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                                                       EVOLUTION, INVOLUTION, REVOLUTION


In practice we have been able to verify that both the MATERIALIST SCHOOLS and the SPIRITUALIST SCHOOLS are completely bottled in the EVOLUTION DOGMA.


Modern opinions about the origin of man and his past EVOLUTION, are basically cheap sophistry, do not resist a deep critical study.


Very much in spite of all the theories of DARWIN accepted as an article of blind faith by KARL MARX and his much-vaunted DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM, modern scientists know nothing about the origin of man, nothing is known to them, nothing they have experienced directly and lack evidence concrete, exact, on the HUMAN EVOLUTION.


On the contrary, if we take historical humanity, that is to say, that of the last twenty thousand or thirty thousand years before Jesus Christ, we find exact proofs, unmistakable signs of a superior type of man, incomprehensible to modern people, and whose presence can demonstrated by multiple testimonies, old hieroglyphics, ancient pyramids, exotic monoliths, mysterious papyri and various ancient monuments.


As for the PREHISTORIC MAN, to those strange and mysterious creatures so similar to the INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL and yet so different, so different, so mysterious and whose illustrious bones are hidden deep in archaic deposits of the Glacial or Pre-glacial period, Nothing modern scientists know exactly and by direct experience.


GNOSTIC SCIENCE teaches that the RATIONAL ANIMAL as we know it, is not a PERFECT BEING, it is not yet MAN in the full sense of the word; nature develops it to a certain point and then abandons it leaving it in complete freedom to continue its development or lose all its possibilities and degenerate.


The LAWS of EVOLUTION and INVOLUTION are the mechanical axis of all nature and have nothing to do with the INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION of the BEING.


Within the INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL there are tremendous possibilities that can develop or be lost, it is not a law that they develop. EVOLUTIONARY mechanics cannot develop them.


The development of such latent possibilities is only possible under well-defined conditions and this demands tremendous individual SUPER-EFFORTS and efficient help from those MASTERS who have already done that work in the past.


Whoever wants to develop all his latent possibilities to become man, must enter through the path of the REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS.


THE INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL is the GRAIN, the SEED; from that seed can be born the TREE OF LIFE, the TRUE MAN, that MAN who was looking for DIOGENS with a lamp lit by the streets of ATHENS and at noon, and that unfortunately he could not find.


It is not a LAW that this grain, that this special seed can develop, the normal, the natural, is that it is lost.


THE TRUE MAN is as different from the INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL, as the RAY is to the cloud.


If the grain does not die the seed does not germinate, it is necessary, it is urgent that the multiple EGO, die so that the MAN can be born.


The Teachers of Schools, Colleges and Universities must teach their students the ROAD of REVOLUTIONARY ETHICS, only this way it is possible to achieve the death of the EGO.


By doing EMPHASIS we can affirm that the REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS is not only rare in this world, but that every time not only is it rare in this world, but it becomes increasingly rare and rarer.


The REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS has three perfectly defined factors: First, To die; Second, to born; Third, Sacrifice for humanity. The order of the factors does not alter the product.




To Born is a matter of SEXUAL TRANSMUTATION, this issue corresponds to the TRANSCENDENTAL SEXOLOGY, who wants to study this topic, see previous publications like Mystery of the Golden Bloom, and others in this blog.




If we do  want the REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS, if we do not do tremendous -EFFORTS to develop those latent possibilities that lead us to INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION, it is clear that these possibilities will never develop.


A radical and definitive change is needed but not all beings want that change, they do not want it, they do not know it and they are told and they do not understand it, they do not comprehend it, they do not care. Why should they be given by force what they do not want?

The Truth is that before acquiring the individual NEW FACULTIES or NEW POWERS that he does not even remotely know and that he does not yet possess, he must acquire faculties and powers that he mistakenly believed to have, but that he does not really have.




                                                                    INTEGRAL INDIVIDUAL


FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION in its true sense is the deep understanding of oneself; within each individual are all the laws of nature.


Whoever wants to know all the wonders of nature, should study them within himself.


False Education only cares about enriching the intellect and that can be done by anyone. It is obvious that with money, anyone can afford to buy books.


We do not speak out against the intellectual culture, we only pronounce against the exorbitant cumulative mental eagerness.


False intellectual education offers only subtle escapes to escape from itself.


Every learned man, every vicious of intellectualism, always has wonderful evasions that allow him to flee from himself.


