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                                                                                   Chapter 10

                                                   The mystery of the five words on the Vesture.

And it happened then, that when the sun had risen in the east, a great force of light descended, in which was my vesture, which I had left behind in the twenty-fourth mystery, as I had told you, and I found a mystery written in my garment, with five words from above: ZAMA ZAMA OZZA RACHAMA OZAI, whose solution is this:

(The Adorable's Garment is obviously found in Mystery Twenty Four.)

(On the Loom of God, the Divine Mother Kundalini weaves the Garment for the Lord.)

(The Loom of God is the Twenty-Four Mystery.)

(The five magic words are written in the Lord's Garment: Zama, Zama, Ozza, Rachama, Ozai.)

(These are words of the Language of Light.)



                                                                                  The solution.

"Oh! Mystery that has no peer in the world, for whose cause the Universe has arisen - this is the total exit and the total ascension that has emanated all emanations and all that is after, and for which reason all the mysteries have arisen - come to us because we are your members and alike, we are all with you, we are one and the same, you are the First Mystery that existed from the beginning, in the Ineffable, before appearing, and the name of it is all Now, therefore, we come to find you at the last limit, which is the last mystery from within, he himself is a piece of us. Now therefore, we have sent you the garment that belongs to you from the beginning and that you have left it behind, at the last limit, which is also the last mystery from within, until its hour is consummated according to the commandments of the First Mystery. See here, your hour has come; put it on. "

(The Ancient of the Days, within our own Being, is the First and Last of the Mysteries.)

(The Ancient of the Days is the cause of the Great Universal Appearance.)

(The elder of the Elders combines causes to bring up the Universe.)

(All the Mysteries have arisen through the Will of the Father that is in secret.)

(The total departure of the Universal Primary Forces and the ascension or re-entry of the Three Original Forces, are due to the First Mystery, which is also the Last of the Mysteries.)

(From this descent and ascent, emanation and reabsorption of the Three Primary Forces, all Cosmic emanations have emanated and all that is after, for whose cause, all the Mysteries have arisen.)

(All this that happens in the Universe happens also in the real Man.)

(The Three Primary Forces come from the Great Breath, you know that.)

(The Three Primary Forces are, in themselves and by themselves, a splitting of the Great Breath, to itself, deeply unknown.)

(The Great Breath is rooted in the Sacred Absolute Sun, you know it.)

(The Three Primary Forces emanate from the Great Breath and are reabsorbed in the Great Breath.)

(The Great Breath emanates from the Sacred Absolute Sun and at the end of the Great Day it is reabsorbed into the Sacred Absolute Sun.)

(It would not be possible to create, if previously, the Great Breath does not unfold into its Three Forces: Positive, Negative and Neutral.)

(When these three original Forces, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, strike or coincide at a given point, a Creation is performed.)

(It is the Holy Seven who is responsible for organizing such Creation.)

(The Holy Three creates and recreates again, but without the Holy Seven no Creation could be organized.)

(Any Cosmos can exist thanks to the very intimate collaboration of Three and Seven.)

(The Ancient of the Days is the First Mystery that existed from the Beginning, in the Ineffable, before appearing.)

(Come to us and within us, Divine Elder, because we are part of yourself!)

(Actually, we are the result of the latest results of the multiple unfolding of the Ancient of the Days.)

(The Father and the Son are one, the Father is one with the Son and the Son one with the Father, and whoever has seen the Son has seen the Father.)

(We must seek the Ancient of the Days in the Last Limit within ourselves, which is the Last Mystery from within; it is the upper part of our own Self.)

(When we talk about the Last Limit, we do it in the sense of Cosmic Manifestation, because beyond the Manifestation of Being there is no limit.)

(The Sacred Absolute Sun wants to crystallize the Three Primary Forces within ourselves, here and now.)

(The Ancient of the Days must make his Garment.)

(The Son must create his Garment.)

(The Holy Spirit must create his Garment.)

(It is here and now, in the Forge of the Cyclops, where we must create the Garment for the Father.)

(It is here and now, in the Vulcan Forge, where we must create the Garment for the Son.)

(It is here and now, in the Ninth Sphere, in S**, and with the Mercury of the Wise, where we must create the Garment for the Holy Spirit.)

(O Ancient of the Days! We will send you the Garment that belongs to you from the beginning and that you have left behind, in the Last Limit, which is also the Last Mystery from within.)

(Oh Devotees! Oh Adepts! Workers of the Great Work! When your hour is consummated, according to the commandments of the First Mystery, the Old Man of the Centuries will dress in his resplendent Garment.)

