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                                                                                     Chapter 50

                  Jesus praises Matthew and promises his disciples that they will sit with him on thrones.

When Jesus heard these words he said: "Well said Matthew. Now and therefore, Amen, I say to you: When the perfect number is complete and the Universe ready, I will take my seat in the Treasury of Light, and you will sit in twelve light powers, until we have restored all the orders of the twelve saviors to the region of the inheritance of each one of them. "

And at the end of this he said: "Do you understand what I am telling you?"

(The perfect number is complete within us when the reintegration of Being has been achieved.)

(The interior Universe of each one of us is ready when the total reintegration of all autonomous and self-conscious parts of the Self has been achieved.)

(The throne of the Intimate Christ is precisely in the Treasure of Light.)

(We already said that to the Treasure of Light we must look for it in the depths of Being.)

(The Treasury of Light is gold, diamonds and all precious stones.)

(The Treasury of Light is the Celestial Jerusalem.)

(The city has twelve thousand stadiums representing the twelve works of Hercules.)

(The twelve works of Hercules are done in the Ninth Sphere.)

(The Ninth Sphere is one hundred percent sexual.)

(The Celestial Jerusalem is the same philosopher's stone.)

(All the roads of the Celestial Jerusalem are made of pure gold.)

(The entire city is full of precious stones.)

(The Intimate Christ is the light of the Heavenly Jerusalem.)

(We need to destroy Babylon the Great, mother of all fornications and abominations of the Earth.)

(Babylon the great is the psychological city that we carry inside.)

(If we want to create the Heavenly Jerusalem within ourselves, we must first destroy the great Babylon.)

(The precious stones symbolizing virtues, gold, the twelve pearls, etc., constitute the Treasure of the Lord, the Golden Fleece of the ancients.)

(Our readers should read everything that is said about the Celestial Jerusalem in the Apocalypse of St. John.)

(It is urgent to build the Heavenly Jerusalem within ourselves, we have the right to feed ourselves with the twelve fruits of the Tree of Life.)

(We could not build the Heavenly Jerusalem without having previously disintegrated the undesirable psychic aggregates that we carry inside.)

(The twelve Apostles are actually twelve parts of our own Deep Inner Being, twelve light-powers.)


(Remember that the Heavenly Jerusalem has twelve doors and that there is an Angel at each door.)

(These twelve Angels are twelve powers-light, twelve parts of Being.)

(Every part of the Being is ineffable and terribly divine.)

(The twelve doors are twelve pearls of perfection.)

(Only with a golden cane can the city and its doors and its walls be measured.)

(The golden cane represents the backbone of the Adepts.)

(The golden cane is the Staff of Brahma, the Rod of Aaron.)

(The twelve Saviors are the same twelve Light Powers.)

(The orders of the twelve Saviors, the processes of the twelve Light-Powers, must be restored in the Inheritance of each of them.)

(The Lost Heritage, the Secret Heritage, exists within ourselves.)

(Each of the twelve, within ourselves, has its secret Inheritance in the Great Light.)

(Such a lost inheritance is Light, special cosmic powers, extraordinary knowledge that comes from all eternities, etc.)

(Each of the twelve, within ourselves, must regain their lost Heritage.)

(Certainly, we need to understand the teachings of the Intimate Christ.)

(We need to become serious if we really want to achieve the integration of all autonomous and self-conscious parts of Being.)

(Many are the aspirants who believe they are serious are not.)

(There are many who enter our studies and then start playing with various doctrines, these are not serious.)

(There are many who, having known this doctrine, start to play with this doctrine.)

(The warm Gnostics who flirt with other doctrines play with Gnosis.)

(There are many Gnosis students who play, ridicule Gnosis.)

(Many clowns have infiltrated the Gnostic Movement.)

(Those who have not declared mortal enemies of themselves are not serious.)

(The matter that of the novelties fascinates the Gnostics that are not serious.)

(Gnostics like that, Gnostics that are not serious, Gnostics who are searching and playing, definitely fail.)

(Only the Gnostics who work on themselves can fully realize themselves.)

(There are seven levels of Being.)



                                                              Mary interprets the words of Jesus.

Mary came forward saying: "Oh! Lord, regarding this matter you have told us something similar some time ago:

"You have waited with me in tribulations and I will leave you a kingdom, as my Father has bequeathed in me, and you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom; and you will sit on twelve thrones and judge the twelve tribes of Israel."

