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We are all Melchizedeks

The Melchizedek Priesthood

Modern history knows of Melchizedek through the Old Testament. For it was Melchizedek who was the spiritual teacher of Abraham. This is clearly documented.

It is important to understand here that there is a Being who is Melchizedek, and there is the Melchizedek Priesthood. When a person achieves spiritual illumination within this order they are called a "Melchizedek". "The keys of Enoch" describes the Being in the spiritual worlds who heads the Melchizedek priesthood as the "Eternal Lord of Light", Sovereign of Light in charge of organizing the levels of the heavenly worlds of YHWH (God) for transit into new creation, co-equal with Metatron and Michael in the resource, regenesis, and re-education of worlds going through the purification of the living light. He is in charge of the heavenly order / Brotherhood of Melchizedek and the spiritual and planetary priesthood of Melchizedek.

The clearest definition of the Order of Melchizedek is that it is in charge of the consciousness reprogramming that is necessary to link physical creation with the externalization of the Divine Hierarchy. It is a royal priesthood of priests receiving the voice of God, for the sanctification of the people of the light. The re-administration and teaching affects the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states of existence and consciousness. This priesthood is visible within every generation as a scattered Brotherhood of Light. It permeates the tree of the human race.

The order of Melchizedek has the anointing power to reawaken and resurrect the righteous people of the world into the light of the higher worlds. They are the sons of truth behind historical wisdom. They hold the keys to the true history of the planet. They gather the light of man which they have cultivated through the teachings of the word of God

Jesus is a high priest of the Order of Melchizedek. Moses also had the keys to this priesthood of Light. When He came to the earth, he was anointed by the priesthood of earth as a righteous recipient of the light. The order had been passed on from Noah to Abraham, to Jethro and then to Moses. Aaron, the brother of Moses and mouthpiece for Moses, and the Word of God, was commissioned along with the seventy elders of Israel, to establish a priesthood which was subordinate to the Order of Melchizedek.

The Order of Melchizedek also governs quadrants of the planetary worlds where the adamic seed has been transplanted. It is there that they administer and teach spiritual principles to these worlds. The order of Melchizedek has the ability to communicate with the other celestial communities and brotherhoods of light throughout the universes of God, coordinating the work of the Christ in the heavens and on earth. In the history of the planet earth, the Order of Melchizedek has existed in small family communities of patriarchs-priests, priest-scientists, and poet-scholars who have faithfully attended to the word of God. This light has been passed from Melchizedek, to Abraham, to Moses, to Elijah, to David, and to Jesus."

As decades and centuries passed, these teachings spread throughout the tree of the human race. So it really was the Jewish religion and later the Christian religion that carried the initial torch of the Order of Melchizedek

Melchizedek is in charge of the Brotherhood of Melchizedek and the Planetary Priesthood of Melchizedek.

The Melchizedek Priesthood facilitates the deliverance of the Christed/Source Energy to lower realms with the help of Metatron, all passes through Melchizedek. He is the High Priest in charge of the Melchizedek Priesthood in this Universe and receives directly from God and works at a Universal and Multi Universal level.

He delivers in Key Codes and the Language of Light and transfers the Language of Light to lower realms so it can be understood


Joshua David Stone - Revelations of a Melchizedek initiate:

Earlyne Chaney - Initiation in the Great Pyramid

Ark of Covenant was used in the building of the great pyramids in Giza. And only Melchizedek-priests(finished with 7th initiation levels) could use Ark of Covenant.

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Wesak Workshop 2010 May 22 and 23 in London are living in the most exciting times in Earth’s history! We are living in times of prophecy. Both the Mayas, the Incas, the Hopis, the Aztecs, the Celts and many other cultures predict something special is going to happen on December 21st, 2012.All major faiths speak of this current time as the coming of a Great Master who would restore the Divine Plan and initiate a Golden Age on Earth. And the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul in the writings of Alice A. Bailey prophesied the Externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy to take shape at the dawn of the New Millennium!So, who is this Great Master that all major faiths speak about? And who is this Externalizing Spiritual Hierarchy that the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul was announcing?Well, the exciting news is that this Great Master is YOU! The Spiritual Hierarchy externalizes through YOU!-------IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR YOU?If you have an innate knowingness of and appreciation for the significance of the so-called “end times” we are living in, this workshop is for you!If you want to prepare for 2012 and gain a bigger picture of personal and planetary events, then this workshop is for you!And if you want to step out of mass consciousness and serve humanity, the planet and the Spiritual Hierarchy as a valuable member of the Great White Brotherhood, then this workshop is for you!This workshop is the first of a series leading up to 2012 to help you prepare for and take your rightful place in this grand event of the Externalizing Spiritual Hierarchy.

