Joshua David Stone has talked about 14 levels of Laws of Manifestation that is wise to follow when we want to walk the path as becoming an Integrated Ascended Master - an article from the book The Golden Book of Melchizedek vol I - How to become an integrated Christ/Buddha - that I like to work on as well.--------1. The first level of power and law of manifestation is that every person must own their personal power on a conscious mind level to achieve GOD-realization,Self-Mastery,and to become a full-fledged Ascended Master. Every person must own their personal power and become 100 % in control of their mind,emotions,desires,physical body,energies,subconscious mind,negative ego,and inner child. Every person must also own their personal power,not give it to other people,outside situations,and even not give it to spiritual teachers,gurus,Ascended Masters,or GOD. Any true spiritual teacher,and even GOD,is not interested in having your personal power,but in truth the opposite. They are interesting in empowering you.2. The second level of empowerment and law of manifestation is that once you become the master of your subconscious mind you must give it loving commands like a computer,to take advantage of its enormous abilities. This I call the Power of your subconscious mind,which is enormous. Through utilizing affirmations,creative visualizations,self suggestion and just doing Christ/Buddha thinking,you can program your subconscious mind to become your faitfhful servant and create only spiritualized emotions and behaviors. It will also manifest and attract everything you need. Most people in life do not even own their personal power of the subconscious mind,which is incredible.3. The third level of empowerment and law of manifestation is calling on the incredible power of your superconscious mind,higher self and/or oversoul. There is a living,breathing intelligence within you, that is as real as your subconscious mind,which can give you guidance and direction and help you to manifest anything you need in life. The key understanding here is that it is not allowed to help unless you ask for it. Call to your higher self any time you have a need or require assitance,and its power of guidance and manifestation will amaze you.4. The fourth level of empowerment and law of manifestation has to do with also calling to and praying for help from your own Mighty I AM Presence or Monad(sjelegruppe - vi som sjeler er sammen med 11 andre sjeler en del av et Høyere Selv - som igjen er en del av 11 andre høyere Selv dvs 12 x 12= 144 sjeler i en sjelegruppe - som blir kalt for Monad eller I AM Presence). This is the individualized spirit or spark of GOD within you. In truth,it is your real identity and what you are in the process of becoming once you become a full-fledged Ascended Master on Earth. After you take your Fourth Initiation, I recommened that you transfer the focus of your prayers from the higher self to the Mighty I AM Presence. This is because all the inititations you have achieved so far have led you to soul merger with your higher self,and it is now time for a higher frequency and aspect of GOD to be of service to you in manifesting your energy needs on your spiritual mission on Earth.5. The fifth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to call on the Holy Spirit for help for your every spiritual desire and need. Its love,wisdom and power on every leel will be an unceasing powerhouse of guidance and spiritual manifestation(I Keys of Enoch så blir Hellige Ånd kalt for Shekinah)6. The sixth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to call upon the Christ within,which is the second aspect of the trinity of GOD,Christ,and the HOLY SPIRIT. Simultaneously invoking all three of these levels at once will increase the power of prayer and the source of guidance.7. The Seventh level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to begin every prayer by calling upon GOD or the Godhead,who is the Creator of the infinite universe. GOD`s powers are truly omnipotent,omniscient,and omnipresent. We are GOD`s sons and daughters and are made in his/her image. Praying directly to GOD is the ultimate prayer and as we all know, GOD helps in mysterious ways. As the Universal Mind said through Edgar Cayce, "Why worry when you can pray!". Again call GOD,Christ and the Holy Spirit for help and guidance for your every need and the infinite Love,Wisdom, Power of GOD will supply your every need as long as your prayers are not motivated by the negative ego. By this I mean that your prayers must not hurt anyone else and must be for the highest good of all concerned and must be in a harmony with GOD`s Will. All prayers must be prayer preferences and not prayer attachments. This means that you