3 WONDERFUL WAYS To Have A Spiritual Autumn/Winter!

8109018270?profile=original3 WONDERFUL WAYS To Have A Spiritual Autumn/Winter!

The changing of season need not be depressing. Winter especially has been shown to make some people feel less motivated or less energised. Most scientists believe that the issue is related to the way our body responds to the daylight in the season.

However whatever the statistics for winter or autumn it need not be depressing for us!

This is because we choose with our free will to live a life charged with love and divine brilliance everyday. There are more angels ready to assist us on a spiritual level around the autumn-winter transition period.

The season’s are also a manifestation of nature’s true beauty. A time for people to reflect, think, and grow.

Everyday (despite the changing weather seasons) we can ALL practice our inward connection to the divine energy to ALWAYS feel energised and in turn feel younger,healthier and good!

This impacts the environment around us making all more stable, balanced, and in tune to the divine flow.

Here’s 3 ways to help you make the most of your spiritual autumn/winter!


1) Perform Mantra’s, Prayers,

Practice Peace as 2nd nature

Winter and Autumn is a good time to contemplate on the past year for you. This contemplation when done appropriately leads to acceptance which than leads to inwards peace and balance. This is essential to your divine expansion. Practice Praying or mantra’s in the evening times when the night is still,

to gain some clarity. This clarity will lead you to achieving your wellbeing and desires.

2) Ponder Over How much this planet is loved by the Divine Angels!

Look how wonderfully the seasons manifest on this planet. This planet is so loved and helped along its natural path by the many angels, elementals and divine force, some of which our eyes cannot see but always are around us… in the sunshine and in the rain. Make time to FEEL their presence. Radiate your self.

3) Be grateful for the year you have had so far and ask for a blessed season Ahead.

Remember, autumn and winter is seasons like no other! This is your chance to BE IN relax mode and truly give thanks for the good in your life this coming year.


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