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How the Great Pyramids in Giza were built

I have recently been in Egypt and there is alot of integration and digestion-work for me. Alot of great experiences with the pyramids and temples etc. I want to give you what I think is very close to the truth about how the Great Pyramids in Giza were built.The device that was used creating the pyramids in Egypt is called Ark of Covenant. It was used firstly in Atlantis and is of Extraterrestrial origin. From Giants from Sirius,who came to Earth to help in Earth`s evolution. Archangel Metatron and Egyptian Masters as Thoth,Osiris and Isis also were involved.Only people who were finished with 7 initation(becoming High Priests) in the Order of Melchizedek in ancient Egypt(or other places) could use these devices. Using mental powers. This device was misused in Atlantis and one of the main reasons of the fall of Atlantis. Today it is hidden in the inner cities of Agartha(Telos,Shamballa etc) - they are keeping the sacred knowledge and wisdom from Lemuria,Atlantis,Ancient Egypt,Incas,Mayans,Druids,Tibetans etc...More details of Ark of Covenant:"The Ark is a metaphor for a container, box, or vessel which holds a source of creational light [soul]. We are as soul sparks of light consciousness, experiencing 'inside the box' - a virtual reality grid program. Sacred Geometry. To quest for the Ark is to quest for the nature of reality, creation, and where it is all quickly evolving in the alchemy of time. ""It was a transmitting device of high frequency energies""This device, in conjunction with mini arks of the covenant, which could be worn around an initiate’s neck, or used on a staff, could be used like miniature laser beams. The pyramids were built by the use of these devices obtained from the extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki. The rays from this device could cause the nullification of gravity. Ten thousand pound stones could be levitated in the air. A one pound rock could be made to weigh ten thousand pounds. This was how the Great Pyramid of Giza was able to be constructed. It had nothing to do with millions of slaves and pulleys and all that stuff materialistic archeologists fantasize about.""The arks and the smaller version ankhs could also be used for healing and the curing of diseases. In times of danger they could be used as weapons of war and would kill instantly. At the time of the great flood, it was many of the Egyptian Annu that took many of the arks and ankhs with them into the inner earth cities. They entered these cities from underneath the great pyramid. They then sealed the entrance to the underground cities with their arks so they could not be followed and so the flood waters could not enter. This colony of Annu have remained in the inner earth ever since. The religious order they follow is the Order of Melchizedek. This occurred around 12,000 BC""Now it is important to understand that the arks of the covenant had to be charged by the use of mental powers. Once it was charged it functioned on its own, but it took a great spiritual initiate and Master to do this. The great pyramid, in conjunction with the capstone with the ark of the covenant inside of it, distributed light and energy throughout Egypt. One of the great Masters, who may also have been there in the physical at the creation of the building of the pyramid, was Osiris. He was a great spiritual Master who was assigned to bring the teachings of the Order of Melchizadek to earth. The Order of Melchizadek being the large cosmic branch of the Great White Brotherhood teachings"I remember a bit that I have been initiated as a high priest(7 initiation) in Order of Melchizedek and I was capable using both ankhs and Ark of Covenant in the past and will do that again in the future with other people who has also done that in the past. It will come when Earth is ready as being a conscious galactic citizen.One of the best sources talking about initiation in the Order of Melchizedek - it is Earlyne Chaney - Initiation in the Great Pyramid. You can buy it from this site: am looking forward to work with this device - tool again in the name of Mother/Father God. In the Service of the Light. In the service of the Universal Order of Melchizedek and Great White Brotherhood of Light.

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How to resolve conflicts with other people