And He replied: "Well said Mary."

Again Jesus continued speaking to his disciples: "And it happened then, when the emanations of Obstinate oppressed Pistis Sophia in chaos, that she expressed her ninth repentance as follows":

(The first level is the instinctive man.)

(The second level is the emotional man.)

(The third level is the intellectual man.)

(The fourth level is the balanced man.)

(The fifth level is that of those who have already manufactured the astral body.)

(The sixth level of men is that of those who have already manufactured the mental body.)

(The seventh level of men is that of those who have already manufactured the causal body.)

(The men of the first, second and third levels constitute the circle of confusion of tongues, the Tower of Babel.)

(Those three kinds of men are those who have the world in disgrace, those who caused the first and second world wars and those who will provoke the third.)

(Those three levels of men do not understand each other.)

(The instinctive level does not understand the intellectual.)

(The emotional does not understand the intellectual.)

(The intellectual level does not understand the emotional.)

(The top three levels constitute the Kingdom.)

(The inhabitants of the Kingdom have not caused the two world wars.)

(The men of the fourth level are not within the circle of confusion of tongues, however, they are not in the Kingdom either.)

(Men of the fourth level never identify with a single center.)

(The men of the fourth level correctly handle the five centers of the machine.)

(The five centers of the machine are: intellect, emotion, movement, instinct and s**.)

(The superior centers are the superior emotional and the superior mental, but these can only be used by the inhabitants of the Kingdom.)

(Mary or Marah, the Snake Woman, reminds us of the Kingdom that the Intimate Christ promises.)

(Those who know how to suffer patiently in tribulations and work on themselves will inherit the Kingdom.)

(Obviously, true men are the inhabitants of the Kingdom.)

(The inhabitants of the infernal circle of confusion of tongues are not men, they are merely intellectual mammals.)


(Only the inhabitants of the Kingdom can eat and drink at the table of the Lord.)

(Only the twelve powers within ourselves can sit on the twelve thrones to judge all mankind, the twelve tribes of Israel.)

(The entire humanity, unfolding within the zodiac matrix, is divided into twelve tribes represented by the Zodiac.)

(It is obvious that the twelve, integrated, and all parts of the Being integrated, make man a God, a Super-Man.)

(The Superman can judge the twelve tribes of Israel.)

(The twelve tribes of Israel, we repeat, are all mankind.)

(It is worth remembering that some people are born under Aries, others under Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio,Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces.)

(The reader can now better understand the twelve tribes of Israel.)

(The emanations of the obstinate ego oppress Pistis Sophia incessantly.)

                                                          Ninth repentance of Pistis Sophia.


- Oh! Light, annihilate those who have taken my power and the power of those who have taken mine.


- Well, I'm your power and your light. Come and save me.

- Let the darkness envelop my oppressors. Say to my power: I am the one who will save you.

- That all those who snatch my light totally see themselves lacking in power. May they be sent to chaos and become impotent, yes, those who snatch my light completely.

- May his power become dust and may LEW, your Angel, annihilate them.

- And if they reached the height, let the darkness envelop them and slip and return to chaos. And may your Angel LEW chase them and throw them into the lower darkness.

- And then they have put the face of Leon as a trap for me, even though I have not done them wrong, their light will be taken from them; For they have oppressed my power. But they won't be able to take it from me.

- Now and therefore, Oh! Light, remove the purification of the lion-faced power, without him knowing it - the idea that Obstinate had had to take away my light - and take away his own light; may the light be snatched from the lion's face power, who set the trap for me.

- But my power will rejoice in the Light and be glad to be saved by it.

- And all the particles of my power will say: There is no more Savior than you. For you will save me from the hand of the lion-faced power, who has taken my power from me, and you will save me from the hands of those who have taken my power and my light.

- For they have risen up against me, lying about me and saying that I know the mystery of the Light that is at the height (the Light in which I had faith), and they have constrained me (saying :) Tell us the mystery of the Light of the heights - which I don't know.


- And they have taken revenge with all this evil because I have had faith in the Light of the heights; and they have left my power without light.

- But when they constrained me, and I sat in the dark and my soul bent, lamenting.