will be happy until you receive the answer to your prayer. All prayers should be done from a place of personal power,and respect and dignity within self. It is your job also to not allow any negative thoughts of doubt or negativity into your subconscious mind once you have made your prayers. This is called having faith,trust and patience.8. The eight level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to call on the Planetary Ascended Masters for help for your every personal spiritual desire and need in your spiritual mission. The inner plane Ascended Masters will be an unseeing source of guidance and supply in ways you cannot possibly imagine. Some of the Planetary Masters I call upon are: El Morya,Kuthumi,Djwhal Khul,Serapis Bey,Paul the Venetian,Hilarion,Sananda/Jesus,Saint Germain,Lord Maitreya,Lord Buddha,Sanat Kumara,Allah Gobi,Lanto,Portia,Mother Mary,Quan Yin,Isis,Lakshmi,Vywamus,Helios and Vesta,Melchior, and the Lord of Sirius, to name just a few. If it is really important prayer, call in all of them.9. The ninth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is calling upon the Cosmic Ascended Masters for help. The Masters listed in the above paragraph could be considered Galactic Masters. The Cosmic Masters are the Universal,Multi-Universal and Cosmic Ascended Masters. Whenever I am doing a prayer that is of extreme importance, I always include the Cosmic Masters to increase the fire power,the Cosmic Love and Cosmic wisdom infusion. The Cosmic Masters I would recommend calling forth are Melchizedek the Universal Logos, and the Mahatma,also known as the Avatar of Synthesis,who is a group consciousness who embodies all 352 levels/initiations of GOD. Also call in Lenduce,Adonis,The Cosmic Council of Twelve,and the 24 Elders that surround the Throne of Grace.10. The tenth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to call upon the Archangels and Angels for help! Most people do not realize that when they call to GOD for help it is usually the Archangels and Angels that GOD sends as extensions of himself to answer your prayers. Archangels and Angels are the most wonderful beings and they literally live to serve. There are infinite numbers of them upon every line of endeavor. There are Angels of business,music,art,healing,science,love,wisdom and ascension. The list is endless! Call upon the Archangels and Angels for your every need and spiritual desire and they will amaze you with their three-fold powers. I especially recommend calling upon the 14 Mighty Archangels listed below:Stråle/egenskap fra Gud Erkeengler Innhold i strålene/egenskapFirst ray Michael and Faith Protection,Will and PowerSecond ray Jophiel and Christine Love and WisdomThird Ray Chamuel and Charity Active IntelligenceFourth Ray Gabriel and Hope Creativity,Inner HarmonyFifth Ray Raphael and Mother Mary Esoteric/New Age ScienceSixth Ray Uriel and Aurora DevotionSeventh Ray Zadkiel and Amethyst Ceremonial Order and MagicDet står mer detaljert om rays/stråle fra Gud her: erkeengel som også bør nevnes er Erkeengel Metatron,som man kan påkalle. Han er også involvert i Jordas bevissthetsevolusjon.11. The Eleventh level of Empowerment and law of manifestation is to call upon the Elohim Councils and Elohim Masters for help. Most lightworkers and people do not realize that GOD has created three lines of evolution back to Source. There is the Ascended Masters lineage, the Angelic lineage and the Elohim lineage. These are three different lines of evolution. Every being in GOD`s infinite universe was created and fits into one of these three lines.The Elohim Masters are the embodiment of the thought attributes of GOD. The Archangels and Angels embody the feeling tones of GOD. To call upon the Elohim Masters is the perfect thing to do when you are trying to manifest something,for they are the creators of GOD`s infinite universe. GOD created the Elohim to help him/her create everything. They are experts in the law of manifestation. I especially recommend calling upon the 14 Mighty Elohim listed below:First Ray: Hercules and AmazoniaSecond Ray: Apollo and LuminaThird Ray: Heros and AmoraFourth Ray: Purity and AstreaFifth Ray: Cyclopia and VirginiaSixth Ray: Peace and AlohaSeventh Ray: Arcturus and Victoria12. The twelfth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to call upon the Christed Extraterrestrials Races for help. The two I recommend most are the Arcturians and Ashtar Command. The Ashtar Command is the winged command or airforce of the Ascended Masters. They can be trusted completely and are all Ascended Masters themselves.The Arcturians are the most advanced extraterrestrials Christed race in our entire Galaxy. Their Light technology is so advanced it makes Earth`s technology look like