A chapter in Soul Psychology - Keys to Ascension by Joshua David Stone is talking about reprogramming our subconscious mind - why it is so important to do that and it has alot about Laws of Attraction - Laws of Manifestation - Law of Karma. Some quotes:"An affirmation is, in reality, an attitude. Every thought you think, be it positive or negative, is an affirmation. Every word you speak is an affirmation.Every action you take is an affirmation. This is true because everything stems from your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality.""Affirmations used in a psychological and healing context are statements specifically designed to program a desired feeling or behavior into your subconscious mind,such as the affirmations to develop your personal power and your protective bubble that were mentioned earlier.""Whenever you practice positive thinking you are making affirmations. The continued process of pushing the negative attitudes out of your mind with your personal power and then repeating new,positive affirmations is the main key to reprogramming the subconscious mind.""Pushing negative thoughts out of your mind is like not watering a plant: the negative thought gets no energy,so it withers and dies. The repetitive use of positive thinking and affirmations waters the new seed-thought in the soil of your subconscious mind and it begins to grow. To use another metaphor,it is like a tape recorder that re-records over old information. "The Superconscious Mind or Higher Self - Spiritual Mind:1. Can be contacted through:a) Meditationb) Dreamsc) Journalingd) Intuition2. Can help us only if we ask for assistance. Does not interfere with our free choice on a conscious level.The Conscious Mind or Middle Self - The Reasoning Mind:1. Executive Director2. President of the personality3. Captain of the ship4. Computer programmer5. Gardener6. Decision-makera) Will-power,discipline,discernmenet,discrimination,concentration,reasoning.The Subconscious Mind or Lower Self - The Non-Reasoning Mind:1. Works on impressions,stimulus/response2. Is a memory bank and file of thoughs,feelings,memories,imagination,habit patterns,impulses,desires,instincts.3. Operates physical body4. Creates most dreams5. Creates vital force6. Works 24 hours a day7. Functions according to the law of attraction8. Examines,classifies,stores information9. In metaphorical terms is the computer,garden,engine room10. Plays a key role in the prayer process11. Controls the inner senses(visualizations)12. Radiates senses13. Creates thread of energy that contact both objects and other peoplea) can leave body and follow threads(as in the use of pendulums,psychometry,psychokinesis).b) can send vital force and thought forms along these threads(as in telepathy and prayer)............."The second method of manifestation is through the power of your subconscious mind. In reality,you are using this level of manifestation whether you realize it or not. The problem is that in many cases,you are not using it consciously. The other problem is that you often use this level to block manifestation rather than to facilitate it.""The law of the subconscious mind is based on the famous hermetic law of correspondence: "As within,so without; as above, so below." That which you think and imagine in your conscious and subconscious minds will manifest its mirror likeness in your external circumstances. Your outer world is a mirror of your inner world. this is the law, and it manifests for better or for worse because the subconscious mind does whatever it is programmed to do.It is constantly attracting and repelling according to that which you allow to be put into it. ""The major work of the spiritual path is to clean out all of the lower-self,negative-ego and imbalanced programming that is not of the soul and higher self. When this has been done,you have the Midas Touch - everything you touch turns to gold. This occurs because your subconscious mind is subservient to your conscious mind,which is subservient to your superconscious mind,which is subservient to your soul mind,which is subservient to your monadic/soul group mind,which is subservient to God.""Your subconscious mind runs your physical body completely and will create health or disease,depending upon how you program it. The subconscious will attract to you everything you need,for all minds are joined in truth. That is why the use of affirmations,visualizations,and autosuggestions is such an important science. ""To manifest effectively,you must be in control of your subconscious mind. Many times,you let yourself be run by your computer(your subconscious mind) instead of letting your computer programmer(your conscious mind) run your computer. Ideally,it is your servant. It has been called the basic self or the servomechanism in other teachings. It is your faithful servant and it will supply you with whatever you need,as long as you program it directly."

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  • Methods of reprogramming:

    To reprogram your subconscious mind,try the following ways and see which ones are most effective for you:

    An affirmations is a strong,positive statement that something is already so! The statement is repeated silently until it is fully programmed into your subconscious mind,and the pattern has become a reality in your life.

    2. DECREES
    A decree is a spoken affirmation.

    Creative visualizations is the process of imagining that the healing or the finished result has already occurred. It acts as a direct suggestion to the subconscious mind just as an affirmation does; pictures are perhaps even more powerful than words.

    Write down your affirmations in a journal. This is very effective way of programming your subconscious mind. The act of physically writing causes the thought pattern to take a more tangible and stable form. Change the wording as better ways of stating your affirmations come to you.

    Write affirmations on cards and place them all over your house and your place of work. This is a very effective method. Put these affirmation cards next to your bed,on the mirror, in the bathroom,on the refrigerator,in your car,in your wallet,and on your desk. They will act as reminders to repeat them,which will accelerate the process.

    Go for a walk!An affirmation walk is one of my favorites. I walk as long as I am in the mood to do so and affirm to my subconscious mind how I want everything to be. The subconscious mind will manifest anything you tell it,good or bad. The value of affirmations and positive visualizations is obvious,for if you are not affirming and visualizing the positive,you are doing the opposite.

    Say your affirmations rhythmically while you are physically exercising. This is an excellent programming technique and it keeps your mind focused while you are exercising.

    Say your affirmations in first,second and third person. For example: I,Joshua,am in perfect radiant health; You,Joshua are in perfect radiant health; He,Joshua,is in perfect radiant health. This technique is especially useful when taping your affirmations.

    Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. Write one affirmation on one side of the page. Then wait and listen for any thoughts that come into your mind to contradict your positive affirmation. Write down the negative thoughts that come up from your subconscious mind.
    The next step is to change each negative thought into a positive affirmation. Record any negative thoughts that come up after you have written that new positive affirmation. Change all the negatives into new positive statements. Continue this process until no more negative thoughts come up. You now have a list of the affirmations that deal specifically with your personal lessons in this lifetime. This method is also excellent because it teaches you the process of creating your own affirmations, an essential ability to develop.

    10. MIRRORS
    Look into the mirror every day for 21 days and say your affirmations aloud. Say them with total personal power and conviction. Look yourself right in the eye! Continue affirming aloud until there is no subconscious resistance.

    Record your affirmations onto a cassette tape that plays all night without stopping. Play the tape while you sleep,every night for 21 nights.
    It is also possible to buy a cassette tape recorder that will play any standard tape all night long. This sleep tape method is 100 % effective!Pillow speakers are available. Endless cassette tapes are usually available at Tower Records or Radio Shack and run from three to twelve minutes in length.

    12. HYPNOSIS
    Find a trustworthy hypnotherapist to hypnotize you and plant positive suggestions into your subconscious mind while you are in the hypersuggestible state.

    13. READING
    Read and reread good books in the field of psychology and spirituality. This serves as a powerful patterning device.

    Make or buy a pendulum and communicate with your subconscious mind through yes and no answers. This is a process that retrieves information from the subconscious mind and can be used in the programming of the subconscious.

    Another very effective tool is to dialogue with the subconscious or with one subpersonality within the subconscious mind. This can be done in a number of ways.

    a) Voice dialogue: Use chairs to represent the conscious and subconscious minds. Create a dialogue between them. Add chairs to represent your isolated subpersonalities. The idea is to role-play the various parts of your subconscious mind. The conscious mind then dialogues with these various parts. This is a very powerful tool in helping you to become the master of your life rather than a victim.

    b) Using this same process in a journal can also be exceedingly helpful. Have a dialogue on paper with andy thought system within you that you are trying to manifest into your consciousness. for example, you can have a dialogue with your higher self.

    c) A third way to dialogue is within your mind. When a destructive thought system arises,talk to it. Tell it you are the captain of the ship and you have the power in the personality,not it. Then affirm the opposite to your self and tell the opposite you will listen to it.

    16. ACTING AS IF
    Act in your daily life the way you want to be,even if you don`t feel it,even if your subconscious is trying to do the opposite. This method takes an act of will power. If the tension can be carried long enough,eventually it will act as a reprogramming procedure.
    This is an essential method to develop because sometimes you just don`t have the time to prepare properly for everything. For example,you might have a spur-of-the moment job interview in which you must act confident and qualified,even if you don`t feel that way.

    17. PICTURES
    Create a physical picture of your desired reality. It serves as a suggestion to your subconscious mind,just as the creative visualization process does,except this is an actual physical reproduction of the imagined result. For example,if you are overweight,find a picture of someone who has the figure you want and attach that picture to a picture of your own face. Your subconscious mind will seek to manifest that image.

    Suggestions given to your subconscious mind while in a relaxed state can symbolize the meaning of a longer affirmation. The discipline of hypnosis has demonstrated that when the conscious,critical mind is relaxed,suggestions are almost immediately accepted by the subconscious mind. What this indicates is that you can take advantage of these relaxed states to pattern your subconscious mind more quickly.

    Affirmations are important but do take more work than this method. Some examples of periods during the day when you can use autosuggestion are as follows:

    a) Just before falling asleep,while you are in the twilight zone between sleep and wakefulness;affirm to yourself a key word or phrase such as perfect health,wealth,success,a good night`s sleep.
    b) When youare just relaxing.
    c) After meditation; this is an excellent time for autosuggestion
    d) After you`ve done self-hypnosis
    e) In the ionized atmosphere of a shower.

    Make a tape recording of affirmations and autosuggestions and play it during any of the above-mentioned hypersuggestible states of consciousness.

    Another method of reprogramming the subconscious mind is the use of subliminal tapes. A subliminal tape is one of which a suggestion or affirmation is given in a barely audible tone,with a background of classical,new age,or environmental music. The suggestion is so quietly given that you can`t hear it consciously unless you really strain to do so. Subliminal tapes are excellent as sleep tapes,especially if you find that regular affirmational sleep tapes keeps you awake.

    21. SONGS
    Make up songs and sing your affirmations to yourself. You don`t have to be a professional musician; use the melodies of your favorite music. Create personal power songs,self-love songs,and financial prosperity songs. Allow yourself to be a little crazy and to have fun with this. If you feel hesitant,you can sing while you are driving in your car alone.

    22. POETRY
    Another method along this same line is to write poetry emodying the new ideals you are trying to program into your subconscious mind.

    23. ARTWORK
    Draw or paint pictures of the new you that you are becoming. These last three methods are more right-brained or yin methods of programming.

    24.SELF TALK
    A very effective tool is to practice SELF-TALK. The self-talk that arises out of the subconscious mind is usually negative. The idea here is to practice positive self-talk. Just talk to yourself as you would talk to a best friend or loved one. Affirmations are very formal and set,but this method is more informal.

    For example,if I were working on self-love, I might say to myself,"Joshua,I love you. I really do. You have made a lot of mistakes,and I just want to tell you that is okay by me. I want to let you know that you are completely forgiven and I am on your side."

    In other words,talk to to yourself using the new thought or image that you are attempting to incorporate as a habit in your subconscious mind. This method can be used in a number of ways:
    a) In your mind
    b) Aloud
    c) In a letter
    d) On a tape; then listen to it as you go to sleep each night.
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