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8:8 Message from Archangel Michael. It still time to iniciate. Et

8:8 Message from Archangel Michael

August 8, 2009

I am Michael, Prince and Regent of the Celestial Militia. Liked well Maitres of the Light, Children of the Light and Star Seeds, I come to you, in this day, accompanied by the sevenfold Archangelic Radiation. Thus, we, Archangels reunited in Conclave, and from this day, officiate within your solar system in order to bring about, to initialize and manifest, on this date of August 15, the revelation of the Light. As I said at the time of my last coming in the Celestial Weddings, the radiant terrestrial triangle located in Mexico becomes active, and it must be the same in you, within this week, in each day which separates you, as from tomorrow, from August 15. You will climb the seven steps which will make it possible to realize, in you, for your Glory and your Unit, the revelation of the Light. What is at the Top is like what is at the Bottom. What will pass in your interior being will be realized within your Earth and under your eyes and in your Skies. The hour is with the effusion, in 8 days, of the new Metatronic keys of Light.

The radiant triangle, in you, is called sacrum. It corresponds to the awakening (in response to the impulse of the Light, through the Ultra-violet), to the revelation of your Divinity, to the phenomenon of fusion, followed during your Celestial Weddings, which will initialize for any human being wishing it. This sacrum is the place where lays the Fire of the Earth. I come to initialize, with the Conclave, the revelation of the Fire of the Earth. This fire of the Earth responds to the Fire of Heaven. During this week, you will fuse to allow the radiant triangle to operate in you, within this materiality. The radiant triangle will awaken and allow fusion, for those who wish it, of the crown of the heart with the crown of the head.

I have taught you (and I will not return there) on the sacred lemniscate, on the sound B, on the interior silence. I refer you to what I have said and what will always be up-to-date, within your humanity, for those who would wish to join these Weddings. The hour is, now, to give over your head to your heart.

The heart is, as I finished in the last effusion, receptive. The heart is Love, Vibration and Light. The Light of the head, that which permitted you to externalize yourselves within this density, must leave the place to the Light of the heart. Thus, during this week, there will awaken in you, in a permanent manner, the six points of the heart and the five points of the head, to realize, here, through the crossing and the sacred lemniscate, the crown of the twelve. This crown of the twelve is the reunion of the twelve Virtues that I had announced to you. This will permit, under the influence of the Radiation of the sacred triangle but also of the celestial Radiation, actualization in your Skies, on August 15, a work where the body of Eternity and the body of personality will amalgamate within this density.

Rejoice. The hour is with the Light. The hour is with the return. The hour is with the revelation, within your dimension, of the Divinity. The falsification of the Light will no longer be possible. It belongs to you to receive, in you, by yourself and by your acceptance, what we propose to you. The major stage is on August 15th. It will finish on September 29th, the day of my effective coming on the Earth, through the most celestial elements.

Liked well Children of the Light, during this week, during these 8 days which precede August 15th, we will concentrate the triple radiation of the Radiation of the Ultra-violet, of the Holy Spirit and of the radiation of the Source, in your time slot of 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., by your watch. During this hour, you will benefit from the most important support of our Conclave in order to realize the work and to climb the seven steps. For that you must assimilate, you must include/understand and you must abandon yourself totally to the Light, to the Truth and to the Love. It is not able to be different. You are asked for allegiance. You are asked to no longer privilege your ego, your personality but to let it bathe in the Light of the Source, the Radiation of the Ultra-violet and the Holy Spirit.

There exist, at the surface of this planet, seven Ancient Circles of Fire. These Ancient Circles of Fire have been constructed, since time immemorial, in order to permit the Light to manifest within your Skies, the White Metatronic Light, to be guided as on rails in order to take root within your density, of your dimension, permitting in this way the establishment of the reign of the Light.

