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The last terrorist acts brought the organization of FEMA federal emergency management agency. This FEMA has the powers in an emergency which they can (create) declare martial law, which removes all civil rights, and puts people under the military government... Now this new 911 attack brought in more loss of civil rights and a continuation of Hitler’s SS Nazis troops. This organization is called Home Land Security, they are the newest secret service agency to join there family of lodges of the N.W.O...


And probably the most dangerous as there powers are far reaching, even into other spy agency’s and neighboring countries. They are part of the white house staff and make new laws, again taking away peoples rights. They are the most powerful and fastest growing agency in US history. They were started by Dictator Bush in Jan.2002, because of the 911 incident. And now they have grown to 800 branches throughout the world, but mostly in the US. They set up there main office in the White house. And I believe they will play a major role in installing the N.W.O. and the death camps, which I will speak about soon, concerning the deadly vaccines.


N.W.O. also choose Sept., 08 as the month to collapse the stock market,. A worse crash than Oct.1987 and nearly as bad as 1927 Great Depression. And of course this was a planed controlled Crash. We knew it was coming. I even wrote an article predicting it in this book in an insert six months before. This info was given to us by insiders, who knew that the SSG was planning this crash, based upon the over inflated housing scam. We knew that the housing bubble was going to burst because it wasn’t real in the first place. I am part owner of a house my father left that my family tried to sell ten years earlier. And right before the crash the house nearly doubled in price, just from the inflated housing bubble, but family disputes over my share of the money kept it from selling. And now they will never be able to sell it.


Soon after the crash many big investment firms and banks demanded money from the government of the US. They threatened to crash the economy even worse if they did not reply! They claimed to have lost seven trillion dollars but could only prove two trillion losses. So the government gave them hundreds of billions of the people’s tax money. Of course all of us knew this was just another scam by the World Bank, Federal Reserve and the SSG. Leading in this game was Bank of America, Golden Sax, Wells Fargo, Fanny may and Freddy Mac etc.. And today they are buying out smaller banks and investment firms. Even my bank got bought out by Regions collective bank. They created no new jobs and just used our money to take over the world. They just moved around the so called lost money to their many banks and investment firms around the world. And they used us to take over the world’s economy.


( insert) Note here that as of Nov.2010 these same company s are now foreclosing on housing loans that are two payments late ,at a rate of 100,000 homes per month in America alone. Lets remember that it was the peoples taxes that bailed them out of there false so called crisis , and now these same Banksters that the people rescued from there false crisis have used the peoples money to crash there economy and make them homeless. This is the biggest scam that has ever happened in history. And like the last great Depression most people wont find out what happened to them until many years later. Remember history does repeat itself if we don;t learn our lessons the first time, and this Depression is much worse than the last one's.


And even though we still have the internet for awhile they control the main media, who lie to the people and tell them ever things OK when its not. They even told the people that the Recession was over as of July 2009, just when it was taking off big time. It is now turning the world upside down and it will get even worse if people don't wake up and realize they are cattle being lead to the slaughter as planed by the Anti-Christ.


The Banksters are now paying near 0% interest on savings and still charging high interest on loans. So they are making double as before. This is the largest scam on man kind and they are getting away with it. They still haven’t proved there original loss, which is why they got the loans, they don’t show there correct books and they answer to no one. They don’t have to show what they are doing with our money they borrowed. They are not helping the little man, like they promised; instead they are wiping him out. Small business cannot often make it without these loans. So they are shutting down and they are the back bone of all governorship .

Jesus,  God and the Brotherhood Kingdom of the Spiritual Realm are on our side. The US govt. bailed out the bank and investment industries, which has created no jobs but loss of jobs. And at the same time they refused to help the auto industry, who also made big mistakes like the housing industry by building huge machines that were expensive and gas guzzlers, at a time that gas prices has multiplied.


Now there is basically only war and drug (chemicals) industries left in the US.. The new govt. now admits to 10% unemployment, which doesn’t count the already unemployed, that would make it over 20%. There so called Recession is now moving into a Depression as they planed world wide. The dollar is failing and the UN is calling for a new and better world currency as many country’s don’t want the US$ as the world standard for buying oil. And of course crime rises with unemployment around the world, as this is also a part of the plan of the SSG. By next year 010 we will all be in a heavily planed Depression (and pandemic plague). This is the largest move yet by the SSG to take over the world’s economy. To create a “one” world banking, monetary system all owned and controlled by them. The N.W.O. Depression and Plague is here!