One of the most important understanding and skills to develop in one`s Spiritual Path is the ability to resolve conflicts with other people in all types of relationships. From Joshua David Stone - Correspondance Course 7 - vol II - How to Develop and Refine Your Consciousness and Transcend the Negativ Ego/Fear-based/Separative/Dualistic/Illusionary/Selfish/Lower Self Mind and Emotions: The first principle in developing this understanding and skill with people you have a close personal relationship to is loving,open, honest communication of your thoughts of feelings. This should be done in a calm,rational,unconditionally loving manner.2.Principle two is the importance of avoiding arguments and attack thoughts and feelings when there is a difference of opinion.3. Always state your thoughts and feelings as "This is my personal opinion". and "personal perception". At all costs avoid being self-rightous even if you in your heart you know you are right.4. When bumping into differences of opinion and perception,frame the situation as "Let`s agree to disagree."5. Always frame the discussion in a "win/win" manner instead of a "win/lose" perspective.6. Take time to listen and really hear what the other person has to say,even if you disagree with where they are coming from.7. Strive not to be overly emotional and strive to remain as calm,objective,evenminded,and rational as possible.8. Frame your communication in the words "this is the lens that i see it from and you are seeing it from a different lens." This honors the other person`s lens even if you disagree with it.9. Pray to God,the Holy Spirit,the inner plane Ascended Masters,your Angels,and your Mighty I AM Presence(Sjelegruppe/Monad) for help in resolving the conflict before beginning communication. This can be done inwardly or openly with the other person as is appropriate.10. If you find your communication is becoming heated and both of your negative egos are becoming too involved,I highly recommened stopping all communication,but to say to the other person that your observation is that both of your negative egos and emotional bodies are becoming too engaged and you strongly prefer to end this discussion for now and continue it when both of you are more calm.11. Before entering into communication,even a day or more in advance, ask the Holy Spirit to undo the conflict on the inner plane and in each person`s subconscious and conscious program. Also,ask the inner plane Ascended Masters and Angels to heal the situation on the inner plane. This will actually get a lot of work of resolving the conflict completed before you ever start communicating consciously and verbally.12. When going into communication to resolve conflict always keep in mind thet proverbs "Do I want love or do I want to be right?" "Do I want God or do I want mye ego in this situation?" and "Do I want love and peace or conflict,fear and attack?"13. Before beginning your communication to resolve conflict,make a list on a piece of paper of all the key points and how you want to frame them so they will be more likely to be received in an open and and nondefensive manner.14. Go into the communication with your full personal power,unconditional love,attunement to God and Golden Bubble of Protection so you can respond instead of react.15. If the other person starts getting angry,attacking or coming from their negative ego,don`t catch their psychological disease,set a better example. It takes two to have a war, and if one person engages in one and the other person doesn`t,it can`t happen.16. Be the first to apologize and admit your mistakes. This may be one of the most important principles of all. I find most people and most Lightworkers being way too interested in defending their egos than striving for egolessness which is the true nature of God. Start your communication out by admitting your mistakes and apologizing for them before ever mentioning the other person`s mistakes. This will throw the other person completely off guard,and will set the tone for a Christed communication rather than ego battle.17. Be the first to forgive no matter how much you have been wronged.18. Choose your battles carefully,for there are certain battles that are just not worth fighting.19. Always remember,there is a time to talk and a time to be silent, and sometimes the best form of communication is silence. Honesty does not mean you have to say everything. True mature honesty means you say what is appropiate, as God would have you say it, to gain maximum results in a Spiritual and Earthly manner.20.Remember that the person you are in conflict with is an incarnation of God/dess,is a Son or Daughter of God/dess,is the Christ,is the Buddha,is the Atma,and is the Eternal Self,in Truth. Treat them as such even if they are not demonstrating it.21. Be more concerned about learning your lessons than teaching other people their lessons. Leave that to God.22. In my humble opinion, I would rather lose an argument,lose material gain,be seen as the loser of the disagreement,and still have unconditional love,oneness with God,inner peace and harmony than the opposite.

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How to Channel Training Manual by Joshua David Stone -Some quotes from this Training Manual that I think and feel is very true about channeling:(it is alot about discernment)"Most people on Earth think channeling is a telephone hotline to God and the Masters. Most people also think if it is channeled it is true. Nothing could be farther from the truth! 80 % of people who are practicing channeling on Earth are channeling astral entities. The next 19 % are very clouded and unclear in their channelings. Only 1 % of all channels on Planet Earth are doing so in a clear,integrated,high level manner.""The key insight here is that channeling is a co-creative process and is not a direct telephone line to God and the Masters. Channeling is totally and completely affected by the consciousness,Spiritual development,integration or lack thereof,grid attunement,belief system,information banks,past life history,Spiritual psychology or lack thereof,balance or imbalance,psychological baggage or lack thereof,of the person doing the channeling.""All Channeling is interpreted through the channel`s subconscious mind. So if a person is not developed in their consciousness and Spiritually in their grid attunement and everything else i mentioned above,channeling can be and often is one of the most manipulative distorted Spiritual practices on this planet!""All channeling is affected by what is in your subconscious information banks from this life and past lives. For example if you have never studied astrology you will not be able to channel on astrology. This applies to all forms of knowledge.""Channeling is a co-creation and communication between a discarnate Spirit and an incarnate Spirit with the purpose to introduce higher insights,revelations,ideas,guidance and tools to support the advancemenet and ascension of human consciousness into the light!""Being psychic is a subconscious ability,not a superconscious ability and so many psychics do not even believe in God. Ponder on this!""Many channels do not even believe or practice the things they are channeling.""A channel is only as good as the development of their consciousness level of Spiritual Evolution and ability to demonstrate God in an integrity filled manner on Earth!""Some people are still channeling old thought forms of things like outdated prophesy and global evacuation and they are channeling illusion!""Djwhal Khul wrote/channeled the Alice Bailey books. I think Alice Bailey did a pretty good job channeling that material and much of it is still very valid and worth reading. However,even Djwhal Khul said that at the turn of the century a lot of information would have to be updated. So people could take certain things as truth,which may have been truth but are not truth now. ""The great blind spot and illusion of the entire New Age movement is the belief that there is even such a thing as clairaudience,telepathy and channeling,and clairvoyance. The great law of the omniverse is everything is controlled by consciousness. People in the New Age movement think channeling is a telephone hot line to God and the Masters. Nothing can be farther from the truth.""The more a person is run by their emotional/astral body,inner child,subconscious mind,imbalance,desire body,the more contaminated the channel will be. ""The best channels on the planet are the ones who become Integrated Ascended Masters and Planetary Christs and Planetary I AM Presences at the 22nd level.""There are great many lightworkers who would give anything to channel the Masters. Channeling is considered the be all and end all. The purpose of life is not to channel the Masters but to become a Master."If you want to read more about what Joshua is teaching us about Channeling - then you can buy this manual from this page.

