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A Call for a Boycott of Monsanto

>Folks, for long years, we’ve been hearing about Monsanto’s criminal actions against farmers.

In the attached video, one farmer tells how a colleague of his was sued for infringement of patent around the re-use of soybeans when the farmer was not even sowing soy beans.

Farmers in India have committed suicide in large numbers because they cannot afford to buy seed every year.

Now Monsanto is suing Avaaz to try to shut them down. Avaaz recently received a 168-page curt subpoena, reproduced below. (1)

It’s time for us either to shut Monsanto down or to oblige it to act as a decent corporate citizen.

In 2013, I asked the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel how we were to stop gender persecution, such as a local tribal council in ordering the rape of a woman and she recommended targetted boycotts.  See below the video for that conversation.

I now invoke the authority of the Divine Mother in calling for a total boycott of all Monsanto products.

Here is that conversation with the Divine Mother:

Divine Mother: You have need to shift attention from the glory of war to the glory of peace. And that is by having people who will speak up and take appropriate action where such persecution [of women] is present. …

It is very practical, but it begins spiritually, with the clarion call of no.

Steve Beckow: Are you suggesting an economic or financial boycott in certain areas of the world in which evidence of persecution is there?

DM: That is exactly what I am saying.

SB: Now, would that be a very specific boycott? For instance, I’ll give you an example. A jirga [local council] in Afghanistan or Pakistan sentences a woman to judicial rape or condones an honor killing. Are you suggesting a financial boycott of that region of the country?

DM: It has to also be clearly expressed that that is the reason you choose not to support that economy.

SB: Okay. I think I get where you’re going. (2)

Monsanto has proven itself to be a rapacious global citizen. Nothing short of our rejection of their products and services – until they forsake their predatory practices – will stop them from their apparent mission to control agriculture globally.

I urge lightworkers to support Avaaz’s campaign against Monsanto. I will here begin the planning for a wholesale boycott of Monsanto and post on how to make that campaign global.

In the meantime, I ask everyone to stop buying any product associated with Monsanto and its agricultual subsidiaries.


(1) “The Divine Mother: Your Lifotff to Creation is Underway – Part 2/2,” February 5, 2013, at

(2) Avaaz’s letter follows:

From: “Ricken Patel – Avaaz” a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">>
Date: February 16, 2018 at 9:25:20 AM PST
Subject: Red alert: Court Subpoena from Monsanto!
We just told Monsanto’s lawyers we’re going to fight this — let’s show them how hard we’re going to do it! Here’s the email — 
—-" width="290" align="middle" border="0" tabindex="0" />

Dear Avaazers,

We’ve just been hit with a 168-page court subpoena from Monsanto.

We have only days to respond, and it “commands” us to hand over every private email, note, or record we have regarding Monsanto, including the names and email addresses of Avaazers who have signed Monsanto campaigns!!

This is big. They’re a $50 billion mega-corporation, infamous for legal strong-arm tactics like this. They have unlimited resources. If they get their hands on all our private information, there’s no telling what they’ll use it for.

So we’re going to fight this. Because Monsanto may have unlimited resources to intimidate, but Avaaz has unlimited people power, and our members just aren’t afraid.

Our deadline to respond to the subpoena is just days away — donate with one click to help defend our movement, and let’s send Monsanto a message: every time they come at us, they’ll only make us stronger —

We urgently need to hire outstanding lawyers to go up against Monsanto’s best. Just fighting this subpoena (read it here) will be costly, and it could be just the beginning.

We don’t know Monsanto’s plan, but we know one reason why this is coming — Avaaz has repeatedly beaten Monsanto in huge regulatory battles, including blocking the long-term relicensing of glyphosate, the herbicide that is the cornerstone of their chemical empire. We’re winning. So they’re changing the game.

The subpoena indicates that Monsanto needs all our private information to fight class-action lawsuits against them claiming that their glyphosate caused people’s cancer. If that seems absurd to you, you’re not alone. But they’ve gotten the authority of a US court behind them, and we urgently need the best lawyers behind us. Donate to help defend Avaaz,and let’s send a message of defiance to Monsanto:

There aren’t many corporations in the world that are more powerful than Monsanto. The fact that we really can defeat them, shows just how real our movement’s people power has become. If we stick together, with hope and determination, we really CAN change the world!

With hope and determination,

Ricken, Emma, Fatima, Danny, Hui-Ting, Spyro, Marigona and the entire Avaaz team

More information:

Glyphosate — Crushed it!! (Avaaz)

Campaign group Avaaz calls on EU to block Bayer’s Monsanto deal (Reuters)

Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear (Vanity Fair)

Patients: Roundup gave us cancer as EPA official helped the company (CNN)

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