(The Three Vestments of the Holy Trimurti, are the Three Bodies of Glory.)

(Only the Gnostic Alchemists know how to work in the Great Work.)

(It is the alchemist Laboratory where the Three Glorious Bodies can be created.)

                                                                     The three Vesture of light.

"Come to us to approach you and dress with the First Mystery and all its Glory, by mandate of himself, in which the First Mystery has granted us and which consists of two vestures to dress with them, in addition to that which we have sent you because you are worthy of them, from the moment that you are before us. For this reason, the First Mystery has sent you through us, the mystery of all its glory consisting of two vestures. "

(The Father is the First Mystery with all his Glory.)

(The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, constitute the trinity within the unity of life.)

(If the Son and the Holy Spirit dress, each of them, with his Glorious Garment, unquestionably, the Ancient of Days is also dressed in those two Garments.)

(The Three Vestures, or Three Glorious Bodies, glow in the Infinite.)

(The Father is prior to all that is, has been and will be.)

(He is the Existence of Existences, the Primordial Point, the White Head, the Ancient of the Days, the Immense Face, Hidden Light, Internal Light, the Point within the Circle.)

(The Old Man of the Centuries existed before there was any reflection of himself to serve as an image in consciousness and thus establish his polarity.)

(The Ancient of the Days is the hidden Intelligence.)

(The Ancient of the Days shines in the Glory of Aziluth.)

                                                                            The First Vesture.

"In the first is the entire glory of all the names of all the mysteries and all the emanations of the orders of the Ineffable spaces." 

(The Emanations of all Orders of the Ineffable Spaces shine in the Vestment of the Ancient of Days.)

(The Names of all the Mysteries shine gloriously in the Vestment of the Old of Centuries.)



                                                                              Second  Vesture


"And in the second one is the entire glory of the name of all the mysteries and all the emanations that are in the orders of the two spaces of the First Mystery." 

(The Name of all the Minor and Major Mysteries, and of all the radiant Emanations that are in the Two Spaces of the First Mystery, shine in the Vestment of Christ.)


                                                                             The Third Vesture.


"And in this third Vesture, which we recently sent you, is the glory of the name of the Mystery of the Revelator, which is the First Commandment and of the Mystery of the Five Impressions and of the Mystery of the Great Envoy of the Ineffable, which is the Great Light, and of the Mystery of the Five Guides who are the Five Auxiliary. There is more in this garment, the glory of the name of the Mystery of all orders of the emanations of the Treasury of Light and its Saviors and of the Mystery of the orders of the orders, which are the Seven Amens and the Seven Voices and the Five Trees and the Three Amens and the Twin Savior who is the Son of the Son, and of the Mystery of the Nine Guards of the three gates of the Treasury of Light. There is even more there, the entire glory of the name of all those who are on the right and of all those who are in the middle. And even more, there is there, the eternal glory of the Great Invisible that is the Great Ancestor and the mystery of the three triple powers and the mystery of his total region and the mystery of all its Invisibles and all those who are in the Thirteenth Aeon and the name of the Twelve Aeons and all their rulers and all their Archangels and all their Angels and all those who are in the twelve Aeons and the total mystery of the name of all those who are in Destiny and in all the heavens and the complete mystery of the name of all those who are in the sphere and of their firmaments and of all those who are in them and of all their regions ".

(The Revelator is always the Holy Spirit.)

(The Gentle-Man, enlightened and perfect, is the concrete result of the crystallization of the Holy Spirit in us.)

(The wife of the Holy Spirit is the Divine Mother Kundalini, Marah, the Great Sea, our Particular Cosmic Mother, since each of us has her Mother.)

(The Divine Mother Isis is an unfolding of the Holy Spirit in us, a variant of our own Self.)

(The Mystery of the Revelator is included in the First Commandment of the Law of God.)


(The Divine Husband and his ineffable Wife constitute the Original Couple.)

(Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself.)


(The Original Couple serves as the foundation for the First Commandment.)

(The Mystery of the Revelator is based on the Original Couple.)

(The Arcane AZF, is the Revealing Mystery.)

(Connection of Lingam-Yoni without ejaculation of Ens-Seminis, there is the key to the Great Mystery.)

(The Mystery of the Five Impressions is the Flaming Star, you know it.)

(The Great Envoy is the Intimate Christ.)

(The Intimate Christ comes into the world whenever necessary.)

(The incarnation of  Christ in us is fundamental to the Great Work.)

