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August 7

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Granted rank of Admiral by Ascended masters in a Astral awakening in August 1987. Mission, to Direct the seventh fleet from Andromeda to Earth. Receive the Earth's refugees for travel back to Andromeda. We then await for the Great Conflaguration and rebirth of the Planet to commense and pass before allowing their return to their home planet. Some will choose to stay around other parts of the inhabited universe and some will retrurn home to Earth to star anew.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

 I had a Cabin Profile here in 2007 as Admiral Matthew from Fish Creel Wis but my email was hacked and my password hacked was unable to recover that profile page here and open it so i created another profile on this site I'am the same Admiral Matthew as before if those of you who were my friends then are still on here you are welcome to refriend me on this new profile page       

My Ascended & Ascending Masters/Friends as follows:

Urantia Ascended Master Eric T. Dittmer Green Bay Wis Feb 12th 1946 - Dec 30th 2013 Mentor from 1987 to 2013    Was like a brother to me 

Urantia Ascended Master Nancy Brown Fish Creek Wis May 11th 1948 - Nov 18th 2012 Mentor from 1987 to 2012     Was like a mother to me

Urantia Forum Member Ascended Master Mark Kulieke Green Bay Wis 1946 - Oct 3rd 2014  Mentor from 1987 to 2014   Was like a father to me

Ascending Master Fr. John Bergstadt Mentor from 1982 to present      

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  • There has never been a better time than now to fulfill your destiny to choose to act and live as your designed path instructs you to follow with a divine adjuster within you walking with you on your journey to reconnect to the connective spiritual mission we are individually here to complete and to reconnect to our family in physical actual space in our current forms and then to transfigure into our new bodies and travel with our true family to our ancestral home where our spirit originates from. I welcome anyone who wishes to follow the true path and live the truth as my closest friends as we embark on our ever unfolding mission to reconnect to ourselves in our original form and travel the universe as the universal consciousness directs us to follow.
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Admiral Matthew left a comment for Admiral Matthew
"This page profile was hacked in 2014 and has been recreated into a new profile under same name come friend me there"
Jul 24
𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 and Admiral Matthew are now friends
Jul 8
Admiral Matthew posted a status
I welcome all to visit my page I be honored to have you as a friend to share imparted wisdom from those beings who have contacted me
Jul 8
Admiral Matthew posted a status
There has never been a better time than now to fulfill your destiny to choose to act and live as your designed path instructs you to follow
Jul 8

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"It is absolutely not rubbish that I am presenting here. Since research is already being done on such methods of uploading consciousness to a computer, it is foreseeable that it will also be implemented in the future. Is this supposed to be a website…"
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"Andromeda is coming

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"A version of a sucessful japanese song done in 1968 by the brazilian musical group Os Incriveis.

Os Incriveis - Kokorono-niji


And the original japanese song:

Kokorono-Niji (original)

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"and a Wham! back to the tribe ;) but she seems not very impressed in the video LOL
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"😎Cheers Ivy....🥂🍹🍸....Yup, enjoy the sun and chill out...!! ☀️"Wham..!""
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"☀️ Free drinks for the tribe🍸🥂

🏝 Blast from the past 😎

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                                       I tell you something, beloveds. When in Egypt, at the foot of the Sphinx of the desert, I was entrusted with the solemn mission of teaching humanity this science, I was also warned about all these scandals,…
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"Frankly I don't give a hoot if you believe in Sirius, or not....But I will speak out when you CONSTANTLY place junk on the thread, about deranged morons who have watched too many sci-fi shows and gone completely insane...Like this crazy Gerald…"
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