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A chapter in Soul Psychology - Keys to Ascension by Joshua David Stone is talking about reprogramming our subconscious mind - why it is so important to do that and it has alot about Laws of Attraction - Laws of Manifestation - Law of Karma. Some quotes:"An affirmation is, in reality, an attitude. Every thought you think, be it positive or negative, is an affirmation. Every word you speak is an affirmation.Every action you take is an affirmation. This is true because everything stems from your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality.""Affirmations used in a psychological and healing context are statements specifically designed to program a desired feeling or behavior into your subconscious mind,such as the affirmations to develop your personal power and your protective bubble that were mentioned earlier.""Whenever you practice positive thinking you are making affirmations. The continued process of pushing the negative attitudes out of your mind with your personal power and then repeating new,positive affirmations is the main key to reprogramming the subconscious mind.""Pushing negative thoughts out of your mind is like not watering a plant: the negative thought gets no energy,so it withers and dies. The repetitive use of positive thinking and affirmations waters the new seed-thought in the soil of your subconscious mind and it begins to grow. To use another metaphor,it is like a tape recorder that re-records over old information. "The Superconscious Mind or Higher Self - Spiritual Mind:1. Can be contacted through:a) Meditationb) Dreamsc) Journalingd) Intuition2. Can help us only if we ask for assistance. Does not interfere with our free choice on a conscious level.The Conscious Mind or Middle Self - The Reasoning Mind:1. Executive Director2. President of the personality3. Captain of the ship4. Computer programmer5. Gardener6. Decision-makera) Will-power,discipline,discernmenet,discrimination,concentration,reasoning.The Subconscious Mind or Lower Self - The Non-Reasoning Mind:1. Works on impressions,stimulus/response2. Is a memory bank and file of thoughs,feelings,memories,imagination,habit patterns,impulses,desires,instincts.3. Operates physical body4. Creates most dreams5. Creates vital force6. Works 24 hours a day7. Functions according to the law of attraction8. Examines,classifies,stores information9. In metaphorical terms is the computer,garden,engine room10. Plays a key role in the prayer process11. Controls the inner senses(visualizations)12. Radiates senses13. Creates thread of energy that contact both objects and other peoplea) can leave body and follow threads(as in the use of pendulums,psychometry,psychokinesis).b) can send vital force and thought forms along these threads(as in telepathy and prayer)............."The second method of manifestation is through the power of your subconscious mind. In reality,you are using this level of manifestation whether you realize it or not. The problem is that in many cases,you are not using it consciously. The other problem is that you often use this level to block manifestation rather than to facilitate it.""The law of the subconscious mind is based on the famous hermetic law of correspondence: "As within,so without; as above, so below." That which you think and imagine in your conscious and subconscious minds will manifest its mirror likeness in your external circumstances. Your outer world is a mirror of your inner world. this is the law, and it manifests for better or for worse because the subconscious mind does whatever it is programmed to do.It is constantly attracting and repelling according to that which you allow to be put into it. ""The major work of the spiritual path is to clean out all of the lower-self,negative-ego and imbalanced programming that is not of the soul and higher self. When this has been done,you have the Midas Touch - everything you touch turns to gold. This occurs because your subconscious mind is subservient to your conscious mind,which is subservient to your superconscious mind,which is subservient to your soul mind,which is subservient to your monadic/soul group mind,which is subservient to God.""Your subconscious mind runs your physical body completely and will create health or disease,depending upon how you program it. The subconscious will attract to you everything you need,for all minds are joined in truth. That is why the use of affirmations,visualizations,and autosuggestions is such an important science. ""To manifest effectively,you must be in control of your subconscious mind. Many times,you let yourself be run by your computer(your subconscious mind) instead of letting your computer programmer(your conscious mind) run your computer. Ideally,it is your servant. It has been called the basic self or the servomechanism in other teachings. It is your faithful servant and it will supply you with whatever you need,as long as you program it directly."

