Chapter 51

When Jesus finished speaking he said to his disciples: "Whoever is wise among you, may he proclaim his solution."

James came forward, kissed Jesus' chest and said: "My Lord, your spirit has given me wisdom and I am ready to proclaim the solution. In this regard your power prophesied before, through David, in his Psalm Thirty-Four, next, concerning the ninth repentance of Pistis Sophia. "

(James is the blessed Patron of the Great Work.)

(Whoever studies the Universal Epistle of James will understand the principles of the Great Work.)

(The Father of all lights, through our own Inner James, teaches us the mysteries of the Great Work.)

(It is then, James, one of the autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Self.)

("James-Mercury" is closely related to the transmutation science of Jesod - Mercury.)

(The fundamental book of the Great Work, which James carries in his hands, is the Apocalypse.)

(Unquestionably, the Apocalypse is the book of Wisdom that is only understandable to the Alchemists.)

(Only the workers of the Great Work can understand the Apocalypse.)

(In Higher Chemistry, that is, in Alchemy, there is the secret science of Revelation.)

(The laws of Higher Chemistry or Alchemy, the principles, the order of the Magisterium of Fire, are deposited in the Apocalypse.)

(James, within each one of us is, I repeat, the blessed Patron of the Great Work.)

(James is another autonomous and independent part of our own individual Being.)

(Each of us has his own Jammes.)

(That it is well understood, that all the powers that created the Universe are in our Being.)

(The Christ fights against the enemies of the Soul.)

(The enemies of the Soul are Seth's red demons.)

(May the Lord judge Seth's red demons!)

(The Intimate Lord fights Seth's red demons!)

(The flaming sword can never be caught by the dark ones.)

(The Intimate Christ is our salvation.)

(Seth's red demons, living personification of our psychological defects, persecute the Soul.)

(Let Seth's red demons be exposed to reproach and humiliation!)

James interprets the ninth repentance, according to Psalm XXXIV.

- Judge, Lord, those who do me injustice, and fight against those who fight against me.

- Wield a weapon and shield and stand up to help me.

- Take out a sword and hide it from my oppressors. Say to my soul: I am your salvation.

- That those who persecute my soul be humiliated and exposed to reproach; May those who imagine badly against me fall down on their backs and be put to shame.

- Let them be like wisps of wind, and may the Angel of the Lord persecute them.

- May their path be dark and dangerous, and may the Angel of the Lord afflict them.

- Well, without any cause, they have hidden a trap for me, to strip me and then make fun of me without reason.

- That a trap falls on them, and that they do not know, and that the trap they have hidden for me catches them and falls into it.

- But my soul will rejoice in the Lord and rejoice in his salvation.

- All my bones will say: Oh! Lord, who is it that resembles you? You rid me of the wretched one of those who surpass him in strength and save the unhappy, the poor (one) from the hands of those who strip him.

- Unfair witnesses arrived and asked me what I did not know.

- They paid me badly for good and left my soul in the orphanage.

- When they bothered me, I dressed in sackcloth and mortified myself with fasting, and my prayer returned to my chest.

- I served you and my neighbor, and my brother; and I humbled myself like the one who is in sorrows and is sad.

- They rejoiced in my misfortune and are now put to shame. As a plague they united against me, and I did not know it; but they were separated and put in trouble.

- They troubled me and scoffed at me with mockery, and stuck their teeth in me.

- Oh! Lord, when will you look at me? Restore the damage they have done to my soul and deliver me from the hands of their lions.

- I will confess, Oh! Lord, in the great assembly, and I will sing praises to you in the midst of countless people.

- Do not treat me unfairly, like an enemy, or make fun of me and wink with their eyes those who hate me without cause.

- Well, they certainly reason with me with words of peace, even though they deviously plot against me.

- They opened their jaws widely against me and said: "Certainly, our eyes have satiated to look at him."

- You've seen it, Oh! Lord, don't be silent, Oh! Lord, don't withdraw from me.

- Get up, oh! Lord, and hasten my vindication, hurry my revenge, my God and Lord.

- Judge me, oh! Lord, according to your justice; May they not rejoice in me, my God.

- And do not say: "Well done, our souls." Do not say: "We have consumed."

- Let those who rejoice in my misfortune be put to shame and shame. May those who speak against me be covered with shame and misfortune.

- May those who desire my justification rejoice and rejoice, and may those who desire the peace of their servant say: "May the Lord be praised and exalted."

- My tongue will cry out in your justification and your honor, throughout the day. "

(Those dark ones who imagine badly against Pistis Sophia are cursed, condemned and dead.)

(The Angel of the Lord persecutes the spawn of Hell.)

(May the Angel of the Lord afflict the psychic aggregates.)

(The Angel of the Lord is another part of our own Being in the Hall of Truth-Justice.)

(The dark ones set traps for Pistis Sophia and make fun of the Initiate.)

(May the trap set for Pistis Sophia by begets of Hell, be serve for them.)

