Greetings friends,

    Today I am going to put my heart on my sleeve and discuss with you my personal worldview.  Please have an open mind and realize that these are my opinions that I chose to hold close to my heart, I am not making any attempt to sway your reality or concepts of the world. 
     Let us begin with the what is.  As many of you know we are living through some tumultuous times,  between the changing weather, collapsing economy and a planet that weeps for relief it is no wonder that people from all around the world are crying--no screaming--for real change.  As I write this the magnetic poles are inching their way around the globe, this is not unheard of or paranormal but it just adds to the list of unique circumstances.  Last year was the most destructive year with regards to natural disasters ever recorded, breaking almost 300 previously held records.  Ice caps are melting before our eyes faster than imagined, not only on Earth but on Mars as well.  In fact, the entire solar system is heating due to greater output by our marvelous star that we call the Sun.  This phenomenon is being blamed on a interstellar energy (plasma) cloud the solar system is currently moving into.  This cloud excites the planets and changes their weather and plate-tectonics.
Refer to these links for more info: 

     If that is not enough lets take a moment to discuss our current political dilema.  Clowns to the left and Jokers to the right about sums it up.  It is my personal opinion that all the candidates are bought and paid for by the same people/corporations despite their current party affiliations. If you think about from the corporations point of view it is a wise move to invest in both candidates so no matter who wins(presidential campaign) they will support your cause.  I'm not even going to talk about the vast ocean of lobbyist that kick and scream their interests into bills, most of which are harmful to the average American citizen.  I know this is a lot of crap I'm dishing out but if you take the time to look it up you will see that I am only scratching the surface of shit-shoveling.  To assist you in your own fact-finding en devours I have posted a few sites to get you started and they are as follows: 

     Allow me to get a little more fanciful for a moment and discuss the spectacular rise in UFO sighting all around the world.  Recently Fox News admitted and endorsed the sightings watch the news reel for your self at:

    Ok so...That's about it in a nutshell according to my little corner of the planet.  I have left a lot of material out by choice to save space and time at this juncture.  Now I will take time to talk to you about the what if...

    What if the world is entering into a new time, a new paradigm where we as humans will experience a flash evolution occur?  What if the feelings of unity and oneness beginning to blanket the globe are a taste of whats to come?  What if our family from the stars are going to land a greet us as brothers and sisters, anxious to show us the wonders of the Cosmos?   Is it so hard to imagine that we are more than we have been told that we are. All we know is work, bills and taxes.  We have been slowly pushed into these rolls over the centuries of wanting more money so we can buy, buy, buy.  Does that really feel natural?  Is our sole purpose to be born, work, consume and finally die broken and tired?  NO!!! I can't be, we are natural of this planet and our behaviors have led to the utter destruction of our environment (certainly not natural) is has to end.   I can't express enough to you my brother and sisters how important it is to open your hearts and minds to the potential of the what if, of the what could be.   This is a natural state for humans to ponder the world and look at it in wonder and sheer awe, for that is precisely what it is.  There would be no science without imagination, no progress, no evolution.  Lift the lid off the box you have been comfortably living in allow the light of you imagination to shine on the rest of humanity for we need it, we crave it, join us in the world of what if and questions.  Its beautiful here, free and open to expression,  the only key to your shackles is you, just open your mind and remove the fetters of what is and travel to the stars of your imagination asking what if...

Until next time,
Be Well and Be Aware
Nathan J. Lawcynell

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    Namaste :)

  • Well, said my friend. 


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