- Do it, oh! Light, - for this reason I exalt you - save me. I know that you will save me because I have fulfilled your will at all times, since I was in my Aeon. I fulfilled your will as the invisible ones that are in my region, and as my pair; And I cried incessantly searching for your light.

- Now all the emanations of Obstinate have surrounded me and have rejoiced, for my cause, and have oppressed me painfully without knowing them. And they have flown away and ceased to oppress me, but they have had no mercy on me.

- They have returned and they have vexed me and oppressed me in great oppression and they have nailed their teeth in me, wishing to snatch my light completely.

- How long will you allow, Oh! Light, what oppress me? Save my power from their bad thoughts and save me from the lion face power; I am the only one of the invisible ones in this region.

- I will sing praises to you, Oh! Light, in the midst of those who unite against me, and I will shout at you in the middle of those who oppress me.

- Now and therefore, Oh! Light, don't let those who hate me and want to take away my power, rejoice in my grief - those who detest me and give me glaring glances, even though I have done nothing to them.

- Certainly, they have flattered me with sweet words, questioning me about the mysteries of the Light, the ones I don't know, and they have talked badly about me and they have become irritated because I have had faith in the light of the Height.

- They have opened their jaws in front of me and said: Certainly, we snatch their light.

- Now I put, Oh! Light, you know their guilt; Do not put your help away from me.

- Claim me and come to me promptly, Oh! Light.

- And judge me according to your goodness. So oh! Light of lights, don't let my light be taken away.

- And don't let them say in their hearts: "Our power is thirsty for its light." And do not say: "We have consumed their power."

- If not, rather, let the darkness reach them, and those who wish to take my light from me, become helpless. May chaos and darkness envelop those who say: "We will take away their light and power."

- Now and therefore, save me, and may I rejoice, for I sigh for the thirteenth Aeon, the region of Virtue, and I will always say: Let the light of your LEW Angel shine more and more.

- And my tongue will sing praises to you in your gnosis, all the time, in the thirteenth Aeon. "

(The Intimate Christ must seize power from those who seized power from the initiate.)

(The power and the Light of Christ are in Pistis Sophia.)

(The darkness envelops the oppressors, the latter are the undesirable psychic elements that we carry inside.)


(Pistis Sophia, as Power-Wisdom, must humble herself before the Intimate Christ.)


(Seth's red demons snatch the light from the Initiate, steal part of his Consciousness.)

(Seth's red demons, that is, the psychic aggregates that we carry inside, must fall into the burning lake with fire and brimstone which is the second death.)


(When the power of the ego turns to dust, the illumination of LEW arises.)

(LEW is the illuminator, one of the self-conscious parts of Being.)

(LEW develops in each of us the sense of psychological self-observation.)

(LEW can also chase and throw Seth's red demons into Chaos.)

(The power of the Lion of the Law is terrible and the dark ones take advantage of the most difficult moments to make life bitter to the initiated.)

(The psychic aggregates oppress the power of Pistis Sophia, but they will never be able to snatch the intimate power of Pistis Sophia.)

(The power of the Lion of the Law is terrible and through pain he tries to purify us.)

(Pistis Sophia wants a balm for her aching heart and begs that lion's face allows her to rest from such bitterness.)

(We must take the obstinate ego from its fatal light.)

(The darkness of the ego and the Abyss is another mode of light, we would say, light of the infrared range.)

(The light of the lion-faced power is Light-Justice, and Pistis Sophia, desperate, protests against Karma, against the Law.)

(The power of Pistis Sophia rejoices in the Light and is glad to be saved by her.)

(The lion-faced power seizes power from the initiate.)

(Obviously, the fallen initiate loses his powers.)

(The Light is our Savior, she has her origin in the fire, she is the Fire.)

(Light, Fire, INRI, saves us from the power of the Lion of the Law.)

(Pistis Sophia needs to be saved from the hands of those who stole her power.)

(Against Pistis Sophia the dark ones rise.)

(The mystery of the Light that is in the Height is unknown. Rare are Those who know the Great Mystery.)

(Power without light is useless.)

(In the dark, the Soul bends full of pain.)

(Only the Light can save us when we fulfill his will at all times.)

(Remember that the Father who is in secret is the Father of all lights.)


(The deep Lord is always in Aeon Thirteen.)