(The Soul rejoices in the Intimate Christ and rejoices in his salvation.)

(No one is more perfect than the Intimate Lord, for he saves the wretched and helps the unhappy and the poor from the hands of those who deprive them.)

(Unfair witnesses speak out against the Initiate.)

(The wicked pay badly for good and leave the Soul in the orphanage.)

(When Seth's red demons attack the Initiate, he initiates fasting and penance and prays deeply.)

(The initiate serves the Intimate Christ and neighbor with infinite love.)

(The dark ones rejoice in the misfortune of Pistis Sophia, but they are put to shame.)

(Obviously, psychic aggregates are each full of problems.)

(Unquestionably, the ego is the ego and is always full of problems.)

(Every person with ego is full of problems.)

(Who has no ego will never have problems.)

(Seth's red demons stick their teeth in Pistis Sophia.)

(Only the Intimate Christ can heal our aching hearts and save us from the Lions of the Law.)

(Blessed are those who will confess to the Lord and sing praises among countless people.)

(Pistis Sophia is treated unfairly and hated for no reason.)

(All initiates are hated by he/she profanes.)

(There are many Pharisees who reason with the Adepts through words of peace, but secretly plotting against the latter.)

(Adepts are often persecuted by their own disciples.)

(The Adepts are praised and revered by those who later become their accusers and persecutors.)

(Terrible is the destiny of the Adepts; today praised, tomorrow persecuted by their own disciples and the day after tomorrow loved again, etc.)

(Certainly, traitors exclaim: Our eyes have satiated to look at him, we know him, he is a wicked one, etc.)

(This is how the Adepts suffer.)

(The initiate pleads with the Intimate Christ and asks for his help.)

(The Lord has to rise from his Holy Sepulcher to free Pistis Sophia.)

(Only the Resurrected Christ in the Spirit and in the Soul of the Initiate can claim the latter.)

(Indubitably, the Inner Lord must be born in the heart of the Adept.)

(Unquestionably, the Intimate Christ must grow within the Initiate.)

(Obviously, the Lord grows in the Soul, preaches to the crowds and teaches by his example.)

(Subsequently, the Blessed One lives in the Soul and in the spirit of Man the entire Cosmic Drama as it is written in the Four Gospels.)

(The psychic aggregates, living personification of our psychological defects, lead the Intimate Christ to Calvary.)

(The Lord is crucified, dead and resurrected within the Initiate.)

(The Resurrected Lord releases Pistis Sophia.)

(Only the Intimate Christ can judge and release Pistis Sophia.)

(The dark ones want to boast of their triumph and consume all the light of Pistis Sophia.)

(Those who speak against Pistis Sophia will be put to shame and reproach.)

(Those who wish for the Justification of the Initiate will be happy. Those who wish for the peace of their servant will say: "May the Lord be praised and exalted.")

(The language of the Initiate will be exalted in the justification and honor of the Intimate Christ.)

                                                                                     Chapter 52

Jesus praises James and promises him the first place among the disciples.

When James concluded, Jesus said: "Well spoken, very good James. This is the solution to the ninth repentance of Pistis Sophia. Amen, Amen, I tell you. You will be the first in the Kingdom of Heaven, before all the invisible and all the gods and rulers who are in the thirteenth Aeon and the twelfth Aeon, and not only you, but also those who realize my mysteries. "

(The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place as the illustrated ignorant people assume.)

(The Kingdom of Heaven is the Conscious Circle of Solar Humanity that operates on the higher centers of Being.)

(The Kingdom of Heaven is made up of each and every one of the members of divine humanity.)

(All the Invisibles and all the Gods within us and all the Rulers of the Thirteenth Aeon and the Twelfth Aeon, bow reverently before James.)

(Actually, all of those Invisibles and all those Gods and Rulers of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Aeon, are the multiple sovereign and self-conscious parts of our own individual Being.)

(All those who perform the Christ Mysteries will one day return to Aeon Thirteen.)

(Aeon Thirteen is Ain, Sat, the Seity.)

(Beyond Aeon Thirteen is the Eternal Common Cosmic Father and Adhi - Budha , the Budha of our individual Budha .)

(Adhi - Budha is the Father of our Father, but he never comes to the Manifestation because he is the Divine Unknowable.)

(Only at the end of the MAHANVANTARA, after having integrated with our Father who is in secret, do we also integrate with the Adhi - Budha.)

(This integration with the Adhi - Budha takes place in the MAHAPRALAYA, in the Cosmic Night and between of the ABSOLUTE ABSTRACT SPACE bosom.)

Mary interprets the words of Jesus.

And when he had finished, he said to his disciples: Do you understand how I speak with you? "

Mary came forward again and said: "Yes, Lord, this is what you have told us:" The last will be the first and the first will be the last. "So the first were created before us, they are the invisible, for certainly they arose before mankind; they and the gods, and the rulers; and the men who will receive the Mysteries will be the first in the kingdom of heaven."

