2012 Earth changes

April 10th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, according to many sources, including yours, 2012 is supposed to be the year that will bring major changes in life as we know it on Earth. We’re approaching the end of the first quarter of the year and I personally didn’t notice any major change or shift in the way we’re living, nor any of those major natural events or upheavals that were forecasted for this year. Could you please explain what is going on right now on planet Earth? When are the first noticeable and major events supposed to happen? ~Riccardo, Italy

ANSWER: Changes are occurring all over the planet, you have just become used to them since they started a decade ago and are just intensifying. These variations we are referring to are in climate as well as finance and areas of conflict. Take a look at the weather in your country and elsewhere. Unseasonal bouts of heat, cold, wet and dry weather are everywhere.

The financial economy is in a shambles. Governments are going bankrupt, banks are failing, gold and mineral values are going up and down the scale. Oil prices are being used to hold countries hostage. This is more prevalent than it has ever been. There is talk of the European Union feeling some fractures in its structure. More conflicts are ongoing than ever dotted the planet before. High officials who used to consider themselves untouchable are being ousted, arrested, and held accountable for their actions.

On the weather side alone, mysterious booms are being heard from within, on, and under the surface of the Earth as things shift. Tornados and hurricanes are popping up where they have never appeared before. In the United States, the northern areas have experienced temperatures warmer than the southern areas. Unseasonably warm weather in the east has been offset by continued dumping of large quantities of snow on the west. Parts of Europe not known for much snow have been buried this year. New temperature records for high and low readings are springing up in Australia, South America, Europe, and the U.S.

If you are looking for an “event” that will be reported worldwide like a volcano going off, an infestation of locusts, a tsunami washing away a coastline, or an economy bottoming out, just hold on—they are out there.

Where are the memories?

April 10th, 2012

QUESTION: In a hypnotic regression, when do all the past lives that are being called up appear and link through the heart or through the mind? Is a person’s soul or subconscious in the heart? When a person follows the heart to pursue a passion like an interest or hobby that passion may be overdone and it becomes a pain or a hurt to the finances. Then if a person needs to use the heart to make a good decision, won’t that be congesting the truth in knowing a life lesson? Which then is the truth? ~Larry, Singapore

ANSWER: The human body is the speaker system for the soul’s memories to come into consciousness. They are not contained in any part of the body. They are energy and can be accessed by intention. It is the mind or head that frequently tells what is happening or has happened to a person in other physical situations. It is the heart or emotional system that allows the person to feel the effect an event created.

Ideas, thoughts, and the recording of historical events are not physical; they are energetic. Energy may be contained within a closed system, but most of the energy of the universe is free-flowing and available at any time to anyone who knows where to look. People have an unconscious connection to everything that was previously experienced by their soul. They merely “call up” the records and they may re-experience the happening with their heart, mind, and body if they either are open to it or, as you mention, have a past-life regression.

The soul is everywhere. It is not contained. It is needed to activate the human body, but some portion of soul energy remains with Source at Home, and some wanders seeking new experiences. The soul does not dictate what the body does. If a person overdoes a hobby, obsession, or interest, it is part of a life lesson that deals with restraint and discipline.

Life lessons are recognized by dealing with fears and doubts. Frequently the heart is needed to begin the process because the mind is unable to face that which it fears. The heart must answer the question “why do I feel this way?” The truth is what each person accepts as reality. There is no one absolute truth shared by all.

Religions and women

April 10th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have a question about religion. All three of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, very clearly advocate the persecution of women, the idea that sex is evil, and the subsequent loss of feminine values. In my study of religion, I have struggled to find the origin and motivation behind this doctrine, apart from the obvious militarization of these three societies. I do know that this was not a part of the Pagan religions that preceded them. How far back does this go and who dreamed up this destructive idea? ~Jamie, USA

ANSWER: Control, control, control—that is the motivation behind the rules and regulations of any organization, whether it be religious or militaristic. Women are feared by the Abrahamic religions, whose writings are replete with sayings that the man is the one to be obeyed at all cost. The writings all originated from men and kept women ignorant of anything but what the men, particularly the religion’s leaders, proclaimed to be the women’s duty.

All these religions are monotheistic: one divinity, a man. Women were not worthy of anything but to produce more men to rule. Women were not allowed to learn to read and write. Only men from ruling families or high religious leaders were literate. They had a dynasty they wished to maintain, so they proclaimed rules that mirrored what they desired.

Corporations and governments do the same thing when they begin their existence. They restrict what a sex, nationality, or body type can be given permission to accomplish. In many countries women, or those not born in that country, even if they have lived there their entire life, are not allowed to participate in elections or hold government offices.

Pagan religions honored all life and nature. The planet is considered to be more feminine in nature because it nurtures and comforts those upon its surface. Women recognized this energy and were generally the ones who set about honoring the Mother. Because of their concern that all the children of the Earth would be taken care of, there was no need for control—just thanksgiving.

Religions of any type are simply belief systems. The soul has total freedom of choice in how to live its life. Take every belief currently in your life, examine it carefully, and see if you want it to remain as part of your identity. If not, thank it for the experiences it has allowed you, and send it on its way.


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