(However, it is necessary to know that our inner Budha is only the unfolding of Adhi- Budha, the Unmanifested.)

(Adhi- Budha is the Unknowable and Unmanifested Lord. Each of us has his Adhi- Budha.)

(It is not possible to meet the Unmanifested Adhi- Budha during the Great Cosmic Day.)

(Now we understand why Jesus the Great Kabir always spoke of LEW, the Father of his Father.)

(We would not understand all these Mysteries of the Light if we did not know something about the two Ones, the Manifested and the Unmanifested.)


(Aelohim is the Unknowable and Unmanifested One.)

(Elohim is the Manifested One.)

(Moses forbade making images of Aelohim, but never forbade chiseling, allegorizing the Manifested Elohim.)

(It is impossible to symbolize, allegorize the Unknowable.)

(However, the Manifested, the well-known Elohim, can be allegorized, symbolized.)

(The manifested Elohim is constituted by the Demiurge creator of the Universe.)

(The Sacred Fire emanates from the bowels of Aelohim.)

(Fohat, the Fire, the intelligent flames, arise from within Aelohim's bosom.)

(The Cosmic Intelligence is the Fire, the Creators, the Ineffable that emanate from among the bowels of the Unknowable at the beginning of the Aurora of Creation in any Universe.)

(None Budha of contemplation can be integrated with Adhi-Budha before the Cosmic Night.)

(Terrible are the Mysteries of the Light and only Adhi-Budha knows them fully.)

(The invisible ones who are in the region of Aeon Thirteen and the Pair or Soulmate of any Initiate know how to do the will of the Father of all lights.)

(Seth's red demons totally oppress Pistis Sophia without feeling any mercy for her.)

(The inhuman psychic aggregates that we carry inside are processed on seven levels.)

(When Pistis Sophia thinks that she has already released new attacks from the dark ones make her suffer.)

(The dark ones stick their teeth in Pistis Sophia wishing to snatch her light completely.)

(The final liberation is almost impossible due, precisely, to the concrete fact that the painful process of the ego unfolds according to the Law of Seven.)

(The psychic aggregates, on the seven levels of Being, make the liberation of Pistis Sophia almost impossible.)

(Only the Great Light can save Pistis Sophia from the power of the Lion of the Law and the power of the dark ones.)

(We must sing praises to the Light in the midst of those who unite against us and in the midst of those who oppress us.)

(Psychic aggregates hate Pistis Sophia in us and within ourselves, here and now.)

(The agents of darkness flatter the initiate although later they stone him.)

(It is obvious that the dark ones speak badly of the initiate because they do not understand him; the infidels ignore the wisdom that lies behind every fact of the life of the Adepts.)

(The infidels want the Adepts to move exclusively within the lanes of the dogmas.)

(The facts of the initiates provoke the wrath of the demons.)

(The Light of the Heights, in which the Adepts have faith, originates actions that the infidels qualify according to their clumsy prejudices and preconceptions.)


(The infidels are enraged against the Adepts and say: "We will take away their light.")

(The Light knows the guilt of the dark ones and helps Pistis Sophia.)

(The Light will claim Pistis Sophia.)

(The Light can judge Pistis Sophia according to her goodness.)

(The Light of Lights is the Elder of the Days.)

(The dark ones would like to say of Pistis Sophia: "Our power is there of light.")

(The dark ones would like to consume the power of Pistis Sophia.)

(The darkness is in the tenebrous regions. The dark ones are powerless before the Light.)

(Chaos and darkness envelop those who wish to snatch light and power from Pistis Sophia.)

(Among the Sephirot Binah and Chesed is the first Chaos, the one from which the Cosmos arises.)

(In Jesod-Mercury, the human sexual center, there is the second Chaos, the one from which the fundamental principles of man sprout.)

(Under the Thirteen Aeons, in the region of the Qliphote, in the underground world, there is the third Chaos, the Hells Worlds.)

(The region of Aeon Thirteen is the ineffable region of virtue, the mansion of the Adepts.)

(LEW, the Angel of Aeon Thirteen, shines giving supreme enlightenment to the Adepts.)

(LEW is within the most unknown realities of our own Self. LEW is the Prince of the phases, the Angel of the Ancient of Days, one of the highest parts of our own Self.)

(In the Thirteenth Aeon the Adept sings praises to the Ocean of the Great Light.)





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