A delayed blog

I finally finished this blog after a duration of 3 weeks time. Yes it costed me 3 weeks to write this all down.

This forword is written after I finished this blog and I titled this 'A delayed blog' because of drome-time differs from 3d-earth-time. The content of this blog is abstract but truth. Happy reading. :)

Past six weeks I have retreated myself from the internet, and searched in myself for answers because it was needed.

In the meanwhile my inbox flooded full with messages at this site, at this moment I have 119 un-opened messages, my apologies if you expected me to reply, likely I won't open them unless someone notices me about it's importancy.

In the time I retreated I learned and remembered a lot, which I would Love to share, but I don't know where to start so I start here with this blog. There is so much that I simply do not remember what I wanted to blog here, I just need to find my way in the multidimensional chaos as I see it. And I Love it, working consciously in the multidimensional fields is exciting!


The story starts immediately after my latest blog Work!

My Oversoul guided me perfectly, it appears to be I have two close colleagues at my new work who are awakened Starseeds! This is so fantastic as can be, because we three starseeds influence all people on the work-floor. I have now paid Lightwork - lol. The development of electronic devices is set on a low rate, but I'll pick that up again this month by waking up the company it's owner interest in the subject. And before I forget to mention; this week in december I received a contract for one year, I only need to sign if I wish to work there for a longer period of time. There experience with me was better then expected. There is definitely more to come, this is just an echo from a future event.

Even greater news is that I met my soul-family in the physical reality on 30 October '11. They are just human beings and they all appeared randomly in my life's before. Niburu organized a Multidimensional meeting for people between 15 and 28 years old, and so I went also to that meeting without knowing the persons at all... ..did I? I feel I know them all from other realities - in dream time for example. We all are multi-dimensional. We shared our Light there which felt very powerful and when I came home in the evening I cried of luck because I delved into a deep spot of my heart. That night I received many flashbacks which was very cool. The day after I realized these people that went also to that meeting where my close related family of souls where I share time with in multiple dimensional realities. We all knew eachother.

And then we have project rainbow portal. I booked many successes here on the experiments I do and it's all so fantastic. I have no large portal to present to you yet, but I am confident that it is possible. I have a small portal to present to you, the crystal shown in Come lets build a Rainbow Portal is transforming and contains rainbow portals now. I'll add the photos once I made it with a superzoom camera because the surface whereunder this is visible is very small at this moment. The portal to ethereality is within ourselves, and by merging our energies we are capable of forming a visible real dimensional portal. Prepare your eyes already for this beautiful view by placing a compact disk upside-down below a lamp to create the illusion of a rainbow portal onto your wall in your house. With mirrors and lenses you can create wonderful decorations this way. I am bathing in rainbow nowadays. :p

Well this is not it but just a part of what I Love to share, I'll add more later into this blog or create simply a new one.

This blog is made with Ubuntu software from Linux, free and open source. Byebye windows with your terrible performance and money costing issues.

I wish you all a great and Loving time for the next period.


ubuntu |oǒ'boǒntoō|

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'. It also means 'I am what I am because of who we all are'. The Ubuntu operating system brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the world of computers.



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