Dear Lightbearers,


People must not focus too heavily on the importance of dates...especially GREGORIAN CALENDAR DATES.......Note that only MAYAN CALENDAR DATES are aligned with the cosmic pulse and I strongly urge you all to study the Mayan calendar...


Yet, because of the worldwide human choice to place an emphasis on such Gregorian dates, the collective have placed an energy of expectation, which has allowed cosmos to respond and open up stargates, which allow a greater infusion of transformative light....WE ARE ALREADY WITHIN THE PHOTON BELT and 11-11-11 was simply another ramping-up to allow humanity to acclimatize in stages....there is no one particular date that defines all changes instantly...evolution is gradual, but that gradual process must complete by the end of next year....

The moment of transformation itself occurs within the LIGHT CHAMBERS, but much preparation and acclimatisation must happen first...much fearlessness, trust and faith must also be inculcated in minds and hearts, before the switch is thrown, that permently alters a carbon based lifeform into a crystalline base....

Once changed, there is no going back for humanity and that also means higher responsibilities and higher expectations placed upon transformees-ascendees....


Each person will have experienced 11-11-11 differently.....Some meditated, some felt pain, some laughter, some sadness....Each will have grown in whatever way was needed and will continue to grow towards the Light coming in, as with phototropism in plants...

So one grows towards ever higher frequencies of light infusing the planet with transformative potential...The stargates are just that, gates, that open earth up to cosmos, like lockgates on a canal upon which a narrowboat journies...

So a given journey may included several lock openings, which allow water levels to be arranged for safe passage...Thus it is wth stargates on those agreed Gregorian calendar dates... The destination is the moment of true change, not the stops and starts upon the journey....

The moment of stargate openings is triggered by an "aktaiwa," which in the Sirian language is a summoning ritual for a given stargate...and allows the infusion of higher frequencies of Light to flood a given reality structure...

Thus it is with Solaris too.....and much work is completed by the local Hierarchies, GFL and Elohim, to make these changes real...

I hope this explains 11-11-11 more effectively...And should allow people to place more realistic expectations on the process of transformation, that is truly ongoing and relentless..


Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie....!!




Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector)


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  • There were a lot of lightworkers that were disappointed with 11-11-11 because they had their hopes up that something big was going to happen. With me, I try not to expect things. I just take things as they come. I know if I'm like that, I'll get better results.

  •  Elenin is incidental to the main alignment of the Zodiac Sign  Aquarius which I have already

     posted. There have been other Planetary Craft in between Earth and the Sun and not reported.

     The alignment of Pisces and Aquarius has allowed the changing of our Consciousness to

     the level it was many thousands of years ago in tandem with our 3D outer reality which is also

     changing and for that matter there is a Spiritual Domino Event Micro to Macro not only here in our

     neck of the woods. Many years ago 375 degrees in a circle was given to me. I eventually worked it out

     which is how I arrived at the numerical progression. Also the Ebb/Flow oscillating Pulse in everything. It is the

     Triple wave constant binding all together.. 375 divided into 360 gives one .96 of 1. Man was created and God breathed in the Breath of Life .04 and man became 1 and breathed in the ether from then on. That's another story but it's an integral part. Cheers for now everyone. Blessings Kingjeff

  •  Master Of Light my friend in service if you look at the 11 you will note by tracing it downwards

     left and right it flows away from the center and turns one into a Diamond Heart does it not and look at

     where the fabled 33 is in relation to the center. So who has been teaching the number 11 22 33 and all

     about mastery but here in reality in the Template those numbers don't get a mention.. I can now link that

     int the Jewellers Bevel Cutting Chart which is fascinating. Back to the 11 12 13. This is the first occasion that these numbers have been written down in this Divine Sequence in many thousands of years if ever!!!!!!!

     Blessings everyone both seen and our unseen observers in Spirit for as you all know this is for YOU TOO. Kingjeff

  •  Yes the the Sacred Flower of Life is related to all levels from 3D to 7

     and the Maths say 9 to 11. Chaos is only I would think in the lower

     Dimensions where Duality comes into play and as we are progressing

     to 5D I'm certain the Chaos Pattern will become instead part of the Divine

     Manifesting Template.We'll wait and see my Brother. I mentioned this to Dan

     Winter when I met him in Melbourne. I did not have time to explain it fully

     as I am self taught through intuitive logic and have not come through

     conventional boxed Academia. Sorry Bro I forgot to acknowledge you in my intro.

     Blessings to all once more. Kingjeff.

    PS I have written down a Flower of Life Sequence as well.

     Intuitively  using cultural symbols which were sign posts. Cheers.

