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                                                                               Chapter 45

And then it happened that Jesus, at the end of these words, said to his disciples: "Do you understand the way I am speaking with you?" Andrew came forward and said: "My Lord, in relation to the solution of the sixth repentance of Pistis Sophia, your power of Light prophesied before, through David, in Psalm one hundred and twenty-nine, saying":

(Andrew and his Cross is something deeply significant.)

(The Cross of Saint Andrew in which the alchemist died crucified.)

(The psychological tortures through which we must pass to disintegrate the Dry Mercury, that is, the psychic aggregates, are alive personification of our psychological defects.)

(The Sulfur (fire) and the Mercury (water), intersect in x (x) and cross again each other incessantly within the Great Work.)

(The Mercury of the Wise is the metallic soul of sperm.)

(The metallic soul of the sperm must be fertilized by Sulfur.)

(Andrew and his doctrine is the struggle to disintegrate the psychic aggregates.)

(Andrew with his Cross must crystallize Sulfur and Mercury in the form of the superior existential bodies of Being.)

(Sulfur and Mercury, crossed in a first octave, crystallize as an astral body and in a second octave take shape as a mental body, and in a third octave, assume the form of the causal body.)

(Owning such bodies is essential to receive the Soul principles and become a real man.)

(The inner Andrew is perfected when the superior existential bodies of the Being have been perfected.)

(It is not possible to perfect such bodies if the psychic aggregates have not been eliminated before, alive personification of our psychological defects.)

(Andrew must disintegrate Dry Mercury and Arsenic Sulfur.)

(Andrew must crystallize Philosophical Mercury prepared.)

(Andrew must disintegrate Dry Mercury.)

(Without a previous disintegration of Dry Mercury, Christification would not be possible.)

(The perfected existential bodies are made of pure gold.)

(Creating the bodies is only one part, perfecting them is urgent and cannot be postponed.)

                                      Andrew interprets the sixth repentance with Psalm CXXIX.

  1. - From the depths I have called you, Oh! Sir.

  2. - Listen to my voice: let your ears pay attention to the voice of my supplication.

  3. - Oh! Lord, if you look at my iniquities, who will be able to pass the test?

  4. - For forgiveness is in your hands; I have waited for your name, for you, Oh! Sir.

  5. - My soul has waited for your word.

  6. - My soul has waited in the Lord, from morning to night. Let Israel wait on the Lord from morning until night.

  7. - For grace is with the Lord and with him, it is a great redemption.

  8. - He will save Israel from all its iniquities. "

(The Sanctuary test is very difficult, very few human beings are able to pass that terrible test.)

(The deep inner Lord knows very well what our iniquities are; disintegrating them, we will pass the terrible test of the Sanctuary.)

(That test contains in itself all the evidence.)

(That test is, in itself, multiple tests.)

(The Omni-Merciful forgives many mistakes when we really deserve forgiveness.)

(The Soul always awaits the word of the Lord.)

(It is not enough to hear the word, we must make the word within ourselves, here and now.)

(He who hears the word and does not do it is similar to the man who looks in a mirror, then turns his back and leaves.)

(The Soul awaits the deep inner Lord.)


(Israel waits on the Lord, from morning to night.)

(Israel, is a word that must be analyzed.)

(Is, it reminds us of Isis and the Isiac mysteries.)

(Ra, reminds us of the Solar Logos.)

(Recall Ra's disk, in the old Egypt of the Pharaohs.)

(He is He, He is the deep inner God in each of us.) (he=el)

(In sequence and correct etymological corollary, the people of Israel are constituted by the different parts of the Being.)

(All the multiple self-conscious and independent parts of our own individual Being constitute the people of Israel.)

(The grace of the inner Lord falls on us when we have really gone through the Buddhist Annihilation.)

                                           Jesus praises Andrew. He promises him that the tyrants

                                                They will be judged and consumed by the wise fire.

And Jesus said: "Well spoken, Andrew blessed. This is the solution to her repentance. Amen, Amen, I tell you, I will perfect you in the mysteries of light and in all knowledge, from the interiors of the interiors to the exteriors of the exteriors; from the ineffable below, to the darkness of darkness; from the light of the lights, to the… of matter; from all gods to demons; from all lords to deans, from all authorities to the servants, from the creation of man to that of wild beasts, cattle and reptiles, so that you may be called perfect, perfected in all fullness. Amen, Amen, I tell you: In the region where I will be in the kingdom of my Father, you will also be with me. And when the perfect number is complete, when the mixture is dissolved, I will give you the order to bring all the tyrant gods who have not delivered the Purification of their light, and I will order the wise fire, over and which passes the perfect, devour those tyrants, until they deliver the last purification of their light. "

(Obviously, Andrew with his cross in X and his complicated and terribly difficult work, which is to crystallize what must be crystallized and disintegrate what must be disintegrated, will be perfected in the mysteries of light.)

