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                                                                            SECOND MOUNTAIN



                                                                       SERENITY AND PATIENCE


It is ostensible that we, the brothers of the Temple of  the "twice-born", had eliminated, from our psyche, various subjective, infrahuman elements; However, after having gone through the Eight Initiations, we longed, with all the strength of the Soul, to enter the esoteric Magical works of the "Mountain of the Resurrection ".


We were told in the Temple that we should wait with infinite patience for the Abbot of the Monastery; but it is evident that the hours passed long and boring, with an unbearable monotony; the Venerable certainly did not seem in a hurry.


Some of those Veterans of the First Mountain moved everywhere, here, there and everywhere, protesting impatiently for the singular delay of the Superior.


There are cases that surprise in life and one of them was the amazing entrance of the Abbot in the Temple. All the Brothers of the Sacred Order were stupefied, because some of our brothers had already lost hope of seeing the Master.


In front of the Sacred Brotherhood the Venerable spoke, saying: "To you, Brothers, you need two virtues that this brother has". This he said in time that he was pointing at me with his index finger.


Subsequently, in a sweet and imperative way at the same time, he ordered me like this: "Tell them, Brother, what are those two virtues?"


"You have to know how to be patient, you have to know how to be serene," I exclaimed in a calm and clear voice... "


Come now? Did you convince yourself? "The Abbot did break out with great solemnity, and all the adepts, frightened and amazed at the same time, chose to keep a respectful silence.


Unquestionably, all the members of the Congregation, except for me, had to be postponed, because only my insignificant person, worthless, was victorious in the difficult test.


The austere Hierophants then gave me a beautiful orange; I immediately captured its deep significance...


Much later in time, I had to appear before the Brotherhood of another Monastery of the Universal White Fraternity, with the definite purpose of receiving instructions and signing documents...


Then I was warned with the following words: "You must take good care of the Lunar cold."


Back to the "Burning forge of Vulcano" after a long break, it was urgent.


Unquestionably, between Mountain and Mountain there are always long periods of sexual abstention.




                                                           THE NINE GRADES OF MASTERY


Capturing, apprehending, capturing in an integral, uni-total way, the profound significance of the nine Masters who left in search of HIRAM and its assassins, is urgent, cannot be postponed.


Unquestionably none of the nine Masters left for the Northern regions, but intelligently arranged in three groups of three, they were divided respectively to the East, to the South and to the West. Ostensibly it was the latter who managed to discover the tomb and the murderers.


This symbolic esoteric pilgrimage of the nine Masters, refers specifically to the individual pilgrimage that every Initiate has to carry out in "The Second Mountain", passing through nine stages or successive degrees fully enumerated and defined in the nine spheres:












We can and must even emit the following statement: "Only through these pilgrimages of sphere in sphere, we will be able to vivify and resurrect in each one of us the Secret Master, HIRAM, SHIVA, the husband of our DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI, the ARCH -HIEROPHANT and the ARCH-MAGICIAN, the particular, individual MONAD, our Real Being ...


It is one thing to be a Master and another, certainly very different, to achieve perfection in Mastery.


Any Esotericist that makes in the "Forge of the Cyclopes" the "TO SOMA HELIAKON", the "Wedding Suit of the Soul", for that reason becomes a Man and therefore a Master; however, perfection in Mastery is something very different.


The number nine, applied to the Rhetoric , puts us in intimate mystical relationship with the nine eternal Muses: It is not superfluous in this chapter to quote each one of these ineffable deities of ancient classicism:


  1. ‑CLÍO.
  2. ‑ERATO.
  4. ‑CALÍOPE.
  5. ‑EUTERPE.
  6. ‑TALÍA.
  7. ‑URANIA.


 Experiences is very important, so that our beloved readers can better understand the Doctrine...


Listen to me: One night, it does not matter now the date, nor the day, nor the time, splendidly dressed in the "Wedding Suit of the Soul", I left at will of the Physical Body...


Experiencing in all the presence of my Cosmic Being, a certain exquisite spiritual voluptuousness, I floated with complete smoothness in the aura of the universe...


In supreme well-being I had to pose my plants as if I were a celestial bird on the silt of the earth, under the green foliage of a taciturn tree..


In a good time then cried with a loud voice invoking the adepts of the Occult Fraternity...


I was unquestionably assisted...


The Brothers led me kindly to the wonderful Temple of the transparent walls...


The MAHATMA sat at his desk as if he were attending to many people...


I want to know - I said - , what do I need...


The Venerable, taking from one of the drawers of the desk  a certain secret book, consulted its pages and then answered:


"You need fifty-eight (58) minutes."


"You have to present here thirty-six (36) Pesos of twenty-three (23) kilos each."


"And the Eight (8) Initiations received must be qualified."


Thank you, Venerable Master. Later I retired from the temple with infinite humility and veneration...


Kabalistic analysis of this question:


58 Minutes: 5 plus 8, equal 13. This Arcanum means Death of all the subjective elements that constitute the Ego.


36 Pesos: 3 plus 6, equal 9. Breaking chains and shackles in the submerged Worlds of the nine planets mentioned in this chapter ... very intense work in the "Burning forge of Vulcano ...


"23 Kilos: 2 plus 3, equal 5. The works of Liberation must be perfect under the splendors of the Flaming five-pointed star...


(It is worth remembering RISHI Baha - Deva and her 23 Prophets).


QUALIFICATION: Before the authentic resurrection, each of the Eight Initiations must be qualified. This is processed in Eight years, during which we have to experience the Book of Patriarch JOB, in all its raw realism.


We solemnly emphasize the following statement: "The Eight Initiations could never be qualified in a time less than the one already mentioned of Eight years ...


"Obviously one year corresponds to each of the Eight, as a corollary Eight years for the Eight Initiations ...


I CLARIFY: The aforementioned time exclusively corresponds to the epilogue of a whole mystical series of deep esoteric works, made in each and every one of the Nine Planets mentioned above.


Undoubtedly such works are processed at different times and tend to be too delicate.


It is ostensible that anyone who enters the Second Mountain, does not receive for that reason more Degrees or Initiations.


Perfection in Mastery only comes with the transcendental esoteric Resurrection...


The full manifestation of the MONAD within the Resurrected Master confers extraordinary magical powers...


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