This next piece of this insert could be the most important information that I have or will give. It has to do the yearly incident of terror thrust upon us as a man made A/H1N1 virus each year. This subject of (germ) Bio-warfare Diabolical Genocide; is so large that one hardly knows where to start. I should say right off that the outline that I shall give is only a beginning of an awakening process. You must do your homework and investigate for your self’s. I have done a lot of investigating on this most important subject and I have already mentioned it several times in my book but now we go into much greater depth.


These are very troubled times that we are in, as this genocide of germ war-fare are being thrust upon man kind around the planet. Many times I have warned you about the SSGS plan to terminate about 90% of us! Many call this the time of the Rapture but I want to believe that we can change this Tribulation and that it doesn’t have to go down the way the Anti-Christ is trying to make us believe it will. This is not the wrath of God that many are trying to make us believe but the wrath of the Anti-Christ and our sins and mistakes only compound it and our past karma helps to make it happen.


And the main reason they are getting away with it so far is, apathy and denial. They are doing it to us right now as I write. This evil agenda that is being carried out is just unbelievable to most because it is so diabolical, so they will remain in denial. I myself had a hard time handling the evil concepts of the secrets that I uncovered of Genocide upon mankind. And all of these warnings have been given to us in the Revelations and holy books of the world. Blessed is he who has not seen and yet believes.


I have studied many reports of there plans in progress now and what they have done in the past plus what they intend to do to us in the near future. Which I thought wasn’t going to happen until the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012, but the Illuminati has greatly sped up there plans. And the reason for this is the Internet, alternative radio, books and magazines from many qualified speakers and authors with more joining us regularly. The SSG is running scared, there secrets are out of the bag. But the fight is not over yet as it has only started; soon we will be in the battle of our lives. As they have also warned us of the big one that is coming shortly concerning bio-germ warfare on the people of the world. And I believe it is upon us now.


At this point I should give a whole lot of credit to one person who is leading the fight to expose the SSG’s plans for germ warfare and the dangers of deadly vaccines. His name is Dr. Len. Horowitz.(com). You can Google him or go to my lists of web sites in the back of this book. He has done his homework well and many consider him the leader of the movement to expose the SSG bio warfare of the past present and future. He has many books and videos out and free blogs on his web site and you tube. He also does AV workshops with other well known speakers’ worldwide. They all agree that we are being fooled, lied to, deceived that vaccines are good for us. So in reality the bad vaccines have killed more people than the disease’s they were supposed to protect us from and that’s been going on for 200 years. It is said that more people have died from the H1N1 vaccine than from the swine flu itself ! So vaccines are the curse of mankind !


They have got away with all of this mass murder by using the greatest excuse of all time. And that is called plausible deniability! In other words they claim that the people who received the deadly vaccines and died or was diseased or disabled already had whatever plagues or disease (like polio) they were supposed to protect them from and it was not detectable before because it was dormant, or that the persons didn’t have the full set of shots which is usually two or three. So they don’t count them in their reports and that makes them incorrect or outright lies and deception!


And were talking of killing innocent adults and children or making them permanently diseased or damaged! This is being done by the drug and chemical companies and the self made authority of the world health organization (WHO). As they push the world governments of these countries to enforce the bad vaccines on the people through the IMF, world bank. And of course this is a lie, a deception that is cast upon the public through the SSG controlled mass media and public health services. The programmed public are now standing in line and paying high dollars to get this bad vaccine unaware that they will soon be getting the germ warfare version of the flu season vaccine that will make them sterile, diseased or dead.


We need to understand that Germ warfare has been around a very long time, at least since WWI, if not before. This is about the time that the drug and chem. industries took over the natural healing medical system, especially in the US. Let’s discuss what happened there at that time in history. The pharmaceutical industries wasn’t doing well up against the natural healing remedies of that time, mainly because there drugs had a lot of dangerous side effects and presently it’s even worse. I wrote much about this in the sickness chapter as I had become one of there Guinea pigs. “Dr. Horowitz says the drug industries started funding the medical university’s and got them to basically withdraw natural healing. And replace it with drugs that have dangerous side effects but brings huge amounts of money to the drug company’s.


