Spiritual Warrior archetype

These great quotes about importance of being a Spiritual Warrior is from Correspondance Course 7 - vol II - How to Develop and Refine Your Consciousness and Transcend the Negativ Ego/Fear-based/Separative/Dualistic/Illusionary/Selfish/Lower Self Mind and Emotions:http://www.iamuniversity.ch/-Correspondence-Course-7-"Because every person goes through this phase of needing to fully claim their 100 % personal power and establish mastery over their mental,emotional,and physical bodies,subconscious mind,inner child,Negativ Ego/Fear-based/Separative/Dualistic/Illusionary/Selfish/Lower Self/Materialistic thought and feeling system and so on there is a type of battle that goes on in the early stages until the conscious mind takes full control in service of the Mighty I AM Presence,Monad, and/or Higher Self!This is why, in the Bhagavad-Gita,Krishna said to Arjuna on the battleplane when he lost his will to continue, "Get up and give up your unmanliness and get up and fight,this self-pity and self indulgence is unbecoming of the great Soul that you are!." Krishna,of course was talking about being a Spiritual Warrior!This of course is one of the 12 Major Archetypes as well. This is why Paramahansa Yogananda said in his writings that Life is a Battlefield.There is a problem that negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic thought and feeling system does not want to let go so easily! It will do everything in its power to remain in control. The mind is an incredibly brilliant instrument,and both the negative ego and Spirit use the mind to serve their purposes. The purpose of life is for only Spirit to use the mind,not the negative ego!However since very few have been fully trained in this world concerning the difference between negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic thinking and feeling and Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Mohammed/Mighty I AM Presence/God/Godess Thinking and Feeling,the negative ego and personality level consciousness has been the one using the minds of most people on Earth for the last 10 million years. This why Lemuria and Atlantis were destroyed,why there have been so many wars,why there has been so much suffering, and why Mother Earth has been abused to such a degree! It is also why our society is backward in so many ways and why so many of our institutions are based on egoistical personality level principles and not Soul and Spiritual principles! So one most not underestimate the power of the negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic mind and emotions to delude and deceive.The negative ego uses the incredible creativity and genius of the mind to keep transformating every time it is caught to try and stay in power!There is also a natural tendency when living in a physical body to go into automatic pilot or get tired and fatigued which must be overcome to remain in self-mastery.So the battle is one of learning to remain in your 100 % personal power,self-mastery and be the cause of your reality 100 % of the time in service of God and unconditional love! The problem is that the negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic mind and the indolence and limited nature of the nonreasoning subconscious mind and physical body will do everything in their power to stop you!It is a Spiritual battle to establish Spiritual mastery over one`s thoughts,feelings,energy,physical body and Earthly Life!One must remember as children we are born into infant bodies and completely forget and are basically born as total victims of our bodies,minds,emotions,and energy. This is a fact for everyone. We are also total victims of our parents and families. We are completely open and have no ability to protect ourselves physically,mentally,emotionally or energetically. Our literal lives are dependent on our parents taking care of us properly. We are completely programmed by our parents,family,extended family,and school until we grow out and develop our minds enough to think for ourselves.What is a person or Lightworker to do with all this massive amount of mass consciousness programming inside of them? This is the Spiritual battle that Krishna and Yogananda speak of. It is this Spiritual battle to obtain Spiritual victory,to overcome,erase,undo and reprogram all this mass consciousness personality level negative ego and imbalanced programming and completely reprogram it with the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Mohammed/Mighty I AM Presence/God/Godess and balanced integrated ideal! This is easier said than done! It is often experienced by a great many people on the Spiritual path,especially in the early and intermediate stages as a Spiritual battle. This is why for some people the concept of being a Spiritual Warrior in life can be very helpful!So what I am saying here is that if you need to really utilize this concept of being a Spiritual Warrior, to fight through this mountain of mass consciousness programming and the negative ego all out war against you to maintain control of you,then definitely do so. The key point to understand here is that the negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic thought and feeling system is illusion in truth! In truth it does not exist! There is no such thing as separation,and in truth there is no such thing as the negative ego,except in our own minds!All that exists is God/dess!God/dess