(The Five Guides are the Five Auxiliary within ourselves here and now.)

(Just as there are Five Auxiliary in the Solar System: GABRIEL, RAPHAEL. URIEL, MICHAEL, SAMAEL; so also, within the Man Micro-Cosmos there are Five Auxiliary, Five autonomous and independent parts of Being.)

(The Five Intimate Assistants guide the Initiate under the supreme direction of the Father.)

(In the Vestment of the Holy Spirit shines the Glory of the Name of the hidden Mystery of all Orders of the Emanations of the Treasury of Light.)

(The Treasure of Light is the Logos dressed with the TO SOMA HELIAKON, the Golden Body of the Solar Man.)

(Every authentic Christified has the Treasure of Light inside.)

(From the Treasury of light it becomes Emanations, Rays, Radiation, etc.)

(From the Treasure of Light, within any Adept of Perfection, arise Esoteric Orders, ineffable Religions.)

(The Glory of the Name of any Mystical Order comes, originally, from the Treasury of Light.)

(From the Treasure of Light, hidden among the intimate depths of the enlightened Adepts, come about the Mystery of the Saviors.)

(The Mystery of the Orders of the Orders becomes the Treasury of the Light, hidden in the Being of the Being of every self-realized Adept.)

(The Orders of the Orders are constituted by the Seven Amens, the Seven Voices, the Five Trees and the Twin Savior, who is the Son of the Son.)

(The Nine Treasury Guards of Light are hidden within each of us.)

(The Nine Guards of the Great Treasure are Nine Self-independent and self-conscious Parts of our own Being.)

(The Ninth Path is pure intelligence.)

(The Ninth Path is YESOD, the very Foundation of the Great Work.)

(The Ninth Path is absolutely sexual.)

(The Ninth Path is in the Sexual Organs.)


(The Ninth Path is guarded by the flaming sword of the Cherubim, the Mighty Ones.)

(SHADDAI EL-CHAI, is the secret name of the Ninth Path.)


(The Path that leads the Initiate to the final Liberation is absolutely sexual.)

(S** is in the Ninth Sphere, it is really the Ninth Sphere.)

(The Three Doors of the Treasury of Light has Three Secret Names.)

(EHEIEH is the name of the first door.)

( JOHOVAH is the divine name of the second door.)

(JEHOVAH ELOHIM - is the sacred name of the third door.)

(In the Father is the first door.)

(In the Son is the second door.)

(In the Holy Spirit is the third door.)

(Obviously, the Treasury of Light has Three Doors.)

(The great Gothic Cathedrals have a central door and two smaller doors on either side, you know that.)

(The entire Glory of all those who are on the right and all those who are in the middle, shines the Garment of the Holy Spirit.)

(The Great Invisible is the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, the infinity that sustains everything, the Omni-Merciful.)

(The Great Invisible emanates Elohim.)

(Elohim is the Army of the Voice.)

(Elohim is the Creator Word.)

(Elohim, or rather, Elojim, it is translate as God manifested emerging from the bowels of Aelohim, to create and recreate again.)

(Elohim is Gods and Goddesses, for it is a feminine name with a masculine plural ending.)

(A Religion without Goddesses is in the middle of the atheist path because Elohim is Goddesses and Gods.)

(The name of the Great Invisible is Aelohim.)

(Let it be known once and for all that Aelohim is the unknowable and un-manifested divine.)

(The Great Invisible is the ABSOLUTE ABSTRACT SPACE.)

(The Great Invisible is the Un-manifested.)

(The Great Invisible Elohim is born.)

(Elohim is male and female at the same time.)

(Unquestionably, men and women therefore have the same rights and can reach Christification together.)

(Men will never reach beyond women, nor can women climb higher spiritual heights than men.)

(Those who claim that women cannot self-realize are ignorant.)

(Blessed are the Christified Women!)

(The Great Invisible is the predecessor of all that has been, is and will be.)

(The Three Triple Powers emanate from the Great Invisible.)


(The Mystery of the Three Triple Powers is explained in man and within man.)

(From the Triune Logos: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, within every truly human being, they become Two Triples.)

(The Intimate and its two Twin Souls, the spiritual that it is feminine and the human that it is masculine, constitute the second Trimurti that emanates from the Logos.)

(The Mind, the Astral, and the Physical, constitute the Third Triple that becomes the Logos.)

(The vital seat or Lingam-Sarira is only the upper section of the physical body, let us never forget that the physical body is tetra-dimensional.)

