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                                                                       WISDOM AND LOVE


WISDOM and LOVE are the two main columns of every true civilization.


In one pan of the balance of justice we must put WISDOM, in the other pan we must put LOVE.


Wisdom and Love must balance each other. Wisdom without Love is a destructive element. Love without Wisdom can lead us to error: "LOVE IS LAW, BUT CONSCIOUS LOVE".


It is necessary to study a lot and acquire knowledge, but it is also URGENT to develop in us the SPIRITUAL BEING.


Knowledge without the SPIRITUAL BEING well developed in a harmonious way within us, becomes the cause of what is called Rascally.


Being well developed within us but without intellectual knowledge of any kind, gives rise to Stupid Saints.


A stupid Saint possesses the very developed SPIRITUAL BEING, but since he has no intellectual knowledge, he cannot do anything because he does not know how to do it.


THE HOLY STUPID has the power to do but cannot do it because he does not know how to do.


Intellectual knowledge without the well-developed SPIRITUAL BEING produces intellectual confusion, perversity, pride, etc., etc.


During the Second World War thousands of scientists, devoid of any Spiritual element in the name of science and humanity, committed terrible crimes for the purpose of scientific experiments.


We need to form a powerful intellectual culture but tremendously balanced with the true conscious Spirituality.


We need a REVOLUTIONARY ETHICS and a REVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY if we really want to dissolve the ego to develop the legitimately spiritual BEING in us.


It is regrettable that for lack of LOVE, people use the INTELLECT in a destructive way.


Students need to study science, history, mathematics, etc., etc.


Vocational knowledge needs to be acquired, with the purpose of being useful to others.


Studying is necessary. Accumulating basic knowledge is essential, but fear is not essential.


Many people accumulate knowledge out of fear; They are afraid of life, death, hunger, misery, what they will say, etc., and for that reason they study.


You should study for Love of our fellow men with the desire to serve them better, but you should never study out of fear.


In practical life we have seen that all those students who study out of fear sooner or later become scoundrels.


We need to be honest with ourselves to self-observe and discover in ourselves all the processes of fear.


We must never forget in life that fear has many phases. Sometimes fear is confused with courage. The soldiers on the battlefield seem very brave but in reality they move and fight because of fear. The suicide also seems at first sight very courageous but in reality he is a coward who is afraid of life.


Every rascal in life appears to be very courageous but deep down he is a coward.


Rogues often use profession and power in a destructive way when they are afraid. Example; Castro ; in Cuba.


We never speak out against the experience of practical life or against the cultivation of the intellect, but we condemn the lack of LOVE.


The knowledge and experiences of life are destructive when LOVE is missing.


The EGO usually captures the experiences and intellectual knowledge when there is an absence of that which is LOVE.


THE EGO abuses experiences and intellect when it uses them to strengthen itself.


By disintegrating the EGO, the experiences and the Intellect are in the hands of the INTIMATE BEING and all abuse is then impossible.


Every student should be guided by the vocational path and study very thoroughly all the theories that relate to their vocation.


The study, the intellect, does not harm anyone else, but we must not abuse the intellect.


We need to study so as not to abuse the mind. Abuse of the mind who wants to study the theories of different vocations, who wants to harm others with the intellect, who exercises violence on the mind of others, etc., etc., etc.


It is necessary to study professional subjects and spiritual matters in order to have a balanced mind.


It is URGENT to arrive at the intellectual synthesis and the Spiritual synthesis if we really want a balanced mind.


The Teachers of Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc., should thoroughly study our Revolutionary Psychology if they really want to lead their students along the path of the FUNDAMENTAL REVOLUTION.


It is necessary that the students acquire the SPIRITUAL BEING, develop in themselves the TRUE BEING, so that they leave the School turned into responsible individuals and not into stupid knave.


Wisdom is useless without Love. The Intellect without Love only produce Knaves.


Wisdom itself is an Atomic Substance, atomic capital that should only be administered by individuals full of true Love.






It is necessary to love and be loved, but for the world's misfortune the people neither love nor are loved.


That which is called love is unknown to people and easily confused with passion and fear.


If people could love and be loved, wars would be completely impossible on the face of the earth.


Many marriages that could truly be happy, unfortunately are not, due to the old resentments accumulated in the memory.


If the spouses had generosity, they would forget the painful past and live in fullness, full of true happiness.