At the same time they got the governments to outlaw or discriminate against natural healing. They brain wash the students through intense study programs designed to create drug pusher doctors financed mostly by them and who also get kickbacks from the prescriptions they prescribe. The doctors themselves are programmed so well that they don’t even realize for the most part that they have become drug pushers and killers, instead of healers. And the deadly side effects of the drugs are treated with more deadly drugs and side effects, a never ending cycle upon the living dead that they have created, profit making is the motive, not healing”!


These drug companies’ have not only done great harm to individual people but to the medical establishment itself as well. Which finds itself in a great bind by all the high costs of treating never ending new disease’s made by the bad drugs side effects. And these dangerous side effects and disease’s create a very lucrative business, such as all the

Operations the surgeons make that bring in huge amounts of money to them as well. Most of them are unnecessary or exploratory and many like mine were failures! But all of this brings in lots of money to the drug and medical industries.


Today they have the added benefits of the Germ warfare business especially the chem. trail which makes people sick on a daily basis with flu like conditions and the entire medical and drug industries benefit greatly from people sickness’s that they create in the first place. And of course let’s not forget the income from all those expensive bad vaccines that are forced upon us from the scare of the HINI flu that they release upon us each year. It is strange that the same people who prophet from the disease’s, create the diseases in the first, and same as those who start the War’s are the same ones who supply the weapons.


Now back to the future and the germ warfare business that started at the same time as the drug business. Around WWI it all started but didn’t really take off till around the WWII era. By 1933 the Germans had started working on bio-warfare with strains of the anthrax virus. And by the end of the war both the Germans and the Japanese had perfected it and they tested it on the Jews and there enemy’s.. But there means of delivery was ineffective, so they never got a chance to use it much in the war.. When the SSG withdrew support from Hitler, WWII ended.


The SSG then moved there headquarters to the US and most of the rocket and top bio-germ warfare scientist went to the US and the rest went to Russia. And the big drug companies like Merck and others followed suit. In the early fifties the germ warfare scientist were moved to a new location called camp Dietrich. There they produced over 7,000 different strains of viruses and the influenza called Micro-plasma in the next twenty years, not counting the many other diseases including Leukemia, cancer, polio and heart disease.


It seems now, that all disease are caused by bad bacteria. They soon began to test their germ viruses on the people by using the vaccines as a means to inject people. One of their early tests was on black men in the south. Four hundred black men were injected with syphilis in mid sixty’s and there sickness and suffering were monitored until late seventies. Aids and HIV was also introduced by vaccines in the ghettos and homosexuals in the US. In the late seventies and followed up in Africa and later in Europe. Soon after the “WHO put HIV and Aids in there red alert system and wasn’t taken off until they replaced it with the new swine flu, series A/ HINI alert in 4-09 and A-H3N2 in 010.


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Comment by Daniel on July 21, 2011 at 10:24am
I just read my post and it may come off as me being rude, sorry, i really don't mean it like this, i am just sharing my opinion and trying to have a laugh too, hence the pictures :D
Comment by Daniel on July 21, 2011 at 10:21am

Aside from a broken ankle a couple of years ago, I've never had any problems either :D it was for a good reason too.

The anti-christ is already here, he has already been ruling, how can you not feel it? Think about just how much worse things have been getting over the past 6 or so years, i remember everything used to be (at least a bit) better, people around were happier and there were places in the world where people were happy and places were flourishing (I'm aware there was still plenty of war and famine also in other parts of the "un-developed" world). Not many people felt the sadness they now feel, most people who have the ability to feel the problems in the world now report feeling extremely heavy hearted and like they are surrounded by dark energy.

The "disasters" occurring on the planet now are just necessary events to remove the darkness that has been ruling, and to wake humanity up to their final and real destiny... There is no anti-christ to come, he is already here! Look at the likes of the "problems/incidents" such as Murdoch, Bush/Blair and many, many more. These men all reek of the "dark side". An no offence meant by this following statement, but the current Pope is not a godly man, anyone with half a brain cell can look at him and figure it out for themselves..:

Peace, Love and Blessings

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 21, 2011 at 8:45am


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