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Chapter 6 # 1          3-09 Illuminati and Religion



This update has to do with the never ending Saga of the Illuminati, as the Anti-Christ. As we now know they have infiltrated into every aspect of our lives, from producing and controlling 85% our “fiat” money, to owning most industrial and commercial business’s. The mega rich bankers have crashed the stock markets that are causing the Depression we are now in! This elite group also creates the Wars plus own and control the seven major Medias of the world and the food businesses, Insurances and own and back the legal and illegal drug business. They own, most of the natural resources including our energy needs, such as oil; and of courses they control most of the major governments of the world as well.

I already explained (in the 2012 book) how the three circles of power the 10 (1st inner circle)the most richest and powerful people in the world (banksters). That controls the 30 ( also rich and powerful, and the 300 (outer circle) central bank owners in each major country that print the fiat play money and they delegate the power and control it down the ranks. This is done by and through all there 100 black lodge groups.(Read the Illuminati chapter) And the free masons are still the main groups who started all of this mess along the knight’s Templar. They infiltrated every aspect of our society, by placing their people in key positions of banking, government, business, and religion. Each one of them helps the ones below to climb up the ladder to money, positions and power. All of this is done very secretively for hundreds if not thousands of years. They have now almost completely taken over of the world, which is there plan of a one world government!

In other words, they are in the final stage, which they plan to be completed by 2012 . Most of this secret information has been leaked out now by insiders and infiltrators. And thanks to the internet and what’s left of the modern day media. They have been exposed, but there infiltration goes extremely deep into our society; it seems to be never ending. There system of secrets and symbols, disinformation and control is far reaching. And that’s spread out in these 100 plus, black lodge groups that control different aspects of society. I prefer to let people like Texe Marrs,Alex Jones and Steve Quayle,David Icke, Chris Everald and David Estulin, plus George Nory of C2C am radio and Dr.Learnard Horowitz plus many others to continue to expose them as they control the world governments from behind the screen as puppets. I pray that this movement will expand.

It seems that now the open minded Christian have jumped on the band wagon. I welcome them! Recently I received some videos from a friend, an open-minded Christian named Greg. Usually I don’t take much account of Old Testament Christian involvement, because they are normally somewhat behind as they tend to remain in the older style revelation’s only. Now there are many new christen scholars’ making videos like Chuck Messler, who believe that both the old and the New Testament was written mostly for these end times. More so than for the people of those times even. I agree, but it’s hard to decipher all the bible mystery’s and codes. but those who can are pointing towards the Anti-Christ, Babylon and the end times “ 2011-12”.Of course there is still much controversy over who is the real Anti-Christ and where Babylon is or will be and is 2012 the end times.? When does all of this begin or how far are we into it now? And also when will Jesus return, before or after that time? Of course many of us believe he is already back already for over 40 years! So there are many questions and many different answers .We must all keep an open mind in our discoveries and communications with each other.

The good thing is, there are now a lot of people working on these problems and answers now, even us ex-christens hopefully are learning together with Christens. Then there are these videos of Professor Walter Viegh (Christen) from South Africa, who lives now in North America. He shows how the free masons, infiltrated the older and present Catholic Church and how the Pope is working for the N.W.O,(new world order) to control the rest of the Christians and all the religions of the world. Of course many of us already knew much of this stuff but the regular person and many Christians don’t and they need to know! It’s through these video lectures that he explains how the knights Templar, the Catholic Church, and the free masons, plan to create a new world religion and a new world order “government”. And this new world religion is under the control of the N.W.O. Called the Illuminati. A “secret government” within a “secret government” controlling a new world order government. So that makes the pope the Anti-Christ puppet of the Illuminati.

He exposes many prominent Christian major organizations whose leaders have joined the Pope and free masons to bring the Protestants under the control of the “church”. He also exposes people like Billy Gram a 33rd degree and others as high ranking free masons. He shows to the Christians what we should already know about the free mason’s use of destroying words and phrases “disinformation” and how they stole them from other religions. Then turns things around to mean something else, usually evil! And of course the Jewish religion again plays a big part in this as well, as they use a lot of the symbols which they in turn borrowed from the ancient Greeks and Egyptians etc. As I said before all religion borrows from each other no new religion is born out of nothing, they all evolve from previous religions. That’s why half the bible is Jewish. The Muslims have beliefs and symbols and rituals as well borrowed from the Jewish and Christian religion, and others. The Hindu religion does the same.

Now what the Illuminati’s do through all its black lodge groups is also to steal or borrow beliefs, symbols, signs and rituals then turn them around to use in an evil way, and of course they are even stealing from the new age movement, as well as the religions and the occults. Professor Viegh is catching up quickly and he is not the only one .I recently heard of a Mr. Dave Hunt, who has written a book on this subject, called “A women rides the beast”.( which I have not read ) Both are of course are against this one world religion, especially from the pope and the free masons. Walter Viegh goes into great details of how they use word phrases and symbols to fool the people, which is one of the many tools of the free masons.