The mind kills love, destroys it. The experiences, the old dislikes, the old jealousies, all this accumulated in the memory, destroys the love.


Many resentful wives could be happy if they were generous enough to forget and to forgive the past and live in the present by loving the husband.


Many husbands could be truly happy with their wives if they had enough generosity, as to forgive old mistakes and to throw into oblivion quarrels and disappointments accumulated in the memory.


It is necessary, it is urgent that marriages understand the deep significance of the moment.


Husbands and wives should always feel like newlyweds, forgetting the past and living happily in the present.


Love and resentments are incompatible atomic substances. In love there can be no resentments of any kind. Love is eternal forgiveness.


There is love in those who feel true anguish for the sufferings of their friends and enemies. There is true love in the one who wholeheartedly works for the welfare of the humble, the poor, the needy.


There is love in the one who spontaneously and naturally feels sympathy for the peasant who waters the furrow with his sweat, for the villager who suffers, for the beggar who asks for a coin and for the humble, anguished and sick dog that dies of hunger the side of the road.


When we wholeheartedly help someone, when in a natural and spontaneous way we take care of the tree and water the flowers of the garden without anybody demanding it, there is genuine generosity, true sympathy, true love.


Unfortunately for the world, people do not have true generosity.


People only care about their own selfish achievements, desires, successes, knowledge, experiences, sufferings, pleasures, etc. etc.


In the world there are many people, who only have false generosity. There is false generosity in the astute politician, in the electoral fox that squanders money with the selfish purpose of getting power, prestige, position, wealth, etc., etc. We should not confuse one with another.


True generosity is absolutely disinterested, but it can easily be confused with the false selfish generosity of the foxes of politics, of the capitalist rogues, of the satyrs who covet a woman, etc. etc.


We must be generous of heart. True generosity is not of the Mind, authentic generosity is the perfume of the heart.


If the people had generosity, they would forget all the resentments accumulated in the memory, all the painful experiences of the many yesterdays, and they would learn to live from moment to moment, always happy, always generous, full of true sincerity.


Unfortunately the ego is memory and lives in the past, always wants to return to the past. The past ends with people, destroys happiness, kills love.


The mind bottled in the past can never fully understand the deep significance of the moment in which we live.


Many people write to us seeking consolation, asking for a precious balm to heal their aching heart, but few are those who care to comfort the afflicted.


There are many people who write to tell us the miserable state they live in, but those who break the only bread that will feed them to share with others in need are rare.


People do not want to understand that behind every effect there is a cause and that only by altering the cause we modify the effect.


The "I", our dear "I", is energy that has lived in our ancestors and that has originated certain past causes whose present effects condition our existence.


We need GENEROSITY to modify causes and transform effects. We need generosity to steer the ship of our existence wisely.


We need generosity to radically transform our own lives.


Legitimate effective generosity is not of the mind. Authentic sympathy and true sincere affection can never be the result of fear.


It is necessary to understand that fear destroys sympathy, ends the generosity of the heart and annihilates in us the delicious perfume of LOVE.


Fear is the root of all corruption, the secret origin of all war, the deadly poison that degenerates and kills.


Teachers of schools, colleges and universities must understand the need to guide their students along the path of true generosity, courage, and sincerity of heart.


The rancid and clumsy people of the past generation, instead of understanding what that poison of fear is, they  cultivated it as a fatal greenhouse flower. The result of such a procedure was corruption, chaos and anarchy.


Teachers must understand the time in which we live, the critical state in which we find ourselves and the need to raise new generations on the basis of a revolutionary ethic that is in tune with the atomic age that in these moments of anguish and pain is beginning between the august thunder of thought.


FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION is based on a revolutionary psychology and a revolutionary ethic, in accordance with the new vibratory rhythm of the new era.


The sense of cooperation must completely displace the horrible battle of selfish competition. It becomes impossible to know how to cooperate when we exclude the principle of effective and revolutionary generosity.


It is urgent to understand in an integral way, not only at the intellectual level, but also in the different unconscious recesses of the unconscious and subconscious mind what is the lack of generosity and the horror of selfishness. Only by becoming aware of what  is in us selfishness and lack of generosity springs in our hearts the delicious fragrance of TRUE LOVE and of the EFFECTIVE GENEROSITY that is not of the mind.


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