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Joshua David Stone has talked about 14 levels of Laws of Manifestation that is wise to follow when we want to walk the path as becoming an Integrated Ascended Master - an article from the book The Golden Book of Melchizedek vol I - How to become an integrated Christ/Buddha - that I like to work on as well.--------1. The first level of power and law of manifestation is that every person must own their personal power on a conscious mind level to achieve GOD-realization,Self-Mastery,and to become a full-fledged Ascended Master. Every person must own their personal power and become 100 % in control of their mind,emotions,desires,physical body,energies,subconscious mind,negative ego,and inner child. Every person must also own their personal power,not give it to other people,outside situations,and even not give it to spiritual teachers,gurus,Ascended Masters,or GOD. Any true spiritual teacher,and even GOD,is not interested in having your personal power,but in truth the opposite. They are interesting in empowering you.2. The second level of empowerment and law of manifestation is that once you become the master of your subconscious mind you must give it loving commands like a computer,to take advantage of its enormous abilities. This I call the Power of your subconscious mind,which is enormous. Through utilizing affirmations,creative visualizations,self suggestion and just doing Christ/Buddha thinking,you can program your subconscious mind to become your faitfhful servant and create only spiritualized emotions and behaviors. It will also manifest and attract everything you need. Most people in life do not even own their personal power of the subconscious mind,which is incredible.3. The third level of empowerment and law of manifestation is calling on the incredible power of your superconscious mind,higher self and/or oversoul. There is a living,breathing intelligence within you, that is as real as your subconscious mind,which can give you guidance and direction and help you to manifest anything you need in life. The key understanding here is that it is not allowed to help unless you ask for it. Call to your higher self any time you have a need or require assitance,and its power of guidance and manifestation will amaze you.4. The fourth level of empowerment and law of manifestation has to do with also calling to and praying for help from your own Mighty I AM Presence or Monad(sjelegruppe - vi som sjeler er sammen med 11 andre sjeler en del av et Høyere Selv - som igjen er en del av 11 andre høyere Selv dvs 12 x 12= 144 sjeler i en sjelegruppe - som blir kalt for Monad eller I AM Presence). This is the individualized spirit or spark of GOD within you. In truth,it is your real identity and what you are in the process of becoming once you become a full-fledged Ascended Master on Earth. After you take your Fourth Initiation, I recommened that you transfer the focus of your prayers from the higher self to the Mighty I AM Presence. This is because all the inititations you have achieved so far have led you to soul merger with your higher self,and it is now time for a higher frequency and aspect of GOD to be of service to you in manifesting your energy needs on your spiritual mission on Earth.5. The fifth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to call on the Holy Spirit for help for your every spiritual desire and need. Its love,wisdom and power on every leel will be an unceasing powerhouse of guidance and spiritual manifestation(I Keys of Enoch så blir Hellige Ånd kalt for Shekinah)6. The sixth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to call upon the Christ within,which is the second aspect of the trinity of GOD,Christ,and the HOLY SPIRIT. Simultaneously invoking all three of these levels at once will increase the power of prayer and the source of guidance.7. The Seventh level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to begin every prayer by calling upon GOD or the Godhead,who is the Creator of the infinite universe. GOD`s powers are truly omnipotent,omniscient,and omnipresent. We are GOD`s sons and daughters and are made in his/her image. Praying directly to GOD is the ultimate prayer and as we all know, GOD helps in mysterious ways. As the Universal Mind said through Edgar Cayce, "Why worry when you can pray!". Again call GOD,Christ and the Holy Spirit for help and guidance for your every need and the infinite Love,Wisdom, Power of GOD will supply your every need as long as your prayers are not motivated by the negative ego. By this I mean that your prayers must not hurt anyone else and must be for the highest good of all concerned and must be in a harmony with GOD`s Will. All prayers must be prayer preferences and not prayer attachments. This means that you will be happy until you receive the answer to your prayer. All prayers should be done from a place of personal power,and respect and dignity within self. It is your job also to not allow any negative thoughts of doubt or negativity into your subconscious mind once you have made your prayers. This is called having faith,trust and patience.8. The eight level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to call on the Planetary Ascended Masters for help for your every personal spiritual desire and need in your spiritual mission. The inner plane Ascended Masters will be an unseeing source of guidance and supply in ways you cannot possibly imagine. Some of the Planetary Masters I call upon are: El Morya,Kuthumi,Djwhal Khul,Serapis Bey,Paul the Venetian,Hilarion,Sananda/Jesus,Saint Germain,Lord Maitreya,Lord Buddha,Sanat Kumara,Allah Gobi,Lanto,Portia,Mother Mary,Quan Yin,Isis,Lakshmi,Vywamus,Helios and Vesta,Melchior, and the Lord of Sirius, to name just a few. If it is really important prayer, call in all of them.9. The ninth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is calling upon the Cosmic Ascended Masters for help. The Masters listed in the above paragraph could be considered Galactic Masters. The Cosmic Masters are the Universal,Multi-Universal and Cosmic Ascended Masters. Whenever I am doing a prayer that is of extreme importance, I always include the Cosmic Masters to increase the fire power,the Cosmic Love and Cosmic wisdom infusion. The Cosmic Masters I would recommend calling forth are Melchizedek the Universal Logos, and the Mahatma,also known as the Avatar of Synthesis,who is a group consciousness who embodies all 352 levels/initiations of GOD. Also call in Lenduce,Adonis,The Cosmic Council of Twelve,and the 24 Elders that surround the Throne of Grace.10. The tenth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to call upon the Archangels and Angels for help! Most people do not realize that when they call to GOD for help it is usually the Archangels and Angels that GOD sends as extensions of himself to answer your prayers. Archangels and Angels are the most wonderful beings and they literally live to serve. There are infinite numbers of them upon every line of endeavor. There are Angels of business,music,art,healing,science,love,wisdom and ascension. The list