(The Thirteenth Aeon, beyond the Twelve Doors, is AIN, it is SAT, the Un-manifested.)

(Knocking on Door Thirteen amounts to entering into the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father whose Hebrew name is Aelohim.)

(Every Initiate must first integrate with Elohim before integrating with Aelohim.)

(Each of us has his inner Elohim.)

(The inner Elohim is the Being of our Being.)

(The inner Elohim is our Father-Mother.)

(The inner Elohim is the Ray that emanates from Aelohim.)

(Aelohim is the Omni-Merciful, the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, the Absolute Abstract Space.)

(Every Adept performs, if he so proposes, the Twelve Works of Hercules; it is rare that he dares to knock on Aeon Thirteen.)

(Knocking on Door Thirteen means plunging into the bosom of the Infinity that sustains  it everything.)

(Absolute perfection is needed to never let go of Aelohim's bosom.)

(Any longing, however insignificant, of separate existence, of being someone, is enough to part with Aelohim and fall into the Kingdom of the Creator Demiurge.)

(All the Rulers, the Archangels, Lords and Angels of the Twelve Regions or Twelve Aeons, shine in the sacred garment of the Holy Spirit.)

(The Twelve Aeons, or Twelve Cosmic Regions, penetrate and combine each other without confusing.)

(The Total Mystery of the Name of All Those Who are in Destiny, shines in the Vestment of the Holy Spirit.)

(Not all beings are in the Law of Destiny.)

(Millions of creatures are trapped in the Accident Law.)

(The Name of all Those who dwell in the Spheres and in the Firmaments, and in the various Regions, shines in the Vestment of the Holy Spirit.)

(The thesis of the various Firmaments is the same as that of the various infinities.)

(Infinity plus infinity equals infinity)

(Transfinite Mathematics demonstrates the harsh reality of the various infinities.)


(Beyond our perceivable Infinity with the most powerful telescopes, there is another Infinity.)

(It is written, that even many beyond the next Infinite, another Infinite is entered.)

(The number of total Firmament is only known by A E L O H I M.)

(The Name of all the ineffable Beings who live in the various Firmaments shines in the Holy Garment of the Holy Spirit.)

(The Names of all Those who live in the various Regions shine in the ineffable Vestment of the Holy Spirit.)

(We must make a full difference between Firmaments and Regions.)

(Regions are equivalent to Dimensions.)

(The Twelve Aeons are the Twelve Regions.)

(The Twelve Hours of Apollonius are related to the Twelve Aeons existing in any Firmament.)

(The Twelve Works of Hercules, which the Adepts are to perform, are each related to the Twelve Aeons.)

(The Thirty Aeons, emanated by couples from within Aelohim, are somewhat different, it is the Cosmocrators or Elohim Creators.)

                                                                      The day he came to us.

"Behold, we have sent you, therefore, this vesture that no one knew from the First Commandment below because the glory of the light was hidden in it and the spheres and all the regions of the First Commandment below have not known it. Hurry up, therefore, put on this vesture and come to us. To approach you and dress by mandate of the First Mystery with your two vesture, which existed for you from the beginning with the First Mystery until the time indicated by the ineffable was consummated Come soon to us so that we will dress you with them, until you have achieved the total Mystery of the perfection of the First Mystery that is pointed out by the Ineffable Come soon to us so that we will place them in accordance with the mandates of the First Mystery. There is still a moment, a little moment and you will come to us and leave the world. Come, therefore, soon, so that you may receive your full glory, which is the Glory of the First Mystery. "

(The Intimate Jesus-Christ, within each one of us, has full right to wear his Vesture.)

(In the Vesture of the Intimate Jesus-Christ, the Glory of Light shines.)

(The multiple Cosmic Spheres and all the supersensitive Regions of the Universe and the Multiverse of the First Commandment shine in the Infinite Space.)

(From the First Commandment, in the First Space, the Spheres shine.)

(The Father, the Ancient of the  Days, the Mercy of Mercies, the Occult of the Occult, is the First Mystery.)

(By the father's command, the Son dresses.)

(The Son dresses in his two robes.)


(The Garment of the Son, and that of the Son of Son, which is the Cristified Causal Body, shine beautifully in the Lord.)

(The Total Mystery of the Perfection of the First Mystery, located within the Elder of the Centuries, is pointed out by Aelohim.)

(Aelohim is the infinity that sustains everything.)

(The Glory of the First Mystery is the complete Glory.)

(Whoever integrates with the Ancient of the Days, after certain intimate super efforts, can integrate with Aelohim.)



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