THE EVENT: Surge of Refugees into Europe.

For those expecting an event this month, I believe this is it. For those who understand the power in numbers and the love held within the hearts of ordinary people, THIS IS The Event. It represents a surge in the number of people demonstrating the milk of human kindness. It demonstrates our mutual humanity. It is “The change we wish to see in the world”. IT IS US. We the people. We the little people who think big.

From the poorest of refugees walking hundreds of miles with babies and grandparents, to the kindest of ordinary people in countries such as Turkey, Greece, and even Hungary, who have fed them along the way, to the open hearts of Austrians and Germans (and their governments) to welcome their fellow human beings into their countries and into their hearts. THIS is THE EVENT. May the UK and others shortly follow.

It is my sincerest hope that as many souls as possible will join in this massive and generous undertaking. It puts me in mind of the film ”Before Winter Comes”, in which Topol and David Niven starred in 1969.

Star Flower, aka Rita Butler Bowles

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  • "Circa" means an approximate date.....But because I did not give the actual date of 22nd June 1941, for the commencement of Operation Barbarossa, that term may suffice, thank you....I hope I do indeed mirror education back to you, as you have invoked and suggested here, Star*Flower...As for Ara's response, well a bit lame isn't it, Ara....Surely you can demonstrate that by being Russian, you know more about it's history than I do, but then, maybe you can't.....?? BTW, my comments here are in the spirit of lively debate.....I hope you can appreciate that fact, Star*Flower....and thanks for chipping in about Jesus weeping.... ;-) Yes I know how he felt...

  • I've been gone from this list for two years, while I wrote a novel (it's on Amazon if anyone wants to know, ask me, it's doing quite well) and now I return to see that not much has changed. I'm a little disappoined. Not in you, Feather Winger, you were always enlightened, but in some others whom I thought might at some point, listen to alternative views, possibly set their egos aside for a day or two, fake it (positivity )until they make it... etc. As I said, I am disppointed. I think I have an inkling now as to how Jesus felt when he wept in the garden of Gethsemane. So it's all good. I'm still learning. And Drekx is still mirroring back to me. What a wonderful experience life in 3D can be. No wonder we keep returning. :) Namaste.

  • Drekx Omega, please look up the meaning of 'circa'. Thank you.

  • I didn’t sign in today for being a punching bag for you Drekx, if you are in the bad mood go yield at the wall … better result … as for you know russian history your comments do say it all - so there is no need for me to dare test you on it ....

  • Errr no, Ara, the invasion was by Germany's Operation Barbarossa, circa 1941, not 1940 and of course, Poland was divided between Germany and the Soviets in 1939, under the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact...

    As for earlier Russian history I dare you to test me...I think you'll find I have a real HANDS-ON awareness of history, and a more practical understanding of it, than you could possibly imagine...

  • it has nothing to do with Soviet Union, but everything with Russian People  ... i don't need any lessons from you ... grow up with that stuff ... and your taste in music is just awful ... and it seems that you don't know Russian history, invasion of Germany in 1940 was not the first time ... and who knows might not be the last ...

  • Well if things never go away, maybe you are being too sentimental about them, Ara.......?? BTW, if it was not for the Soviet Union, all of Europe and America, would now be speaking in German and sporting swastikas....So you can pick and choose as much as you like, but facts are facts....

  • that's is just your opinion Drekx ... some 'deadly diseases' never goes away ... they adapt,  mutate - but at the core it's all the same ... potato, potato, tomato, tomato ...

  • Yes I'm sure that Genghis Khan was a fairly nasty leader too, but why are we dwelling on communism and Lenin, when we are trying to solve the current problems of the world, which are being deliberately engineered by the Amerikan Cabal, using the war machine of NATO and the dictatorship of the EU......This is capitalism of the crony variety, with CORPORATIONS gleaning far too much power from the nation states of the world...That is the dragon to defeat, and it has nothing to do with Lenin, who may have been a syphilitic absolutist with a pathological personality, BUT is DEAD........So come on....and BTW, I don't care if Marx was satan incarnated, such a notion would only mean something of value, to an irrational religious mind, anyway...Pure church crap...

    I've been accused of being an antichrist and devil, for being a Theosophist, but then, it really is so absurdly moronic to even expend energies worrying about such falsehoods and what others think...Marx, Lenin and I have a lot in common then....?? People are frightened of us...LOL

  • the communist system is the most evil that was ever existed in our history .... there is no solidarity nor common wealth .... i know i was born in Russia ...

    let see who inspire this evil social structure …

    At some years - Marx became acquainted with Moses Hess (Jew)- the man who played the most important role in his life and make him take the socialist ideal. To make the picture more complete, a few words about Moses Hesse, Marx and Engels refer to socialism. Hess, the founder of modern socialism, founded another movement - Zionism. The man persuaded Engels to become a Communist was the same Moses Hess, who has persuaded Marx. Hess wrote, after meeting Engels in Cologne: "He left me as full Communist. So I’ve created havoc."

    IF Marxism is, in fact, is a satanic doctrine of the global destruction of the foundations of life of mankind, Leninism was the practical realization of this doctrine. Lenin spend all his life fighting against God.

    According to the severity, extent and sophistication of the crimes committed by Lenin far surpassed all his eminent predecessors. He is one of the greatest criminals in the history of our civilization. This terrible evil not because of the people of Russia and the other nations of the world. in the peacetime years of the Soviet power by the Bolsheviks were exterminated more people in Russia than they were killed  in three wars of 1812, 1914-1917 and 1941-1945 combined.

    In Lenin's personality from birth was present pathological need for absolute power over the people, for which he was ready to sacrifice millions of lives. He wanted to create an international Soviet empire and did not hide it. He also died from syphilis …

    another interesting aspect: theosophical poetry regularly read in Marx  house. This will allow us to feel the spiritual atmosphere of his home … lol … ‘translated from russian’ … can’t find the original …

    My verses, unbridled and daring,
    Yes ascend to you about Satan, the king of the feast.
    Away with marked with your priest,
    And thy plaintive singing.
    For neither of the priest,
    Satan will not stand for you.
    Your breath of Satan,
    It inspires my poems;
    Your Lightning shakes minds.
    Satan is merciful;
    Like a hurricane,
    With outstretched wings, he sweeps.
    Oh, people! Oh, great Satan!

    It is interesting as well in one of K. Marx works Oulanem - says - Christ on the contrary, that is, Antichrist does not deny the existence of the afterlife. In the drama "Oulanem" Marx actually does the same thing as the devil: he betrays all mankind.

    However Russia never reached full communist system ... it's more socialism now .... ;))

This reply was deleted.

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