Some of you know, all over this planet, the Ancient Circles of Fire. You will be asked, as well within your interior being, for those who have the chance of it externally, to join together in proximity to the Ancient Circles of Fire. It does not belong to me to give you their location. No matter if you do not know them: you join together in groups, and above all on August 15, to receive Lord Metatron. This one comes to seal, in you, the White Light. No preexisting shade can exist and continue its life beyond the Metatronic impulse.

As you know, Metatron will establish his reign at the end of Times. You are returned in the End of Times. This is an objective announcement in which the probity and the signs that I give you are announced, in a visible way to all, in your Skies. But I refer to your interior being because alchemy must be first realized in you. You must merge, during this week, and each day from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., the crown of the heart with the crown of the head. This work will be realized simply from the moment when you receive, in humility, in simplicity, without pride, the Light that comes to you. The Source decrees the hour of his return. We announce, us, Conclave and we prepare this moment since times immemorial. These have been announced with the dates and these dates are not vain. They correspond, for those who refuse to see it, to the ultimate proof of the Truth of the Light. You will discover by your eyes, by your senses and by your heart, above all, what is the Truth. And the Truth is simple. And the Truth will free you from the limits of this world.

You must penetrate in the Joy, in the Confidence, in the Serenity, in the Unit and in the reception of your brothers and your sisters. Some among you feel a Divine impulse to gather. Do it. The hour is now. It belongs to you to work so that the circumstances of your lives permit you to carry that out in peace, serenity and in privileged places. Be sure and certain that, wherever you are on this planet, far or close to the Circles of Fire, from the moment when you receive the Light in your breast [center], in humility and simplicity, the Intelligence of the Light will act. It will act, whatever the level of deconstruction visible in your eyes.

The deconstruction visible to your eyes is only the deconstruction of the illusion. The deconstruction visible to your eyes is only construction, in your breast, of the new Jerusalem, of the New Alliance initialized by Metatron. Each day, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., by your watch, we ask you, this being for only a few minutes, to put yourself into receptivity and receive what comes. For that, there is nothing else to do. It is not to direct the conscience towards the heart, towards the head or towards the sacrum, or elsewhere. It is simply to receive and enunciate, clearly, in oneself and distinctly, the acceptance of the Christ Light, Unité and Truth.

While pronouncing simply: "I receive the Christ Light in Unit and in Truth", there will be realized, in you, the alchemy. A certain number of vibrations will then invade your body, on the level of the heart and the head, in various points of conscience. You do not have anything to do if it is not to receive, in humility and in simplicity. You will also be able to stick the language of your mouth on the level of your palate and pronounce this sentence, in you. This is simplicity, this is Truth itself. Information, parallel to the arrival of the Metatronic Light, on Saturday August 15, will enable you to become aware of what we realized together, liked well Maîtres of the Light, since a few months.

This is Truth. Your illusions must die out in front of the Truth of what comes. There is no other possibility. In that, there will be realized, in you, the closure of your Celestial Weddings. The events unfolding on Earth will follow a course which will be Light or Shade according to what you will have chosen or received in your breast [center]. Here is what I had simply to say to you, today. If you have, compared to this process which will unfold, clarifications or explanations a little more full, I want to do them before returning in your Essence, in your Heart, until the end of the 72 minutes.

We do not have questioning. We thank you.
Liked well children of the Light, here present and everywhere in the world, I ask you to receive, now, the triple effusion, relayed by the Conclave and the seven Vibrations or seven Archangelic Seals, at the same time as the Divine Marie, your Mother to all.

… Overflowing of energy…

Liked well Maitres of the Light, Children of the Light and Star Seeds, we continue, until the stated hour (ndr: the 72 minutes end of this channeling), effusion. Nevertheless, I will not add words and you will be able, if you wish, to open your eyes and live what you live, open the eyes. I say to you until August 15, at 1 p.m., where I will express myself before leaving the talking and the Light of Metatron to appear within your density. You are blessed.

[1]… Overflowing of energy…[/1]

Ndr 1: The link to the time difference ( will enable you to deduce your local schedule.
Ndr 2: the channeling of August 15th will not be public.[/1]

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