we are still living in the dark ages. The advantage of calling on the Christed Extraterrestrials is that they are not only incredible loving and spiritually wise,but being Extraterrestrials they have developed these unbelievable technologies in their starships and on their home planets that they are willing to share with us for the asking. The only law they must abide with is the Prime Directive. They are not allowed to interfere or enter into our civilization to help unless asked. Do call upon the Lord of Arcturus and Arcturians for help with your every need and spiritual desire.Their spiritual technologies will astound you as will their effectiveness in giving you guidance and answering your prayers. Call upon Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command and they will do the same.Står mer om hva man kan påkalle ang "light technology" fra Arcturus-mestre som man kan integrere i seg selv: The thirteenth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is centered in your physical body. Many people do not realize that your physical body is a source of power. This is why it is a good idea to take care of it,feed it well, and give it excercise and enough sleep. My beloved readers,when you wake up in the morning after a good night`s sleep isn`t it easier to be empowered if you feel well rested and energized physically? Living within a physical body is the body elemental. It is a consciousness of the physical that is filled with love,wisdom and physical power to help you to fulfill your mission. The physical body has intelligence within it. Most people override this intelligence with their mind instead of tuning in and really listening to it. Talk to your physical body and love it and make it part of your spiritual team. It is very hard to fulfill your spiritual mission if your physical body is not empowered and healthy. Do everything in your power to honor,respect, and take care of your physical vehicle so it can remain empowered and healthy and serve you well.14. The fourteenth level of empowerment and law of manifestation is to call upon and pray to the Earth Mother,Pan and the Nature Spirits and Devas. Many lightworkers do a lot of Spiritual work; however,they have a hard time often physically grounding their mission and physically grounding the manifestation they are trying to create. The Earth Mother and Pan,who is the God of Nature and a wonderful,loving and wise being who does not have horns and is not a devilish, as some have made him out to be. In truth, he is an Elohim-Master. These two Masters,in conjunction with Archangel Sandalphon, are the three best Masters to call on to help ground your manifestations. The other great Master I would add to this list is the Mahatma. The Mahatma being a group consciousness of 352 levels/initiations is an expert grounding manifestation as well.You can call upon the Nature Spirits and Devas if you have a garden,plants in your home, a lawn, or trees and shrubs around your home. They can also be called upon when you visit nature and hike in nature. They have great power and energy as well as wisdom and love. They can empower our physical bodies by providing fresh food that is filled with vitality and energy. They can empower our spirits with their wonderful love and joy. They can empower our minds in amazing way. You would be amazed at the intelligence of a pea,a bean sprout,a plant and/or a tree. Go into nature and sit next to a tree in silence and commune with it and you will be amazed at what you will learn. I have actually written chapters in books from ideas that trees gave me. GOD`s infinite universe if seen clearly with an open mind and heart makes Alice in Wonderland look boring!----------------------------------If you own all 14 levels of power,with 100 % full empowered unconditional love,and 100 % full empowered Wisdom in a balanced and integrated manner,GOD the Godforce and all aspects of your own personal God Self will respond with all Love,Wisdom and Power within their being. This secret esoteric key will unlock the infinite Love,Wisdom and Power of GOD being made available to you.GOD and the Godforces you will be invoking and praying to are all spiritual embodiments of Love,Wisdom and Power. So true empowerment must embody these three Divine secret qualities to truly call yourself empowered. This is true empowerment from GOD`s perspective. Working with these 14 levels of Love,Wisdom and Power in this balanced and integrated manner, free from negative ego and focused on Christ/Buddha consciousness,will unlock the infinite Three-Fold Power of Creation to be made available to you!GOD,the Godforce,and your own integrated,balanced self are an unbeatable team!


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