gave us free choice, and when we think out of harmony with God/dess we create a new separative mind that does not really exist in truth however,since our thoughts create our reality,it has taken on a life of its own and basically runs most people`s consciousness and runs our world still! The number one biggest blind spot in Religion and the New Age Movement is not understanding the insidious nature of the negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic mind and emotions and how it works, and how to change it to the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Mohammed/Mighty I AM Presence/God/Godess Way of Thinking and Feeling! The lack of education and training of this psychological level has created more suffering on Earth than any of us on Earth will ever know!So my beloved Readers,the negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic thought system may be illusion; however, its ability to seduce,deceive,create delusion,self-deception,glamour,change forms,rationalize,be slippery,deceitful,be conniving and sneak into people`s and Lightworker`s consciousness when they are not aware of it is quite unbelievable. I think of you will all agree!If this were not the case then why has it taken the world 10 millions years only to get to our present level of consciousness? Why is there still so much suffering? Why is our civilization still so backwards? Why are our religions and the New Age Movement so filled with negative ego contamination,glamour,maya and illusion? Never Underestimate My Beloved Readers,the trickiness of the negative ego. The negative ego,in truth,is insane in everything it says and believes! Literally every single thing it says is exactly backwards of the opposite of the truth. Even though this is the case its power to deceive,delude,rationalize and seduce people and Lightworkers into its way of thinking and feeling is unparalleled!Life can be extremely tough and one must use every tool and means necessary to achieve all that is required. The advantage of using the concept of a Spiritual warrior,and seeing life as a battlefield, as Krishna and Yogananda have suggested,is that it helps to build your fighting Spirit,for the lessons of life can get very tough. It also helps you to own your 100 % personal power at all times which is essential. It also helps you motivate yourself and keep climbing the mountain. It also helps you to never give up,which may be the single most important thing on the Spiritual path. The inner and outer lesson of life can get pretty overwhelming at times!Not everyone is blessed with a supportive family and outside help,sometimes just the opposite!The main thing to understand; however, is that there will come a time after you achieve self-mastery that life will not be so hard!Once you have obtained self-mastery over your thoughts,feelings,emotions,physical body and Earth life, and trancended negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic thinking and feeling,and erased and undone all the negative ego programming and mass consciousness programming,life will really become a whole lot easier. Life is no longer experienced as a battle and, in truth, you will not need to be a Spiritual warrior or see life as a battlefield! There are certain Spiritual concepts that are useful for a period of time! Even such word as sacrifice! In the beginning of the Spiritual path it may feel like a sacrifice to give up certain things.However,once you are farther along the path,what was once experienced as a sacrifice is one`s greatest joy to do!Now if you are not going to use the word Spiritual warrior or battlefield,the danger here is your power flame within your Three-Fold Flame of Love,Wisdom and Power will be diminished. For listen very closesly now to what I have to say. The number one way the negative ego/fear-based/separative/dualistic/illusionary/selfish/lower-self/materialistic thought and feeling system gets in is by not owning your 100 % personal power and Spiritual vigilance 100 % of the time! Given this fact the use of Krishna`s and Paramahansa Yogananda`s Spiritual termos of the importance of Spiritually fighting and life as a battlefield keeps a person focused on their 100 % personal power and Spiritual vigilance at all times!It is an absolute 100 % fact that there are enormous forces within and without that must be overcome from the past to get to the point that will come where life is no longer struggle!This will come and it is inevitable for all people and all Lightworkers that they will eventually get there; however,there is a process that everyone must go through and some people have more Spiritual,psychological,Earthly and life karma to overcome than others. Also,certain people have more support than others; whereas,some people have different Spiritual and psychological training.People have different past life programming and present life programming than others! So never judge another and the tools and processes they need to take until you have lived in their moccasins!If you do not choose to use those words then use others like: 100 % personal power,tough love,perseverance,Spiritual tenacity,Spiritual fortitude,Spiritual vigilance,stick-to-it-iveness,100 % focus,keeping your mind steady in the Light 100 % of the time,100 % of the time not letting any thought or feeling not of God/dess to enter your mind!

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