is endless! Call upon the Archangels and Angels for your every need and spiritual desire and they will amaze you with their three-fold powers. I especially recommend calling upon the 14 Mighty Archangels listed below:Stråle/egenskap fra Gud Erkeengler Innhold i strålene/egenskapFirst ray Michael and Faith Protection,Will and PowerSecond ray Jophiel and Christine Love and WisdomThird Ray Chamuel and Charity Active IntelligenceFourth Ray Gabriel and Hope Creativity,Inner HarmonyFifth Ray Raphael and Mother Mary Esoteric/New Age ScienceSixth Ray Uriel and Aurora DevotionSeventh Ray Zadkiel and Amethyst Ceremonial Order and MagicDet står mer detaljert om rays/stråle fra Gud her: erkeengel som også bør nevnes er Erkeengel Metatron,som man kan påkalle. Han er også involvert i Jordas bevissthetsevolusjon.11. The Eleventh level of Empowerment and law of manifestation is to call upon the Elohim Councils and Elohim Masters for help. Most lightworkers and people do not realize that GOD has created three lines of evolution back to Source. There is the Ascended Masters lineage, the Angelic lineage and the Elohim lineage. These are three different lines of evolution. Every being in GOD`s infinite universe was created and fits into one of these three lines.The Elohim Masters are the embodiment of the thought attributes of GOD. The Archangels and Angels embody the feeling tones of GOD. To call upon the Elohim Masters is the perfect thing to do when you are trying to manifest something,for they are the creators of GOD`s infinite universe. GOD created the Elohim to help him/her create everything. They are experts in the law of manifestation. I especially recommend calling upon the 14 Mighty Elohim listed below:First Ray: Hercules and AmazoniaSecond Ray: Apollo and LuminaThird Ray: Heros and AmoraFourth Ray: Purity and AstreaFifth Ray: Cyclopia and VirginiaSixth Ray: Peace and AlohaSeventh Ray: Arcturus and Victoria12. The twelfth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to call upon the Christed Extraterrestrials Races for help. The two I recommend most are the Arcturians and Ashtar Command. The Ashtar Command is the winged command or airforce of the Ascended Masters. They can be trusted completely and are all Ascended Masters themselves.The Arcturians are the most advanced extraterrestrials Christed race in our entire Galaxy. Their Light technology is so advanced it makes Earth`s technology look like we are still living in the dark ages. The advantage of calling on the Christed Extraterrestrials is that they are not only incredible loving and spiritually wise,but being Extraterrestrials they have developed these unbelievable technologies in their starships and on their home planets that they are willing to share with us for the asking. The only law they must abide with is the Prime Directive. They are not allowed to interfere or enter into our civilization to help unless asked. Do call upon the Lord of Arcturus and Arcturians for help with your every need and spiritual desire.Their spiritual technologies will astound you as will their effectiveness in giving you guidance and answering your prayers. Call upon Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command and they will do the same.Står mer om hva man kan påkalle ang "light technology" fra Arcturus-mestre som man kan integrere i seg selv: The thirteenth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is centered in your physical body. Many people do not realize that your physical body is a source of power. This is why it is a good idea to take care of it,feed it well, and give it excercise and enough sleep. My beloved readers,when you wake up in the morning after a good night`s sleep isn`t it easier to be empowered if you feel well rested and energized physically? Living within a physical body is the body elemental. It is a consciousness of the physical that is filled with love,wisdom and physical power to help you to fulfill your mission. The physical body has intelligence within it. Most people override this intelligence with their mind instead of tuning in and really listening to it. Talk to your physical body and love it and make it part of your spiritual team. It is very hard to fulfill your spiritual mission if your physical body is not empowered and healthy. Do everything in your power to honor,respect, and take care of your physical vehicle so it can remain empowered and healthy and serve you well.14. The fourteenth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to call upon and pray to the Earth Mother,Pan and the Nature Spirits and Devas. Many lightworkers do a lot of Spiritual work; however,they have a hard time often physically grounding their mission and physically grounding the manifestation they are trying to create. The Earth Mother and Pan,who is the God of Nature and a wonderful,loving and wise being who does not have horns and is not a devilish, as some have made him out to be. In truth, he is an Elohim-Master. These two Masters,in conjunction with Archangel Sandalphon, are the three best Masters to call on to help ground your manifestations. The other great Master I would add to this list is the Mahatma. The Mahatma being a group consciousness of 352 levels/initiations is an expert grounding manifestation as well.You can call upon the Nature Spirits and Devas if you have a garden,plants in your home, a lawn, or trees and shrubs around your home. They can also be called upon when you visit nature and hike in nature. They have great power and energy as well as wisdom and love. They can empower our physical bodies by providing fresh food that is filled with vitality and energy. They can empower our spirits with their wonderful love and joy. They can empower our minds in amazing way. You would be amazed at the intelligence of a pea,a bean sprout,a plant and/or a tree. Go into nature and sit next to a tree in silence and commune with it and you will be amazed at what you will learn. I have actually written chapters in books from ideas that trees gave me. GOD`s infinite universe if seen clearly with an open mind and heart makes Alice in Wonderland look boring!----------------------------------If you own all 14 levels of power,with 100 % full empowered unconditional love,and 100 % full empowered Wisdom in a balanced and integrated manner,GOD the Godforce and all aspects of your own personal God Self will respond with all Love,Wisdom and Power within their being. This secret esoteric key will unlock the infinite Love,Wisdom and Power of GOD being made available to you.GOD and the Godforces you will be invoking and praying to are all spiritual embodiments of Love,Wisdom and Power. So true empowerment must embody these three Divine secret qualities to truly call yourself empowered. This is true empowerment from GOD`s perspective. Working with these 14 levels of Love,Wisdom and Power in this balanced and integrated manner, free from negative ego and focused on Christ/Buddha consciousness,will unlock the infinite Three-Fold Power of Creation to be made available to you!GOD,the Godforce,and your own integrated,balanced self are an unbeatable team!


