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  • Its an honor to be your friend. It looks we have a lot in common :) :) :) <3

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    I "hear" what YOU "hear".....
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  • Thank you positive toughts , Humans are big family  indeed .

  • Thanks for the friendship Daniel!

    I hope you will find your way here on Ashtar Command.


    Love,light and laughter,

    your friend Meindert.

  • Glad to see that more Michigan people here then myself but I have not really looked through the list of members. Never been taught religions for the most part . I don't believe in their teachings. I have never been in an airplane. I has some ringing in the ears but more tingling on the top and sides of my head. Welcome my friend, life will get better for the world and the beings that reside on her be safe you are Blessed.


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Blissfield, MI


September 14

About Yourself

I guess christ like not the stuff that the religions have distorted into controlling the masses. I know there is alot out there and chances are we are more than anybody can imagine. I know I have past lives. Also looking for someone who can help with my tinitus. Ever since clicking out of the reptian in 2000 my ears have rung and its intensifing

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

None that is why I seek the true meaning to life. Lots of dead ends, fakes, money grabers. Coast to Coast Am for 12 years when I was on straight midnights.

Daniel commented on 1 darkstar's blog post 11/19/14 OK PEOPLE, WHAT DO YOU THINK?
"From your beginning not at birth but the 49th day after inception. Your world began to evolve. You became aware of your surroundings. But then came the birthing process you rotated 180 degrees. And after much work and pain you entered a new world.…"
Nov 24, 2014
Daniel commented on Ben-Arion's blog post 7 Ways to Trigger the Heart Field – The Most Powerful Healing Force There Is
"You hit it right on the head of the nail my friend.  In your heart is the first 40 brain cells that made you.  The blue print of what you are.  There are no mistakes but learning lessons to help us develop in this life time. "
Aug 30, 2014
Daniel commented on Ben-Arion's blog post Your Energy Body
"Thanks ben another good post.  When we were conceived  the big bang happened just like what we observe in our universe.  Which makes me know the universe in which we reside is a living, breathing, conscience entity. Size, speed, distance is a…"
Jul 17, 2014
Daniel commented on sophia's blog post 12 stages of Light Body Ascension
"Thank you was wondering what that radiating feeling was in my chest. Thought maybe I was turning into iron man:)"
Apr 8, 2014

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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"Remember that pilot-wave model is non-local. So it is handy in explaining motion to distant places in a twinkle of an eye!"
1 hour ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"Then watch how waves easily pilots particles and debunk Copenhagen wave-particle duality nonsense"
2 hours ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"Then watch 2d view for clearer visualization"
2 hours ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"Watch the motion of a 3d wave-packet and compare it with a UFO."
2 hours ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"Yes, that is true, of course. I am now getting you.☺

But my soliton, pilot wave model of UFO also has rooms made of standing waves. Standing waves partitions a wave into compartments.

If you think of 'wave matter duality', then a UFO is some wave.…"
3 hours ago
Steve Hutchinson posted a discussion
  Support Of The Universe By Natalie Glasson &Archangel Michael  Greetings and love I, Archangel Michael, extend to you now. It is an honour to be in your presence as I bring forth the energy, love, and peace of the Angelic Kingdom. May this…
3 hours ago
SAN left a comment on Comment Wall
"I just think that a Space Station coud look like a Capsule Hotel with all the Cabins in. Of cause there Cabins or maybe Apartments. That's logical to me. I see Movies and there always Cabins or Rooms inside Space Station. No no one talk about this…"
4 hours ago
Richard L liked Krishna Kalki's discussion Time Changes And Circumstances Change...The Universal Laws / Galactic Laws Need To Be Upgraded
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