("The last will be the first and the first will be the last." Thus says Marah, Mary, the Snake Woman, the Divine Mother Kundalini.)

(Obviously, the Invisibles that were before humanity, they and the Gods and the Rulers and the Men who will receive the Mysteries, will be the first in the Kingdom of Heaven.)

(The Gods and the Rulers and the Invisibles, within each one of us, are the basic factors of the Kingdom of Heaven.)

                                                              Pistis Sophia's regret is accepted.
                                                                      Jesus is sent to help her.

Jesus replied: "Well said, Mary."

Again Jesus said to his disciples: "It happened then, when Pistis Sophia proclaimed her ninth repentance that the lion-faced power oppressed her again, wishing to take away her powers. She screamed at the Light, saying:

"Oh! Light, in whom I have had faith from the beginning and for whose cause I have endured great sorrows, help me."

And at that time his repentance was accepted. The First Mystery listened to her and I was sent by her mandate. I went to help her and drove her out of chaos, because she had repented and also because she had had faith in the Light and had endured these great sorrows and these great dangers.

She had been deceived by Obstinate, with her appearance of God, and by no one else except for a Light power, due to his resemblance to the Light in which she had had faith. For this reason I was sent by mandate of the First Mystery, to help her secretly. However, I did not go to the Aeon region, but I crossed between them without a single power knowing, neither those inside the interior, nor those outside the outside, except the First Mystery.

And it happened then, when I went to chaos to help her, that she saw me; understanding him, she shone in excess and I was filled with compassion for her; For I was not obstinate as the lion-faced power that snatched the light from Sophia and oppressed her in order to snatch away all her light. So Sophia saw me, saw me shine ten thousand times more than the lion-faced power, and that I was full of compassion for her. He knew that I was coming from the Height of the heights, in whose light she had had faith from the beginning. Pistis Sophia was then filled with courage and uttered the tenth repentance saying:

(The lion-faced power oppresses Pistis Sophia wanting to snatch her powers.)

(It is clear that the Initiate owes many accounts and the power of Justice threatens him.)

(However, the Intimate Christ can forgive Pistis Sophia.)

(The Light of light, the Truth of truth, the Occult of the occult, helps the Initiate full of Pistis Sophia.)

(Pistis Sophia is forgiven in the ninth repentance.)

(The eight initiations must be received and subsequently qualified.)

(After the eight great qualifications corresponding to the eight initiations, comes Hour Nine.)

(In the Nine Hour the secret number is known, then the initiate enters the group of Archangels to which he belongs.)

(Now we explain why in the Nine Hour Pistis Sophia is forgiven)

(The Army of the Voice is organized into groups and each group has its secret number according to its own way of working.)

(The First Mystery listens to Pistis Sophia and under her mandate is driven out of Chaos.)

(The First Mystery is the Father, the Ancient of Days; each one of us has his Father.)

(The Initiate is deceived by the ego, by the Obstinate, and that is why his fall is due.)

(The Light-Power, which is similar to the primal Light, guides the devotee; however, the important thing is the Light of the Light.)

(The Christ, obedient to the Father, always comes secretly to help the Initiate.)

(The Intimate Christ helps us inwardly.)

(The Intimate Christ incarnates in the Initiate and assists him in the Great Work.)

(The Christ passes among the Aeons to come to the incarnation.)

(The incarnate Christ works terribly disintegrating the spawn of Hell.)

(The Intimate Christ, before the Initiate, shines ten thousand times more than the Lions of the Law.)

(The Inner Lord is above the Lions of the Law.)

(The Intimate Christ descends to help Pistis Sophia internally.)

(The Light of all Lights, The Intelligence of the Intelligence always listens to the sincere repentant.)

(The cunning traps and the unjust and lawless lips, always conjure against the Initiate of the rocky path that leads to Final Liberation.)

(The Light that the Initiate has must be brought to the Father of all lights.)

Tenth repentance of Pistis Sophia.

- I've cried out to you, Oh! Light of the lights, in my oppression, and you have listened to me.

- Oh! Light, save my power from unjust and lawless lips. And of the cunning traps.

- The light that was snatched with subtle lasso will be brought to you.

- For the traps of Obstinate and the bonds of the merciless (one) are everywhere.

- Woe to me, whose dwelling was far away and lived in chaos.

- My power was in regions that are not mine.

- And I implored those ungodly (ones); and when I implored them, they fought against me, without any cause. "

(It is obvious that the obstinate ego and the bonds of the merciless are everywhere.)

(The ego that dwells in us and the bonds of the merciless lurk the Initiate.)

(The abode of Pistis Sophia is in Aeon Thirteen, but fallen, lives in the lower Chaos.)

(The regions of Pistis Sophia are in Aeon Thirteen and never in the abysses of perdition.)

(The dark ones do not feel pity for the Initiates rather, they attack them.)

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