. In no case projections of desire of Light, in any case the wishes of liberation but the establishment, real and authentic, your own liberation in the light Vibrale. There is no other mechanism, there is no other possibility to access what is called the beingness, your body to Eternity. This requires, in fact, the suppression of all emotional signals called, called mental projections called Belief, packages, which are major obstacles to the establishment of your beingness. Remember that a limited number of packages, from this world, you now appear clearly. The latest packages come from your ego itself, even if he pre-eminence - for those who managed to vibrate in the crown of the Radiant Heart - seek in any way to win . For he knows, as access to the beingness sign the final death of the ego and thus, of its operating mechanism. It is through this process of disidentification to undertake: not to kill the ego, not to dismiss it as illusion, but to transcend it by the Light Vibrale. The abandonment of the ego is actually the last step, after the surrender to the light, allowing you, after the recent revelation related Metatron, access your beingness. That, beloved Children of the Light, that I wanted to vibrate with you, in what is called history and in what is called the Truth, to help you with the words, by Vibration, to always go to your nearest Truth. Not that we want to impose from the outside but one we hope to see you vibrate within your Heart, in Love, by the vibration of the Heart is the only true Love. Receive all my love.

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