From the INTELLECTUALISM without SPIRITUALITY the rascals turn out and these have taken humanity to CHAOS and DESTRUCTION.


Technique can never enable us to know ourselves in an INTEGRAL, UNI-TOTAL way.


The parents send their children to the School, the University, the Polytechnic, etc., so that they learn some technique, so that they have a profession, so that they can finally earn a living.


It is obvious that we need to know some technique, to have a profession, but that is secondary, the primary thing, the fundamental thing, is to know ourselves, to know who we are, where we come from, where we are going, what is the purpose of our existence.


In life there is everything, joys, sorrows, love, passion, joy, pain, beauty, ugliness, etc. and when we know how to live it intensely, when we understand it in all the LEVELS of the mind, we find our place in the Society, we create our own technique, our particular way of living, feeling and thinking, but the opposite is false hundred percent, the technique by itself, it can never originate the background understanding, the true understanding.


The current Education has been a resounding failure because it gives EXAGGERATED importance to the technique, to the profession, and it is obvious that by emphasizing the technique, it turns man into a mechanical automaton, destroys his best possibilities.


Cultivating capacity and efficiency without the understanding of life, without self-knowledge, without a direct perception of the process of MYSELF, without a careful study of one's own way of thinking, feeling, desiring and acting, will only serve to increase our own cruelty, our own selfishness, those psychological factors that produce war, hunger, misery, pain.


The exclusive development of the technique has produced mechanics, scientists, technicians, atomic physicists, vivisectors of the poor animals, inventors of destructive weapons, etc., etc., etc.


All those professionals, all those inventors of Atomic Bombs and Hydrogen Bombs, all those vivisectors that torment the creatures of nature, all those rascals, the only thing they really serve, is for war and destruction.


All these scoundrels know nothing, they understand nothing of the total process of life in all its infinite manifestations.


The general technological progress, transport systems, counting machines, electrical lighting, elevators inside buildings, electronic brains of all kinds, etc., solve thousands of problems that are processed at the surface level of existence, but introduce into the individual and in society, a multitude of broader and deeper problems.


To live exclusively in the SUPERFICIAL LEVEL without taking into account the different terrains and deeper regions of the mind, means in fact to attract on us and on our children, misery, crying and despair.


The greatest need, the most urgent problem of each individual, of each person, is to understand life in its INTEGRAL, UNITOTAL form, because only then are we able to satisfactorily solve all our intimate particular problems.


Technical knowledge by itself can never solve all our psychological problems, all our deep complexes.


If we want to be true MEN, INTEGRAL INDIVIDUALS we must SELF-EXPLORE ourselves PSYCHOLOGICALLY, to know ourselves deeply in all the territories of the thought, because the TECHNOLOGY out of all doubt, becomes a destructive instrument, when we do not understand TRUTH the whole process of the existence, when we do not know ourselves in an INTENSE way.


If the INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL loved TRUTH, if he knew himself, if he had understood the total process of life, he would never have committed the CRIME of FRACTIONING THE ATOM.


Our technical progress is fantastic but it has only managed to increase our aggressive power to destroy each other and everywhere reign terror, hunger, ignorance and disease.


No profession, no technique can ever give us that which is called PLENITUDE, TRUE HAPPINESS.


Everyone in life suffers intensely in his trade, in his profession, in his train of routine life, and things and occupations become instruments of envy, murmuring, hatred, bitterness.


The world of doctors, the world of artists, engineers, lawyers, etc., each of these worlds, is full of , murmurs, competition, envy, etc.


Without the understanding of ourselves, mere occupation, trade, or profession, leads to pain and the search for evasions. Some seek escape through alcohol, the canteen, the tavern, the cabaret, others want to escape through drugs; and others through lust and sexual degeneration, etc. etc.


When you want to reduce all LIFE to a technique, to a profession, to a system to earn money and more money, the result is boredom, nuisance, and the search for evasions.


We must become INTEGRRAL INDIVIDUALS , complete and that is only possible knowing ourselves and dissolving the PSYCHOLOGICAL EGO.


FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION, while stimulating the learning of a technique to earn a living, must do something of greater importance, it must help man to experience, to feel in all its aspects and in all the territories of the mind, the process of the existence.


If someone has something to say that says it and that to say it is very interesting because each one of them creates for himself his own style, but learns other people's styles without directly experiencing life in its INTEGRATED form; it only leads to superficiality.



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