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Spiritual Warrior archetype

These great quotes about importance of being a Spiritual Warrior is from Correspondance Course 7 - vol II - How to Develop and Refine Your Consciousness and Transcend the Negativ Ego/Fear-based/Separative/Dualistic/Illusionary/Selfish/Lower Self Mind and Emotions:"Because every person goes through this phase of needing to fully claim their 100 % personal power and establish mastery over their mental,emotional,and physical bodies,subconscious mind,inner child,Negativ Ego/Fear-based/Separative/Dualistic/Illusionary/Selfish/Lower Self/Materialistic thought and feeling system and so on there is a type of battle that goes on in the early stages until the conscious mind takes full control in service of the Mighty I AM Presence,Monad, and/or Higher Self!This is why, in the Bhagavad-Gita,Krishna said to Arjuna on the battleplane when he lost his will to continue, "Get up and give up your unmanliness and get up and fight,this self-pity and self indulgence is unbecoming of the great Soul that you are!." Krishna,of course was talking about being a Spiritual Warrior!This of course is one of the 12 Major Archetypes as well. This is why Paramahansa Yogananda said in his writings that Life is a Battlefield.There is a problem that negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic thought and feeling system does not want to let go so easily! It will do everything in its power to remain in control. The mind is an incredibly brilliant instrument,and both the negative ego and Spirit use the mind to serve their purposes. The purpose of life is for only Spirit to use the mind,not the negative ego!However since very few have been fully trained in this world concerning the difference between negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic thinking and feeling and Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Mohammed/Mighty I AM Presence/God/Godess Thinking and Feeling,the negative ego and personality level consciousness has been the one using the minds of most people on Earth for the last 10 million years. This why Lemuria and Atlantis were destroyed,why there have been so many wars,why there has been so much suffering, and why Mother Earth has been abused to such a degree! It is also why our society is backward in so many ways and why so many of our institutions are based on egoistical personality level principles and not Soul and Spiritual principles! So one most not underestimate the power of the negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic mind and emotions to delude and deceive.The negative ego uses the incredible creativity and genius of the mind to keep transformating every time it is caught to try and stay in power!There is also a natural tendency when living in a physical body to go into automatic pilot or get tired and fatigued which must be overcome to remain in self-mastery.So the battle is one of learning to remain in your 100 % personal power,self-mastery and be the cause of your reality 100 % of the time in service of God and unconditional love! The problem is that the negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic mind and the indolence and limited nature of the nonreasoning subconscious mind and physical body will do everything in their power to stop you!It is a Spiritual battle to establish Spiritual mastery over one`s thoughts,feelings,energy,physical body and Earthly Life!One must remember as children we are born into infant bodies and completely forget and are basically born as total victims of our bodies,minds,emotions,and energy. This is a fact for everyone. We are also total victims of our parents and families. We are completely open and have no ability to protect ourselves physically,mentally,emotionally or energetically. Our literal lives are dependent on our parents taking care of us properly. We are completely programmed by our parents,family,extended family,and school until we grow out and develop our minds enough to think for ourselves.What is a person or Lightworker to do with all this massive amount of mass consciousness programming inside of them? This is the Spiritual battle that Krishna and Yogananda speak of. It is this Spiritual battle to obtain Spiritual victory,to overcome,erase,undo and reprogram all this mass consciousness personality level negative ego and imbalanced programming and completely reprogram it with the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Mohammed/Mighty I AM Presence/God/Godess and balanced integrated ideal! This is easier said than done! It is often experienced by a great many people on the Spiritual path,especially in the early and intermediate stages as a Spiritual battle. This is why for some people the concept of being a Spiritual Warrior in life can be very helpful!So what I am saying here is that if you need to really utilize this concept of being a Spiritual Warrior, to fight through this mountain of mass consciousness programming and the negative ego all out war against you to maintain control of you,then definitely do so. The key point to understand here is that the negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic thought and feeling system is illusion in truth! In truth it does not exist! There is no such thing as separation,and in truth there is no such thing as the negative ego,except in our own minds!All that exists