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  • Hi there new friend. 🙂
  • I'm honored to be your friend, thank you. You are invited to join my group "Val Thor: live".
  • I thank you for the invite,Welcome.
  • late on the response but thank you hope you all are having a good day/night
  • Regarding the food shortages...Do not feed them any more of your energy,..That is a fear tactic to keep people in panic...They will try anything to keep us afraid...There is plenty of food for the whole world according to Higher Beings of Love and Light but those corrupted that are in places of power want us to belief otherwise and would go as far as to remove food from the shelves...They are evil but it is up to us to change that...Let's us visualize abundance for everyone...especially now that our creations when aligned with the Creator will manifest at the speed of Love...
  • I like your profile too...and it is because there is good energy here...Blessings
  • Food Shortage for 2021 Confirmed
  • thanks
  • First thing place the cursor in your page comment wall box, then go to youtube...Click on the video ( with left side of mousse), you will see at the bottom right a feature that looks like a flower on the left side of the youtube logo, right click on it, you will see "copy embed code", left click on it, then come back to your page comment wall box and right click with mousse on your comment wall box...You will see the link for the video...JUST CLICK ON COMMENT BELOW ON YOUR LEFT AND IT SHOULD COME OUT...
  • I am delighted to welcome you to Ashtar Command Crew.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with Infinite Blessings of the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Violet Flame Blessings, & Blessings of God's Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are all Divinely Perfect for You every day, Steven
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Forest Park, GA


February 20

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im 24 living in Georgia been on my spiritual journey for 7 months now im a  spiritual youtube lightworker/Starseed here to teach and guide humanity for this upcoming ascension of consciousness

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

ascended masters my higher self and my team of angels and spirit guides

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"But I agree with you that large scale pacifism of masses is a deadly poison. However, I dont think that meditation necessarily leads to this, nor that pacifism is championed exclusively by communist. Rather everyone of those in power loves it.…"
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"Another thing you get wrong is associating meditation with communism. 'Marxism' came less than two centuries ago while meditation was there tens of thaosands of years ago. Furthermore US is not under a threat of 'soviet aggression'. The vice-versa…"
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(International Jewry has declared war on truth! This documentary like many others that are exposing the greatest lies of the 20th century surrounding the life and story of Adolf Hitler and WWII, has been deleted, blocked, and banned world wide not…
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Roaring Lovely commented on Holloworld's blog post Where you at now Q-Trump Huh?!!! "Trust the plan"
"There was a time I was the only one here railing against the idea that people should lessen or stop thinking altogether. We were told that to truely understand the universe, one should use the heart, not the mind. One should 'feel', not 'think'.…"
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"(A summary of the article "Subversive and Pacifying Spirituality" with some additional info, link below)

Meditation is a very useful tool to raise your consciousness, to get more self-awareness, control over emotions, and to undo your programming /…"
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