He also showed some of the secret signs and symbols such as the free masons special hand shake etc, symbols on the clothes and belongings and there famous apron and of course the many evil free masons symbols even in the catholic church and now some of the Christian churches, such as Lucifer protestant church. They show the free mason symbols on the floor wall and stained glass of the buildings. He shows how all the major religions meet and praise the Pope as the leader of the satanic new world religion. Unfortunately this will help bring in the N.W.O. If not stopped by the FOL.

So the Christians who do their home work will be catching up soon. Now I believe he goes too far in attacking all groups of all religions, in all aspects including the new age movement. Don’t forget the free masons borrow words from them as well, such as the “brotherhood” and “the light” Jesus called his followers the brotherhood and the light is “Love” from our Creator Father Michael. To the free masons the brotherhood means the evil Block Lodges and the “light” means to illuminate .Meaning they are the only ones who can really see the total picture. They believe they are illuminated. They are the invisible controlling the visible taking over of the world through the new world order. And when the evil N.W.O. or fee masons speak of God, they are referring to the Devils or Satan and Lucifer himself “as there dark God” so they are the Dark Cabal.

As I said they are very good at turning things around; their deception is great, they even fool most of the lower order of masons. Who usually don’t find out until it is too late, what their God is and it’s evil Satanic movement usually at around 32 or 33 degree of free masonry. But there are those Black Lodges and Black Churches who practice and know that they worship Satan, Lucifer and others such “false Gods” from the beginning. And it is said in most holy Books “That they shall have no other God’s before me”. Of course these groups practice all kinds of occult rituals including sexual distorted abuse, bloodletting and even murder. And the occult practices go all the way up the ladder to the Queens, Kings, Prime Minister, Presidents and leaders of countries and of course the mega rich Bankers and other leaders of industries etc, and there Bilderberger group that meet each year.

I figure they need to have a World Religion so that there so called “Religion” will be accepted by the Religious Ministers of society. That’s why they call themselves the invisible controlling the visible. They also use the phrase “order from chaos”. They create the problems of the world, such as War, Depression, Terrorists,plagues and bad vaccines etc, and then they present the solution; one world government, one World religion. “Divide and conquer” as Jesus said a house divided against itself cannot stand.

So we have to be very careful here in our pointing of the finger, and that’s exactly what the Illuminati want. That’s one reason why the world is at war. Every religion believes theirs is the only correct and right one and that all the others are very wrong and incorrect. We must be very careful to expose the Free Masons and there infiltration of all the major religions, but that’s not to say that the total is wrong. There will still be pockets or groups within all of these major groups that are not giving in or giving their power away to the pope or the Dark Cabal. Yes the free masons and N.W.O. have infiltrated and stolen words, phrases, beliefs etc., so one must read in between the lines. I know it’s extremely confusing for people to understand what’s really happening and who’s who and what is what, you have to read between the lines,and have a open mind.

What Professor Viegh failed to see and many others like him is that if the knight’s Templar and later free masons infiltrated the Catholic Church .This distracts its real mission to espouse the teachings of Jesus. At this time the Jesuit priests of the Catholic Church took over control along with the Free Masons. Which very little of the original Bible teachings of Jesus is left in the New Testament and that much was changed in the Bible to further the future programs of the Illuminati, to take over power for a one world religion and one world government. Then that means most or some of the things in the Bible and other major religions have been messed with, changed or disinformation inserted, including the new age movement! Well this means that his basis or foundation, which he explains and which he repeats a lot is; “that that’s not in the Bible. Which means the foundation of his truth has been changed also and that his and the other major holy Books of the world contain much disinformation implanted by the same free masons

So it’s not just the present day infiltration that is taken place, but also what they have implanted over hundreds of years into these Holy Books, and especially the Bible and the Catholic Church and control over the Pope. So the prophecies of Fatima which wasn’t released to the public, was that the Catholic Church would fall. “Which some people would applaud”, but what we have to ask ourselves is what is going to replace it, the new world religion? There must be something initially wrong with the information in the Bible; otherwise the Christians wouldn’t have broken up into 3,500 plus groups. And the same is happening to the other major religions as well, but to a lesser degree. So where does that leave us. Please remember I am not bashing Christianity here, I was raised christen, I am just stating facts, which one can get from the church library itself. One thing is for sure; the free masons have infiltrated most major religions and are working towards one world religion and one world government. And they will succeed if we continue to have a go at each other; we must stop the fighting and come together by finding out what we have in common. Because that is exactly what they want “order from chaos” divide and conquer. We must try to see who the real enemy is!

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