How the Great Pyramids in Giza were built

I have recently been in Egypt and there is alot of integration and digestion-work for me. Alot of great experiences with the pyramids and temples etc. I want to give you what I think is very close to the truth about how the Great Pyramids in Giza were built.The device that was used creating the pyramids in Egypt is called Ark of Covenant. It was used firstly in Atlantis and is of Extraterrestrial origin. From Giants from Sirius,who came to Earth to help in Earth`s evolution. Archangel Metatron and Egyptian Masters as Thoth,Osiris and Isis also were involved.Only people who were finished with 7 initation(becoming High Priests) in the Order of Melchizedek in ancient Egypt(or other places) could use these devices. Using mental powers. This device was misused in Atlantis and one of the main reasons of the fall of Atlantis. Today it is hidden in the inner cities of Agartha(Telos,Shamballa etc) - they are keeping the sacred knowledge and wisdom from Lemuria,Atlantis,Ancient Egypt,Incas,Mayans,Druids,Tibetans etc...More details of Ark of Covenant:"The Ark is a metaphor for a container, box, or vessel which holds a source of creational light [soul]. We are as soul sparks of light consciousness, experiencing 'inside the box' - a virtual reality grid program. Sacred Geometry. To quest for the Ark is to quest for the nature of reality, creation, and where it is all quickly evolving in the alchemy of time. ""It was a transmitting device of high frequency energies""This device, in conjunction with mini arks of the covenant, which could be worn around an initiate’s neck, or used on a staff, could be used like miniature laser beams. The pyramids were built by the use of these devices obtained from the extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki. The rays from this device could cause the nullification of gravity. Ten thousand pound stones could be levitated in the air. A one pound rock could be made to weigh ten thousand pounds. This was how the Great Pyramid of Giza was able to be constructed. It had nothing to do with millions of slaves and pulleys and all that stuff materialistic archeologists fantasize about.""The arks and the smaller version ankhs could also be used for healing and the curing of diseases. In times of danger they could be used as weapons of war and would kill instantly. At the time of the great flood, it was many of the Egyptian Annu that took many of the arks and ankhs with them into the inner earth cities. They entered these cities from underneath the great pyramid. They then sealed the entrance to the underground cities with their arks so they could not be followed and so the flood waters could not enter. This colony of Annu have remained in the inner earth ever since. The religious order they follow is the Order of Melchizedek. This occurred around 12,000 BC""Now it is important to understand that the arks of the covenant had to be charged by the use of mental powers. Once it was charged it functioned on its own, but it took a great spiritual initiate and Master to do this. The great pyramid, in conjunction with the capstone with the ark of the covenant inside of it, distributed light and energy throughout Egypt. One of the great Masters, who may also have been there in the physical at the creation of the building of the pyramid, was Osiris. He was a great spiritual Master who was assigned to bring the teachings of the Order of Melchizadek to earth. The Order of Melchizadek being the large cosmic branch of the Great White Brotherhood teachings"I remember a bit that I have been initiated as a high priest(7 initiation) in Order of Melchizedek and I was capable using both ankhs and Ark of Covenant in the past and will do that again in the future with other people who has also done that in the past. It will come when Earth is ready as being a conscious galactic citizen.One of the best sources talking about initiation in the Order of Melchizedek - it is Earlyne Chaney - Initiation in the Great Pyramid. You can buy it from this site: am looking forward to work with this device - tool again in the name of Mother/Father God. In the Service of the Light. In the service of the Universal Order of Melchizedek and Great White Brotherhood of Light.

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  • My friend i would like to know more about the anch i felt like this is a instrument of healing i ve bought an anch of alabaster from EGYPT but i think real anch was made by gold isn t it?
    Please give me more details ab that.
  • Greetings Melchizedek !
    It's a great honor to write and reach you here. Reading what you tols us about the Great Pyramid as an Initiation Temple, I wondered " it's the same story related by Earlyne Chaney's book" and saw you show us how to get the book.
    I got the book, french publishing. I have met Robert Chaney close to Paris, june 1997 with few Astara members I know. Recently, last july 12th, I have seen two members from California who came for a wedding in Normandy. Earlyne and her husband have left the earth plan but their consciousness, I am sure, work within us. To me, when I had seen the Knout pyramid, as private searcher with geobiological sticks, I have discovered few caves or hollows around the Rech-Benou -the SPHINX- and noted each base stone were built following the telluric lines...and as the inner was forbidden to any tourists like me (to fit air-conditioned system inside), from the entrance - a narrow entrance-, I have seen a green color emanating from inside and also Peace. I could stay here just at the close door and meditate a little before going back down. Earlyne said she was priest of the same order like you and remembered about when she was young upon the arrival of a Light Space coming from Sirius -Sothis and Imhotep came !
    The sothiac year equals to 1460 years as shown in the "the Lost Paradise of MU" of Louis-Claude Vincent, anthropologist and re-discoverer of the Bio-Electronic. Still during my stay april 1999, I had visited Sakkarah and met Jean-Philippe Lauer ( at that time 97 years old !) who worked and discovered what is now visible...

    So, I tell you Ankh, Oudja and Seneb ! Life, Health and Force ! ( Schwaller de Lubicz; Her-Bak)
    Sincerely Yours,
  • oh my god thanks for this
    i was using this anch too in my past lifes im very sure of that
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