is God/dess!God/dess gave us free choice, and when we think out of harmony with God/dess we create a new separative mind that does not really exist in truth however,since our thoughts create our reality,it has taken on a life of its own and basically runs most people`s consciousness and runs our world still! The number one biggest blind spot in Religion and the New Age Movement is not understanding the insidious nature of the negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic mind and emotions and how it works, and how to change it to the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Mohammed/Mighty I AM Presence/God/Godess Way of Thinking and Feeling! The lack of education and training of this psychological level has created more suffering on Earth than any of us on Earth will ever know!So my beloved Readers,the negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic thought system may be illusion; however, its ability to seduce,deceive,create delusion,self-deception,glamour,change forms,rationalize,be slippery,deceitful,be conniving and sneak into people`s and Lightworker`s consciousness when they are not aware of it is quite unbelievable. I think of you will all agree!If this were not the case then why has it taken the world 10 millions years only to get to our present level of consciousness? Why is there still so much suffering? Why is our civilization still so backwards? Why are our religions and the New Age Movement so filled with negative ego contamination,glamour,maya and illusion? Never Underestimate My Beloved Readers,the trickiness of the negative ego. The negative ego,in truth,is insane in everything it says and believes! Literally every single thing it says is exactly backwards of the opposite of the truth. Even though this is the case its power to deceive,delude,rationalize and seduce people and Lightworkers into its way of thinking and feeling is unparalleled!Life can be extremely tough and one must use every tool and means necessary to achieve all that is required. The advantage of using the concept of a Spiritual warrior,and seeing life as a battlefield, as Krishna and Yogananda have suggested,is that it helps to build your fighting Spirit,for the lessons of life can get very tough. It also helps you to own your 100 % personal power at all times which is essential. It also helps you motivate yourself and keep climbing the mountain. It also helps you to never give up,which may be the single most important thing on the Spiritual path. The inner and outer lesson of life can get pretty overwhelming at times!Not everyone is blessed with a supportive family and outside help,sometimes just the opposite!The main thing to understand; however, is that there will come a time after you achieve self-mastery that life will not be so hard!Once you have obtained self-mastery over your thoughts,feelings,emotions,physical body and Earth life, and trancended negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic thinking and feeling,and erased and undone all the negative ego programming and mass consciousness programming,life will really become a whole lot easier. Life is no longer experienced as a battle and, in truth, you will not need to be a Spiritual warrior or see life as a battlefield! There are certain Spiritual concepts that are useful for a period of time! Even such word as sacrifice! In the beginning of the Spiritual path it may feel like a sacrifice to give up certain things.However,once you are farther along the path,what was once experienced as a sacrifice is one`s greatest joy to do!Now if you are not going to use the word Spiritual warrior or battlefield,the danger here is your power flame within your Three-Fold Flame of Love,Wisdom and Power will be diminished. For listen very closesly now to what I have to say. The number one way the negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic thought and feeling system gets in is by not owning your 100 % personal power and Spiritual vigilance 100 % of the time! Given this fact the use of Krishna`s and Paramahansa Yogananda`s Spiritual termos of the importance of Spiritually fighting and life as a battlefield keeps a person focused on their 100 % personal power and Spiritual vigilance at all times!It is an absolute 100 % fact that there are enormous forces within and without that must be overcome from the past to get to the point that will come where life is no longer struggle!This will come and it is inevitable for all people and all Lightworkers that they will eventually get there; however,there is a process that everyone must go through and some people have more Spiritual,psychological,Earthly and life karma to overcome than others. Also,certain people have more support than others; whereas,some people have different Spiritual and psychological training.People have different past life programming and present life programming than others! So never judge another and the tools and processes they need to take until you have lived in their moccasins!If you do not choose to use those words then use others like: 100 % personal power,tough love,perseverance,Spiritual tenacity,Spiritual fortitude,Spiritual vigilance,stick-to-it-iveness,100 % focus,keeping your mind steady in the Light 100 % of the time,100 % of the time not letting any thought or feeling not of God/dess to enter your mind!

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