  •  Drekx I honour yourself and Tiamacious, K.H.,Katjami/Soreya,  Lily, Ravinder, Olga, Ben, Gregory, Jason, Eve, and all my friends on Ashtar Command. This which you see before you in Micro Dimensional and Macro Dimensional. It shows the Template which is anchored in Each Living Heart Temple regardless of the Sentient Created Species.

    When you see before you 1234 etc you are reading one atom 2 atoms 3 atoms 1 second 2 seconds 3 seconds 1hour 2 hours 3 hours 1 year 2 years 3 years. 1 thousand 1 million 1 billion 1 trillion it matters not as All Is Contained while at the same time being timeless boundless never ending. This Blueprint Template is as you can see for those who know underpinned by Prime Creator of All Universes and as Jesus said No one comes to the Father except through My Knowledge of how to live by forgiveness and Love. This Template shows from 1 to 12. These are the Fruits of the Spirit and also the attributes embodied in each of the Star Constellations. 13 comes about through Grace as it is a gift added to us. You can then follow the Path of the Christos or Serapis the way of the Book from ancient Egypt an ancient Sacred Text not generally known.Foundational to this NOW Moment. You then follow the Stairway up to 144 Zero Point in Your Heart/ In Sync with the Galactic Core as Drekx so eloquently put it. Now the Stargate is open in your Heart and yes the past three days 11/12/13 of November are important but the Way is Now Open. This Template Now will demand a Book which shall manifest but sufficient it is to Anchor it on Drekx's Post for yes he is no longer Omega as He is Now in the Now. You will notice in the Template how the Path of Mastery following the Eleven indeed Creates a Diamond Pattern as you are always having to counterbalance the other side which is why the Dark also have the same pathway open to them. The Red Square is Counterbalanced by the Blue. I am stopping here otherwise I will get bogged down in the detail. Every Number is Triune. Positive Neutral Negative. The Trinary 12 in the middle express the triple values that one to 11 have for convenience I have not written it. These numbers in a 5/6/7 series have been put through a computer and they punch out a beautiful Chaos Pattern in balance. Might I say I am humbled to be able to write this down for you all. I have not seen it expressed any where in this manner.

    This Unifies Heaven on the ground NO MORE STAR WARS as they are a relic of Time.

    We HAVE NOW ENTERED NOW. We shall change as we fully Blossom into  the Magnificent Beings our Creator has manifested us to be. Blessings now may a trillion trillion Rainbow Heart Bubbles emerge from all hearts bursting in peace and harmony blessing they come in touch with with their favourite perfume in tandem together with the Sacred Holy Heart Flame anchored By Jesus 2000 years ago may it NOW GROW TOWERING OVER EACH CROWN CHAKRA TO A HEIGHT OF AT LEAST TWO METRES ABOVE WHILE BEING ANCHORED BELOW IN EACH EARTH STAR CHAKRA FROM THENCE SENDING BLESSINGS TO OUR MOTHER GAIA. BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL ONCE MORE. KINGJEFF

  • 8113944273?profile=original

  •  There will be an Astrologer who will answer you Gregory as I have not

     made a study of it, if any thing I look at a lot of things unconventionally.

     Gregory I will look around as I also look at Astrology a different way to most. A reference book I

     normally use is not readily at hand when it is I will be in touch. Cheers for now Kingjeff

  •  This Chart was drawn by a spiritual group in the United Kingdom heralding the dawning of the Age

     of Aquarius when the Song came out. You can see the Geometries of the Constellations as I have described. You can see Pisces is actually a Double Star of David and you can see Aquarius creates geometrically a small circle which when placed over Pisces gives manifestation to Leo. This is all research and a lot of intuition. This gives some of the background to what I have written. Cheers for now Kingjeff.

  • 8113942889?profile=original

  •  Master of Light, Drekx, Richi, Gregory, Aly, Katjami/Soreya, Lily. Olga, KH, Luke,Drome, and all that I love and respect whom I have not mentioned as well as those in Spirit watching over our shoulders guiding us. This picture I have posted as you can see is Aquarius the Water Pourer pouring knowledge as I intuit it into the Southern Fish and I just happen to be a Piscean in the South and when all is in place the Kundalini rises does it not. Blessings to all once more. May your Hearts now be quite used to showering you with Rainbow Heart Bubbles of your favourite perfume choice as you integrate with the Sacred Rainbow Flame seeded at Pentecost in all your hearts now made manifest blessing all you come in touch with as released by Sanat Kumara via Rebecca Messenger and fine tuned by myself. Luv you all Kingjeff

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