Change the faces, places, and names and it all applies to today as well, in the gay rights movement, the immigrant rights movement, the health care debate, the anti-war movement, and the list goes on and on. From time to time a person comes along who is able to tap into the pulse of humanity and share that knowledge with the masses, who will be next DR. King? Instead of looking for this leader we should all strive " to be that change we want to see" as Gandhi put it.

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  • Thanks for your comment, Mike. I, too, have doubts about Obama's role. nevertheless, I have chosen to hope that he is a good guy. I believe that there are some good politicians, a definite monority, though. My theory is that McCain was slated to win and the electric machines were set to give a 1 to 2% win to the faschists, but they underestimated the public's desire for change and Obama won because the vote was so overwhelming that the fix in the diebold's wasn't large enough. Of course, as soon as it became eviden't that Obama was in, I'm fairly certain that, just as in the past, he was hit with the bribes, blackmail, and threats against him AND his family.. Why didn't Pelosi initiate impeachment against the shrub? 'Cause she has 20 grandkids that she, a 110 lb lady, can't protect. Why did Kucinich's younger brother drop dead of "natural causes" shortly after the congressman filed impeachment papers against cheney? In my view, Obama could possibly be a puppet, but I rather doubt he is a willing one. If he told them to get out of his office like JFK did and actually used his constituionally given power to change things, end the wars, etc., he'd probably be dead in a few weeks. The corporate cabal that calls the agenda has been doing so for a long time and how much longer they will continue to do so is yet to be revealed. I, personally choose to hope that consciousness and goodness will ultimately prevail. The population is much more awake and aware than in decades and centuries past. There really is good in the world and the whole universe as well.
  • "Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other."
    - Oscar Ameringer
  • John, It is my belief that Obama is a puppet like all the rest. I think its important for people to realize that politicians are bought and paid for long before they are ever in a position for us to elect them. They are puppets pulled by corporate strings. People are being nieve if they think that the changes we need to see will come from our current systems of governments. We all must work to disconnect our selves from this corporate apparatus we live under. I have no idea why people think anything was going to be different with Obama maybe thats what there T.V told them but Obama has done nothing and will do nothing the wars still rage the violence still continues as well as the rape and scarring of the earth.
  • A beautiful man. His ripple has lived on and is now a giant wave, ride it with me & letsbring down all the obstacles that stop us from becoming a loving society of equals.
  • I was a 12 when they murdered JFK, 18 when they murdered Robert Kennedy and MLK. I'm struggling with bitter resentment still for these travestys. JFK would have ended the Nam war as would have his brother. Martin luther King was a threat to the racist establishment war profiteers. My whole life and the lives of everyone on Earth would have been different and much better had these great and courageous souls not been silenced. There have been many others of lesser prominence murdered but of no lesser courage or righteousness. I worry for Obama and his family and hope that he does indeed have the protection of enlightened stellar and galactic civilization as is being claimed on this and many other websites. I've always had hope, but after seeing so many shining ones cut down, it can get discouraging. Just maybe, this time, the consciousness of the world will finally overcome as Dr. King said so many decades ago. We had such high hopes in the 60's only to see the dream fail and the love degenerate into lust and greed.... maybe, this time things will be different and we shall truly overcome.
  • Thank you for those words Peekay, I would have to agree. I always felt the man operated from a deeper understanding or truth many did not have at the time. I wonder if Dr. King ever had experiences of his own.
  • " The capacity for change lies within each one of us, for if it can be agreed that a change is needed, and if it can also be agreed that change we wish to see is not going to come from our current self serving system of governance and authority. Then we may realize that some deeper part of our self is waiting for someone else to make that change, and then further examination might lead us to the realization that there is no one else."
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