(The tortures of St. Andrew are sufficient for his purification.)

(However, we must not forget our individual, inner Andrew.)

(Each of us has his Andrew.)

(Perfecting it from the interiors of the interiors to the exteriors of the exteriors, that is how  difficult is.)

(Andrew in the Great Work, suffering on his sexual cross, must be perfected from the ineffable toward down, to the darkness of darkness, of the light of the lights, to the darkness of matter, from all gods to demons.)

(Andrew must be perfected through conscious work and voluntary suffering, from all lords to deans, from all authorities to servers, etc., etc., etc.)

(Each part of the Being must reach total, integral perfection.)

(Andrew is one of those autonomous and conscious parts.)

(Andrew, perfected within each of us, integrates with the Father.)

(Remember that we need to perfect each of the twelve within ourselves, here and now.)

(The perfect number within each of us is the total sum of all autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own individual Being.)

(There are twelve and twenty four and seven and four, etc.)

(There are the twelve powers within ourselves.)

(There are the twenty-four Elders of the zodiac within ourselves.)

(There are the four Deva-Rajas or four elementary geniuses within ourselves, etc., etc.)

(The Lion of the Law exists within ourselves.)

(Obviously, the Lord of time can give us back the memories of our past lives.)

(There is the particular, proper, individual Anubis within each of us, he applies the law of Karma within ourselves.)

(The Divine Mother Kundalini within us has five aspects, allegorized by the five-legged white cow.)

(Helena Petronila Blavatsky met in India a white five-legged cow, with the fifth of these frightening the flies and scratching, there is no doubt that the fifth leg was in the hump.)

(HP Blavatsky says that this precious creature of nature was led by a young man from the Sâdhu sect who fed exclusively on the milk of that cow.)

(There is the Minerva within ourselves, who gives us wisdom.)

(There is the Threshold Guardian within ourselves.)

(The Threshold Guardian can never disintegrate because he is part of our own individual Being.)

(The Threshold Guardian is a full-length mirror that shows us the psychological state in which we are at a given time.)

(We have the Guardian of the Threshold in the astral, mental and causal plane.)

(There are, then, three Threshold Guardians, three parts of our own individual Being.)

(Each of these three parts is autonomous, individual and self-conscious.)

(There is the Karma police within ourselves, within our Consciousness, he leads us before the courts of the Law when we violate the Law.)

(The Being is a true army that must be perfected and integrated.)


(All work is sexual, there is no other way.)

(There are many independent parts of Being and each one must be perfected.)

(We have not cited all parts of the Being because volumes would be needed to talk about them and their work.)

(When the Being is integrated and the horrifying mixture of the various undesirable psychic elements that we carry inside us has been dissolved, the perverse tyrants will fall.)

(Those tyrants that we carry inside are the capital factors of our abominable psychic processes.)

                                                              Mary interprets the words of Jesus.

And when Jesus finished speaking these words, he said to his disciples: "Do you understand the way in which I speak to you?"

And Mary said: "Yes Lord, I have understood what you have said. Concerning your words, you have said: Upon dissolution of the entire Mix you will take your seat in a power light and your disciples, or we, will sit on your right, and you will judge the tyrant gods who have not renounced the purification of their light, and the wise fire will bite them until they renounce the last light in them; upon this, then, your light power, prophesied previously through David, in his Psalm eighty-one, saying:

"God will sit in the assembly (synagogue) of the Gods and judge the Gods."

(The Divine Mother Kundalini, Marah, Mary, the Serpent Woman, knows very well that dissolved the undesirable psychic elements that we carry inside, the Intimate Christ takes his seat within our Soul made all Light and Power.)

(All the disciples of the Intimate Christ reside within us, they are precisely the various autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Self.)

(The tyrant gods are really those autonomous and independent parts of the Being, who are bottled in lights that are not the Christ Light, insist on purifying their light that is not the Light of the Lord.)

(As an example and to clarify the previous paragraph, we will say that in the world there are certain religious forms that only lead to a dead end, but their parishioners insist on purifying and sanctifying themselves within such cages.)

(You must give up such doctrines, you must have the courage to abandon such cages.)

(The important thing is within ourselves.)

(Gnosis is knowledge. Self-Gnosis is self-knowledge of Gnosis.)

(The Wise Fire will bite the tyrant gods until they renounce so many doctrines that exist in the outside world.)

(Everything must be abandoned to come to the Intimate Christ.)

(When we say abandon everything, we refer in this case to various dead religious forms.)

(Someone can fight for his very purification in a totally wrong way.)

(Only by way of Self-Gnosis will we march correctly.)

(God will sit in the synagogue of the Gods and submit them to judgment.)

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