Dr. Angela Barnett

 I see more and more clearly how every thing that is happening now in this Ascension Process has to do with the Culture Shock Training that I created for Multi National Corporations between 1981-2000 when I was the CEO of AMERICO's International Training to prepare Multi National Business to prepare their Consciousness for the transformation of merging with multiple groups of Cultural Belief Systems within their Corporations.

I can honestly say that what I learned from that experience was the fact that people do not respond to any type of change in their life in a positive way. Most people get very angry and many go crazy when they are forced to change to a new way of processing information that does not correspond with their original Cultural Constructs.

So, now we are one and one half years away from the time when we are going to merge Consciousness with Multi Dimensional Consciousness that is thousands of light years beyond ours. This in itself is enough to make most people go crazy. But, there is another factor involved in this three day shift that will happen in October and November of 2016. The shift is a 45 degree shift in the angle of reality. This shift requires complete and total balance between the three harmonic universes which have thousands of layers of speed of light between them. So, it is time to consider learning how to place yourself within the speed of light frequencies that will help you align and balance yourself through this three day shift. The Frequency Music at Crystal Magic Orchestra is designed to prepare you for this Ascension Shift. Those who do not take it seriously will simply end up exactly where they are right now. They will not make it through the shift that takes us 2000 years into the future, and they will definitely not make it into the shift that the Violet Flame Keeper will make into Gaia.

In October and November of 2016 the entire world population is going to separate into three groups of Parallel Reality with infinite numbers of parallel realities in between. This Shift in Consciousness is being created by the three day Particle Convergence of bringing the Frequencies of all of the Dimensional Fields of Consciousness in alignment at one time. This will create an instant 45 degree shift in the Earth's rotation. Scientists have already analyzed the shift in consciousness that astronauts go through, which is about a 12 degree shift to be so stressfull on the Consciousness that it would make a person go insane who wasn't prepared for it with the training and the Insulation that is given to the Astronauts.

There has been much said by the Guardians and much preparation given to us who are a part of the Ascension Teams about preparing for this time. Those who are not ready will simply NOT SHIFT beyond the Consciousness they are presently within because they are not ready. There may be many who simply Go Crazy. And there will be a few who are ready for the Shift and go through it in Consciousness because they are prepared.

There has been so much MIS REPRESENTATION about what is actually meant by Ascension and Raising Frequencies by bringing more joy into your life. There is a very Huge difference in meaning between the type of Joy that is brought by raising frequencies and what is normally meant by joy. The Joy that is needed to Ascend is a 14th dimensional energy field.

This is the message that I'm trying to convey. Most people just won't make it through the three day shift because they are being mis informed.

Dr. Angela Barnett


Dr. Angela Barnett
Crystal Magic Orchestra. com

From the teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

Knowing the Truth of your original normal reality will set you free from the Un normal reality system that was created through a set of lies to make sure we could never remember who we were.

Our original Normal Reality did not include disease, war, death, lack, limitation of any kind. It did not even require us to lift a shovel to build a house or plant a garden.

Where did our Normal Reality go? It was taken from us during the Babylon Massacre. The Tower of Babel was created to make us forget who we were. Our original Consciousness was broken into 12 pieces by the Tower of Babel. We forgot our original language, we forgot our Divine Culture based on Divine Love. We forgot how to speak.  We were divided into 12 groups and spread around the world.

Each of those 12 groups became a culture. Each culture CREATED THEIR OWN REALITY. So, you see, the Cultures that are so admired by Human Beings are simply the creations of what tiny little bit each of those groups could remember about who they were before they had their Consciousness broken into segments. As these cultures were developing, the Annunaki Resistance Group continuously planted pieces of cultural artifacts that contained Lies about reality rather than truth.

So, now we are at the time in our Evolution where we thought we were supposed to be learning more about our selves by learning about Cultures.

My Doctorate was gained by studying these 12 Cultural Groups and discovering that each of them has complete total Blind Spots between each other so that they could never really be put back together as one cohesive group. Those Cultural Blind Spots can not be removed and never will be removed.

What must be done to return to our normal reality is to ERASE those 12 Cultural Belief Systems totally. We Erase anything that we don't want to remain in our NEW REALITY by taking the IDEA and Melting it in the Sun's White Light Room. Just take the idea and watch it melt in the Sun. When the Culture Melts, the Energy that is left behind is the Wisdom that was found in each Experience of the Cultural Belief Systems.

However, Rule number One of Raising our DNA which is Raising our Frequencies, which is Raising our Consciousness is


We must remove all of the old Cultural Beliefs from our DNA before we can Create a New Parallel Reality that contains all of the Wisdom that will result in a perfectly harmonious System that is based on the Frequencies of the MIND OF GOD.

What is the significance of the TOWER OF BABEL?
 Before the Tower of Babel- about 10,000 years ago, our Consciousness still contained the KNOWING of ourselves as the 12 Coded Divine Human Angelic Raceline that was born from Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian Star system before our Consciousness fell into the Milky Way Galaxy. That is the Consciousness that is being returned to us. However, our KNOWING was very small in comparison to where it had been 200,000 years earlier and that was only a piece of the total Consciousness that was ours 500 million years earlier.

NOW, even though our Consciousness is being returned from SUN ALCYONE through the Spirals of the 12 Suns into the Earth's Crystal Heart, we can not TUNE IN TO THAT Frequency of Consciousness until we TUNE OUT of the old Frequencies of all of those old cultural beliefs.


We only have one and one half years left to TUNE OUT of all of those old Cultural Reality Belief Systems. That is why I have given you the teaching in the CANDLE TECHNIQUE that shows you that you must move your Consciousness completely into the FULL LIGHT SPECTRUM and beyond light to the place where there are not Electrons which means the removal of all Light. That is the place where the Cosmos touches the Source Creation Center. That is the place in Cosmic Consciousness where we Flip back into All that God is. When we practice walking into the light, we turn around and see a Blue Hue. That means we have walked into the God Room and we have been transformed. That is where we must stay. We must stay in the Frequency of Transformation. We must move back into the Consciousness that allows instant creation, instant transformation every nano second.

That transformation cannot and will not take place until we move out of the THINKING BRAIN which is made from the Cultural Belief Systems that were created as a result of the TOWER OF BABEL, and back into the True Consciousness that used to be WHO WE ARE.

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